Morgan Ingram was not murdered

Portland, OR

#22 Nov 3, 2012
Regardless of what happened, it is highly irresponsible, possibly libelous, and even damaging for any court case TI could possibly have, for TI to have posted names and workplaces for people she *thinks* may have been "stalking" her daughter.

She has circumstantial evidence, at best. After reading the entire blog, the police reports, the autopsy report and the opinion letter from another coroner, I'd say there is a lot unknown about the way Morgan died. Unfortunately, she was cremated, so I do not know how much more investigation could be done.

Circumstantially, it appears that Morgan was harassed or bullied... at best. Nothing that has been posted so far looks like the behavior of a stalker. But those of us who have been young, and who had the misfortune of encountering other kids who were jerks, know full well what a harassment campaign looks like. But we don't have the full story that describes Morgan's relationship to these kids... though we do know that at some point she was at least casual acquaintances with the accused boy's former girlfriend.

TI is grieving and she does not know how her daughter really died. Unfortunately, she may never know exactly how she died, though I have to wonder if she has an open enough mind to accept an explanation that is anything other than murder (which seems so implausible as to be utterly absurd).

The investigation into the "stalking" or harassment could definitely be reopened, though. It seems clear that at some point... though maybe not until the fingers were publicly pointed at specific people... there was harassment and that can and should be addressed. It seems pretty obvious that certain people contacted were not fully forthcoming with the police about what they knew... even the police said so in their report.

I hope the family will eventually be able to find peace and acceptance with what has happened.

Lubbock, TX

#23 Nov 4, 2012
I don't think there was ever any bullying or harassment because hard taps on a window would eventuaaly do damage. Lights taps probably would never awaken a sleeping person. The taps seem to have happened when just waking up or dozing off and seem more like hallucinations. The "stalkiing" also seems very similar to the described carbon monoxide exposure, which is described in the blog and in the online forensic consultant letter.
Flues, I presume on roof stalker on roof
Invisible stalker co2 Invisible roof window tapper
cognitive disorder cognitive disorder? Seeing and hearing things?
"Dying in bed"speech found dead in bed
unable to attend school unable to attend school at times
flu like illness flu reported by friends
pain pain reported in blog and police report
small animal in room young animal in room
Animal affected (mom says) puppy possibly drugged according to mom
authorities called in authorities called in
alarms used alarms used

If there was no murder then there was most likely no harassment at all. Any illness responsible should be looked at. The mom says co2 absolutely did cause the childhood health problems but the autopsy letter from the consultant says co2 was a possibility, not a diagnosis. Porphyria was also entertained but no genetic testing done. Did the childhood cognitive disorder involve delirium or hallucinating? These questions needs answers before accusing multiple people of even walking on the grass much less first degree premeditated murder.

Lubbock, TX

#24 Nov 4, 2012
My list73167 was supposed to be separated with comparison of childhood co2 reported exposure to 2011 alleged "stalking" and death.

Kingston, Canada

#25 Nov 4, 2012
mom wrote:
My list73167 was supposed to be separated with comparison of childhood co2 reported exposure to 2011 alleged "stalking" and death.
Jeez. It sounds like the same few people posting this junk and my bet is that you are part of the websnoops. Sounds like you need to take a pill and calm down. Let the mother finish her blog and see what comes of it. There is nothing you can do to stop her anyhow.

San Jose, CA

#26 Nov 4, 2012
I find it odd that two, no just one, possible health conditions not fully diagnosed, according to public online reports, could be responsible for hallucinations. Even odder that the childhood health problem shares similarities to the time period of actual death. People being accused of premeditated murder is serious and when it's put it all over facebook, forums, blog, etc. People can't be expected to just donate blindly and not ask questions or discuss.

Denver, CO

#27 Nov 5, 2012

For those of us that stood by Toni, united, ready to fight for those of us that supported her, signed her petition, donated etc. and then one day we woke up and started to wonder......

