females supervising male nude swimmin...

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#691 Sep 4, 2015
Bob wrote:
It's funny how you you seem to think I "obsess" about it. I don't. I'm iust not fooled by your obvious charade, MaltaMon.
Then tell that to HIM, Moron. And u ARE obsessed. Obsessed with Maltaman. He is ALL u talk about when not writing about abusing young boys. Him and Phil. Why is that? Pretend for now that u realize that this isn't Maltaman & tell me why ur so fixated on him, on THEM Just because they don't like u, Bob? I mean, really, that can't be something totally new in ur life. Or is it?

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#692 Sep 6, 2015
Coach was in front of us and at the center of the line. His assistants were at both ends and in front of our line. They were looking us over and seemed to take some pleasure in having us younger boys naked while they were clothed. I was embarrassed to be naked in front of my friends, the coach, and the older boys. I did take a peek at the other boys as I had never seen any of my friends naked before. The difference in the several uncircumcised boys intrigued me.

The coach reinforced the rules as he made his way down the line of boys checking each boy’s hair for oil and looking over each boy’s privates for any smegma or build up on his penis. I am circumcised as were most of my friends, but several of the boys were uncut and he paid more attention to the cleanliness of their privates by having them pull back their foreskins and then checking them. I was glad I was circumcised which avoided this invasive check.

Coach now informed us that we would be required to have a physical exam before we started our swim classes. This was a complete surprise to all of us because the school required a physical from our family doctor before school started. Coach told us that for swimming, a separate physical was needed. He then told us that the physical exam would be done that morning and it would be done by the school nurse. We couldn’t believe our ears. The school nurse was going to do our physical? Could this be happening to us on our first day of swim class? I guess it could.

The nurse at the elementary school was the mother of one of my neighborhood friends. He lived diagonally across the street from us. He was a year younger than I was and his mom was a very beautiful lady. She was about 5’ 8” tall and was quite trim. I knew her very well as my brother and I would play at his house and his mom would make lunch for us and was good to us. She had been the nurse at the elementary school when were in school there the year before.

Coach signaled toward he girl’s entrance to the pool and the nurse appeared in the doorway. As she came into the pool area from the opposite end of the pool we realized that most of us knew her as she was the school nurse at the elementary school before we moved on to the Jr. High school. She had been our nurse, but had never seen any of us naked before. I was afraid my friend’s mom might be the nurse at the new school and my fears were realized as soon as I saw her face.

As she walked toward us, most of us were still in shock. She was in her early 30’s and a very attractive lady. She was wearing a nurse’s uniform that consisted of a white pant suit with a white blouse. She had one of those white nurses’ hats on her head. She also wore white shoes. She had on a red sweater that was not buttoned over her blouse. Her blouse was buttoned, but the buttons near her bust line were pulled a little tight and if she was in the right position, you could see her white bra under her blouse. She was not a busty woman, but her breasts were full. She had a pretty face and wore lipstick and some make up. Her hair was shoulder length and dark brown. It was curled but not in a fancy hairdo. It was just an every day style. I don’t think she saw me right away with all the other boys in the line, but I knew that she would recognize me once the physical exams started.

My mind was racing now on how I could get out of this situation. I couldn’t come up with a solution and it looked like there was no way to avoid having my friend’s mom sees me naked. I covered myself and approached the coach. I told him that I knew the nurse and didn’t want a physical exam that morning. He was annoyed by me approaching him and he told me to get back in line. That approach didn’t work, so I went back to my spot in line with the other naked boys.


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#693 Sep 6, 2015
We stood in line with our hands trying to cover our privates. We wanted to run but couldn’t. It was if we were tied with invisible ropes. We were trapped and could not escape. How could our pool experience have gone so wrong? We anticipated a day at the beach, but here we were naked in front of two women who would be checking us out. There was no way out of this. Embarrassment and humiliation was coming next.

The women walked to the coach and stood next to him at the front of the line. They talked for a few minutes and laughed about something they found amusing. I don’t know if it was about us or not, but seeing them laughing while we were naked didn’t make us feel at ease. Coach instructed us to dress right dress and we were once again spaced across the end of the pool. I, along with most of my friends, tried to cover our genitals, but when coach saw this, he told us to keep our hands at our sides. Some of the boys would not lower their hands and coach repeated his command to lower our hands only this time in a very loud voice. I lowered my hands which was very difficult to do with the two ladies present.

