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Sewell, NJ

#25 May 23, 2014
double jeopardy winner wrote:
I am in Europe with Bob fighting for effective protection in sport to ensure no personīs human rights are ever infringed again. We are using the European Elections to get a directive passed to ban communal showers europe wide in educational institutions and make it mandatory for males to wear shirts in gym class and rash vests-wet suits for swimming. It is time we ended the tyranny of Maltamon and his side kick Phil who still hold on to the past grammar school- dartmouth university ways!
LOL!!! Total bullshit. You are doing exactly nothing to further any cause, much less getting involved in the European elections. If you even knew the issues of the European Union, you'd know that this one is not one of them. It is, at best, a national issue. You're an idiot, DJ.

Dorval, Canada

#26 May 24, 2014
Phil wrote:
<quoted text>
DJW, you are a tragic, deluded, silly excuse for a man and you are going nowhere, achieving nothing and will always be a nobody.
And by comparison, Pedo Phil is a real man about town, going places, super-achieving, and a real somebody.


Manchester, UK

#27 May 25, 2014
Bob wrote:
<quoted text>
And by comparison, Pedo Phil is a real man about town, going places, super-achieving, and a real somebody.
Actually, yes.
Married with two sons, about to be a grandad and I run (I am) the IT department for a world beating manufacturing business with a base in the UK and China.
How about you Bob?
What do you do, apart from make immature jokes about what you would like to do with young boys?
Deep Juicy Weiner

Pineda, Spain

#28 May 25, 2014
Phil wrote:
<quoted text>
Actually, yes.
Married with two sons, about to be a grandad and I run (I am) the IT department for a world beating manufacturing business with a base in the UK and China.
How about you Bob?
What do you do, apart from make immature jokes about what you would like to do with young boys?
I bet you are involved in IT business. Probably Cyber porn
dancing writhing

Salt, Spain

#32 Oct 16, 2014
only Bob can save us from the Maltamon



#33 Oct 17, 2014
I am writing to tell everyone what a useless sonofabitch my father is.
I was raped in 2004, and my father MaltaMon has done nothing to bring my rapist to justice. For three years he has been obsessed with trading insults with someone on an internet forum, but won't go to the police. He told me he is volunteering for the police traciing internet pedophiles, but he won't volunteer any information to them about my rape. He says the police told him to 'dialogue' with my rapist,
but I don't believe him. If a tell him to go to the Philadelphia police, he says it is a New York matter. If I tell him to report it to the New York police, he says my rapist is in Canada. If I tell him to call the RCMP, he says
a friend is analyzing my rapist's posts to track "other victims". There's always some excuse. A real father would bust his rear and do everything it takes to bring his son's rapist to justice. But not my dad. He is a useless, betraying piece of crap, and a total let down as a father. When I ask when he will take action, he just says "soon", or "any day now". I hate my father, and I am ashamed of him.
Dance Jag Writhe

Salt, Spain

#34 Oct 17, 2014
I've been raised as a nudist and freeballer, and really love both. I am naked all the time at home and also love outdoor nudism, nude beaches, nude strolls in the woods or parks. Love hanging nude anywhere I can, lockers, showers, saunas. And of course, when I have to dress I fb. I already fb when I went to school. I remember an occasion, being about 11 I think, when I had an embarassing incident at my gym class.

It was a torrid summer day and the coach had let us take off our shirts for the class. We've been jogging and warming up for the team football game that ended the class. The coach usually divided us into 2 groups, shirted and shirtless, but this time we were all already shirtless by the time so he had the wonderful ideal of dividing us into "shorts" and "shortless", and, as you can imagine, I fell into the "shortless" group.

All my mates quickly took their shorts off and stood in their uw ready to start the game. As I stoo still in my shorts, the coach asked what was the problem and I told him I was wearing no uw. I can't tell why but he got really mad. He asked me if my father knew that and I told him that of course he did. He wouldn't believe me and call me a liar. He said I had to play without shorts like the rest of my buds and that if I was a perv that was my problem. He ordered me to take my shorts off and go to play. I did so and played the game stark naked except for my football shoes, for the general laughter of my buddies. Being raised a nudist, to be naked in front of others was never a great deal for me, I also laughed since I found the situation pretty absurd.

Next day, the coach called my dad in and told him about the incident. Dad already knew cause I had told him that same day. Of course he supported me and told the coach there was no rule in the school about the students uw, which was true, and that was the end of it, except that the coach took me a strong disliking and kept putting things difficult till i finished the course. Thanks to my dad's inconditional support, I still am a happy nudist and freeballer.

