Does vodka ever go bad (expire)?

Austin, TX

#21 Jul 26, 2011
Brand producers change quite often. If it's an older could have been made somewhere other than it is now.
It could have also breathed in some smoke if the cap wasn't fully sealed while being stored in a smokey bar.

Hendersonville, TN

#22 Dec 15, 2011
Glass bottle In freezer opened once when bought in August ... Could it still be good?

Delray Beach, FL

#23 Dec 18, 2011
my vodka is in the sun all day and then at night it cools down is this bad?

Austin, TX

#24 Dec 19, 2011
Try reading this whole thread before reasking questions.

Both of the last two questions have already been answered.

Clearfield, UT

#25 Dec 26, 2011
I found a bottle of smirnoff vodka half full. I know it hasn't been touched in 10+ years. Good? We will find out shortly

Minneapolis, MN

#26 Jan 1, 2012
jack wrote:
<quoted text>
You're dumb, shut up. I'm a vodka drinker and I love every kind. Why don't YOU open your eyes and drink whatever you want and leave the rest of it alone.
shut up, you're dumb. dumbass.

Minneapolis, MN

#27 Jan 1, 2012
wanted to chime in regarding user Mozilla. he knows what he's talking about, my personal experiences with drinking old sealed booze is exactly as he explained in the posts he's made in the last two years on here.
-Sealed booze over 75 proof (may be lower, but this is my opinion/experience/research) will not "go bad" if stored in an upright position in a glass bottle in a cool-room temperature place
-Sun DOES effect booze no matter the bottle type
-Heat doesn't always, but is very capable of making stored booze go bad over time.
-Opened booze, especially when the liquid level is below where it was when shipped is more likely to be "bad". the most common reason I have seen of this (in hard liquor) is due to alcohol evaporation. Oxygen in the bottle can make certain types go "bad", however regarding vodka, as long as it is resealed nice and tight, i dont think it effects it.(verification needed regarding that last sentence)
-Decanters made of crystal can make stored booze toxic if stored for a long time due to the lead content in the crystal.
-Decanters made of real glass (the cheap ones [which are much safer than crystal]), don't always seal correctly, and alcohol can evaporate out (ruined my last bottle of makers mark because I stored it in a decanter for an extended period of time (6 months). tasted like alcohol free whiskey, gross)
Oxygen = enemy, UV light (incl. sunlight)= enemy, heat = enemy, plastic over long periods of time = enemy.
cap material is irrelevant unless it doesn't seal properly or if the bottle is stored on its side.
Don't bash Mozilla, he has better information that most people I know regarding stored alcohol.

Pflugerville, TX

#28 Jan 2, 2012
Thanks Jill. You explained things wonderfully.

If people like vodka. That really doesn't bother me.
I just wish more people understood more about what kind of profit is being produced off of the product. Consumers are really getting the screws put to them with some of the overstated pricing.

The differences between some of the lowest priced vodkas and the highest priced vodka is almost nonexistant sometimes.
European vodkas seem to have alot more 'craft' distiller qualities to them. Which I appreciate very much. I believe Charbay also makes theirs from scratch(which is super important when paying a higher price).

United States

#29 Jun 11, 2012
Yea...just curious because I think it would be good to keep several glass bottles of liquor stored away in the event of an economic or financial collapse in this country. Liquor will be one of the most valuable traded commodities. Can most liquor be saved for years?

United States

#30 Jun 11, 2012
Sorry...just read jill's comment. That answers my question.
Thank you!

United States

#31 Jun 11, 2012
I meant anonymous....anonymous answered my question.

Avondale, AZ

#32 Jun 12, 2012
Hey I have a bottle of vodka n took a sip. If I don't drink it for like. Just to say like 20 years will it go bad? Its still in the glass bottle n caped closed.

Brunswick, Australia

#33 Sep 13, 2012
um,i haven't opened my ciroc vodka since last year november and im just about to open it now, will it still have the same flavour?

Windsor, Canada

#34 Dec 8, 2012
Mozilla wrote:
Sorry if what I said bothers you. It is the truth. I work at a distillery and know what I am talking about.
I will state my opinion or facts....whenever I feel I need to. This is a forum where people are welcome to have an opinion or state a fact. If you don't like that...then move to a communist country and have all your information censored.
You are welcome to drink whatever makes you happy.
Vodka has the highest profit margin of any distilled spirit.
By all means you can post your opinion. It had nothing to do with the question however. So thanks for the info (Actually found it interesting) but do try to stay a "tad" on topic.

- Vodka itself does not go "bad". It can change flavor as everything in it starts screwing up due to time, packaging, and sun exposure.(My opinion, might be false)

Austin, TX

#35 Dec 10, 2012
I used a wide interptretation on the phrase "goes bad".
I guess it's all in the way you read the original question.

After working in the industry for many years...I get sad to see so many folks spending way more than they need get a quality product. Which is what motivates me to write. Plus, I am a notorious cheap skate...and figure others want to retain their dollars as much as I do.

Orange Park, FL

#36 Feb 17, 2013
I have several bottles of Nuvo sparkling vodka. In glass, never opened, original bottles. However the color of the drink started out bright pink and now it's more of a lighter pink or peach. Does anyone know if Nuvo is never opened will it go bad? Or does it just lose it's color over time?

Corning, NY

#37 Feb 18, 2013
I just opened a bottle of vodka, same brand I drink frequently, all I can say is it tastes like an infection might? Strange description but what's up with tgat??

Bradford, UK

#38 Jun 11, 2013
Mozilla wrote:
Vodka starts off bad.
What other item do you consume that is cooked till it's natural flavor is neutral? Watered down Everclear is all your getting in most cases. Almost every American vodka starts it's life at one of three distilleries...then gets shiped by tanker to someone who adds water and filters lightly through charcoal.
It's really a big ripoff for any of them to charge more than $10-15 dollars, unless they are really hand making it..FROM SCRATCH. Which, isn't many of them.
Vodka drinkers really need to open their eyes and research what they are buying and how much of that goes to advertising and how much goes into the product. Top shelf vodkas create enough cash flow for the distillers to pay for the rest of their product lines, before they sell them.
And for all you Canadian drinkers...your products are 75% vodka with some food coloring. Sorry to spoil your party. That's why you don't drink blended whiskies. Straight is the only way to go...low distillation proof and no additives.
If vodka is supposed to be so neutral...why do all vodkas taste different? And why do they add flavors to something that is supposed to be neutral? Anyone?
And this has what to do with the question??? Your opinion is neither needed nor asked for

Austin, TX

#39 Jun 12, 2013
IT has everything to do with the question.

Vodka is the worst distilled spirit made today.

So, it starts off bad...and ends up bad.

That's my opinion. If you don't like it....form your own opinion...and write it down.
Don't just tell people what they can and can't write. Form an opinion and share it. That's why we are all here.

Maybe you forgot that Americans left the UK because people were telling them what they could do and not do. That was taken care of with a war(The Revolutionary War) fix the issue. Now, Americans feel free to share our opinions with each other without recourse.

Las Vegas, NV

#40 Aug 22, 2013
I have a bottle of vodka opened but it has been closed for maybe ten years...I tried it & it didn't taste strong or anything like vodka..,is that bad ?

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