The nurse had a stethoscope around her neck and blood pressure cuff in her hand. She went down the line listening to each of our chests and taking blood pressure readings. When she got to me, she recognized me, as I knew she would, and greeted me by name. I was hoping that she wouldn’t notice, but she did. When she put the blood pressure cuff on my arm, my penis began to throb and get hard. She looked down at my penis and told me to relax and to settle down. Relax and settle down? Exactly how was I supposed to do that with my friend’s mom looking at my naked penis? Sometimes my penis had a mind of its own and would get hard at the most inconvenient times. This was one of those.

The nurse and her assistant continued down the line checking blood pressure and listening to the chest of each boy. Those who developed erections were told by her to relax and settle down. This was the same thing that she told me to do.

When the nurse finished with the stethoscope and blood pressure cuff, she returned to the front of the line. She asked one of the assistants to get a small stool from the coach’s office. The stool had casters on it so she could sit down and roll the stool from boy to boy. Now her head was about even with each boy’s chest. She started with the first boy and studied his penis. She took his penis in her hand and checked the underside. Her touch caused him to become hard and the nurse and secretary were open eyed as his little penis became engorged and swelled from its small size to a larger size sticking straight out from his body. She then put her finger in his groin and asked him to turn his head and cough. This was repeated for the other side and only enforced the rock hard erection the boy obtained.

I was pretty tall for my age and was at the front of the line. There were only two boys to my right. The boy next to me was not circumcised so in addition to examining the boy’s penis, the nurse asked him to pull back his foreskin so she could examine the head of his penis. He immediately became erect and he no longer had to pull the foreskin back as his erection did the job for her. The nurse took a minute to point out to the secretary that my friend was not circumcised. She was instructed to make a note of this on the clip board for each boy. I don’t know why they needed this information but she made the notation. She went on and explained that in circumcised boys, the foreskin was cut and removed when they were babies. She then pointed out the difference between my friend’s penis and mine. She showed her how the head was covered on my friend’s penis and exposed on mine when we were flaccid.
Daniels Jack

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#694 Sep 6, 2015
The nurse asked each boy to step out of line and walk away from her, turn and walk back toward her. This was I guess to check the straightness of his spine and posture. It was very, very humiliating to be standing naked in front of these two women not to mention walking around in front of them with a boner.

My turn was next. When the nurse took my penis in her hand, my body jerked at her touch. I was bound and determined not to get an erection. Here I was with my friend’s mom holding on to my penis. Her touch was very soft and delicate. She looked at the underside of my glans and examined my penis. While all this was taking place, I was looking up at the ceiling trying not to get hard, but while doing this my eyes made contact with the eyes of the secretary and she made a little smile and winked. I could feel my penis starting to get hard. The nurse now talked with me and asked how my mom was doing and how I liked the new school and pool. I couldn’t think. My mind got all jammed up. Here I was standing naked with my friend’s mom holding my penis. All I could say was OK. She said it was nice to see me and wow was she seeing me. I tried not to think of this woman, my friend’s mom, holding my penis in her hand, but it was too late. I felt my penis start to throb in rhythm with my heart which was pounding. She cradled my penis in her hand and turned the head over examining the underside. Her soft fingers were sliding along the underside and for a moment I thought I would ejaculate into her hand. I thought now that she must be trying to get the boys hard. Was this was a conspiracy for the nurse and secretary to see each boy with a hard on?

I now looked down toward the floor. I saw the legs of the secretary. Her skirt was above her knees and she had very nice legs. They were long and very shapely. I looked at her chest and she had very nice breasts. Her sweater was cut far enough down to show some cleavage that hinted of the nice breasts that were hiding under that sweater. Her sweater revealed the outline of her bra and I imagined how her breasts looked under the sweater. She was older than we were, but not that much older. Boys our age fantacized about women like her. Here I was naked in front of this fully dressed secretary and I had a hard on as big as I have ever had.

