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Montréal, Canada

#715 Apr 10, 2016
I was in Phil's class. His post brings back fond memories. I remember the pubic hair issue. Phil had always had a very small penis. But that year, his pubic hair grew, into a massive bush hiding his penis. Standing there nude, he looked like a girl. He was teased mercilessly.
Womens Nautical Career

London, UK

#716 Jul 16, 2016
Devi prayer from the Sacred Ganges.. Goddess Return - YouTube

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18 Apr 2015 - 2 min - Uploaded by Cine Cut
it is by Juliya White. it is silent documentary.I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow ...
Mr Coach


#717 Aug 12, 2016
CaDad wrote:
Nude swimming was the norm at the YMCA for many years. You can call any one of them and they will tell you.
False: Females were allowed at the pool or in the facilities. Never happened. The rule was rigorously enforced. By the way, no real satisfactory answer has ever really been given for this ludicrous requirement.
Nude swimming at the schools:
Never happened. I grew up at that time it when this supposedly happened, I was on the swimming team and that ridiculous fantasy never happened or was even rumored about.
I suspect there were a few pools rented out to nudist's. Perhaps that is where this rumor started.

California Francisco Nudity Morbidity


Chris races Anwar to strip the fastest as a joke but everyone ends up stripping and running to the sea.
Mr Coach


#718 Aug 12, 2016
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Wash In Cubicles

Montréal, Canada

#719 Aug 12, 2016
What's weird at my school, was we had females supervise us while we swam nude, but the showers had individual stalls. Kind of defeats the point.

London, UK

#720 Aug 13, 2016
When I entered NCSU in 1963 (while dinosaurs walked the earth), every student had to pass a swim test, and successfully complete one semester of swimming as a PE course. Incidentally, that was the last year that the school was all male, and swimsuits were not required. In '64 significant remodeling was required for locker rooms, lockers, swimsuits, etc.

Sant Vicenc Dels Horts, Spain

#722 Aug 22, 2016
Dartmouth Jumps Wades

Cassá De La Selva, Spain

#723 Aug 23, 2016

The underwater double for Maureen O'Sullivan was Olympic swimmer Josephine McKim although O'Sullivan had no problem showing her body too as she wore nothing under her loin cloth and there were several times in the movie where you can see her vajayjay. It wouldn't be a big deal at all now but it was in 1934.

Tarzan naked swim - 1934 - Tarzan and His Mate - Johnny Weismuller - Maureen Sullivan

Dallas, TX

#724 Aug 28, 2016
AMAZING STORY! I wish I could have experienced this. Alas, I'm only 44, born too late for such. I'm DYING TO KNOW..what year was this?
MichaelN wrote:
Coach was in front of us and at the center of the line. His assistants were at both ends and in front of our line. They were looking us over and seemed to take some pleasure in having us younger boys naked while they were clothed. I was embarrassed to be naked in front of my friends, the coach, and the older boys. I did take a peek at the other boys as I had never seen any of my friends naked before. The difference in the several uncircumcised boys intrigued me.

The coach reinforced the rules as he made his way down the line of boys checking each boy’s hair for oil and looking over each boy’s privates for any smegma or build up on his penis. I am circumcised as were most of my friends, but several of the boys were uncut and he paid more attention to the cleanliness of their privates by having them pull back their foreskins and then checking them. I was glad I was circumcised which avoided this invasive check.

Coach now informed us that we would be required to have a physical exam before we started our swim classes. This was a complete surprise to all of us because the school required a physical from our family doctor before school started. Coach told us that for swimming, a separate physical was needed. He then told us that the physical exam would be done that morning and it would be done by the school nurse. We couldn’t believe our ears. The school nurse was going to do our physical? Could this be happening to us on our first day of swim class? I guess it could.

The nurse at the elementary school was the mother of one of my neighborhood friends. He lived diagonally across the street from us. He was a year younger than I was and his mom was a very beautiful lady. She was about 5’ 8” tall and was quite trim. I knew her very well as my brother and I would play at his house and his mom would make lunch for us and was good to us. She had been the nurse at the elementary school when were in school there the year before.

Coach signaled toward he girl’s entrance to the pool and the nurse appeared in the doorway. As she came into the pool area from the opposite end of the pool we realized that most of us knew her as she was the school nurse at the elementary school before we moved on to the Jr. High school. She had been our nurse, but had never seen any of us naked before. I was afraid my friend’s mom might be the nurse at the new school and my fears were realized as soon as I saw her face.

