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Christchurch, UK

#1552 Oct 6, 2013
I have found the offending school. All other St Michael's schools across the country allo boys to wear t-shirts and shorts but this one in Rochdale:

8. For P.E. boys are expected to wear shorts. Girls should wear knickers and vest (young infants and all Reception children), shorts and white t-shirt or black leotard (older infants and juniors.) Children will do P.E. in pumps or bare feet.

How do they justify this rule. Boys are expected to wear shorts and possibly pumps on their feet but says nothinh about knickers and vest for boys.

Why cant boys wear shorts and t-shirts? If girls can wear black leotards why cant boys wear black leotards with shorts on top like at professional gymnastic academies?

It seems the dead hand of Cyril Smith MP is still alive in working class male Rochdale and we all know what that "liberal MP" done to boys in children homes!

I wonder what the female teachers who often run these primary schools would do if they were forced to turn up to lessons in just a pair of shorts.

They would be going straight to their Trade Unions, go on strike and sue the local authority under the Equalities Act 2010. Well Sex Discrimination laws apply to all services and Education is a service. Equal protection for males and girls doesn't come into force at aged 18, children are covered as well.

Gournay-en-bray, France

#1553 Oct 6, 2013
'offending school', what kind of rubbish is this? Why should there be a problem with boys doing PE shirtless? Is has been for ages like this in the UK, I myself had to do PE barechested trough all my school, Primary School, Comprehensive and Sixth Form. If you're told to wear just shorts, tough, you're a boy and not a girl! It certainly helps to install a sens of discipline for boys, puts you in your place, and that's what's needed today!

Southampton, UK

#1554 Oct 6, 2013
Discipline is no longer needed Marc that is why they abolished conscription in France in 1997. Boys should have the same rights as girls. One piece swimsuits that cover the upper torso. Boys should also be allowed to wear base-layer as under wear- polo shirts as outer shirt and tracksuit fleece for both indoor and outdoor pe.

Boys should also be allowed to wear underwear, black shorts and tracksuit bottoms on top. Followed by socks and pumps/trainers.
Males should be completely covered with no showers or forced change of underwear. Privacy rights 4boys

Gournay-en-bray, France

#1555 Oct 6, 2013
This is absolutely ridiculous!
Dancing Jaguar Writhes


#1564 Oct 16, 2014
It is essential we oppose Phil and campaign against all change of underwear and compulsory shower requirements in UK schools.

Please note that:
 We recommend rugby shorts as they are much stronger and last longer.

 It is essential that all pupils shower after PE and, therefore, need a towel, soap and a change of
underwear for each lesson.

Physical Education Kit
Academy rugby shirt black with logo Black polo shirt with logo
Black rugby shorts White shorts
Polo shirt College colour
Academy rugby socks White ankle socks
Football, rugby or hockey boots suitable for
astro turf.
Tracksuit trousers - black with logo
White rugby top with logo
Black briefs (girls)
Gum shield [all boys must wear a gum shield]
Shin pads
Hockey stick
Tennis racquet
Cricket box (boys)
Denmark Judges Willies

Bournemouth, UK

#1565 Apr 6, 2015
Others of the delegates expressed a view on that as parents of a modestly children just could choose a private school that can accept that the child does not participate in the bath.

(Stupid me. I actually always thought that schools should be for everyone. But one is of course all the time wiser. It's obviously very obvious that you as a parent to a modestly child to pay for the child for permission to say "No" to the bath after sports)

"If some are allowed to escape the bath, there is suddenly no one bathes more"

No, so what? I almost said.

All children have the opportunity today to take bath at home.

However, I still believe that there would be children who would participate in the bath. Many of the children who do not go to recreational sports, you might think it was great to get a daily shower over. Conversely, children who need to sports after school, maybe probably prefer to wait with the bath for later. How many times a day should our children and youth normally bathe?

I just hope, that these 220 delegates opinion give a true picture of how most parents think in relation to the forced bath in elementary school. So is there really a long way in the bath will be voluntary for students. Really long way to go before it established communities will begin to respect children and young people's right to personal integrity and the right to say "NO"

Compulsory education in Denmark this year's 200th anniversary. Mon organization Danish School students in the rise will work to get done bath after sports voluntary for all students?

This old, and for many students humiliating tradition, is well soon the only thing that has not changed in elementary school during the last 200 years?

I therefore again encourage all students in Danish schools, to take hold of your student council representatives and demand that they work to get done bathed voluntary for all students in your skole.Evt. odors can easily dealt with once floor wash and clean gym clothes for each sport hour.

Student organization Danish School students should support up to make bath voluntarily.

Danish School students is an organization that involves all Danish schoolchildren also the 30% who do not find it particularly fat having to bathe with his classmates just to lurk on the others' naked bodies, while they themselves are being spied.