The nurse moved on to my testicles. She took my scrotum in her hands and her thumbs and fingers separated my testicles and she rolled each of them between her thumb and forefinger. The nurse now asked me about how school was going. What was she thinking? How could I think about school while she was holding my balls in her hands? I couldn’t answer and just mumbled something to her. This whole experience made my little penis rock hard. The secretary was now looking straight at my crotch and was enjoying the presentation of my erect little penis. How humiliating could this get? I was rock hard in front of these two young women. The nurse was one thing, but what medical training did the secretary have? I think she was along just for the show and was enjoying getting to see all the young boys as they got hard.

The nurse asked me to step out of line and walk a few steps away from her and then back. As much as I tried, I could not make my penis go soft and it swung back and forth as I turned and walked back toward her. This front position gave me a chance to look down the line and I saw that over half the boys still had erections. I think the nurse’s goal was to get the boys hard from the way she handled my penis. I had never seen so many boys with erections. Some were long and some short. Some thick and others were not so thick. It seemed you couldn’t really tell from a boy’s build what his penis would look like. Some had hair and some did not. Most were bald and this only made their little penises more pronounced against their naked stomachs

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#695 Sep 6, 2015
Phil, now that you've read the above post, go and change your underwear.
Mikes DaNgly bits

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#696 Sep 7, 2015
At Lovett Elementary in Meyerland, we remembered the Alamo and square danced. I lived a sheltered life: stayed with the same class all day and rarely looked beyond it.

My next stop, Johnston Junior High, was less stable, more threatening. Student life teemed with subcultures I had never seen. One macho group of boys wore "Hollywood" haircuts with wings on the sides and shiny candy-apple red shoes.

But my strangest memory of Johnston has nothing to do with any student's behavior. A school policy from those days has left me mystified.

Boys had to swim naked in gym class.

People are shocked when I tell them. They don't believe it.

It's true. The same HISD that gave me a conduct grade in sixth grade made me show up to class naked in seventh grade.

We boys rarely talked about it. I don't think the girls knew. They wore bathing suits. I never mentioned it to my parents.

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#697 Sep 7, 2015
Mike, I have photos that your coach sent me years ago. If you like, I will post them on line so people will believe you. (By the way, you have nice bum-bum)
Dartmouth Just winces

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#698 Sep 7, 2015
Phil is guilty

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#700 Sep 19, 2015
I don't know about Chicago, but in western NY, we swam naked in gym class until the early '80s. I always attributed the practice to the military backgrounds of the gym teachers. In middle school (grades 6-8), one teacher instituted a disciplinary technique, whereby if someone broke the pool rules (running, spitting on the deck, etc.) he would whistle everyone out of the pool and order us to assume an extended push-up position. We would hold this position for probably three minutes or so in this dripping, cold and utterly exposed state(although it felt a lot longer) while the teacher made us repeat, in unison, "I will remember...NOT to run around the pool (or spit, or whatever the infraction)..." He would typically throw in many other do's and don'ts: eat our vegetables, respect our parents, then wrap up with something thrown in for humorous effect.

We accepted it as just part of the class, and today I laugh about it, but I wouldn't want my sons to have to experience that.

Yes it is true, especially in NYS. I always thought that perhaps it was because so many gym teachers were latent homosexuals. Years later I learned from others that the decision to compel boys to swim nude in schools were always decided at the district level. This means that female teachers and administrators (who, in many districts make up the majority of that type of staff) had to give their approval for that rule.

Over the years I have come across stories of female substitute teachers conducting the swim classes despite the boys' nudity or stories of girls sneaking into the pool to get a good look at the merchandise. Therefore, the story of one half of the pool for naked boys and the other half for girls fully covered sounds credible to me.

Recently I read where a mother used Title IX to compel a district to allow boys to use swim trunks. When other districts learned of her legal success, this ended the nearly nationwide policy of forcing boys to swim nude.

It is TRUE! I am from the Duluth Central High School Class of 1971 and we ALWAYS swam in the nude. That was the last year of the "old Central" and the boys had their own pool across 2nd Street from the main school building. I think the building "Barnes-Ames" was the former boys YMCA, so nude swimming had gone on there for a long time. The building is still there, but the pool has been closed for many years. We swam in the nude at the old men's YMCA and Washington Junior High too. Not to sound like a perv, but I really liked it. I have never felt comfortable in suit since I was 18.

