You make it sound as if these are 100% whiskey products...but, in fact....they are blended spirits. A product that only contains 25% whiskey...shouldn't ever be called whiskey.

When will Canada make products without flooding them with Neutral Spirits. How about making a 100% whiskey product? Canada also allows colorings and flavorings in their whiskies.

Why not just drink American Straight rye....if you want a great rye? Straight rye is 100% rye whiskey. Not some 25 percenter like they make in Canada.

If you went to the gas station to fill up....would you be ok with it...if they gave you 25% gas and the rest was stuff that smelled like gas(but wasn't)? Well, I'm not....that's why I will not support Canadian blended whiskies....they are all a rip off.

How about 25% beef in your hamburger? Or, 25% water in your water bottle...and the rest was stuff that was clear...but, not water? It just doesn't make sense that folks would want to be ripped off by Canadian whiskey immitators.

Sorry to put your article on blast...but, I believe you are perpetuating a whiskey myth. Only 100% whiskies are worth the money.