Every time there is an attempt to question Toni about real facts on her blog, she does not respond, nor does she post the question. If you mention something she doesn’t like, she will edit the comment. Here are some REAL thoughts and questions:

1)How is it that no one noticed the jewelry missing before the person that is being wrongfully naming a murderer was caught selling jewelry? Why is there refusal to produce a description of the jewelry? It isn’t much of a stretch to think Morgan may have pawned it HERSELF for some quick cash.
2)One day in the comments, someone asked about her doorbell alarm and if it was in her room when Morgan died. Toni responded by saying said that didn’t know and that she would have to check. Now much later in the story, it has been “ripped” off. As to indicate it had been done so in a violent manner at the time of her “murder”.
3)Toni claims that she will only state facts that are pertinent to seeking the truth. So what is with the constant remarks about her knitting and baking and yoga and organic/raw food etc. making her sound like Sister Mary Sunshine but no mention of the pot or the box of wine in her room (among other things).I have no doubt that Morgan was amazing, but we all have a bad streak, why not be honest, especially about things that matter?
4)Supposedly the police equipment failed due to battery issues, and this really puzzles me. Once, maybe, but not three times, and there was no mention of it in the reports. Don’t they have to check that kind of thing daily? If you are an officer or know one, I’d like to know the answer to that, but I think I am right. And if they are SO by the book, that they won’t take one peek in Steve’s thermal, or accept the Ingram’s batteries why wouldn’t they log it in the reports at least one time.
5)When someone disagrees with Toni, or asks her a hard question, why does she assume it is someone that was involved in her daughters stalking/death? Is it really that hard to fathom that maybe the inconsistencies and lack of evidence is fueling our motives and questions? Do you see the dwindling amount of questions/comments? How can there be so many hits on the blog, yet there are fewer than 1500 signatures the petition? I almost suspect the comments that are posted these days, are posted by Toni herself.
6)If Morgan was really the divine child that she is painted to be, why would Steve have to “hold on” to her medication, and distribute it to her PRN. Was someone concerned she would use them for recreational purposes? That is the only reason I can think of, since she had access to the other pills, and if he was hiding them from her, then it was because she had done something in the past to warrant distrust. Correct me if I am way off base here.
7)Lastly, the nerve of naming names of innocent people, calling them stalkers and murderers makes my blood boil. I thought the rule was guilty until proven innocent? I’m sure now I will be implicated as a suspect in this case just because I took the time to point out a few inconsistencies.

I just had to get that all out there, it’s not like these questions/concerns would be addressed and/or acknowledged if I posted on Toni’s blog. I really did feel sadness for Toni, I can’t tell you how many tears I cried reading the events as if they were unfolding in real time. I am disappointed in myself that it took me so long to piece together my final conclusion, it was all downhill after reading the police reports though…..Believe me when I say I really do want to feel sadness for Toni but the fact that she is destroying innocent people’s lives makes it hard.

Lubbock, TX

#28 Nov 6, 2012
The friends say Morgan tried cocaine, it's in the police report. Doesn't Toni realize that she could have gotten hold of a sleeping pill and muscle relaxer somewhere and taken them that night.. She could have even seen a doctor on her own. Toni took her her to the doctor and talked with her about Morgan's mental state. She even had the female detective check her out, but stalking was blamed. Hearing things, sleep disturbace, irritability, lack of interest in activities, messy room, lack of appetite is all symptoms of depression. All these are reported in the blog. Why didn' t Toni think of the previous illnesses as a cause and get the genetic testing just to be sure.. They never caught a stalker. Why was it all about some imaginary stalker with such a history of illness. Did Toni tell cops about previous illness during the many meetings? Are they allowed to ask? I' m curious.

