Obama repeals boys' nude-swimming act
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Bournemouth, UK

#57 Jan 31, 2015
I see the photos above and can’t imagine swimming naked at a large venue like that at a YMCA, or any other place.I don’t recall ever swimming naked at the YMCA, but I heard stories about forced nude swimming there from my uncles.I don’t think you can do that these days with everyone so fearfull of the perverts and gays who are so much in your face. They use to hide in the closet when I was a boy.I’m retired from the military and know that ever since gays have been allowed to serve open it has become a problem.When I first entered the service we only had gang showers available. There would always be at least 30 to 40 men taking their showers at any given morning clean up. We even walked the halls naked afterwards to get back to our rooms. Not any more.The military is in the process of converting all of the old fashioned gang showers into those private shower cubicles because of these gays now entering the services in larger numbers then ever before. The last thing that the brass want is for some fights breaking out (or worse)because some gay was caught checking out the other guys asses and cocks.Not to long ago, maybe 6 or 7 years back, a gay GI was beaten to death in his basic training bunk by a GI who made the claim that he caught the gay GI one time too many checking him out in the showers and lost control. He received 7 years and a DD. I’m very happy that I am out of there before all of this gay military stuff came down. Even though at several bases I was assigned to had the gays separte from the other men in special barracks and their own showers, I just have this funny feeling that this is still going to cause a lot of men from joining up. We even now have gay football players joining openly in the NFL and the NBA. ESPN is repoting that the showers after any game will be for heterosexuals to go first and the gay players to take theirs last….just to control any negitive reactions from reaching a boiling point. They claim that all the players are agreeable to this new rule. Well, we’ll see.I also understand what that young man had written above…..“Tetna”. I see from time to time at my gym some of those gays checking out the younger guys while their naked.This is not a good thing to not feel comfortable while showering or changing your clothes. A lot of the guys at my gym are not changing or showering after thier work-outs. They just go home to do that now…..or they just don’t come back any more. That seems very sad to me for some reason.
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Daniels Jack Whisky

London, UK

#58 Aug 22, 2015
Having introduced herself, she then got down to business and we spent the next two hours being evaluated in a series of tests of different swimming strokes, underwater swimming, endurance and last floating. I still couldn't float on the surface, rather my "float point" was some 4 inches under water. The only way I could maintain a semblance of "floating" was by "skulling" with my hands occasionally to keep my head above water. I therefore could not pass the "float" test; everyone else passed all tests. Cindy excused everyone else and told them to report back the next day, but told me to stay after class.

Calling me to the side of the pool, there I stood eye-to-eye with this beautiful young woman, me nude, her in a one-piece suit. I had not been embarrassed up to this point, but suddenly it struck me that I was nude, she was not, and she was only two years older than me. So I got embarrassed and turned red-faced.

Looking at me, she said "Well John, what am I going to do with you?"

I got even redder and started to stutter and answer.

"You can't pass the float test and I'm not supposed to let anyone continue who can't pass all the basic tests." She continued.

I explained that I had never been able to float with my head above water and that I had been taking lessons at the YMCA but no matter what I tried, I floated underwater.

"Stand up straight and let me look at you." She said. She then closely looked over my entire body as I stood there trembling before her. She then said, "Well I think I know what the problem is. What do you weigh?... About 140 lbs.?... And about 5'9"?"

I replied that I weighed 135 pounds and was 5'9 1/2" tall.(Yes just a tall and skinny, gangly kid).

"You have almost no body fat. Do you know what specific gravity is?" she asked.


"Well the short answer is that you don't have enough body fat to float at a higher level. It has to do with the mass of a solid or liquid to the mass of an equal volume of water. What all that means is that you are too dense in relation to the water, so you sink until you reach your point of equilibrium with the water. So you DO float, but under the surface of the water."she explained.

"So what can I do?" I asked, afraid she was going to kick me out of the class.

"Nothing, until you get some more meat on your body and lower your specific gravity index."

"So"....I was almost ready to cry. She apparently could see my fear and what was racing through my mind.

"So...I waive the floating test, since you are very proficient in all other regards," she said with a little smile. "Be here tomorrow morning and ready for some real work!"