At my school (1962-67 in the UK) we were required to wear absolutely nothing under our p.e. shorts (white in the gym and black on the playing field) and always shirtless in the gym but wearing football shirts outside. On one occasion when i was about 12 or 13 we were in the gym and one boy on each piece of equipment was asked to demonstrate. One exercise was to stand astride a bench and then jump so that both feet were on the bench, and then jump down to be astride again, ten times. A friend of mine had to show how to do this, and when his turn came he jumped on and off the bench several times but was crouched forward with his hands covering the front of his shorts, with the whole of the class watching. The teacher made no comment, but afterwards my friend told me that when he was called upon to stand up he suddenly realised that he had got a hard-on while watching the other demonstrations and if he had stood up straight it would have been very obvious sticking out in the front of his white gym shorts.
Dance Jag Writhe

Salt, Spain

#35 Oct 17, 2014
Our p.e. teacher (UK, 1962-67) didn't join us in the shower, and didn't do any random checks, but he just seemed to KNOW if anyone was wearing anything under their shorts. In our first few weeks at the new school (age 11) those who tried to outwit him soon had the message imprinted on their backside with the sole of a plimsoll - although i have to say not bare - they were sent back to the changing room to remove their u/w and then slippered when they returned wearing nothing under their white gym shorts or black football shorts.

When teams were needed we always played shirts vs skins, so i suppose that's a plug for shirtless, but i must say that nobody ever went shorts-less!

Nevertheless, gym gave us lots of opportunity to view the dick and balls of our class-mates when (to give just two examples) we were paired-off to support each other's legs while practicing hand stands, and when we all stood around a trampoline to watch while we each took our turn bouncing on it.

AND we were all expected to shower at the end of every gym/games period - so we soon got used to seeing each other totally naked in the communal shower and changing room during those years when we grew up from pre-pubescent to when i left at age 16 (some stayed on to 18).

The reason for the 'no underwear' rule was clearly explained to us : we would be getting sweaty so it would therefore be unhealthy (and smelly) to wear in the gym or on the playing field anything that we would then continue wearing afterwards.

And it was all perfectly right, proper, and natural - no one questioned it, nor felt awkward or embarrassed.

Just wish i'd known, back then, that freeballing was an option with trousers too and not just in p.e. shorts !!

> I went to school in England I left school
> in 1972, on our first games lesson we were
> told in no uncertain term that we were not
> allowed to wear anything under either our
> white gym shorts or our blue rugby shorts
> and if he caught any one doing so he would
> give them the slipper on their bare backside
> and that he would make random checks to see
> if we were obeying in the first year.

Bournemouth, UK

#37 Nov 15, 2014
MaltaMon wrote:
<quoted text> LOL!!! Total bullshit. You are doing exactly nothing to further any cause, much less getting involved in the European elections. If you even knew the issues of the European Union, you'd know that this one is not one of them. It is, at best, a national issue. You're an idiot, DJ.
I didn't like school. In fact, I'd go as far as to say I hated it. In hindsight, I despise it.

I hated being homogenised in that way. I look back and remember fondly a few (and I mean a few) teachers who inspired me and some lessons and courses I took, but really it was just a drawn-out process of working out whether I was straight or gay and pretending to listen. And don't get me started on university.

But, I don't really want to moan in this column. There's too much whinging on...on...on the internet, so I'm going talk about school, but flip it into a positive. Because I'm not there any more. And thank f--- for that.

The last few days have been very dark, overcast and cold. Just the type of day God decides to bestow on you when you've got PE.

Physical Education - wow, am I glad I don't have PE today. Or any other day until I die. I mean, as an adult male I run, I play five-a-side and I play badminton. I swim most weeks too. But PE at school was awful. When I go to hell, I imagine it's just going to be PE, surrounded by fire. In hell, my PE teacher will have his standard-issue white polo t-shirt, navy stirrup'd polyester track bottoms and ginger 'tache, but with horns.

The alarm clock in hell will be a size-four moulded Mitre football, straight from the freezer, pumped up like Rick Waller and blasted onto my goosebumped thigh at approximately minus-374 degrees centigrade.

I was quite good at javelin, as I remember, but I find it hard now to be proud of chucking a stick, so for me PE had no redeeming features. I quite like the game of rugby, but it hurts. I love football, but at school the pitches were either frozen or like playing on a recently rotorvated allotment. And swimming - urgh. If only we got periods. Please, if there are any school-going boys reading this who have swimming in PE soon, give your teacher a note saying you're "manstruating" and let me know the reaction.

I recently did a talk at my school about my career. A few teachers came to listen, as well as pupils. One of them was my old PE teacher. To be fair, I liked him. He was funny, but as he's a representative of the PE teaching profession, I wish I could have made him sit there naked, cold, drenched in water, while I shouted at him to "make sure you scrub in all the nooks and crannies," like in the showers.

As I write this I know there are thousands of kids doing PE right now, in the freezing cold, hating life. They know that what they're doing is futile, unless they go on to be Sally Gunnell or the like (and I don't mean land a part in cruise ship holiday commercial).

