The horrible murder of Brandy Duvall.

The horrible murder of Brandy Duvall.

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United States

#1 Aug 31, 2011
In 1997, with eight other members of the Bloods gang, Martinez kidnapped, gang-raped, sodomized, tortured, and murdered Brandy Duvall (14). The gang members took turns sexually assaulting the child.
The viciousness of the multiple sexual assaults left Ms. Duvall bleeding from her vagina and anus. That did not deter her attackers, though, and they would climb off of her laughing, covered with her blood. They once showered her off to get her into a fit condition for additional rounds of sexual assault.

Martinez slit Ms. Duvallís anus open with a knife so that she could be sodomized, or possibly re-sodomized due to the swelling her various rectal injuries caused. In addition to his penis, Martinez brutally sodomized Ms. Duvall with a beer bottle and wooden broom and toilet plunger handles.

During the course of the rapes, Martinez repeatedly kicked and beat the child, including during periods when she begged for her life. One time, Martinez kicked her football punt-style in the chest after an episode of sodomistic assault caused her to defecate uncontrollably and soil one of her rapistís shoes.

Martinez killed Ms. Duvall by stabbing her, choking her with his bare hands, stabbing her some more (for a total of 28 knife wounds), and then throwing her, with the help of another gang member, down a boulder-covered slope, where she bled to death in the night. ...





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Ray of Light

Murfreesboro, TN

#2 Aug 31, 2011
These brain dead white guilters that live in Denver don't care about white folks. Hell, they don't care if they get their heads bashed in by blacks. Just don't call them racists whatever you do, they couldn't handle that.
kathy browne

United States

#3 Jan 21, 2012
They can't go to hell fast enough..

Level 1

Since: Nov 11

on the other hand

#4 Jan 21, 2012
On the other hand, Why do Latino parents let their young children run the streets at night ? Why do Latino parents let their daughters hang out with older men ? I see it all the time. Why do Latino parents let their female children dress up as whores and hang out all over federal and Colfax ? You people need to keep better tabs on your children. She shouldn't even have been out of the house. She was 14. She should have been at home doing homework not out doing drugs and drinking. The parents should face charges for not caring for her and letting her out at night. I blame the parents too..And all the young men involved should be executed.





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United States

#5 Apr 30, 2012
May prayers go out to Brandy n family. But I think all the boys that were there need to go through pain like that lil girl. If that was my lil girl I would have kept her rite beside me until she was adult the first time I heard this all I did was cry it felt like she was mine. Thoses boys need to pay for what they did to her.
Robert Marino

Staten Island, NY

#6 May 7, 2012
@- Devils-Adovcate- the girl wasn't a "latino" genius. You seem to fancy yourself as intelligent given your chosen username--perhaps you should consider learning about the case before you run your mouth?

She was a White girl who attended Catholic school and she was grabbed from a bus stop by the 8 mestizo gang members who were doing this as some sort of "gang initiation" right. During the trial, the ringleader looked at her mother numerous times and smoked and sneered. Despite all of this, none were given the death penalty . The story received NO coverage outside the Denver area. Meanwhile, the trial of the Whites who killed the Negro ex-con in Japer, Texas was international news. As I recall, the sentences were given out on the same day. This crime--clearly racially motivated and 1000x more brutal-- was never reported,





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Atlanta, GA

#7 May 10, 2012
I feel for the family of Brandy Duvall, Everyone that was involved should be punish it don't matter if they were just standing around watching the assault happen, We have look at it as a crime not a racism there are so many crime happening to every race by the same or different race. Denver and her community could have made it public in so may way, But let us pray and keep an watchful eye on our children,love one and community.

Puyallup, WA

#8 Jun 3, 2012
You f-ing animal. No matter what she did, she did NOT deserve what happened to her. First off, get your facts straight. Brandy was NOT "Latino" & second, nice stereotype, not all Latinos let their children run wild. You're a monster, just like the murders!!!
Devils- Advocate wrote:
On the other hand, Why do Latino parents let their young children run the streets at night ? Why do Latino parents let their daughters hang out with older men ? I see it all the time. Why do Latino parents let their female children dress up as whores and hang out all over federal and Colfax ? You people need to keep better tabs on your children. She shouldn't even have been out of the house. She was 14. She should have been at home doing homework not out doing drugs and drinking. The parents should face charges for not caring for her and letting her out at night. I blame the parents too..And all the young men involved should be executed.

Puyallup, WA

#9 Jun 3, 2012
I absolutely think brandys rapists & murderers should have to feel the pain that she felt. Eye for an eye. Or, maybe the murders own daughters?

United States

#14 Jul 3, 2012
Gideon Elrod

Bluejacket, OK

#15 Aug 4, 2012
Here is an ode I wrote for Brandy and other children who have suffered the same fate.

Liberation of the Lilies: An Ode to Innocence

Prithee, O lily that mine heart holdeth near,

Catch me up, thy faithful bard and loyal servant,

And carry with thee thy siblings

That singeth of the earth and of the mere.


'Twas but with a blink that the cycleman cometh,

Cruelly with thy tomb,

Wielding instruments wrought with selfishness,

To harvest thy fragile petals

And to make useless thy fruitful womb.