Relieved, I left the pool area and went on with the daily camp routine.

The next couple of days were a severe workout of straight swimming. Each day started with a roll-call where 15 nude teenage boys lined up to be checked in by our teenage female instructor. Then we proceeded into the actual lifesaving skills portion of the course; approaches, holds, releases if grabbed by the victim, carries to pull them to safety, and basic first aid and CPR type skills to deal with stopped breathing if necessary.

It was this portion of the course that caused my problems. Since all of these skills must be practiced repeatedly and we had an odd number of guys in the class, someone had to practice with Cindy. Yep, it was me she chose as a partner...

All of those skills require a lot of body contact between the partners and being a normal horny 16 year-old boy, having a beautiful young woman running her hands all over me and vice-versa, I was constantly having erections. Fortunately, mostly under water.

Barcelona, Spain

#59 Aug 30, 2015
High School Gym class seems to be the turning point for everyone's personal development. Stephen King depicted it well in “Carrie”; all of us who were shy or outsiders could feel her rage and would have easily used our psychic powers to destroy the gym and everyone in it. Janis Ian wrote in her song “At Seventeen”' To those of us who knew the pain Of valentines that never came And those whose names were never called When choosing sides for basketball'. I look back on those gym classes with no nostalgia, but still a relief that they are over.

My gym teacher's name was Mr. Gaylord (no kidding). He was a tightly, muscled, short man with thinning hair. Thinking back, he was probably pretty sexy, but then he couldn't have been more horrifying with his just out of the army, drill sergeant style of yelling, butt smacking, and name calling. We were being trained to go into the service you know, we needed to be made strong, and they only way you can make a boy strong is to break him first and build him up. And the way to break a pack of young boys is to strip them and make them all fall in line.

The pool at Kennedy was huge. Olympic size, built in the early prosperous Kennedy years when physical fitness was one of the president's high priorities. We were all lead into the locker room and told to strip down and put our clothes in the locker; I was terrified to forget my locker combination and repeated it over and over for a week before school started. Trying it again and again like the shower tests so I could open the locker as quickly as possible. We all stripped and stood in a line. The showers were going full blast and Mr. Gaylord stood at the front of the shower with a squeeze bottle of some pink slippery goo that he was shooting out over each boy as he went into the shower. Sometimes he would rub the soap down the back of the boys. We had to shower before getting into the pool; it was the rule. The soap or whatever it was had a chemical smell; did it have some sort of insecticide to kill lice?

Then from there into the large room where the pool was, again in lines of four or five. Some of the guys were really natural with their nakedness. Wrestling with each other, shoving and pushing. I don't know when I first knew that something was different about me sexually, but I'm sure it when I was seeing guys that I had just sat next to in history and now we were front to butt with each other going to jump in the pool. Dare I say at age 14 I had definite stirrings, although I didn't know what they were? I don't think at that time I could have given it a word. But we were all comparing ourselves to each other. Big dicks, small dicks. There were two obese twins whose genitals were completely covered by rolls of fat. I can't imagine what this experience did to them. Other boys with big members proudly knew that they had something special and would strut around with semi-boners telling of how they screwed their girl friends last night.

his went on until 1979 when in my Junior year the gym classes were made Co-Ed. No more naked swim. My prayers were answered. However in my senior year they had decided that they would do separate swim classes again, returning to the tradition. A couple friends of mine decided to take matters into their own hands and snuck in late at night, broke some glass bottles, and tossed them into the pool. The pool had to be shut down while they cleaned it. Once it was cleaned and ready for swim classes, they did this again! Hence avoiding having to swim naked.



#60 Aug 30, 2015
I have reported you to the Spanish Mossos and the Maltese Surete Bob

London, UK

#61 Sep 19, 2015
My junior high gym teacher would occasionally shower with us, if it was an afternoon class or if we did swimming that day. I still remember the the way shampoo ran down his hairy chest and dripped off his cock.

He was really fit and I think he liked being admired and showing off his body to us boys. He wasn't otherwise pervy or predatorial.