We swam nude in Minnesota in the sixties. The instructor was also nude. The only wierd part was doing naked jumping jacks before swimming. Visualize 25 naked guys doing that with our penises boucing up and down. Occasionally girls wearing suits would "accidentally" come early for the next class and two girls actually hid in our locker room to watch us take showers. No one seemed to mind as we all looked pretty much the same. I didn't like diving off the low board. Ouch!

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#701 Sep 19, 2015
MichaelN wrote:
<quoted text>Then tell that to HIM, Moron. And u ARE obsessed. Obsessed with Maltaman. He is ALL u talk about when not writing about abusing young boys. Him and Phil. Why is that? Pretend for now that u realize that this isn't Maltaman & tell me why ur so fixated on him, on THEM Just because they don't like u, Bob? I mean, really, that can't be something totally new in ur life. Or is it?
So why are YOU here, MaltaMon? Are you fixated on DJW? Obsessed with me? Captivated by stories of spanking and nude swimming? There must be a reason you zoom in every day. Instead of commenting on other people's reasons for posting, why not explain and clarify your own? We're all agog to know.
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#702 Oct 3, 2015
I worked at a summer camp for "underprivileged boys" in the 1954 and 1955. I was in college and I drove a truck for the camp. Mainly black kids, some white, some from NYC and some from Boston, ages 7 or 8 through 13 or 14. They swam in a pond, floating docks, lanes for swimming, lessons given, etc., all except the oldest boys completely naked. Oldest sometimes had trunks and could wear them if they did, most didn't. All female house counselors and all the swim instructors were college girls. I had great summers there, because there were not many males who worked at the camp. Girls outnumbered boys about 4 to 1 as counselors. I went out with several of them over the summer. They often joked with me about their naked charges, seeing them pop boners in the cabins, catching them "masturbating" a term that was not often used back then, and was very sexy to talk about, etc. I got laid by two different girls that summer. Great memories.

What did the female cabin counselors do when they caught the boys masturbating, did they just let them do it, or admonish or punish them?
I only attended once at such a camp when I was 10 or 11. Like you said, most of the cabin counselors were female college girls for the younger boys up to about age 11 or 12. The older boys had male counselors, there was always a shortage of male counselors.
First thing in the morning we were woken up and marched to the shower area. It was a big shower room with multiple shower heads, so we all showered together under the supervision of our female cabin counselors.
For swimming some were nude while others wore trunks. I always wore trunks, being one of the privileged few whose family could afford buying us swimming trunks. Most black boys and a few whites swam nude. It was all fun and we didn't care, even under the watchful eye of the girl counselors. We didn't have any hangups about nudity, unlike boys these days.
I don't know what the college girl counselors thought about it all, but I am sure that they enjoyed it because they always had a big smile on their face when we were naked in front of them. We got along together well and would even show off in front of them, all in innocent fun on our part.
I guess today things are different and the mentality is different, but I wouldn't change those days for today's tight up kids. We were much freer and enjoyed life more.

I think the girl counselors just told them to stop it or ignored it when they caught them masturbating. I don't think that happened as often as seeing the boys with boners, especially in the shower. I do know they punished boys for roughhousing. Sometimes they spanked them, but more often I think they just threatened stuff like that.

Our camp was like yours. There were supposedly male counselors for the older boys, but there was often a shortage of males and the ones that were there specialized in coaching sports activities and the like rather than being "house mother" types. I remember discovering I got paid more than the male or female cabin counselors because I drove the truck, not much but enough to make me feel good, so the problem was a lack of pay. The girl counselors also seemed to like the job more, even though it meant living in the same cabins with the kids and thus being on duty for longer.

When it came to boners and masturbating it was mainly "cute" in their eyes. I liked it because it resulted in sex talk, which we did not do much of back in those days.
Lord Phillip de Salford

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#703 Oct 17, 2015
Shears Green Primary School in Kent, SE England. This is a large Primary school (still is!) for boys and girls from 8 to 11½ years old. From the late 1960's until the mid 1980's the school had a very 'liberal' attitude to nudity among the children, fostered by the head teacher and surprisingly with the support of the parents! The school has an indoor swimming pool (unusual for Primary schools!)the boys and girls used to swim together nude even at 11½ years old! Boys and girls did PE and country dancing together, everyone got changed together in the classroom, you had to take everything off then put on just a pair of PE shorts, everyone had to go barefoot and topless, including the girls. The school ran many week long 'holidays' staying in hostels in the UK and abroad and apparently boys and girls all used to shower together naked.
These activities really DID happen, there are many memories and remenisces of these years on fb and friend reunited, just search under Shears Green
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#704 Oct 24, 2015
But here I was, trying to bend sufficiently to grab my ankles, bare bottom on view to all. I wished the earth would swallow me; I couldn't imagine facing anyone, much less the girls, ever again.

