Female Nurses drive men away from hea...

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#578 Apr 1, 2013
Zuiko wrote:
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You should have long ago been locked up in a mental institution.
Lol. Great, great. And you should be in prison.

Blackwood, NJ

#579 Apr 1, 2013
Tell me, Zuiko, why did you snap at Phil? What nerve did he touch with his very honest admonition?

Blackwood, NJ

#580 Apr 1, 2013
("snap" , of course, is an enormous understatement)

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#581 Apr 1, 2013
D-J-W wrote:
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Thats coz we don't speak Penn State English Ya'll. Back in 1988 when I was having an operation a female nurse offered to bath me. I said I was more than capable of bathing myself and did not need to be "supervised".
Needless to say my privacy was preserved and her "voyeurism" contained.
Is it time for Maltamom to take a stand or is it time to be a "malting mouse" and just "let it be" when it comes to female nurses driving men away from healthcare?
Maltamom, aka Molly, is only interested in his Gay Leather club, his raped gay son, and his support for the abuse of underage girls.

Blackwood, NJ

#582 Apr 1, 2013
Zuiko wrote:
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Maltamom, aka Molly, is only interested in his Gay Leather club, his raped gay son, and his support for the abuse of underage girls.
The perfect combination: two lying sleazeball paedophile sociopathic child pornographers. You and your fellow child-porn distributor deserve each other.

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#584 May 15, 2013

Emmaus, PA

#585 May 15, 2013
I have since demonstrated that they are the same individual. So that exchange of six weeks ago, Zwacko to Demented Juvenile-obsessed Wacko is a text sent to himself.

Wrexham, UK

#586 May 16, 2013
MaltaMon wrote:
I have since demonstrated that they are the same individual. So that exchange of six weeks ago, Zwacko to Demented Juvenile-obsessed Wacko is a text sent to himself.
Why necessarily the same? They are similar, but Zuiko conducts himself in less of an obsessed focused on manner, DJW keeps writing the same thing trying to prove some point, while Zuiko just writes anything for revenge, and not to divert attention and deceive people in the same way DJW seeks to.

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#587 May 16, 2013
LineDazzle wrote:
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Why necessarily the same? They are similar, but Zuiko conducts himself in less of an obsessed focused on manner, DJW keeps writing the same thing trying to prove some point, while Zuiko just writes anything for revenge, and not to divert attention and deceive people in the same way DJW seeks to.
He believes that he haa maintained completely separate personalities for them, but he erred badly a few weeks ago by posting as DJW but writing as Zuiko would. Several times. When I pointed that out, Zwacko did something he never did before: he posted messages to DJW. Lol. But he forgot to have DJW respond to him.

Wilmington, DE

#588 May 16, 2013
Also, Zwacko made nearly a dozen posts to Phil that were structured exactly like DJW's classic posts--a number of links, several bullet points, lots of quotations lifted from other texts. They're the same. And both in the UK, although Zwacko, just like FortySomething, hides his location.

Wrexham, UK

#589 May 16, 2013
Lol, maybe you're right.

Philadelphia, PA

#590 Jul 5, 2013
And now it seems that he's abandoned the Zwacko identity altogether and bow posts more frequently as DJW.

Halifax, Canada

#591 Jul 5, 2013
bbbbbut MM- Zwacko is/was your character, not DJW's !!

Whitehall, PA

#592 Jul 5, 2013
No, "Zwacko" is my name for Zuiko. Everybody knows that, you silly old pervert. Just as your name for MaltaMon is "Molly". Is this "Z-Man" tovwhom you refer obsessively YOUR character, CoyFag, and not at all a reference to the queer pederast and child-porn poster Zuiko ??

New Castle, DE

#594 Aug 11, 2013
Well, this "Bob" thread was actually created by coyote. But it became as much of creation of PedoBob's in spirit s anything that Bob actually started himself.

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#595 Apr 14, 2016
Yes men are being driven away from healthcare due to a lack of male nurses and techs.

Yes I know and agree there are a lot of guys out there that prefer female caregivers when they are hospitalized.

However, there are an equal amount of men for whatever their reasons prefer a male caregiver especially when it pertains to a male related issue.

It's a known fact most men and women feel more comfortable talking to a same gender caregiver intimate issues. The more comfortable the patient is the more forthcoming he/she will be resulting in a better outcome of their situation.

Crap like the nurse in Syracuse NY who took pics of a patients' private parts at Syracuse hospital that got off with losing her license & getting community service is a slap in the face to all patients who have had to and will in the future have to endure this type of humiliation.

The prosecutor had irrefutable evidence in their hand & they choked. They had her on a felony conviction & just plain choked.