I might pop my shorts on, go for a run to the local comp and see the misery in the flesh, just to remind myself. But that might look a bit dodgy, so I'll probably just lie here under a blanket with my laptop and pretend to listen to Radio 4. I might even learn something.
Phil Edwards


#38 Nov 29, 2014
Three advantages of nude swim lessons are safety, nobody ever drowns nude, in an emergency being able to swim nude means one can jump in the water and get away without losing valuable time looking for a swimsuit, and being able to handle medical emergencies where one has to be able to be nude to let the doctor see your hip area.

My school is a boys only school and if we forget our sports kit we have to do it in our underwear and this includes swimming. I go commando and sometimes this meant having to swim naked because I had no underwear to use. The first time the teacher was not sure but after that he took it in his stride especially when others claimed the same "problem"

well i went to a very small school, 40-50 in a year and forms of 10-12 or so, and we stayed in those forms for the whole six years, and P.E was a form subject, this might seem irrelevant but its not. The rules for forgetting your P.E kit, including swimsuits was simple, 3 warnings and then a detention, 6 detentions and then a suspension. This is what happened from 1-3 year, but in 4th year we got a new girl in our form, who happened to be, along with her whole family, an avowed nudist, although they accepted Emily, the nudist girl, couldn't be naked for the whole school day, after gaining consent from the school, the P.e teacher, our parents and us, and after we got an extensive lecture on nudism and thinly veiled threats not to treat her any differently Emily got permission to do all P.E classes, both in and out of the pool, nude. after a few months of this the school introduced a new rule, just for our class to begin with, kind of a control group i guess, which was basically your underwear rule ezzi91, the first person to fall foul of this was another girl in my form, for a swimming lesson. although we were all more or less used to Emily's nudity by this stage none of us were ready to match her, what we thought of as, daring and so the girl did the swimming lesson in her underwear, but ran into the white shirt no bra issue, which took her some time to live down. and so the next time someone forgot their swimsuit, yet another girl, they were always the worst for not bringing kits, she extracted promises from us all not to laugh or spread it around, and then took part in the class nude. by the end of the year it had become custom for my form that anyone who forgot their kit would do P.E nude, male or female in or out of the pool. and the underwear rule did spread to the rest of the school, with somewhat mixed results.

Some people say they took part in swimming lessons in the nude because they forgot their swimsuit. It is easy to doubt that they are being truthful. However, when I was at school the rules were very simple. If you were well enough to attend school, and didn't have a letter from home or your doctor, then you were well enough to take part in swimming. Not having swimwear did NOT get you out of the lesson.

The school was not allowed (as far as I know) to make people go naked so the policy was: "no swimsuit, do the lesson in your underwear". But if you did that, you had no underwear for the rest of the day's lessons and not having a bra under a white blouse all day was more embarrassing than just doing the swimming lesson naked, or at least, topless (just in your knickers).

So if the rules said you had to do swimming in your underwear, but you as an individual opted to do it naked instead, that was ok as far as the school was concerned, and that is the choice that many did make at my school.
deadly jocks wilt


#39 Dec 7, 2014
28 Years ago in my comprehensive school we were made to get changed after cross country in the school gymnasium, strip naked with all windows uncovered and walk past the girls in the corridor with just a towel covering our penises to the boys showers.

Year 14 girls changed in the girls changing rooms, year 13 girls changed in the swimming pool showers while year 13 boys changed in boys changing rooms but us older boys had to change in the gym. It would not be tolerated today but even so boys are still victims of sex discrimination despite the introduction of the Equalities Act 2010.

In the shower there was no soap, no flannel, no privacy in the walk through wash area and the floor was sodden with liquefied mud. Many schools today have cubicles but there are only 8 shower heads in a typical changing room so in schools where boys have to shower they still have to do the towel dance in the changing room.

Here are some schools that require boys to shower but not girls. I dont think boys should be forced to shower or forced to do rugby when girls can play hockey and remain dirty.

Outdoor Kit:

Green and black long sleeved shirt - Available from Drury Sports only.
Black shorts
Green long socks
Boots and outdoor trainers
Towel for showers (boys)

Boys' PE Clothing

Towel (students are expected to shower
after football and rugby)

Please Note: Every boy should be provided with a Towel. The changing rooms have excellent shower facilities and boys are encouraged to have a shower after P.E. or Games when appropriate.- See more at:http://www.parmiters.herts. pe-kit/#sthash.g8p3jHL7.dpuf

Girls' PE Kit
Swimming - plain swimming costume maroon, black or navy. Hat for long hair. Towel.
Gym - black leotard (optional).
Games - plain white or black shorts, navy kilt-type PE skirt (optional), white aertex top, white socks, navy knickers, trainers or plimsolls.
boys' PE Kit
Swimming - secure swimming trunks (not boxer shorts), Goggles (optional).
PE (indoors)- plain white shorts, plain white top, white socks, plimsolls or trainers. Towel, change of underwear.
PE (outdoors)- plain white or black shorts, maroon gold band reversible rugby shirt, white or yellow long socks, rugby or socker boots (for Winter), trainers (for Summer). Towel, change of underwear.

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