Lubbock, TX

#29 Nov 8, 2012
And lastly, a third possible explanation for hallucinations. Taking too many amitryptiline is not always fatal. There can be an anticholinergic effect which can cause hallucinations. The mom said in the blog and on a public radio show that the girl quit the pills over two years before death. She said it several times, yet the reports say the Rx was last filled a year and a half before death. Were all these extra 6 months of pills accounted for? There were many days in the blog when no taps were reported. There seems to be a pattern and something medical, as in illness flare ups. or medication could have been the cause.

Colorado Springs, CO

#30 Nov 9, 2012
Truth seeker wrote:
Obviously you have no children, or your protecting someone! Once your child dies, all rules fly out the window! There is zero proof that she took any drugs! Talk about bending the the truth! Desperate for followers? And if it was an OD, why was it ruled as a natural death? You get more desperate by the post! Pathetic people, I PRAY that something this horrific befalls someone you love, so can eat your words!!!! Oh wait, only the good die young!
Obviously you're a follower of the Morgan Ingram blog. Funny that Toni didn't post anywhere that she will be on the Dr. Phil show on Monday, 11/12/2012. Why don't you see what he has to say about it?? How's that for TRUTH of the blog.

Denver, CO

#31 Nov 9, 2012
OMG Monday cannot come soon enough!!! I feel so horrible for these kids and their families. I hope they are able to shed some light on the situation as Toni has posted the Dr P news on her blog as well so her followers will surely watch. Then maybe they can come around the same way so many of us did. Even if something did happen to Morgan, it was NOT these kids.

Jonesboro, AR

#32 Nov 11, 2012
If she wasn't really stalked, then who is that person creeping around their house on all those photos & videos from the security cam (or whatever it was)?

Lubbock, TX

#33 Nov 11, 2012
Who knows! The first was a person who appeared to be crossing the driveway area going toward the little path towards the other house. No way would I outright accuse anyone of lying, but it could be possible a person or friend was out watching the area for the family. It could be someone taking a shortcut or someone avoiding police on the streets. There is a liquor store in the area. One video is just a young guy going up the street then back again. He was not in the yard. One video appears to be a headlight. Another video looks to be female and just walking. She could even be Morgan or a friend. There don't seem to be any landmarks showing exactly where this was filmed. There are no fenced in yards and there is also a bus stop nearby, which is mentioned in the police report. Another one is just a guy walking to the door (?) Then leaving. None of the videos show any criminal activity and there is no proof they are the people the woman is naming and accusing. There seems to be an escalation pattern of accusations and urging the cops to go get these people around the time right before each video. The only video really mentioned in police reports is the one where the guy walks up to the house. No one was identified or committing any crimes in the TWO videos that prove someone was in the yard of the I's home. Maybe these people will realize they were filmed and go tell cops. Maybe they have already for all anyone knows.

London, Canada

#34 Nov 12, 2012
With a mom like her i would have maybe took my life too..what a wack job she is. Just saw her on Dr Phil..and if anyone still believes this nut job then you yourself need help as well.

New Palestine, IN

#35 Nov 12, 2012
Truth seeker wrote:
Obviously you have no children, or your protecting someone! Once your child dies, all rules fly out the window! There is zero proof that she took any drugs! Talk about bending the the truth! Desperate for followers? And if it was an OD, why was it ruled as a natural death? You get more desperate by the post! Pathetic people, I PRAY that something this horrific befalls someone you love, so can eat your words!!!! Oh wait, only the good die young!
You're dillusional and I can guarantee God will not answer such a cruel prayer.

New Braunfels, TX

#36 Nov 12, 2012
Toni seems to get a high off all the attention.
The mother Toni said she had a horse and immediately mentioned without being asked that she had no idea that there was liquid amnitrip. for horses-seems like she is over compinsating. Then there was the eerie joy she seem to get from just being on the show and having dr Phil say he was sorry for her loss. It was if she was getting a high off all the attention from such a tragic situation. I agree they should re open the investigation...