At the same time, I ask once again, parents of children in elementary school to make representations to the school board at your school. The school board of each school should work on that pool is voluntary for all. It is not fair that only parents and children with good negotiation skills that can get rid of the bath.

Hope you all will continue to help to spread the message that all students should have the right to say "No Thanks" to the forced bath in elementary school. Spread the word from the Danish School Sports, which has suggested that schools should drop the forced bath because it takes focus on what sport actually is about. Namely exercise and movement.


Helle Rasmussen

London, UK

#1567 Aug 8, 2015
Bedsted School

Principles of sports


Should students be exempted from physical education allowed a parent signed

leaflet for hours.

Students are exempt from participation in sport, has not free but must be


By exemption for more than two weeks the school may require a doctor's note.

From 3 pm. the shower after physical education compulsory.

Students can occasionally exempted asked if they bring a parent signed

leaflet for hours.

By exemption from bath for a long time, the school can require a medical certificate.

Students are exempt from the bath, can not normally participate in physical education of

hygienic reasons. They must be teaching instead.

Students in 0.- 5th grade may only pass Morup Møllevej accompanied by an adult.

Adopted by the school board on 03 June 2009



Ole TB Olesen

Tom Pedersen



Idrætsundervisningen - Bedsted Skole ...

Translate this pageVed fritagelse for mere end to uger kan skolen kræve en lægeerklæring. Fra 3 kl. er bad efter idrætsundervisningen obligatorisk. Elever kan enkelte gange ...

London, UK

#1568 Aug 8, 2015
Maltamon is guilty of enforcing the compulsory shower with barefeet

Boys * White Parmiter's polo shirt * White shorts * Navy rugby shorts * White socks (football and ankle socks)* Parmiter's reversible rugby shirt Training shoes Football boots Shin pads Mouth guard Towel * All these items must be purchased from the P.E. Kit supplier, Henry Tilly Sports Note: Trainers should be predominantly white. Plimsols are not permitted Please Note: Every boy should be provided with a Towel. The changing rooms have excellent shower facilities and boys are encouraged to have a shower after P.E. or Games when appropriate. Extra Curricular Tracksuit The tracksuit will be compulsory for ALL students who play regularly for a school representative team. Girls * Blue Parmiter's Polo Shirt * Burgundy shorts (red is not permitted)* Burgundy skort * Sky blue hockey socks White ankle socks * Parmiter's School sweatshirt Training shoes Football boots * Plain navy blue tracksuit bottoms Shin Pads Mouth Guard Towel * All these items must be purchased from the P.E. kit supplier, Henry Tilly Sports. Note: Trainers should be predominantly white. Plimsols are not permitted. Extra Curricular Tracksuit The tracksuit will be compulsory for ALL students who play regularly for a school representative team. New Year 7 Students Students have the option of wearing tracksuit bottoms in P.E. lessons, but this is for outdoor use only and normally between November and March. If they choose to wear tracksuit bottoms they MUST purchase these from the P.E. kit supplier, Henry Tilly Sports - See more at:

London, UK

#1569 Aug 22, 2015
School Rules - An Outline
While the school is always eager to emphasise the positive achievements of students and staff, we are obliged to publish our rules. A list such as this can never cover every eventuality and students are expected to behave in a lawful, sensible and respectful manner at all times, whether or not their actions are covered by these rules.

A copy of these rules can be found in the Pupil Planner which every pupil carries.

School Rules
School Uniform is compulsory throughout the first five years. Smart appearance is considered very important.
Outdoor coats must be plain - black or dark blue. Baseball caps are not allowed (a school hat is available from the school outfitter). Shoes should be practical and suitable for school - non-fashion (no trainers or boots allowed).
Rings, earrings, studs or jewellery (including tattooing and body piercing) are not allowed in, or to and from, school. Fingernails should not be too long to avoid danger to others, particularly in P.E.
Hair should be neither too long nor too short, neither dyed nor multi-coloured. A conventional non fashion style without lines, shaved sections, patterns or wedges.
P.E. is compulsory throughout the school and children must bring the correct school P.E. kit and a towel for showers.


#1570 Sep 6, 2015
I wish schools would allow children too shower after PE\games they could have showers to give children there privacy i think a quick scrub with shower gel has too bé better than spary of deodarant and the rest off the day caked in mud i think schools should encurage children and parents too back teachers up this could also form a part of pshe and good hygenie would parents support schools im not sure also schools should allow plenty of time at least 10 to 12 to get showered and dried and changed


#1571 Feb 8, 2016
I had to shower naked at senior school hampshire UK in 1990 to 95 we just stripped of soaped up dried of and went onto the next lesson we did once skip showers but decided as pe was our first lesson of the day it was more unplesant being caked in mud and sweat than a quick 5 min soap up and dry deodarant just masks it and a room full of sweaty stinky dirty 11 yr old and up was really not nice we also found we were fresher and could concentrate a bit better,