But lo! thy king, ardent nurturer of thy dreams,

Hath bequeathed unto thee, abodes far more fayre than these

For thy splendid light to reflect upon.


Tarry thee no longer, O innocent one,

And catch me up, thy faithful bard and loyal servant;

For thou art now restored to thy celestial self;

Thine eyes and thy soul shall be healed of thy woes,

And though thy graces hath been exiled from mortal lands,

Thy purity and fragrant memory, like a seed, doth remain

For each generation, out of reverence for the next, to sow.

"We love you, angel, so very much. You deserved better. Every time I see a story about a young girl being raped, tortured, murdered and discarded, I cannot help but feel anger on behalf of our sons, who should have been your future husbands and the fathers of your children."

Pablo, MT

#16 Aug 10, 2012
RIP my cousin. I miss you

United States

#17 Aug 21, 2012
I cannot believe wat happen to this beautiful angle, brandy will forever be with god, my prayers for her family, as for those responsible, they will regret wat they have done, because their punishment will be worse, god will see to that.

Los Angeles, CA

#18 Aug 26, 2012
Even after 15 years, this story still haunts my dreams. My heart still aches for Brandy, even though I didn't even know her. I've visited the steel cross erected where Brandy died and I have prayed for her. We cannot even phathom what pain, torment and dehumanizing she endured. Those pyscho assholes should burn in the depths of hell. They should have to experience everything Brandy went through before they too are stabbed to death & thrown down a rocky cliff to bleed to death. People, watch your children. Be a huge part of their lives. Be the parent not the friend. To "Devils Advocate" - you're just as scary as those pig bloods. Brandy did not deserve what happened to her. Also, get your facts straight stupid fool - Brandy was white! Not all "Latino" parents are shitty. Every race has it's bad seeds. You should be ashamed of yourself!

Denver, CO

#19 Oct 8, 2012
First off i blame the system. The reason I say that is because Pancho,(Martinez, the ring leader) was a very disturbed person. From a young age he was demented and phsyco. He stabbed his girl friend, threatened to kill her and was eventually incarcerated for this. When he got out he told his parole officer "he would kill her if he got the chance" the parole officer even told authorities he was "unstable" but they let him out anyway. And what do u know, he goes and does this. If he was locked up like he should have been this would have never happened.
And they knew brandy before they took her. It wasn't random. She wasn't as innocent as she looks. There was a reason they took her. By all means I am not saying she deserved what happened just stating facts. I knew fransico.
He was around when I was around 4 or5

Denver, CO

#20 Oct 8, 2012
Crazy guy. Everybody knew it. The rest of the guys were followers. Stupid idiots who let older gang members influence them. Weak minded Dumbasses. But yea Pancho was crazy. Still is. But they got there's in prison. Believe me. They were shunned by there own Gang members and called baby killers, and everything. Prison is an evil place. Believe me they got theirs. Expect Pancho, kuz like I said he was crazy. But anyway, yes. Blame society. They are fukked.
R.I.p brandy
I'm sorry they did that to you.

Since: Oct 12

Denver, CO

#22 Oct 21, 2012
My aunty was her friend..When I was growing up my aunty let me read all the articles she had it breaks my heart every single time I read.. noone should go through that pain ever no matter how innocent they are or not.. its crazy you can't even trust people you know, well not crazy its sad.. they need to suffer like she did live every day of they're shitty life like the last day of hers. & To Devils-Advocate your something else bud go somewhere else with your stereotype bullshit!

<3 R.I.P. Brandy
gone but NEVER forgotten

Denver, CO

#23 Nov 19, 2012
It's sad and disturbing to think about what she went through.. They better hope that the lord will forgive them. Because I'f I were god, they would be thrown into the depths of hell and tortured for all enternity... And they think there hard, but in prison there are a bunch of little bitches.. R.I.P Brandaline.
Even more disgusted

Denver, CO

#24 Nov 19, 2012
Disgusted wrote:
Or, maybe the murders own daughters?
"OWN?" Do you consider children their parents' property? And do you think brutalizing more girls would make things right? That is seriously F'd up.
No mercy

Denver, CO

#25 Nov 20, 2012
I put it this way! The crime they committed was one of the worst cases in Colorado... They had no idea what to do with these evil people. what they did to her was pure evil. And why I say this is because a child rapist or rapist in general walk the streets all the time and barley get any punishment after the cause.. These predators end up doing it again and then it ends up becoming a sexual assault ending in murder. There is no rehabilitation for a person who looks at a child as a sexual object. It is a sickness that never goes away and half of them end up committing a Haines crime.. What really earcks me is how the lawyers for them tried to justify there acts, by turning it on her.. All these men go to prison for life and in protective custody.. And for the main ringleader I hope he's haunted... They should get all these men and not just for this case all violent predators.. Take them and put them through what she went through and the execute them slowly .. And half of these men can't fight they just pull out a weapon and fire .. Big men they are. And not only that some of them have daughter's. How would they feel if something happend to one of them like that or there mothers or sisters.. It's just a sad thing.. I think about this child all the time and the pain she went through. I could of been stopped by the uncle but he had no balls. I would of at least tried even if it ended up that I lost my life. One or two would of went with me.

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