As she walked toward us, most of us were still in shock. She was in her early 30’s and a very attractive lady. She was wearing a nurse’s uniform that consisted of a white pant suit with a white blouse. She had one of those white nurses’ hats on her head. She also wore white shoes. She had on a red sweater that was not buttoned over her blouse. Her blouse was buttoned, but the buttons near her bust line were pulled a little tight and if she was in the right position, you could see her white bra under her blouse. She was not a busty woman, but her breasts were full. She had a pretty face and wore lipstick and some make up. Her hair was shoulder length and dark brown. It was curled but not in a fancy hairdo. It was just an every day style. I don’t think she saw me right away with all the other boys in the line, but I knew that she would recognize me once the physical exams started.

My mind was racing now on how I could get out of this situation. I couldn’t come up with a solution and it looked like there was no way to avoid having my friend’s mom sees me naked. I covered myself and approached the coach. I told him that I knew the nurse and didn’t want a physical exam that morning. He was annoyed by me approaching him and he told me to get back in line. That approach didn’t work, so I went back to my spot in line with the other naked boys.

Ronald Rump

Malgrat De Mar, Spain

#725 Aug 28, 2016
Definitely not an urban legend. I went to a New York City high school in the late 1960's. Nude swim classes for boys were the rule as of my sophomore year (girls wore suits). I believe it ended during my junior year (1967).

The classes were strictly one sex. The teachers were always the same sex as the students and no spectators were allowed.

Nude swimming was only the rule for P.E. class, though. The swim team wore suits in practice and meets (not surprisingly, this was a big selling point for joining the team, since team members were exempt from swim classes).

And yes, the students did complain (this was the 60's after all), which was why the city ended the practice.
Dallas Just Wait

Toronto, Canada

#726 Aug 29, 2016
Could someone answer Billy444's question? What year was this? Don't just keep him waiting in Dallas.
Father Maltamon

Barcelona, Spain

#727 Aug 30, 2016
My middle school in Texas required nude swimming?
My middle school in TX required nude swimming for male students.

Girls swam separately, in suits, of course, but they could oggle us thru the a hole in their locker room wall.

Was this a Texas thing in the 1960s, or was it more widespread?
Father Maltamon

Barcelona, Spain

#728 Aug 30, 2016
To try to answer the question about what changed. The change was gradual. I have read quite a bit about this subject over the years. Recently, I got a new insight when the advent of Freudian analysis was mentioned in something I read. Freud, especially in his earlier professional career, dwelt on sex as the root cause of most every problem. Partly from Freud a whole new set of terms came into use. One of these was homosexuality. Pedophilia did not come from Freud, but by now perhaps you are getting the idea. These terms were highly clinical but became pejorative over time. They also tended to divide people into camps -- either you were homosexual or you weren't. We are still living with the legacy of this Freudian development which dates to the early 20th Century. It is most unfortunate, indeed. The labeling of people in such ways has been very damaging to people and to the culture. Later, Freud changed somewhat and his followers changed more still. But the damage was done. You can see how with such a strong emphasis on sexuality, people got to speculating -- Am I a homo? Is he one? Is mere nudity sexual? Is nudity wrong? If I do this little thing, does that mean I am a homosexual? So this is part of the story, but an important part.
Winnipeg Neo Christians

Bournemouth, UK

#729 Sep 17, 2016
yep..it's true..in 8th grade (1978) at proctor I HAD to swim naked. I think the rationale was....er...hey why did they make us do that?? I must have been in the last class because in 9th grade we wore suits and there were girls. the classes were always split by gender."

Baci you don't make it clear if your swim classes were as described by Gwanto "...one half of the pool would be (naked) boys and the other half would be the girls." or whether your classes were single gender.

New Orleans, LA

#730 Sep 17, 2016
What still puzzles me is why did the swim lessons start in 8th grade in most of the accounts. Why not before?
I have scarcely ever came across an account where someone mentions that they started swimming classes in grade school, or at least before age 12 or 13 which seems to have been the common practice. This is probably the most awkward age to force boys to swim naked, seeing it is about the start of puberty. So I can understand the embarrassment and humiliation these boys had to go through.
Leo Dart


#731 Saturday Oct 15
I graduated HS in 1979... the boys had communal showers, while the girls had individual ones. The school in question was built in the early 1970s.

And until recently girls were the ones with all the body image insecurity problems. Now boys are having them as much.


I graduated HS in 1979... the boys had communal showers, while the girls had individual ones. The school in question was built in the early 1970s.

graduated in 1981 - boys locker room had communal shower and toilets with no stalls, just out in the open

I graduated from an Iowa high school in 1987. The swimming pool and lockers were built in 1974. The girls' showers were communal. Most of us never thought anything of it, but other girls would shower while still wearing their bathing suits.


