Morgan Ingram was not murdered

Lubbock, TX

#103 Dec 3, 2012
Wow! I feel like I've looked into pure evil after reading vile new accusations against the people who Dr P said were singled out and accused. There are even comments, now removed of course, that M was a coke addict. No one has proof of that and so no blogs started, but the young folks who are victims of delusion are drug thru the mud.

Indianapolis, IN

#105 Dec 4, 2012
Truth seeker wrote:
Obviously you have no children, or your protecting someone! Once your child dies, all rules fly out the window! There is zero proof that she took any drugs! Talk about bending the the truth! Desperate for followers? And if it was an OD, why was it ruled as a natural death? You get more desperate by the post! Pathetic people, I PRAY that something this horrific befalls someone you love, so can eat your words!!!! Oh wait, only the good die young!
I've noticed people that don't take the time out too read and pay attention end up thinking that the mom is crazy. If they read everything and between the lines they would see that the coos y weren't and still aren't doing what they are supposed to

Lubbock, TX

#106 Dec 4, 2012
Maybe cops in a country that is not a democracy would arrest people on no evidence or based on necromancy and communicating with the dead to get evidence, but this country is a little different. Anyone reading should see the beginning which was a woman with a long history of health problems who thought someone was watching from neighbors roofs and hearing taps. It started with that and now ending with speaking from the dead. That is not much for cops to work with as far as legally doing anything other than the vast amount of hours they put into this.
Flightless Bird

Tucker, GA

#107 Dec 4, 2012
There is now a blog posted under the accused's name as if he is blogging about himself. If you thought it was bad before, look it up. Toni is out of control. Her own blog shifted gears as soon as this one opened. This is pure evil...these people are getting lynch mob mentality and I have to ask, where do you draw the line? Because if you look at her blog, she suspects delivery men who backed into/out of her drive way. So anyone is fair game. And you could be next. This precedent, set on thd internet which cannot be retracted and will ruin lives, is being set and you could be a target one day, maybe not of this kind of vendetta, but by someone else seeing this happen unfettered and unchallenged by the law. Regardless of what tou think of M's cause of death, ask yourself, do I want someone to do this to me? Because you do not have to have proof. He us not a suspect because there is no 'crime' or 'investigation.' You coukd be someone's earnest mistake. Or stalked this way. it is stalking. anti vanginkel---thats the name, where will this end?

Lubbock, TX

#108 Dec 4, 2012
I read that the woman who wrote the article for her linked this horrible blog from her own blog, and someone said they are in or from another middle eastern country. That is how people found the anti blog. I didn't read much of it. What is going on? Hiring someone to write an article, shady people linking and blogging to get ad hits, consulting mediums, etc.?

Lubbock, TX

#109 Dec 6, 2012
Things that were thought to be "suspicious"
A new neighbor asking to borrow an extension cord
A headlight
A person walking down the street
Cars driving down the street
A realtor driving slowly looking at homes
An innocent text from a facebook tag
A person who has the same first name

People "covering up" according to T
ALL officials and authorities
A grocery store
Several MD's
Not friends

People Accused of NOT being themselves
Anyone on the internet who disagrees
Been following the blog

La Grange, IL

#110 Dec 10, 2012
The coke accusations are in the police reports. When 2 of her male friends were questioned/interviewed one of them stated he knew she had tried it twice within the last month she was alive. I'm not at all saying that makes her an addict, just trying to clear that up.

If you read through the blog, listen to Toni's interviews, and read all the reports it becomes very evident the mother is constantly changing the story. She even said she did not think it was murder until 3 months AFTER Morgan passed. She now screams about a rape kit not being done, but had her daughter cremated. Obviously she wasn't too worried about foul play at the time.

I find it incredibly unlikely that the police, coroner, lab etc are all in cahoots to protect some guy, who they had zero problem arresting before this. He was questioned at cleared, she needs to accept that her daughter died and stop bothering these kids.

Lubbock, TX

#111 Dec 10, 2012
It's all so bizarre. All the wild accusations and what seems to be a longtime monitoring of neighbors and watching facebook conversations and somehow incorporating their daughter into them despite police checking out suspicions and clearing all. I've wondered what on earth started it all, and now believe the nasty new blog solved the question. Facebook accounts may have been monitored by someone well BEFORE any claims of stalking ever took place. The only question would be which one was doing it. Was Morgan letting her imagination get carried away, or was someone monitoring her facebook to include friends who were friends of her friends?

Tucson, AZ

#112 Dec 12, 2012
Justice for morgan wrote:
<quoted text>
She had no gabapentin, NO marijuana, and NO alcohol in her system. Only lethal amnts of amitryptiline except no pill fragments in her gastric fluid. She was injected with that.
Who the hell are you covering for? Those cowards?! They're going down....the amnt of evidence there is against them that no one knows about yet, can't wait..
Injecting that amount of amitryptiline would require an injection volume of approximately 50mL. There is a minute possibility it could be as little as 25mL, but that would have had to come from a special compounding pharmacy. Even the commercially available injectable product is hardly ever used--one would have to go through A LOT of trouble to acquire it. Without some kind of serious hospital connection, it would be extremely implausible.
Anyway, my point is that no trained healthcare professional in the world could administer an injection of 25 or 50mL without leaving very conspicuous evidence of an injection site. And if it were injected by someone with no training in phlebotomy or intravenous drug administration, there would be obvious trauma visible to anyone who is not legally blind. The autopsy report indicates there was no trauma to the body.
Sorry to ruin your whole theory. The tone of your post suggests that you probably have no interest in hearing from someone who knows what they're talking about, but I figured I'd give it a shot anyway.

