MaltaMon Outed!

Cherry Hill, NJ

#337 Feb 26, 2014
do jugs wobble wrote:
The freak show known as Maltamon, Phil and Linedazzle turn up on Norwegian TV. =txWSG0BuZNgXX
Published on Nov 22, 2013
Se mer påÆTVs eget nettverk:
Nonprofits & Activism
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FEE9302 weeks ago (edited)
Jag gillar hannas 09:15 mutta och rumpa, och anna- cajsas mutta 09:40. Killen har väldigt liten snopp..
Needless to say katie Mellish gives them all a good grilling but Linedazzle gets picked for the blind date. Tough luck MM & Phil
A very serious, adult male in the throes of his successful campaign against child sexual abuse.

Mont-saint-hilaire, Canada

#338 Mar 1, 2014
MaltaMon wrote:
DKW, It won'tatter which side of the ocean that the complaints about you originate. You yourself have posted an article from the British press in which international cooperation in tracking the child pornographers is revealed. You can continue to post your protests about child abuse, but that won't help you. The record of your postings on Topix, including all of the links that you have posted, remains intact. As is the record of all your Internet activity with your current Internet service provider as well as with those you have used in the past. The best approach you can take now is to cease all your activity on topix and all searches for the sort of material that you post here. You would do well to disappear from here altogether lest you draw attention to yourself. You're sick, you're a dangerous threat to children, and you'll be caught.
Instead of threatening, MaltaMon the Molester, why don't you actually DO something?
Mister Coach


#340 Nov 21, 2015
The Maltamon is back

Market Field School
Market Field School

Learning For Life

Call Us On: 01206 825195
Email Us: [email protected]
Head Teacher: Gary Smith

About Us
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School Uniforms

Our School Uniform

We are very proud of our school uniform. It unites us as a ‘team’ and helps us look very smart.

Our everyday uniform is:
Girls: School crested polo shirt in white or green (or a plain white polo shirt), Navy school crested sweatshirt, fleece or cardigan, grey or black school skirt of an appropriate length, grey or black trousers, sensible shoes, blue or green summer dress in the summer.

Boys: School crested polo shirt in white or green (or a plain white polo shirt), Navy school crested sweatshirt or fleece, grey or black school trousers, grey or black school shorts in summer and sensible shoes.

We always get changed for PE lessons. It helps us keep our clothes nice and fresh and puts us in the right frame of mind for playing sport.

Our PE kit uniform is:
White T-Shirt, Shorts, Jogging bottoms and a jumper for outside sports. Non marking trainers. On PE days we bring a towel and shower gel because we have a shower afterwards.


Some classes are really lucky and get to go swimming. We need to wear appropriate swimming outfits like trunks or a costume. No shorts and no bikinis/tankinis. On swimming days we bring a towel and shower gel.

You can order your required uniform via the order forms below:

Montréal, Canada

#341 Dec 5, 2015
Give to the Philosis Phund. Help find a cure.

For the future.

For our country.

For our children.

For Phil.

Beaconsfield, Canada

#342 May 1, 2016
MaltaMon and Phil haven't been posting recently because they're at a health spa in Norway, undergoing treatments for their philosis.
But we must still find a cure. Give generously.
For Phil.
Mr coach

Badalona, Spain

#343 May 26, 2016
The Days when Nude Swimming was Required - rec.nude | Google Groups Below is the url to a discussion regarding the requirement that most YMCAs and even many High Schools use to have that men had to be naked in order to swim in their pools. This occurred even up into the 1970s when it finally died out do to the fact that women had started to be allowed into these pools. You know I find it interesting that the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) allows women now but the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) still doesn't let men use their facilities. Not that any man would want to (well I guess I shouldn't say that because there are weirdos out there) but still it seems hypocritical that women can now join a club that was traditionally for men but men can't use the female counterpart.
Mr coach

Badalona, Spain

#344 May 26, 2016
Bob wrote:
MaltaMon and Phil haven't been posting recently because they're at a health spa in Norway, undergoing treatments for their philosis.
But we must still find a cure. Give generously.
For Phil.
Speaking of wrong assumptions, Tami, let me point out one of yours.
tami wrote:
Now the boys in school were in an environment where all boys were expected to swim nude. I'm not sure about the reason, but both the boys and the girls assumed that there was one, good or bad.
Tami you were soooo wrong. One thing that has been established by this thread is that ther was never a reason.


You are the only person, so far, who has posted here and benefitted from boys being forbidden to wear swimsuits. You were amused by the free show.

Since this is, so far, the only benefit yet identified to forcing boys who didn't want to swim nude to strip naked for swimmming class, we can't dismiss the notion that this was the whole reason for it all along.

Perhaps there were women on the school boards, or dominating their husbands on the school boards, who, like you, thought it would be funny to make the boys strip naked for swim class.

It makes more sense than the pool filters business.


#345 Jul 3, 2016
MaltaMon wrote:
If you were an innocent man, you wouldn't respond to my postings. You'd ignore them. But you can't. Even when I'm not here for three months, you create a thread all about me. I wonder why an innocent man would do that, Bob.
The Maltamon must stop all change of underwear policies!

Kit for P.E. and Games

It is necessary to change for physical activities and the following kit is required:

2 pairs of black shorts; gold ‘jersey’ for Rugby and Football; black and gold polo shirt with school motif; white sports socks; black games socks; boots for Rugby or Football; trainers; towel; tracksuit (optional but desirable); change of underwear.

Black shorts; black and gold polo shirt with school motif; black jumper; black games socks; white socks; trainers; towel; tracksuit (optional but desirable); change of underwear.