"Knees straight, boy," the coach snapped and I did my best without releasing my ankles. It was difficult.

The sudden swish startled me, the impact low on my bare backside was a shock and nothing had prepared me for the fiery sting that suddenly suffused my buttocks.

"Ow!" I couldn't help exclaiming and heard the girls giggle.

A second stroke followed just when I thought the burn in my bottom was retreating, and the fire was renewed in triplicate.

"Aaargh!" I couldn't keep from crying out. More titters.

"Keep those knees straight," the coach scolded, "or I'll add three extras."

Two more strokes and I couldn't help it, I started to cry. Yes, I started to cry in front of the girls and everyone else. I could have died of shame.

"Very well, if you won't listen, we'll increase the number to thirteen," the coach said. "Now straighten your knees and keep them that way or we'll be here all afternoon. In the meantime, you boys, get into the water and give me twenty laps!"

While I felt my bottom burning and throbbing, I heard a number of splashes as the rest of the boys jumped into the pool. Why didn't the girls go, too? I hated them watching and jeering.

The next two landed low on my bottom, near the thighs, and the degree of pain was ratcheted up a few notches. By now I didn't care if I cried. I started sobbing with the pain.

"What a baby," I heard a girl say with contempt. "He must be close to thirteen and cries like a five-year-old."

I tried not to listen but to concentrate on keeping my knees straight and clamping my hands on to my ankles. I was not even halfway through. Was I ever going to get trough?

The next two landed across the tops of my thighs and now I actually was blubbering, sobbing noisily like a five-year-old, just as the girl had said. I wept with the humiliation but it was indistinguishable from the rest of the noise I made.

Two more right into the fold between buttock and thigh and I jumped up clasping my hands to the injured parts. I forgot that I was naked and the exhibition I made of myself in front of the girls. I howled.

The girls watched with interest. There were a few whispers, soft laughter. "So much fuss about a few strokes of the cane," someone said.

"Get back into position, boy," the coach said, lashing her cane across my calves. "You will get three more. Bend over!"

I had no choice so I bent, held my ankles and straightened the knees. Then it continued. More tears, more screams as my tingling bottom absorbed stroke after stroke. I lost track of time and the number of strokes. It seemed to take for ever as the cane started at mid-buttock working its way downwards again, this time across previous stripes. The last few returned to the under-bum and thighs that had me squawking in anguish,

"Now get into the water and do those twenty laps," coach Davies said, returning the cane to Dorothy, the girl in red. "The next time I catch you causing a disturbance or assaulting another girl, you will be sent to the headmaster. Then you will realise that what you just got from me was a Sunday picnic compared to what the headmaster is going to do to you."

To Be Continued
Kate mellish

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#705 Oct 31, 2015
A line of about 20 girls stood together, our hands and arms crossed, trying to cover our private parts. We shivered and avoided looking at our classmates’ bodies. A few girls leaked nervous giggles while the rest of us stared down at the tiled floor.

We were in third grade, standing in a locker room with three fully-clothed grown adults looking down at us. One was barking orders like a drill sergeant.

“You will shower! You will use soap! Then you will come up to one of us and we will measure you. You will follow our directions and wear what you are told to wear!”

The room smelled of chlorine, and we all had goose bumps. When I smell clothes that have been bleached, I always think of that locker room, of trying to cover myself. It wasn’t a scene of institutionalized abuse, this shower ritual was part of our city-funded swimming lessons as kids in public school. It was my first year at that school, probably 1986, and my first year of school swimming lessons.

In practical terms, the program was brilliant, and we were fortunate to have it for a number of reasons. Holland, Michigan is a coastal town on Lake Michigan, which is a powerful force of nature year-round. It’s also an alluring place for a dip during muggy summers, and there were large numbers of drownings every year in the lake.

Lots of people move to Holland from places without access to large bodies of water, and many of them don’t know how to swim well enough to battle the undertow and swift currents. People don’t expect a lake to behave like an ocean, but this one does.