London, Canada

#38 Nov 12, 2012
I have to also a person or in crazy moms mind persons wouldn't use this way of killing someone if they wanted them dead..just wouldn't happen like this for one. Also IF this was a murder and it wasn't but lets just throw all reason out the window and say ok she was murdered..these people would have to be the most skilled killers ever ..and considering the age of her(laugh) killers ..well again not possibe to live nothing behind and you've never done this before..come on

She needs to lose alot more it seems..shes not getting what shes doing but maybe when shes loses her home and other things she shut the hell up once and for all about these murders.

Addison, IL

#39 Nov 12, 2012
This woman is absolutely vicious and frankly, insane. Do I feel bad for her loss? Of course. Do I think her ridiculous claims are completely unfounded, made up and a total fantasy? Absolutely!!!!! On dr Phil today, she discounted all the evidence that this was indeed a suicide by simply telling some ridiculous story about how that evidence was actually someone elses and got misconstrued. If I were the two innocent
people being hunted by this crazy woman, I
would sue the hell out of her as soon as I saw
my name on her maniacal blog. This lady is one
of the biggest liars I've seen and to boot, she
laughs and smiles at odd times, seems
completely intent on being in the limelight and
does not stop to actually talk about how she
misses her daughter. She just plows through
every rational explanation with an absolutely
ludicrous mountain of bullcrap. And to be honest,
if I were an investigator on this case, I'd be
looking at HER before anyone else. Especially
with the way she's acting now, coupled with the
fact that she and Morgan fought right before she
died that she continues to deny- but then
explains that it "wasn't really a fight" when that's
exactly what it was by her own account! How dare this woman try to ruin another 18 year old kids life! I can see why Morgan called her mom a derogatory name before she died- my guess is that they fought often. The woman is intolerable. I feel terrible for Morgan for having to live with her and for feeling the hopelessness she must've felt. But I also feel terrible for Brooke and the other people this lunatic is blaming for this non-crime. This woman needs to be sued!!

Chadstone, Australia

#40 Nov 12, 2012
Very schizophrenic behaviour... Lol glad to see so many people on here are qualified to diagnose such behaviours!
Flightlessbird wrote:
Morgan was not murdered. Instead of getting so very angry and 'praying something horrific" befalls our families why don't you back up, consider the discrepancies in her story and view the whole thing with an open mind. I went into this believing it was true and when I got done reading the blog, all the inconsistencies and the overwhelming need to suspend by disbelief overtook me. Toni is redacting her claims and trying to fit all the players (neighbors, friends, police, dogs, etc.) into her conspiracy. This is very schizophrenic behavior. I am stunned people don't listen to the doubts in their minds. Surely you noticed the oddity? Morgan has no real presence in that blog. Back up, approach it rationally and stop praying horrible things upon us. I think that would include you participating in shaming innocent 'suspects.' Whomever she includes in her blogs are targets for mob like behavior. Why don't they go on you tube and create silent videos with flash cards describing what it is like to be drawn into someone's horrifying and paranoid fantasy and who is as reckless and aggressive with their lives as she describes the 'highest level of' aggressive sociopath that was supposedly stalking her daughter. She's a hypocrite and she's going to get someone killed.

New Braunfels, TX

#41 Nov 12, 2012
Maybe the reason she has not been sued for slander or defamation is the investigators want this lady to keep talking/blogging...

London, Canada

#42 Nov 12, 2012
Anon wrote:
<quoted text>Jeez. It sounds like the same few people posting this junk and my bet is that you are part of the websnoops. Sounds like you need to take a pill and calm down. Let the mother finish her blog and see what comes of it. There is nothing you can do to stop her anyhow.
Wow a fellow canuck and even you are blind and dumb..did u watch the dr phil show today? do you really believe all that BS the mother is putting out..your not to bright if you believe anything she has to say at this just keep giving her your cashola im sure she doesn't mind .

Her daughter did this on her own..theres is no doubt.

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