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Whitehall, PA

#4 Aug 5, 2014
Correction, Bob: There WASN'T. Until you put it there, you sick, obsessive boy-lusting pedophile.

Elizabethtown, PA

#7 Aug 7, 2014
No, you poor sick freak perverted middle-aged homosexual pederast, Bob. You are the only one who has mentioned it on this thread. Nobody else did. It's what was on your mind, not mine or Phil's, when you saw a thread with "spanking" in its title. You are the only one here, besides DJW, who ever thinks of it.

Elizabethtown, PA

#8 Aug 7, 2014
Pedophaggot Bob, you can't raise the topic on your own, with no suggestion from anyone, then blame me for it. You are a child, like your victims. Grow up.

Lancaster, PA

#9 Aug 7, 2014
Bob wrote:
Sorry Phil and MaltaMon, but there's nothing on this thread about spanking boys' bottoms.
"I still haven't put anything about spanking on this thread, moron. Are you blind as well as stupid?"
Then what is this? And who 'put' it here?

Lancaster, PA

#10 Aug 7, 2014
Bob wrote:
I still haven't put anything about spanking on this thread, moron. Are you blind as well as stupid?
But I proved my point: the word "spanking" quickly brought you and Phil to read it.( and no, Phil didn't respond, but we both KNOW he read it.)
The only thing you've proved is that the word "spanking' quickly brought YOU here, Pedophaggot Bob.

Sewell, NJ

#13 Aug 8, 2014
Yes, Pedo Bob, you're right: you started this discussion about spanking. I didn't even mention it. It was, as it always is, your decision, your move, your topic. You raised it. And you persist. Neither Phil nor I did. I love it when a total idiot, a buffoon, calls me "a moron". It's just as enjoyable when that idiotic clown is like his role model--Pogo the,Clown, aka John Wayne Gacy. You have all his problems, but none of his cunning or talent as a painter. And you won't be executed, as he was, but you'll go to prison.

Montréal, Canada

#16 Dec 30, 2015
I placed post #1, which said sonething about getting a spanking new bicycle, and then post #2 , which said, "Sorry, MaltaMon, nothing about spanking here. Too bad. You must be disappointed. Hahahaha!"
Then MaltaMon responds, at least six times, denying that he visited this thread because of 'spanking' in the title, or because he saw my name as poster. So why did he visit this thread?

( Of course, we ALL know why, "nudge-nudge", he visited this, "wink-wink", thread.)


Montréal, Canada

#17 Dec 30, 2015
Then, of course, Phil will no doubt visit, and accuse me of "trawling Topix for old threads to respond to", totally oblivious to the fact that he zoomed in to read and respond.

(But of course, NOT because he saw the word 'spanking' in the titke. Oh no.)


London, UK

#18 Jan 2, 2016
This is the school I was educated in Penisylvania. I was taught by Phillip Salford!

Red Lion Christian School, Red Lion
This school "reserves the right to use paddling as a form of punishment", but not normally as a first resort. Parents must sign to approve the possible use of CP on enrollment

Please read page 9 on Paddling discipline if you do not want red lines on your back side.
Daquan Gibson Warden

Montréal, Canada

#19 Jan 2, 2016
My name is Daquan Gibson, Warden and bible head, at the Red Line Christian Academy in Bear Bottom, Delaware. Kids at the school call me DGW for short.
Our spiritual life includes Accumulated Scripture Memory (ASM), which if failed, results in CFNM under CFNM (Christian Flagellation of Naked Meat, requiring a Clothed Female, Nude Male) where a female prayer leader uses a consecrated rod of olive wood to spank red lines on a boy's exposed, naked buttocks.
Corporal punishment is a holy office prescribed by God in the old testament, and seconded by Jesus in the new testament. Did not Christ himself say, "the little children shall suffer as they bend over my knee"?, or something to that effect?( I failed ASM myself, so not only is my knowledge of scripture questionable, but I have been spanked on the bare buttocks many times. I take it in stride, and consider it a rite of penance).
Bobba Fet

Montréal, Canada

#20 Jan 3, 2016
This season the new Star Wars movie "the Urge Awakens" opened in theaters. It features Luke Skywanker, played by CaDad, Princess Phileia, played by Phil, O-Boy-Wank-a-Nude-Boy, played by LineDazzle, and a wookie, a dark, hairy creature named ChewButtock, played by MichaelN.
It tells of the awakening urge in the heroes to spank boys, take group showers with boys, and go nude swimming with boys. They are thwarted by the evil Darth MaultaMon, who wishes to control the galaxy and keep all the young boys for himself.
The group use the Millenium Falcon, rebaptised the Maltese Falcon, in honour of Malta, from where Bob used to post, to fly to the Death Star, a huge spherical boys' academy, full of dormitories, locker rooms, shower facilities, and swimming pools.
The tale climaxes with a fight between Luke and Darth, who attempt to use Light-Spankers, to strike each other's bare buttocks.(All fight scenes are done in the nude), and Princess Phileia climaxes while doing a Hand Solo on the holo-deck, looking at holograms of nude boys.
The final scene is where Bobba Fett surprises Princess Phileia as she leaves the holo-deck. Princess Phileia tries to explain the stains on her dress, saying she doesn't post holographic pornography, she just looks at it.
Bobba Fett says, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give damn!", and punches the princess in the face.