It wasn’t just the nudity that was traumatic for us. The system for assigning the swimsuits, which were provided by the swim program, was significantly worse.

The suits were different colors based upon size. I can see the practical appeal of this system to the bureaucrats. People who, of course, would never have to do that walk of shame in front of their peers, wearing their size like a flag. If memory serves, red was the smallest, blue was the second smallest, black was third and brown was biggest.

Once you put on that suit, you were a walking, talking, shivering declaration of small, medium, large or extra large, and people noticed. The moment you got your suit assignment, your first thought was who was like you and who was different. Who was also wearing a black suit? Who else had gone up a size from last year’s lessons? Which infuriatingly perfect asshole was still wearing a blue suit?

And of course there was shit-talking. Childhood is, after all, an eat-or-be-eaten experience. Especially when there are no grown-ups giving guidance or teaching children how to use empathy in making decisions… and we certainly had nobody teaching us not to be jerks to one another.

When my dad was in high school, they had to take swimming lessons naked. Of course, the lessons were boys-only, but I still shudder to think of the enormous anxiety those boys must’ve experienced. It’s not like America in the early 1960s was very nudity-friendly.

In our classes, boys and girls swam together, and the boys’ suits were coded in the same way. Somehow it never registered with me that this would bother the boys at all. In my mind, the boys were immune to the body shame that seemed to be a mandatory part of the experience of being a girl.

Scarborough, Canada

#706 Nov 1, 2015
When we had PE at the old St Scrotal's School in Salford (finally torn down in 1972), we had to line up in the hall, and enter the change room the following way: coach would stand in the change room, and yell "One!", at which point the first boy had to run into the change room, quickly undress, and begin marking time in place. Coach would quickly yell "Two!", and the next boy would follow, and so on. When the entire class was in, and all nude, and all marking time, the coach would have us do jumping jacks. It was funny to see all the genitals bouncing!
Coach would yell "Stop!" and "Dress!", at which point we would pull on our vest and gym shorts. PE was done barefoot, and no underpsnts were permitted under our shorts.

Montréal, Canada

#709 Mar 28, 2016
MaltaMon wrote:
<quoted text> By posting the link to a website that contains photos of naked children, he posted child pornography. It's illegal in most states of the US and in Canada. Moreover, he misrepresented it as evidence in the discussion about required nude swimming for boys . The evidence is in the text of the news articles--not in photos of naked boys in the shower, which has absolutely nothing to do with the topic. It may be available to any adult online, as is most child pornography. The criminal acts are accessing it with his computer and distributing it to us by posting a link to it, which is the same as posting the actual photographs, which you cannot physically do, on this forum. The link is the only way to distribute the photos here, and that is what Zuiko has done.
MaltaMon, you posted that in March 2013. It is now March 2016. Zuiko, djw, and myself are still here.
So what the fcuk are you going to do about it?
Mr Coach

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#711 Apr 2, 2016
I've been reading about the experiences of some of the older members who swam nude in school or at the Y, and I had very similar experiences in Chicago in the 70s. I was on the swim team and we always swam and competed nude. The coach was nude too...about 25 years old...except he was always dressed for the swim meets.

Female teachers would always find a reason to come into the pool area during our practices. This happened at least 4-5 times a week. They would talk to the coach, checking him out. My teammates and I had sort of a game going on. When one of the female teachers would come in to talk to the coach, we would jump out of the pool to ask him an "urgent" question while the female teacher was standing right there looking at us too. We played it cool, like it was nothing to be nude on public because we were so used to being nude publicly. However, privately we always found it so hot to be nude in front of our female teachers. Sitting in her class the next day knowing that she got to see everything--our swimmer's bodies and our penis--was a real turn on. We would play this naked roulette game because we would go in alphabetical order never knowing who the teacher would be that we would expose ourselves to. If my name was next in order, I would have to jump out of the pool to talk to the coach no matter who the next female would be. Sometimes it would be a young 20 something teacher, other times it might be a middle aged teacher who may even be a mom in the neighborhood. It was cool whoever it was...but added a level of suspense to our little game!

There was also a public viewing area above the pool where a lot of our girlfriends or other female friends could sit and watch the show! We had no privacy about our bodies and we were OK with it. Football players were bigger and more muscular, but they never had the same opportunities to be nude in front of the female teachers or classmates like we were.

