Obama's brew-ha-ha

Obama's brew-ha-ha

There are 125 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Jul 31, 2009, titled Obama's brew-ha-ha. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

President Barack Obama's got his hands full with health care, two wars and the economy.

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Houston, TX

#1 Aug 1, 2009
The president should not have honored racism by drinking a beer with the man who so publicly exercised it. The man and his boss who supported him should have been thrown out of the police force so that others understand how to conduct themselves.

Chicago, IL

#2 Aug 1, 2009
The evidence and sense of overreaction by the police made it clear that race was a factor in this case. However, The President and Joe Biden made it a teachable moment. Now comes the hard part: Jobs and health care. If we can make progress, we will all sleep a little better at night.The race question needs more time and a lot of beer.

Findlay, OH

#3 Aug 1, 2009
Judge Andrew Napolitano said on Fox news that Crowley entered the house illegally and the D.C. was false arrest.
He didn't mention that Crowley broke the MA police card law. He
is required to hand one over if asked.
Crowley should stayed outside, talked to Whalen while waiting for
backup. She could have told him about luggage,key and maybe they lived there.
Almost zero sympathy for disabled senior.He broke no laws.
Crowley broke 3 and gets invited to White House.

Houston, TX

#4 Aug 1, 2009
The media is sensitized to the "blue color worker" opinion as a guiding light showing the path for a better future. When was the last time in the human history that such an event occurred? I'd say never! The blue color workers everywhere are generally backward. They get stuck in the past and should be led, including and particularly in the race relation.
Jeff from Atlanta

Gainesville, GA

#6 Aug 1, 2009
Why does this have to be about race? Perhaps the cop just abused his power out of frustration and anger. Just as Gates crossed the line by yelling at a cop who was trying to protect his house and accusing him of racisms even before the cuffs were put on him. The word racist is now used against anyone who disagrees with someone of an opposite race. I recall Bill Clinton being called a racist during the campaign and he was our first black president. We have a long way to go if discussing race now runs the risk of being called a racist.
Maria Elena

Mesquite, TX

#7 Aug 1, 2009
Oh yeah, Crowley is "quite" the villain. Did you see the photo of Seargeant Crowley, helping Mr. Gates down the steps of the White House? Who knew that a cop could be a gentleman and have excellent manners?
Now why haven't we seen this photo here???

Mexico, Mexico

#8 Aug 1, 2009
The media loves to highlight police abuses and to portray blacks as oppressed victims. Man times that's correct, but sometimes black arrestees are loud, threatening, and burning with open hatred for cops. The second reality is rarely reported.

Since we don't really know which was the case here, it was nice to see that a majority of whites and blacks didn't form a judgment.


#9 Aug 1, 2009
gates was the only racist at the house that night..

Racine, WI

#10 Aug 1, 2009
Everyone needs to calm down. Simply put, Americans elected Obama as a symbolic gesture to prove that we have the ability to elect as our president someone from the African gene pool. Obama is not an exceptionally bright guy, but a president in our system doesn't need to be. Right now we have many people expecting Obama to be a wise, brilliant leader--lower your expectations for Obama or risk being perpetually disappointed. Obama won the political lottery that a person from a minority group eventually would win. That is all.
Tom J

Downers Grove, IL

#11 Aug 1, 2009
Both Gates and Crowley overreacted. at the time. I little more empathy and sympathy and none of this would have happened.

Meanwhile, the important lesson from the beer summit was that people don't have to agree in order to get along and have respect for each other. In the days of cable "a channel for every interest group" TV, that's a pretty important lesson. E pluribus unum.
Florida Jim

Port Orange, FL

#12 Aug 1, 2009
Clarence Page must be a minority everything he says echos Obama, doesn't he have a mind of his own, or does he simply not use it?
Crowley did an excellent job while Gates and Obama made racist statements.

New Lenox, IL

#13 Aug 1, 2009
Obama overstepped his bounds by saying the cops acted stupidly. He should be a man of humilty and transparency and have the courage to apologize for his remarks. I think they are all adult enough to make up and continue on with their lives. Many factors may have contributed to the escalation of the arrest, but the president should have withheld comment. Let's move on.

United States

#14 Aug 1, 2009
"Overusing the R-word robs it of its power and it is easy to overuse."

It's already robbed of its power. "Racist" has been used as the end-all in so many debates - "well, you're a RACIST!" - without anything to back it up, that's it's just another name to call someone, without any impact.

Berrien Center, MI

#15 Aug 1, 2009
It appears that Sgt. Crowley falsified the police report when he wrote that the 911 caller told him that it was two black men that was trying to force their way into the house. The 911 caller stated that she made no such statement. Why did Sgt. Crowley lie on the police report?

Cabot, AR

#17 Aug 1, 2009
I think its a shame and disgrace for the president of what used to be a God fearing country to hold a "beer summit". What on this earth is going on here? People, please get a grip! America is going to hell in a handbasket. If we don't pray for God to heal our land, there is no hope. The president and every one else needs to let go of racial issues. The only racial issues are congured up ones.

“Did U plug the damn hole yet?”

Since: Jan 08

Dallas, TX

#18 Aug 1, 2009
Jarand wrote:
It appears that Sgt. Crowley falsified the police report when he wrote that the 911 caller told him that it was two black men that was trying to force their way into the house. The 911 caller stated that she made no such statement. Why did Sgt. Crowley lie on the police report?
I think you are mistaken.

The lady did not mention race during her 911 call.

But Crowley's police report was based on his interview with her at the scene.

My understanding is that Gates did not produce identification with his name and the address of the house he broke into.

Crowley was using extra caution in case there were intruders inside holding a gun on Gates which is the reason for asking him to step outside.

What the Obama apologists fail to answer is why Gates was so angry in the first place.

He did bust the door down to get inside the house and so any questions he was asked were perfectly reasonable.

Hinsdale, IL

#19 Aug 1, 2009
When someone views an even like this (one that involves more than one race) as, first and foremost, a racial issue, then that person is a racist. If you cannot understand that there are people in the world who do not consider race in their evaluation of events, but honest evaluate behaviors, then you have a problem. Articles like this that indicate American's will always evaluate events based on race can only be written by someone who can't see individuals without regard to their race and is therefore racist.

Arlington Heights, IL

#20 Aug 1, 2009
Still no apology from Obama who profiled the Cambridge Police department by calling them stupid without the facts. Nobody cares if Gates apologies or not. Obama's definition of Change.

Woodridge, IL

#21 Aug 1, 2009
I really didn't recognize any intelligent point in this piece of writing. I was amused by the first paragraph that mentioned the clever ways journalists were describing Obama's meeting, but that was about it. I think the point that should have been made is, it's easier to call some one a "racist" than to talk about and understand the institution of racism. I'd like to see Obama have the audacity to recognize realities like white privilege, segregation, and racial profiling in his speeches to the public. He was right the first time, the police did act stupidly, but he should have backed it up with explanations why, isn't he a Columbia and Harvard grad? Didn't he take American History classes? And instead of journalists trying to analyze fluff why aren't they challenging Obama's passivity? his tendency to play it safe? Another point, everything that comes out of Glen Beck's mouth is ignorant sensationalist and detrimental to the brain, why is he being quoted multiple times in your article? Are you trying to capture readers with that sensationalism?

Pasig City, Philippines

#22 Aug 1, 2009
Yay, for this article! Finally, some perspective on the whole exaggerated matter. I wonder is most of the media and a good portion of America aren't in fact acting out the very sins, shortsightedness, and emotional excesses of the Gates-Crowley confrontation. Everyone go have a beer and see the person across the table.

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