Southampton, UK

#21 Jan 23, 2016
Only Bobba Fet can end spankings in the Good Ole US of A

Nacogdoches ISD (New URL)
This district operates a parental "opt-in" system for CP rather than the more common "opt-out" method. There is a maximum of three swats, and a same-sex requirement.
Nacogdoches ISD had allowed paddling to fall into disuse, without formally abolishing it, but a deliberate decision was taken to revive it in August 2012, resulting in the adoption of the above policies. Campus administrators said they were now "glad that corporal punishment is an option" ("Guidelines created on corporal punishment", The Daily Sentinel, 21 August 2012, not currently on line but see this Facebook page).

Prohibiting the Use of Corporal Punishment
spanking or paddling the student
may be used as a discipline
management technique in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct, NISD Corporal
Punishment Procedures, and policy FO(LOCAL) in the district’s policy manual.
If you want corporal pu
nishment to be considered as an option for your child as a method of
student discipline,
please return the
Parent Statement Permitting Corporal Punishment
included in this
. A signed statement must be provided each year.
You may choose to rev
oke this request at any time during the year by providing a signed
statement to the campus principal. However, district personnel may choose to use discipline
methods other than corporal punishment even if the parent requests that this method be used
on t
he student.
Please note that if the district is made aware that a student is in temporary or permanent
conservatorship (custody) of the state, through foster care, kinship care, or other arrangements,
corporal punishment shall not be administered, even whe
n a signed statement prohibiting its
use has not been submitted by the student’s caregiver or caseworker

Montréal, Canada

#22 Jan 24, 2016
At the Highland Academy of Naturism and Kilt-Walking, the boys' graphic arts class came up with a novel project. As boys are permitted to walk around with the rear of their Philt open, exposing the buttocks , they have made clever rubber stamps, with which they mark their buttocks with a little stamp of dark, indelible ink.
Some of my favourites include:
"100% Prime Rump"
"I Like Kilt-Walking"
"Spank Me!"
"Have A Lick"
"MaltaMon Was Here"
What mischief boys get up to!
Dont Just Wallop


#23 Jan 30, 2016
Onalaska ISD [DOC]
Here are two different "Discipline Management Charts", one for grades Pre-K through 6 and the other for grades 7 through 12. Corporal punishment features heavily in both of them, but especially at secondary level. In the upper grades there are 20 separate offenses listed for which a paddling may be the consequence, either two or three swats. In most cases this is an alternative to In-School Suspension, where 5 days in ISS is equivalent to three paddle swats, or to after-school detention, where both 5 and 10 days' ASD generally equates to two swats, and fifteen days to three swats.

There is special provision for tardies. For the 3rd and 4th tardy the punishment is 5 days' detention or two swats; for the 5th and 6th tardy, it is 10 days' detention, or three swats (the CP option in this case is a newly added provision), or 3 days in ISS. From the 7th tardy onwards it is just 3 days in ISS.

Corporal Punishment __________

Corporal punishment has been approved by the Onalaska ISD Board of Trustees as an appropriate disciplinary consequence for Code of Conduct violations.

Corporal punishment is limited to spanking or paddling the student and will be administered only in accordance with the following guidelines:

1. The student shall be told the reason corporal punishment is being administered.

2. Corporal punishment shall be administered only by an administrator.

3. The instrument to be used in administering corporal punishment shall be approved by the principal or a designee.

4. Corporal punishment shall be administered in the presence of one other District professional employee and in a designated place out of view of other students.

Montréal, Canada

#24 Feb 10, 2016
Corporal punishment has been mandated by the Salford School Board Trustees as an obligatory disciplinary consequence for code of conduct violations.
Spanking is to be administered only in accordance with the following guidelines:

1. The student shall NOT be told the reason CP is being administered.

2. Corporal punishment shall be administered by an administrator, or by a female designated by the administrator.

3. The instrument used shall be chosen by the adminstrator from the list of approved instruments.(Bare hand, belt, slipper, hairbrush, wooden spoon, cane, ruler, carpet beater, birch rod, paint stirrer, leather thong, paddle, fish)

4. Corporal punishment shall be adminstered in the presence of at least one other school administrator, at least one female member of the kitchen or cleaning staff, at least one female PE teacher or swim coach, and in front of at least ten minor female students from another school.

A video + sound recording shall be made of the punishment, copies to be put in the student's file, the administrator's file, and one sent to the Dorset police, care of Mark Fursman, for verificaton that no law has been broken.