Outdoor clothing should be sensible and smart. Coats and hats should not carry any offensive or inappropriate logos. Outdoor clothing must not be worn in classrooms or during assemblies and registration. Hats must not be worn inside the building. Unnecessary items of equipment and clothing should not be brought to school. The only jewellery allowed in school is a watch and one simple pair of small studs or sleepers in ear lobes. Exaggerated hairstyles or an unnatural hair colour are not acceptable.

To assist students in their learning the following items are necessary: pens, pencils, ruler, eraser, pencil sharpener, scissors, glue stick, sellotape, protractor, compass, scientific calculator and colouring pencils.

Montréal, Canada

#348 Jul 18, 2016
Largelanguage wrote:
<quoted text>

I see. You know, MaltaMon, that reminds me of what kids sometimes say, "adults are just jelious of us". I would have never believed them, until I found Bob and coyote, if you get what I mean. Normally an adult wouldn't feel jelious of a kid, but considering Bob is in an emotionally arrested state, I suppose he's an exception, and perhaps does feel jelious of children.
LargeLanguage, I don't think anyone is "jelious" of you.
Haha haha!
Wield Nine Cat

Manresa, Spain

#349 Aug 27, 2016

To maintain personal hygiene standards pupils will be required to shower after exercising.
Please ensure your son/daughter is equipped with shower gel and deodorant as this is not provided
by the school.
Please provide the following:
School based P.E.
• Plain white t-shirt • Black shorts or track suit/jogging bottoms
• Sports trainers (not fashion trainers)• Towel

Toronto, Canada

#350 Aug 29, 2016
Shower gel is not provided, but as boys' locker room attendant, I am maltamandated to provide all boys with assistance in applying said gel, and ensuring it is used correctly, especially on the perineal area.
Any boy refusing assistance must towel off, and then walk nude to Headmaster Phil's office, where he will be spanked in front of Miss Phelps, the secretary.

Barcelona, Spain

#351 Aug 29, 2016
iamwhoiamm wrote:
<quoted text>

Another one of your "jokes" Bob?Posting as others and pretending they hold your opinions...that 'joke' was never funny.It can hardly be called a joke at all. You, on the other hand,ARE a joke(and a pathetic one at that)
I just recently joined ballet with my sister. It for beginners between 18 and 25. We knew it was nude practices, and though we have not seen each other nude since we were like 7 years old, it sounded fun. We have only been to a few classes, and it weird to see each other naked at first, but even more weird when we have to practice together and our bodies must touch each other. All in all, it is very interesting and fun. Everyone should try it.


#352 Aug 31, 2016
I am a proud african american who is home schooled nude!


#353 Aug 31, 2016

Barcelona, Spain

#354 Sep 3, 2016
Mr coach rules

Christchurch, UK

#355 Oct 8, 2016
At the end of the 1960 decade I enjoyed swimmiing naked,taking showers nakes after swim,and being nude in lockers, As an uncut Hispanic,my penis was looked intently by some dudes; does that mean they were gay? I never gave it a thought until I read some of the comments below!

In the end of the 1960s and in the 1970s I took showers naked after swimming in the nude,I was naked drying myself in lockers unttil I got dressed, So my penis 'n balls were exposed as wellas my butts,but I never noticed anyone gay looking "intently" at my nudity! So I imagine that if gay dudes were present,at some time or other, they probably enjoyed looking at me,If so it was very discreet; because I never noticed anything of the sort!

I find that most men gay or straight are curious about another mans penis. I notice discreet glances at my penis whenever I am nude inn the locker room.

In the 69's when I grew up, as far as I knew, the YMCA was the only place where guys swam nude. It was a time of transition to speedo I guess. Our high school had an indoor pool, all Sophomore guys were required to take a swimming class. Day one was a short period, just allowing us to get to know our schedule. Day two was the first full day everyone showed up to do the learn to swimmer improve on what skills you had only to learn it was a free swim with no suits allowed.
Monsieur Coach

Bournemouth, UK

#356 Oct 16, 2016
Police Hold In Limbo

London, UK

#357 Oct 22, 2016
It was only required for boys in the Chicago Public high school I attended. Never for girls.

True. We girls had to stand in line, naked, to receive our swimsuits. They were basically a sleeveless undershirt which was joined together in between the legs (dark blue), no structure at all. After swimming, one had to peel it off, toss it into the bin, and proceed naked to the communal shower room, a big room with multiple shower heads.

I heard that the boys swam naked.

It was humiliating for us young'uns who were waaay behind in physical "development" (I turned 13 in May and started high school 4 months later). Talk about feelings of inadequacy.

That was Austin High on the West Side. The pool was huge. I don't believe that swimming pools were uncommon in the larger Chicago public high schools. In fact, Chicago was very big on public swimming pools (and parks for that matter), they were all over the place.

This was in 1968.
Dorval Joins Winnipeg

Chertsey, UK

#358 Nov 19, 2016
Bronte ISD New!
Brookesmith ISD [DOC] New!
Stats: No CP was recorded in 2000/01; a decade later, in 2011/12, 18 boys and 4 girls received swats in this district of less than 100 students
Panties Hurt In Leotard

Brighton, UK

#359 Dec 3, 2016
In elementary school, it was good to shower but always thought it was uncomfortable! In middle school, I had a crappy class and felt very uncomfortable to shower there.

The high school was the worst, was a guy from another class who peed down my clothes, which was the last straw! I demanded after private dressing room. Think it is perverse to force people to show themselves naked for varran especially in such a sensitive age. No one should be compelled to appear without clothes no matter the circumstances. Think that all sports will then be the last lesson so that you can easily go home and take a shower instead of jointly.

Yes, in the 4th starting the "hair around the penis or not" problem. Do swimwear should be a compulsory showering after sports but is perhaps unnecessary in primary school?

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