Trouble finding the right tutor for y...

Trouble finding the right tutor for your children?

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TeachReach - Vlad

Canoga Park, CA

#1 Oct 31, 2013
We've talked to countless parents who don't have an easy way to connect with quality tutors who are familiar with their children's coursework.

We ’re launching a new teacher-only tutoring company in January – TeachReach – to make the traditional word-of-mouth connections a little bit easier for teachers and parents. We believe that connecting parents and students with teachers from within their district, or nearby districts, is the most effective form of supplemental instruction.

Our network is free of charge to parents and students. We're deploying our service to the Los Angeles area in January and are currently building our network of both teachers and parents. If TeachReach sounds like it could be helpful or if you'd just like to hear more about our network, I can be reached at [email protected]

Thank you for your time!

Dunfermline, UK

#4 Nov 2, 2013
Phil wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh Vlad I bet you are really bad. I hope you can give me private tuition in Bare Man-Chest-er.
Line Dazzle says I'm really good at oral but he is so anal.
Like I said, grow up and get a life you sad, creepy, pathetic little boy.
You are just embarrassing yourself.

Châteauguay, Canada

#5 Nov 2, 2013
Attention all parents! I will tutor your 12 - 14 year old son free of charge.
All I ask is that he swim nude in my pool, allow me to watch him shower, and let me paddle his firm, white buttocks.
I live in Pennsylvania, and no boy of the aforementioned ages will be refused.

Dunfermline, UK

#7 Nov 3, 2013
devastating jerking wound wrote:
<quoted text>
Only if you weigh him naked before the bare-chested wrestling match and enforce any indiscipline with 20 nude push ups in the male changing rooms. Then you will have the unqualified support of the commonwealth of Penis-sylvania.
No, it will just get you and Bob all excited.

Mont-saint-hilaire, Canada

#8 Mar 17, 2014
Recently, Pedo Phil CLAIMED to have "reported" me. Curious as to what crime I had committed that required "reporting", I asked Pedo Phil to indicate what laws I had actually broken.
Despite several reminders from me, and despite Pedo Phil visiting Topix daily and posting on other threads, he still hasn't answered my question.
Is it because he can't? What is he hiding?

Pedo Phil: what law did I violate?

Dunfermline, UK

#11 Mar 21, 2014
<quoted text>
Posted in Babysitters Bathing Boys on 2013-03-04 21:13:44
2b2mom, it is not only violating a trust, It is in fact illegal, and I totally agree, any parent who allows a sitter to bath their children is a nutcase and if the kids get molested it is because of stupid , inconsiderate behavior like that.
Posted in Babysitters Bathing Boys on 2013-03-04 21:08:23
Laura987 What a bunch of hogwash? I mean really\, where do you get that crap? " Modesty is a virtue for women and girls" -lmao-do you live in a cave or what? There are stidies after studies that pretty much indicate that modesty is equal with both genders. Your nothing more then an internet troll trying to support outlandish and illegal behavior. Actually your probably an older, balding, insecure male with no relationship steeped in the CFNM fantasy. Get some help and take those meds! Be careful, this board and others are monitored and we are looking for child molesters! Your dangerously close!
Posted in Babysitters Bathing Boys on 2013-03-04 21:03:49
Something is so seriously wrong with this picture I have taken the liberty to have CPS check things out. I would think you better prepare yourself for a visit and get some some explanations ready for when your Mother is called on the carpet and we show her your dialogs! Enough is enough. Little boys should not be playing with a computer when it is obvious they are not mature enough to do so. It is going to be interesting to find out what exactly is going on or if your an older male with a severe personality disorder.
Posted in Sons who are bathed by their mothers on 2013-01-28 20:46:11
yet another moron masquerading as a child. So may sickos out there!
Posted in Sons who are bathed by their mothers on 2013-01-28 20:44:50
I am not sure, but I thought I reported you to the authorities, so I am going to do it again. You belong in a small cold dark place call jail!
Posted in Sons who are bathed by their mothers on 2013-01-28 20:41:00
Hi Lea: I am sure your an intelligent and thoughtful person. Having said that, I have a few observations for you. There is no need for co-ed bathing past the age of 5 or 6. Anything beyond that is child abuse-pure and simple. By the age of 6 modesty should have kicked in, the only reason I know of when it doesn't is when a caregiver ( parents, siblings, and other family members) discourages modesty when it is requested and belittles the child for wanting privacy. "We have seen you nude before, were family, its no big deal, etc. etc.) I submit to you that 10 is a tad late, after all , would you like to bee seen nude by your brothers or other male family members a that age? How about 9?, 8?, 7?. It is not that being nude is wrong in most cases,, but discouraging modesty and privacy is. Children who are taught at a YOUNG age to be self sufficient grow up more independent, are more creative, are more self reliant and are better grounded. I have noticed that when it comes to nudity, generally speaking, it is ok for males to be nude in front of females but not the other way around. Stinking Thinking. From your posts, I do not think you feel that way.
Posted in school showers on 2012-07-16 16:50:32
I recall the photo of which you speak. I could not ascertain anything from it either. I was born in Michigan and spent some time there growing up and there was never any speculation, rumor or hint of this kind of activity. I might also add, because of the incident at Penn State, teachers or coaches never entered the showers with us. It simply did not happen. I was on the swimming team and we traveled to several schools all over the state and there was never any discussion or fears of having our privacy violated. I am with you, it simply did not happen.
It is clear what DJW's reading (and probable) viewing material is.
How tragic and empty his life must be, just spending his mere existence that passes for a life getting himself and Bob off on such crap.


Birkirkara, Malta

#16 Aug 28, 2014
I attended Maltamon's school for boys in Philadelphia as a teen. The nude swimming lessons by coach Phil were especially interesting and fun. I recommend this school to every parent for a good education for boys.
Discipline is strict and the emphasis is on learning, both academic and sports subjects.

Châteauguay, Canada

#18 Aug 28, 2014
Oh no! MaltaBoy has outed MaltaMon and myself! What will we do?

Châteauguay, Canada

#21 Aug 30, 2014
MaltaBoy wrote:
I attended Maltamon's school for boys in Philadelphia as a teen. The nude swimming lessons by coach Phil were especially interesting and fun. I recommend this school to every parent for a good education for boys.
Discipline is strict and the emphasis is on learning, both academic and sports subjects.
MaltaBoy, I just checked with the police in my city. Their advice to you is to stop posting on this thread, to avoid the online stalking of MaltaMon and Phil. They also suggest that you consider posting under another name, perhaps initials. For your safety and protection. Because they are foreigners, and authorities there are now aware of their stalking you here, MaltaMon and Phil will be arrested if he they turn up on any other thread and respond to anything you post, regardless of how you choose to identify yourself. And even if they post,again here, on your education thread (which you, of course, are free to continue to use regardless of what police in my city advise), they may still be in trouble. That they are not in Malta makes it more difficult to have them arrested for this than if they were in Malta. But the fact that they ar not in Malta also makes it far less likely that they would ever attempt to locate you in person. So don't worry, MaltaBoy. There are adults who will see to it that these men won't ever get near, no matter where or what you post. I'm so sorry that your innocent post has attracted the sordid, amoral, perverted likes of MaltaMon of Penis-sylvania and Phil of the UK. Contact your local or state police (sex crimes unit) if anyone posts here again from Pennsylvania or Delaware, or if Phil tries again under any of his perverted screen names. They'll protect you and help stop these men. All the best to you.

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