Children should bé brave and do what they want they may find others follow there lead

Montréal, Canada

#1572 Apr 29, 2016
Phil wrote:

I don't really have an opinion on it except that it should not be compulsory.
Romeoisntthere, leave Justin alone.
He is a talented lad who works hard for his success and appears to be very grouded.
He has a big heart and does much for others without the cameras present.
Sorry, this should read:

I don't really have an opinion on anything, except that if school showers after PE are not compulsory, they should be encouraged: most boys like to be nude with other boys.
Leave Justin alone. He is a talented, sexy, attractive, hot, slim lad who appears to have very nice buttocks. He has a big penis, and does much for me without fhe cameras present.
Someday I would like to spank him. I know he would lke it.


#1573 Aug 12, 2016
my father suffered from Rickets in the 1920s.
In response to the comments about shirtless gym & games, showers, etc.,- I think the very great majority of boys (& girls?) just accepted all of it as part of the process of growing up. Until the mid to late 50s you all knew that you'd probably be doing National Service anyway. There might have been an initial 'shock of the new' but that was all.(Whether the quality of the gym teaching was all that good I don't know and its too far back to discuss)
Phillip Jock-Strappe


#1574 Sep 23, 2016
DS1 was told to take swimming trunks in for showering after sport. However, I believe that showers actually don't happen apart from a "Trinity Shower" which, i am told, consists of spraying yourself liberally with Lynx hmm.

Muddy sports are done at the end of the day
Kate Mellish

Bournemouth, UK

#1575 Oct 8, 2016
I attended a mixed boarding school for children with behavioral difficulties. Throughout the week, the head of Senior Boys Care would be on duty 24 hours a day and he had the most amazing hearing. Seriously, you couldn’t so much as fart without him hearing you from his quarters.

But Thursday night was his night off and another member of the care staff would take his place and he was as deaf as a post! So that’s when we used to sneak out and head over to the pool and meet up with a couple of the girls. We would literally just swim and chat, nothing else, for a half hour or so.

The night we got caught, the teachers thought it was amusing but we were still punished for it and they erected security lights to prevent us doing it again.

Thanks for provoking some happy memories for me!
Perhaps Herpes Is Lenient


#1576 Oct 29, 2016
My experiences of being forced to strip in front of others has severely entrenched the issues to do with my body that I already had. I feel the need to cover up from my neck down with the exception of my hands. This doesn’t bother me personally because even in the summer I can wear thin clothing so I don’t get too hot. But where it does impact on my life is that I am too scared to fly to India to see my relatives and also to pay my respects to some relatives who have died since I was last there fourteen years ago because there are now body scanners at airports. In the UK passengers are not allowed to opt out so if a passenger refuses to be scanned they are not allowed to fly. These scanners can see naked images of a person, including their genitals, which would mean they would be able to tell that I’m transgendered, though even if I wasn’t I would still see it as a violation. I do campaign against the issue and I have been admin of a facebook group that campaigns against the body scanners for two years and have also campaigned on my own facebook profile. A lot of people have been angered by my campaigning and some have posted abusive and transphobic language and accused me of putting air passengers’ safety at risk. The nudity issue aside, I do actually think there are more effective yet less invasive ways of ensuring airport security which is another debate but I do feel like I’m letting my family down because I don’t feel I can pass through an airport as long as they can force passengers through body scanners. I feel like submitting to be scanned so that someone can see a naked image of me would be like submitting to the teachers at school forcing me to strip all over again. I regret letting them do that to me more than I’ve regretted anything so I really don’t want to do the same thing again as I worry it will traumatise me in the same way what happened to me at school did and also that I will regret it in the same way. Since I was last in India some of my relatives have died. Had I felt I could fly I would have gone to see them before they died. The fact I didn’t feel I could is something I will have to live with for the rest of my life and I will probably always feel guilty about this. When body scanners became compulsory for selected passengers in 2010, all the old memories of being forced to strip at school came flooding back as I feel that I’m in exactly the same position as I was at school in that people have the right to see me naked, unless I don’t fly. I feel like I am reliving what happened to me at school because although I can avoid being forcibly stripped like I was at school, my sexual integrity comes at the price of me being ripped apart from my relatives and my not being able to pay my last respects to my deceased relatives. I am a very family minded person and we are a close-knit family so I see this separation as a very high price to pay. But I don’t even feel I’m making a choice, I just don’t feel submitting myself to something so similar to that which destroyed a big part of my life is even an option. I actually feel that I can’t go down that road again even if it means that my family is torn apart. But all I really want is to see my relatives I haven’t seen for fourteen years and to say goodbye to my loved ones who have died without the fear of being sexually violated. But I feel sometimes because society doesn’t understand or respect my need to keep my body private and never has, that that is too much to ask for.

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