Cleveland Heights High School in 1968. Then one freezing February day some idjit mixed the wrong chemicals in the chem lab (almost right above the pool) and the high school was evacuated suddenly, my class to the street with street clothes and wet hair in the 15-degree weather.
Branded Leotard

Bournemouth, UK

#733 Sunday Oct 16
School Uniform

Our Academy uniform is smart and distinctive and should be worn with pride. We expect an excellent personal appearance and behaviour to be maintained by every student at all times during the school day and on their journey to and from school. It is NOT acceptable to wear trainers, sweatshirts, tracksuit tops, hoodies or denim jackets. All items of uniform should be clean and well kept.
Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 - Click to expand
Year 11 - Click to expand
General Requirements
What we expect from everyone

PParents should check with school if they are being told that it is acceptable to wear trainers, sweatshirts, track suit tops, leather or denim jackets, nail varnish, make-up, jewellery or anything that is not on the list you received in the prospectus when you first became involved with St. Philip Howard. The rules on uniform have not changed at all – you will certainly be informed by the school if any alteration to school uniform is proposed. Skirts should be of a reasonable length and shorts/cycling shorts are not permitted under skirts. Trousers for girls should be smart tailored trousers and must be of a design, which allows shirts to be properly tucked inside. Leggings and close fitting trousers are not suitable. All students should wear black shoes. Trainers are not to be worn except for P.E. A Reasonable outdoor coat is recommended – it is not acceptable for students to wear leather, denims, track suit top, sweatshirt, coloured shirts worn as coats.
P.E. KIT – The Essentials

White approved Polo Shirt with school crest.
Plain black PE shorts.
Trainers or plimsolls.
Black socks.
Optional approved sweatshirt with school crest.

P.E. Kit – Additional

A plain black track-suit where P.E. staff say it is appropriate for winter – no logos or designer outfits.
Ties, jumper with school crest and all items of P.E. kit can be purchased from school.
A current price list is included.
Physical Education is a National Curriculum subject and all students are required to participate in the course
All students are required to shower unless there is a confirmed medical reason for not doing so.
Sir Phillip


#734 Friday Oct 21
In 1970, the Girls School merged with Doncaster Grammar School, which apparently meant that the boys now had to wear trunks in the pool instead of the tradition of swimming naked :eek:

Fast forward to today, and the school building is alledgedly earmarked to be converted into a boutique hotel (in Yaaarkshire???) as part of the town's new Civic and Cultural Quarter :crazy

Fact of the matter is that there is zero security on site and access is, shall we say, straightforward. If we're not careful the place could go up in smoke at any time.

Police Hold In Limbo

London, UK

#735 Saturday Oct 22
CaDad wrote:
Nude swimming was the norm at the YMCA for many years. You can call any one of them and they will tell you.
False: Females were allowed at the pool or in the facilities. Never happened. The rule was rigorously enforced. By the way, no real satisfactory answer has ever really been given for this ludicrous requirement.
Nude swimming at the schools:
Never happened. I grew up at that time it when this supposedly happened, I was on the swimming team and that ridiculous fantasy never happened or was even rumored about.
I suspect there were a few pools rented out to nudist's. Perhaps that is where this rumor started.
I appreciate that you had a very strict regime at your school but you know how some of the boys felt about having to line up nude before swimming lessons in front of female teachers or being supervised in the showers.Even by age of 13 some boys are going through puberty so naturally it was embarrassing for them.
CAliph baghDADi

Bournemouth, UK

#737 Sunday Oct 23
You would hope that the political elite can see that these poor excuses for human existence, we're effectively saying 'we can do as we like' and no one is going to do anything about it.

Thankfully, no one was killed on this occasion, these are clearly the peaceful moderate Muslims and Islands we are so often reminded of.

These moderates did not have to go to the swimming pool, they made a conscious decision to do that, and for the purpose of causing upset to the ladies and making a statement. Perhaps those so quick to defend Muslims and Islam, why did they not just keep away if it offends them so much? Why did they come to the West in the first place, knowing that our values and beliefs cause them so much offence?

We know there are more deaths of innocentpeople coming unless the West take pro active action against these people who are here to conquer our countries either with violence or simply by sheer domination with their numbers.

If the political elite will not do anything, what is next? Do the people make a stand, start patrolling areas in large groups to protect the safety of our own people, our churches, our towns, cities and villages?

But we know the police and the authorities will clamp down on this as incitement, and not standing up and defending what we believe in.

When will this very real threat be addressed and when can we start to make our countries feel safe again, and feel like home again?

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