RealLive T Rex is a life-sized, life-like, Augmented Reality Virtual Pet dinosaur! Raise it to adulthood, learn all along the way!
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RealLive Tyrannosaurus rex is the closest you壇 ever want to get to having a life-sized pet dinosaur! Using our Augmented Reality app, the accompanying image target, and an iOS or Android device, you can have a seemingly live, life-sized T. rex in your home or classroom. You値l be able to raise your own pet Rex from egg to adult, unlocking dino-related educational materials all the way!
For starters, you値l have to roar like a T. rex to scare Troodon from attacking your nest! Rebuild it to keep your eggs safe and warm. If you are successful, you may be surprised to find your that when your babysaurus hatches, it will be covered in feathers! When raised to adolescence, you値l discover why juvenile Rexes were miscategorized as a separate species. As an adult, once deadly egg-eaters will become a light snack for your pet T. rex. Your dino will be nearly self- sufficient but will still require regular feedings for a short while. Take care, unlike other pets, an adult Tyrannosaurus is unlikely to die of starvation. It痴 more likely that he値l eat you!
Depending on your pre-order amount you値l be given the necessary files electronically (the image targets can then be printed out) or additionally mailed a 3 by 3 durable image target that allows you to spawn a life-sized dinosaur!
Did you know? In an article entitled,釘lame Barney: Students' perception of T. rex is outdated ( ), Anne Ju says the following;
鄭sk a college student to sketch a Tyrannosaurus rex, and he or she will probably draw an upright, tail-dragging creature with tiny arms. An 8-year-old will likely draw something similar. They're wrong, of course.
The Cornell study gives indications of the power of popular media to distort a child痴 understanding of the natural world, and just how long that distortion persists. It also alludes to a misunderstanding of evolution. Unlike the creators of a certain 兎ducational purple dinosaur (mercifully extinct), realLive relates to the end user that T. rex was most closely related to crocodiles and birds.
Unlike pop culture movie monsters;
T. rex痴 tongue will, throughout its length, be attached to the mouth, like that of a crocodile痴
Instead of being overly wrinkled (like nearly all other CGI interpretations), adult T. rex will have scales like that of a crocodile and as suggested by fossil evidence
T. rex hatchlings will have feathers, as suggested by fossil evidence
T. rex will maintain a bird-like posture consistent w/ modern day interpretations
To further demonstrate our commitment to education, educator and developer Michael Kelley will be touring classrooms in Western New York. He'll be discussing dinosaurs and technology with grade-schoolers and handing out beta versions of realLive Tyrannosaurus rex! We'll be including video of some of these events as part of our very first update!
With each pledge or pre-order, you help counter-act pop culture misconceptions and educational degeneration. Help us bring back dinosaurs better than ever!
Support the development at our kickstarter page!