Eugene, OR

#113 Dec 13, 2012
Morgan DID have pill granulation, orange in color, in her gastric contents, consistent with her medication. The amount of amitriptyline in her stomach means she ingested it; it was not injected. It's in the autopsy report. She died on one drug, amitriptyline, the medication she was prescribed as early as one month prior to her death.

All the reports are available to anyone through the freedom of information act for a small fee. Educate yourselves. If you don't want to pay the fee, the reports are all here, with names, addresses, and DOB's redacted to protect people who are innocent.

Lubbock, TX

#114 Dec 13, 2012
After the comment here in October praying that posters would lose a loved one there is now a similar comment on the blog. It wishes that the pathologist loses his child to wrongful death so he will feel the same pain. T has said that comments have to be approved. The person even asked his age. What would that matter? Old and young people alike have children. Why all the eye for an eye stuff. I would be more afraid of people who think like that than any window tapper.
just curious

Lockhart, TX

#115 Dec 14, 2012
I'm wondering if anyone has considered Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Accidental death often occurs and keeping the drama alive continues with the remaining children. In this case there were no more. The next best thing is conspiracy theory.

Lockhart, TX

#116 Dec 16, 2012
I'm wondering if anyone has read "The Fall of the House of Usher"

Lubbock, TX

#117 Dec 16, 2012
I haven't. What is it about? There is an old creepy movie with that name, iirc.
Flightless Bird

United States

#118 Dec 17, 2012
MSALLE wrote:
FACT: Stalkers on tape
FACT: no X drugs for 1 1/2 yrs
FACT: 1st autopsy an error
FACT: poor police work
FACT: Broken hearted Mom & Dad
FACT: They only want the truth!
Those aren't facts. You have no idea who is on that tape and there are missing pills from the ami bottle. Mom and Dad being broken hearted is not evidence of a crime. They may want to avoid the truthfor as long as possible, plus this blog/investigation/persecution of 'suspects' serves the purpose of keeping her alive and part of thus world in a sense.
Flightless Bird

United States

#119 Dec 17, 2012
KateL wrote:
I can't believe the ignorance of some you. Have any of you read the police reports released that were written during the stalking investigation? The police state that there IS evidence of a stalker, they have events that match up perfectly with the blog...yet they say now that there was "never any evidence" of a stalker. It completely contradicts what they wrote before...suspicious? Yes. The autopsy reports also contradict each other and when they ADMIT to not checking "strange" fluids, under fingernails, or even checking her stomach thoroughly or her room for fingerprints, that's not suspicious? ALL of that should have been checked and it wasn't. That's ridiculous.
As for the video, any of you can say that the person that pulled up in the car could have been a delivery driver. Correct, it could have been. The girl walking around could have been someone being stupid (although they must be incredibly idiotic to do so because they could have been arrested) so that one seems unlikely. But how about the guy who is messing with them in the other video, and was there seconds after the police left? The part where he sees the wildlife cam taking photos and messes it up? Hmm.
Anyone can sit around and mouth off on a computer about how Morgan and her family are crazy, but you are all making up information or not getting enough of it. You hear she tried a drug, so she must be nuts. She had prescriptions, so she has to be crazy. Come ON. Almost everything I've read on here is mostly opinion or hearsay, none of it is fact. Do some research. This case NEEDS to be reopened. I can't believe it hasn't already, someone's butt is being covered here and that's not right.
Also, who watched Dr. Phil... "B" (we all know who that is) being asked "Did you kill Morgan" and her saying "Where's the proof?" and the way she acts after that is utterly insane, she knows something or is hiding something. Anyone who has studied body language would be able to tell this. I studied Criminal Justice and I know there's more to this story. That girl is guilty of something, it showed all over her face.
That's all I have to say.
Utterly insane? I doubt you have studied criminal justice in a formal setting. She seemed calm until Toni started quoting her and asking her crazy questions. That made Toni seem schizoid. B seemed, at most, exasperated. You are projecting.

Lubbock, TX

#120 Dec 18, 2012
The blog doesn't even match up perfectly with itself. It is full of inconsistencies between "it's" own statements even though two people had well over a year to get the facts straight. You had a girl needing help with whatever was causing her to hear, or say she heard taps and now a girl and young guy needing legal help to make two people leave them alone. Not to mention all the parents, neighbors, and officials who have been seemingly defamed and sublty threatened via the blog and blog extensions. Wonder what their body language will be in court if or when they decide to take action. Even people on the internet are falsely accused and slurred. Wonder what body language was going on during typing of all this stuff against dozens, maybe hundreds of people involved in the "conspiracy".

Lubbock, TX

#121 Jan 6, 2013
Yuck. I just stumbled across Toni's interviewer's blog. The entry titled I am no hooker. How can Toni associate herself with such filthy talking people? How can she even trust these people at all with her whereabouts and information? I would be worried that they would turn on me. The comments seem to be written by only a couple of different people under different names. Calling women old and ugly who are the same age as Toni. What are they snickering and saying behind her back? The comments are filthy, racist against Hispanics, degrading to women, and so on. Someone even seems to be committing plagiarism or writing blogs as a unit because Toni's writing on her blog just said she was " iamnotahooker", then later it was edited to be Toni herself.

Puyallup, WA

#122 Jan 12, 2013
Mental Illness often runs in families........and A mother will often go into some severe denial when a child passes, just so they don't feel that they, themselves,didn't neglect the child and cause the death. Understandable, the guilt, but gives her no right to tear other people's lives apart....

Lubbock, TX

#123 Jan 12, 2013
Toni Ingram is not hollering stalker about some guy making death threats towards her "accused" on twitter and doesn't disassociate from it. How does she know he's not totally obsessed with her or something?

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