Those were great experiences!!

London, UK

#712 Apr 2, 2016
coyote wrote:
this has been an item of controversy on topics. Some males say "yea" and some say "nay". Are there any female readers from the era who could claim to have provided this requirement at schools, jr. colleges, YMCA's, universities etc. in times past. It is accepted times have changed but be nice to have some clarification of bygone practices.... I am very certain it took place in an innocent, acceptable manner whereas others deny it could have ever happened....
France has waded into a row over marketing the burkini in Britain, calling brands who sell the full body swimsuit "irresponsible".

The broadside came days after Marks and Spencer announced the full body swimsuit was hitting its stores in the UK.

The decision to sell for £49.50 a swimsuit allowing you to “cover you whole body with the exception of the face, hands and feet without compromising on style” made waves in Britain among commentators and some consumers but failed to spark heated debate in political circles.

Not so in staunchly secular France, where public signs of religion have been frowned upon ever since a 1905 law separating church and state. More recently, it banned the full veil in public on security grounds and because the garment doesn’t reflect the values of the republic.

Learning of the quintessentially British brand’s decision to release the burkini, Laurence Rossignol, France’s women’s rights minister, slammed the move as kowtowing to misogynists and religious conservatives, adding that women in favour were like "negroes who supported slavery".

Speaking to RMC radio, Ms Rossignol said:““What’s at stake is social control over women’s bodies. When brands invest in this Islamic garment market, they are shirking their responsibilities and are promoting women’s bodies being locked up.”

Blainville, Canada

#713 Apr 2, 2016
At the Salford School in Manchester, we are using the specially designed "burnous-kini" for muslim boys who are not allowed to show their body. It covers the entire body, but leaves the face visible, and the feet bare. The is a small opening at the crotch, allowing the penis and scrotum to hang out, and a larger opening at the back, leaving the buttocks visible.
The genitals are exposed to allow phimosis checks, and testing for testicular nodes, and the buttocks are exposed to allow for spanking if necessary.

Godalming, UK

#714 Apr 9, 2016
SLC wrote:
<quoted text>
I don't know why Mr. Maltamon keeps trying to engage in an argument with me on this topic. I entirely agree with him that it is highly unlikely that female swim instructors ever supervised naked boys at the YMCA or schools, at least in the US. I cited the only scenario I could think of in my comment, and even there, aside from everything else, back in the day there were very few certified female life guards. I cannot recall seeing a single female life guard at any beaches in the Los Angeles/Orange Co. area. The TV series Baywatch was totally unrealistic and in no way, shape, form, or regard represented the actual situation.
The Jr. High School I attended in Massachusetts (1968-1969) was
so old (1880&#8242;s) that it didn’t have a functional gymnasium. So the 8th
grade boys would take their weekly 2 hour PE class at the YMCA
gymnasium down the street.(This was pre-Title IX, so the girls could
still take their class on the playground during spring and fall and
take an indoor “health” class during the winter, as did all 7th

Every third week, after changing from our school clothes to
regulation gym shorts, T-Shirts and sneakers, and having 30 min. of
exercise in the gym, we would have an hour of swimming in the Y’s
pool. Although we had heard from older students that we would all have
to be nude for this part of our class, I can still remember being
quite surprised the first day when the teacher announced at the end of
exercise:“Go downstairs to your lockers, take off all of your
clothes, and line up at the entrance to the shower room.”

So along with 25 classmates, I stripped naked, lined up and
waited until we were told to walk beneath a running shower to rinse
off before walking down a corridor to the pool deck. We did as we were
told, and no one questioned why. To me, it kind of made sense: why go
to the trouble of bringing a bathing suit, and then have to carry it
around while wet all day, when all that inconvenience could be avoided
by going into the pool without any clothing.

It was all completely innocent. As far as I know, no one felt
uncomfortable. For a few weeks prior, we had been required to take a
group shower in an open communal shower room after gym class, so we
were already accustomed to being nude in each other’s presence. It
actually felt liberating to be able to engage in an activity without
clothing. The only uneasiness I recall had nothing to do with being
nude per se, but rather related to the fact that I had reached puberty
much earlier than almost all of my classmates, so I stood out as
different having fully grown pubic hair.

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