HS nude swimming
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Birmingham, UK

#214 Jan 9, 2016
jeffm7272 wrote:
I enjoyed nude swimming in HS. I also liked the fact that at times guys would have to swim nude with paddle welts on their butts.
There was the time in my youth at Gwynns Falls Jr. High School in West Baltimore when we were in that shower at gym and the school fire alarm went off. All of us had to march directly outside without any clothing to wait for the “all clear.” Insert gawks and stares from the rest of the clothed students.

And then there was the naked rule for swimming in Baltimore City Public School pools.

I am serious.
Here was the reasoning: Clothing sheds in the wash. That’s why clothing looks a little more beat up with each washing.

Someone in the Baltimore City Public School System, armed with this information, decided that the lint and fluff that was clogging up the filters of the city-owned swimming pools was from the swimsuits worn by the pesky students who swam in the pools.

The rule was made: It would be a requirement for all students to swim naked in the Baltimore City Public School swimming pools.

The school board didn’t see a problem with this, since the boys and girls each had their own gyms and separate pools.

My high school, Baltimore City College, was an all-male school. Across the street was Eastern High School, the all-female school. There were always stories in the shower of the guys who ventured across the street and were able to somehow catch a glimpse of the girls’ swimming sessions. This was long before cellphones where everyone carries around a camera, so the stories were passed along like folklore.

There’s no way something like this would happen in today’s society. Can you imagine your kids coming home from school telling stories of how their swim coach was teaching them about the doggy paddle in the nude?

And I won’t even go into the breast stroke.

Toronto, Canada

#215 Apr 6, 2016
MaltaMon wrote:
Pedo Bob, Yes, I'm in my fifties, but how is it "clear" that,I'm gay? In fact, I'm straight, married and a father of three. So how is the opposite of that "clear"? You, on the other hand (and by your own very recent admission) are in league with one who very clearly is a homosexual pedophile, DJW, to create what you admit are "pedophile fantasies". It is therefore quite "clear" what YOU are, Bob. Lol. Heterosexual men do not, for ANY reason, create sexual fantasies about young schoolboys, much less post them and defend them publicly. You don't realize how silly you are and appear to all (other than to "DJW" & his aliases and "coyote") who read your postings. If anyone here (other than DJW or his Zuiko aliases or coyote) actually believes that Pedo Bob is, as he says, "not homosexual" and not a pedophile, I ask that he (or they) kindly post below. Thank you.
" Heterosexual men do not, for ANY reason, create sexual fantasies about young schoolboys, much less post them and defend them publicly."
Nor do heterosexual men, for ANY reason, visit a forum that features sexual fantasies about young schoolboys.(Unless of course, they derive pleadure from it.)

Toronto, Canada

#216 Apr 6, 2016
Oops, I made another typo. I spelled pleasure with a D.
MaltaMon will probably report me to someone.

Since: Oct 14

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#217 Apr 6, 2016
bill wrote:
I recall reading about an ultra liberal "hippie" school in England called SUMMERHILL where there was co-ed nudity in some context,but IDK if it was in a pool or in a changing room context. Anyone heard of this place?
Of course! Summerhill is the famous English boarding school founded by A. S. Neill. It wasn't a hippie school. Rather it was founded on the progressive beliefs that children will learn what and when they wanted. Children made the rules and lived by then. And yes they did skinny dip with staff. Google summerhill at 70 and you'll see for yourself.

Montréal, Canada

#218 Apr 7, 2016
First, we should let CaDad "call the school" and see if it really happened! LOL.

Since: Oct 14

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#219 Apr 7, 2016
Bob wrote:
First, we should let CaDad "call the school" and see if it really happened! LOL.
Yes, he's on the case!
Mister koch

Godalming, UK

#220 Apr 9, 2016
Tonydecatur wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes, he's on the case!
I am 69 years old. I graduated from Eugene High School in 1955,
and that Fall I began attending the University of Oregon in Eugene. At
that time, one could NOT graduate with a degree (4 years) WITHOUT
PROOF that he or she could swim! One either took a swimming test to
prove that they could swim, or took swimming for PE one term. Now I
grew up using the neighborhood skinny dipping hole in a “backwater” of
the Willamette River, but I had never really become a good swimmer. So
the very first term in college I took swimming for PE, to get that
requirement for graduation “out of the way.” And it was required that
we swim nude. No reason was ever given. Since I had grown up skinny
dipping with the neighborhood boys and girls, I was “OK” with the nude
swimming PE class UNTIL it was time to learn to dive from the diving
board. Somehow, being up there on the diving board nude, for all to
see, made me VERY uncomfortable. Looking back, I can’t help but
“wonder” about the teacher’s hands-on
showing me how to move my legs for swimming. At any rate,
I learned how to dive from the diving board nude, and passed
the PE swimming class to prove that I could swim, and did
graduate from the University of Oregon after completing all other

Montréal, Canada

#221 Apr 9, 2016
Don't forget, if you do know how to swim, you must sign up for the D.P.S.T. (Dorset Poole Swimming Test).
Waffen Nazi Campaign

Montréal, Canada

#222 Apr 21, 2016
Phil, of Salford, studied IT and pediatric proctology and urology at the Campen Friedrich Nazional Monument. He also studied with Magnus Hirschfeld at the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft. Subsequently, he trained to be a school gymnastics teacher, finding in nude physical exercise the symbol of 'a new beginning for a new society'. Finding difficulty in putting his radical body culture ideas into practice at two mainstream schools in Salford in the early 1950s, with the support of the Manchester City Council he created its own Institute for nudist education, which by 1959 had 3,000 pupils. Phil went on to developed thirteen schools in Manchester. His was a primarily working-class moveme nt, and contributed to the mood of the times in relation to the need to physically regenerate the British people. Nudists generally were mildly harassed by the Dorset Police during 1953/4, but by 1963 the Circle For Naked Militants had been established, which acted as a pro-spanking umbrella body for Gay nudist groups – and which excluded Jews and most circumcised nudist groups.The working-class socialist-leaning Phil schools were flourishing, but the "Phil League for Social Hygiene, Body Culture and Gymnastics" (Filip Institut fur Eubiotik und Lebensregelung), was also operating towards the end of 1964. In 1964 Phil published an article that stated... "We have pointed out often enough that bare bottom spanking, nude swimming, and penile hygiene are crucial to this struggle for public health." and which praised BUFF ( British Unclothed Fascist Friendship) leader MaltaMosley. This was not, however enough to prevent his organisation being closed down again by the Dorset Police. Phil even paid eighteen months of subscriptions as a "Supportive Member" of the SS ( Spanking Society) to try to curry favour with the regime – but a de-nudification committee of 1967 found him not guilty of supporting the British Nudist Front.
Mr Coach

Godalming, UK

#223 Apr 23, 2016

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