This was in the 1970s when people weren't so uptight about everything.
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In high school we had a hunky jerk of a gym teacher. The real coach was always tied up with team stuff during our gym class (it was a sports-focused school and our gym class was the last period, so anyone not on a team had to do the class and team members went to practice with the coach) and we got stuck with this guy in his 20s who had no business being a gym teacher.

He did the sorts of things mentioned here. A lot of humiliation, towel snapping, watching showers ("to make sure you ladies aren't dropping soap") and once he got a guy down and acted like he was going to shove a hairbrush up his ass, because the guy told him to fuck off.

We were in a pretty rough school. And four of the guys had enough, and got him in the showers and gang fucked him while we all watched. After they were done a few other guys took turns - face down, water coming down on him. And then we all left. He never made a sound through it all.

He called in sick two days but the following Monday he was back like nothing happened, except he was quieter. And it turned into a regular fuck session, although eventually most of us got fucked by him, too, and were doing each other. He turned out to be a nice guy, just not ready to be a teacher. We'd go over to his house, a few of us, and fuck and he'd give us beer. But he left after that year and we heard he got married.

Brighton, UK

#62 Oct 31, 2015
Phil wrote:
I have reported you to the Spanish Mossos and the Maltese Surete Bob
I grew up in Illinois, Rockford, where boys were required to swim nude in swim class the years I was there, 1962-1967.
I hated, despised, loathed and detested it. The girls,of course, little flowers that they were, were allowed suits in their classes. Which fact made me absolutely seethe with rage.
It was as you've heard in most other accounts; boys only, nude, male teachers in suits. That also annoyed me--if I were to be thus humiliated, why not him? No, I didn't protest. What was the point? In those days, no one listened. Especially not to a boy who might feel humiliated at his public nudity. We were supposed to suck it up and get on with it and above all, shut up. It was the American educational system at its best, producing bovine little worker/consumer units. And nice docile cannon fodder for LBJ's dreams of a commie free Asia.
I don't really know which effect it had on behavior. There are those who claim the whole thing was intended as disciplinary tool, to keep other wise boisterous boys in line. It's hard to engage in horse play while blushing from head to foot. And in general, I think there was less bullying and rough housing in swimming than in gym.
I never saw any females around, although the knowledge that they were just on the other side of the (I hoped) locked door marked "Girls Locker Room" was enough to scare the snot out of me. I only remember one woman, the school nurse, casually sauntering into a pool full of naked boys--as though it never occurred to her we might be the slightest bit embarrassed--to inspect our feet. Still I don't doubt the stories of female coaches and spectators. For whatever reason, we, our humiliation and embarrassment, were presumed not to matter; and girls, for what ever reason, did. I knew a woman in college (1973) who claimed she had spent her summer vacation as a lifeguard in a YMCA (I think it was in Indianapolis, but no sure) where the boys and men swam nude. We thought she was exaggerating,but she claimed they were bare ass buck nekkid. It wasn't till years later, when I started reading posts like these, that I realized she was telling the truth.
As for a reason. We weren't given one. It was the tenor of the times; you didn't ask because they wouldn't tell anyway. Our parents were the World War II generation, and they tried to instill in us a deference to authority. As the youth movement of the sixties proved, it didn't work. The only explanations I've ever heard for this have more holes than a hunk of swiss cheese. One of your posters here gave the most lucid explanation--it began when only boys and men swam, and the filters could get clogged, so they swam sans suits. But why, in the 50s-70s did it persist? Probably for the most obvious reason--no one though to change it.
My experience may not have been typical, though I have been surprised to find how many others disliked it and found it humiliating. I know this--my last nude swim class was more 40 years ago, and I'm still mad about it.

Montréal, Canada

#63 Mar 28, 2016
Zuiko wrote:
<quoted text>
Why else would Phil spend all his time reading and commenting about DJW's posts if he weren't titillated by them?
Good question!
(I wonder if MaltaMon can come up with a good answer!)
The Donald

Montréal, Canada

#64 Mar 28, 2016
I will not repeal the nude swimming act!
I will deport all muslims, I will deport MaltaMon to the UK, and build a wall around any swimming pool that has boys swimming nude, so that women and pedophiles can't watch!
I will bring back waterboarding for terrorists, and paddleboarding for schoolboys.
I will convert Gitmo into a boys' nude holiday camp.

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