Paola, Malta

#25 Feb 11, 2016
MichaelN wrote:
This is the school I was educated in Penisylvania. I was taught by Phillip Salford!
Red Lion Christian School, Red Lion
This school "reserves the right to use paddling as a form of punishment", but not normally as a first resort. Parents must sign to approve the possible use of CP on enrollment
Please read page 9 on Paddling discipline if you do not want red lines on your back side.
Were you spanked bare?

Montréal, Canada

#26 Feb 11, 2016
Bernie wrote:
<quoted text>
Were you spanked bare?
Yes. As a Christian school, certain protocols are followed: I was sent to the infirmary, where nurse Clavell undressed me, and put a white cotton robe on me, and a crown of thorns on my head. The "spanking crew" came to get me. I was made to hold the "rod of perdition" in my hands. This is a springy rod of polished acacia wood, imported from the holy land. Escorted by the squad, I walked through the halls of the school to the biology lab, where they have stuffed animals, and human skeletons on display. It is jokingly referred to as Golgotha, the place of the skull. I was made to stand on a desk, and the teacher tore my robe off, leaving me nude in front of the class. He cried, "Ecce homo!" (Behold, the man!) The spanking squad unfolded a cross shaped bench, and taking my crown of thorns, placed it on the bench. I was made to lie face down on the bench, my genitals crushed against the thorns, and my outstretched arms were bound to the arms of the the cross.
A girl was chosen from the class, and using the rod of perdition, spanked my bare buttocks forty times, to symbolize christ's forty days in the wilderness. I was released from the cross, and made to drink a mixture of vinegar and gall from a sponge. The squad then took me to the basement where there is an unused storage room, with a heavy sliding industrial door. It is dark and cold inside, and I was made to stay there until lessons were over for the day.


#27 Feb 13, 2016
Beekman Charter School, Bastrop [DOC]
At Beekman Charter School, a brand-new (2014) all-through (PK-12) school, there is no parental opt-out from CP: "Parents who object to the use of corporal punishment will be advised to remove their child from the school and to place them in schools that do not use corporal punishment ... When a parent enrolls his or her child at Beekman Charter School, he/she is consenting to the use of corporal punishment with the child at the discretion of appropriate school officials".
Also, "Any minor or major infraction committed by a student, whether the infraction is a first time infraction or a repeat infraction, may result in the student being required to attend a morning or Saturday detention program, or receive corporal punishment". Paddling is also specifically mentioned as a penalty in grades 6 through 12 for using chewing gum, and for "every three unexcused tardies for school or for any individual class in a school year". Fighting "will" (not "may") result in CP in grades PK-5 (in grades 6-12 it brings immediate suspension). In all grades, a paddling may also result from a first violation of the school bus rules. Also, "paddling may be substituted for morning detention at the principal's discretion" but may not be substituted for Saturday detention.
The rules state that young men are not permitted any facial hair. However senior they may be, male students receive an immediate spanking if they arrive at school unshaven, according to local sources.

Corporal Punishment:
Corporal punishment is used only if other forms of corrective measures have proven
ineffective. It is not used as the first line of punishment. Corporal punishment is
administered only by the director or assistant director in the presence of another
professional staff member of the school. The person administering corporal punishment
will inform the student of the specific misconduct of which he/she is accused. The
student will be given an opportunity to present any facts about the incident prior to the
administration of corporal punishment. An investigation into the accusations is always
conducted by the director or assistant director prior to the administration of corporal
Corporal punishment is to be administered in a reasonable manner, with consideration
given to the age, size, emotional condition, and health of the student. Corporal punishment
is limited to striking the student on the buttocks a maximum of three times with a state
approved wooden paddle.(An approved paddle is 18 inches or less in length, between three
and six inches in width, and 3/8 inches or less in thickness.) A school behavior report
form is completed when corporal punishment is administered and is sent to the director by
the end of the same day. Parents will always be notified prior to the administration of
corporal punishment. Parents who object to corporal punishment being administered to
their child must notify the school in writing, using a school letter or form. In the
same respect, parents who do not object to corporal punishment must notify the
school in writing, using a school letter or form.
Nothing in this policy prohibits an employee of the school or board from using physical
force that is reasonable and appropriate to restrain a student from attacking another
student or school employee. It shall be the policy of Delta Charter School, MST NOT
to administer corporal punishment due to the immense civil liability for teachers and
administrators. Should parents request corporal punishment, it shall be used only if
other forms of corrective measures have proven ineffective. It will not be used as
the first line of punishment.

Paola, Malta

#28 Feb 13, 2016
Spanking at my school was not as complicated as the ones mentioned above. It was always a straighforward thing. You were told to go to the front of the class, take your pants down and get the necessary number of swats that the teacher decides is necessary.

Montréal, Canada

#29 Feb 14, 2016
Necessity is the mother of simplicity.

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