They could have sent a message finally to the entire healthcare industry that this type of behavior will no longer be tolerated. Do it, get caught you'll go to PRISON.

Instead, they let her skate on the felony.

It's like our criminal justice system is afraid to send a woman to prison. If a guy took those pictures there would be no question, he'd go to prison.

Case in point, when a female teacher rapes a male student the courts have it in their head that the male student had the time of his life so they give the female teacher probation instead of prison time.

Episodes like that go a long way at chasing men away from the healthcare they need.

They don't want to take the chance they won't be listened to and become just another victim of a cruel hospital, clinic, or doctors office employee out to get their jollies at a sick persons expense.

When your father, husband, son, grandfather, boyfriend is sick next time and he won't go get the help they really need, ask yourself could it be because of the way they've been treated by healthcare personnel in the past that they don't want to be humiliated again?

They're willing to risk their health rather than be humiliated.

The only way this will change is if women stand with your men and speak in one voice with him, this institutional behavior that has been going for way too long ENDS NOW.

The criminal justice system must change their view that when a woman rapes a man he's had the time of his life. He's been raped. Just like a man rapes a woman. Start treating it as such.

Mandatory stiff sentences for crimes of this nature against a patient must start getting handed down to send the massage.

Licenses need to be lost with no chance of ever working in the industry in any capacity again.

It's time to make the healthcare industry safe again for both men and women alike. People go into the hospital to get better, not be be abused by someone for their amusement.

Regards to all,

Montréal, Canada

#596 Apr 14, 2016
When I raped my son in 2004, in NY after a soccer game, he had the time of his life. I made sure of it.
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#597 Apr 16, 2016
Sam wrote:
<quoted text>
Coyot e. I have not read the blogs. Do you have a link to them?
Thanks, Sam
Many people wrongly assume that men really don't care about their modesty, but that is not true in many cases. Many men would not be comfortable with strange women watching them using urinals and they don’t feel differently about female nurses seeing them naked. Many men in public restrooms can see each other using urinals, but that doesn't mean they are comfortable with women watching them. Many men are upset about how the medical community assumes that modesty is not that important to them. Some men who desire modesty in medical settings are mocked. There are actually many men who value their modesty highly. Some are afraid to speak up. Many hospitals don't have enough male nurses or technicians available to do intimate procedures such as urinary catheterizations and scrotal ultrasound on men. It is hard for men to get their wishes respected for an all male surgical team for intimate male surgeries such as vasectomy, prostatectomy, hernia repair, etc. Women are more likely to get their wishes for an all female surgical team for OB/GYN because there are hardly any male nurses who work in OB/GYN.

Communal bathing and spas have been around for thousands of years, but the concept of modesty is a relatively recent one for Western culture. Many indigenous people would play sports without any covering, and athletes in ancient Greece also competed naked. In fact, the Greek word gymnasium means “a school for naked exercise.”

But certain aspects of the tradition of naked competition still existed when I was a young man growing up in Chicago in the early 1960's. One of my worst experiences was being forced to swim in the nude in high school. This was a common practice in Chicago and other large city schools until the 1970's. You had a choice: either swim in the nude for four years of high school or take ROTC to get a waiver. Envision 30 young boys at various stages of puberty, with a wide variety of body shapes, lining up so the coach, in his well-fitted swimsuit, could take attendance. There was my dramatically overweight friend with his eyes staring straight at the ground and my other friend, a "late bloomer," just waiting for the inevitable insults about his manhood. There was also the constant anxiety that a pubescent erection could appear at any time. You could only hope that you were already in the pool when it struck. The reasons for this barbaric and hurtful practice were ill-founded—the need for hygiene, the fear of bathing suit threads clogging the pool or the desire to “build cohesion” between young men. Talk to any man raised at that time and you will get similar stories of shame and embarrassment.

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#598 Apr 16, 2016

This whole issue could be mute if the medical community as a whole would start hiring an equal amount of male & female nurses and techs whereby giving themselves the ability to start matching female patients with female caregivers and male patients with male caregivers from the time they check in until they are released.

The only time this pairing would change is if the patient themselves asked for an opposite gender caregiver.

If the modest patient be he male or be she female, didn't have to worry about who's caring for them & who's doing their testing procedures, they would relax and be able to concentrate all their energy on getting themselves better whereby making their outcome as best as possible.

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#599 Apr 16, 2016
Instead of wasting cash hiring more nurses, hire more psychiatrists. The people who have hang ups about nudity, or who would rather die than be examined by a health care practitioner of the opposite sex, or who consider nudity to be dirty or immoral could be sent to these psychiatrists to be cured of these silly mental illnesses. And of course, the cost would be recouped by billing of said patients.

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