FOX31 Investigates exploding glass ba...

FOX31 Investigates exploding glass bake ware: Pyrex, Anchor Hocking...

There are 41 comments on the Fox 31 KDVR story from May 18, 2010, titled FOX31 Investigates exploding glass bake ware: Pyrex, Anchor Hocking.... In it, Fox 31 KDVR reports that:

You probably have one of these popular baking dishes in your kitchen right now. But before you place it in the oven, there's something you should know.

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Valley Center, CA

#22 Nov 2, 2010
About 20 years ago this happened to my mother.
She took something out of the oven in a glass pan (not sure of the brand) made for cooking and set it on the stove which had not recently been used.

Fortunately the washer and dryer were right by the kitchen in that place, the dryer went off and she walked over and leaned into it.
I heard an explosion about on par with a gunshot and ran into the kitchen. Pieces of glass were everywhere. They were still raining down and the little pieces popping and pinging for another 20-30 seconds.

It was a 13 x 9 inch pan and the largest shard left was smaller than the eraser on a #2 pencil.
It exploded with enough force to leave no clues as to what the glass had even been.

I learned then to never bake in glass pans.
Debra Gatekeeper

Crossville, TN

#23 Dec 10, 2010
Last night an almost new anchor hocking glass oven pan was moved andtouched the stove It exploded . I have been cooking a long time it was new . Nothing like this ever happened to me before in the 40 years I have used glass baking pans . As loud as a gun shot glass all over me and everything . My nerves are still shot today .

Tracy, CA

#24 Dec 17, 2010
Blackwater wrote:
Since most bake ware comes from China anymore with its inferior quality, watch for bubbles baked into the glass. Heating can cause it to explode.
Too bad anchor hocking is made in the USA lol

Since: Aug 09

United States

#25 Dec 18, 2010
Consumer Reports investigated 152 incidents that have been reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

New type of glass

Pyrex and Anchor Hocking glassware have changed over the years. They used to be made of a type of glass called borosilicate. Now they're made of a kind of glass called soda lime. Consumer Reports tested both kinds of glass in its lab to see how they compare in extreme conditions likely to cause breakage.

The tests included new 13x9-inch bakeware from Pyrex and Anchor Hocking. European-made Pyrex and Arcuisine Elegance, made of borosilicate, were also in the tests. All have warnings to avoid extreme temperature changes, and packaging on the American-made products contains a lot more cautions in small print.

In Consumer Reports' very tough lab tests, the glassware was filled with dry sand, which gets far hotter than food. It was put in a 450 degree oven for 80 minutes, then placed on a wet granite countertop, something you're not supposed to do. Ten out of 10 times, the soda lime glass broke. But in the same conditions, the European glassware did not break, though most did after baking at 500 degrees.

The American manufacturers said soda lime glass has advantages and is less likely to break when it's dropped or bumped.

Consumer Reports said there are enough cases to warrant further investigation by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Littleton, CO

#26 Dec 19, 2010
This happened to me as I was removing the baking try from the oven..I have several pieces of glass cookware and have been employed as a cook when I was younger.NOT operator error.....I didnt even get my brownies to the counter..The tray exploded in my hand when I took it out of the oven..It was in my hand ,touched nothing..I couldn't believe it..Wasted some really special brownies..People like Polaris have no clue of the properties of materials and the possibilities of failure to man made products..until it happens to them.. Then its all about the law suite to them..People who say its impossible are the first to make a big deal when it finally happens to them..

Southfield, MI

#27 Feb 6, 2011
Look, for all the people making the assumption that if this has happened to you , then you are a moron and it it MUST mean you moved the dish from cold to hot... It most certainly does not! I just had this happen and the dish came from the cabinet. Don't go making assumptions just because it's never happened to you! I have used this dish countless times before with no problem and all the sudden without cause it exploded this time. It is very unsafe and they need to go back to making them with the same materials the used to make them with. Just wanted these Aholes to know that we are not idiots and it could happen to anyone. Maybe it will happen to them nex and the they will feel really dumb!

Southfield, MI

#28 Feb 6, 2011
PS- Polaris, Your own little link to snopes even proves that they did in fact change the materials they use. way to know how to read!
Sharon from pa

York, PA

#29 Mar 10, 2011
Polaris wrote:
I use glass bakeware (Pyrex) all the time and have never had any problems. I think eveyone just wants to blame their own stupidity on companies (like the guy who sued McDanald's because he didn't know hot coffee would be hot). I think people who don't understand the basic properties of glass shouldn't use it. I think the folks who work with PYREX BEAKERS in the labs would have been the ones complaining if there was actually an issue with the product. Just to point it out to anyone who missed it, GLASS CAN BREAK. I'm just so fed up with the sheer stupidity of the general public and I'm embarrassed for you all.
Hi Judgemental,
Last night I had a fire from pyrex that was just bought I had no idea pyrex had changed their producing pattern or I may have not bought this product.
Pyrex knows they have a problem.
I live in an apartment area and It makes me sick that if I had stepped into another room a fire problem would have engulfed my apartment.Children live here not my children.I made meatloaf in a gas oven fire was coming out after the pyrex exploded and grease immediatly caught on fire I happened to be right there.
I have read a child looked in her oven to see her Christmes ham and the glass PYREX glass bakeware exploded in her face.
So is she beingsyupid I work in a hospital I only am concerned of saftey so grow a freaking brain and understand yoyr opinion you probable should have keep to yourself.Hey I also check my glassware before using and bakung so take that!!!!!

Denver, CO

#30 Mar 10, 2011
My pyrex bowl exploded when I was putting it in my cabinet. I thought a bomb went off. It's a good thing I was wearing glasses.

Boise, ID

#31 May 16, 2011
My 92 yr old mother took her Anchor casserole dish,and the bowl that it was nested in,down from the shelf in her cupboard and placed it on the counter. It was about 10 yrs old. Moments later there was a big explosion. The lid exploded and glass was all over the kitchen. She had to get help to clean it all up. It really was a shock to her. Could have caused a heart attack.

New Glasgow, Canada

#32 May 16, 2011
Polaris wrote:
I use glass bakeware (Pyrex) all the time and have never had any problems. I think eveyone just wants to blame their own stupidity on companies (like the guy who sued McDanald's because he didn't know hot coffee would be hot). I think people who don't understand the basic properties of glass shouldn't use it. I think the folks who work with PYREX BEAKERS in the labs would have been the ones complaining if there was actually an issue with the product. Just to point it out to anyone who missed it, GLASS CAN BREAK. I'm just so fed up with the sheer stupidity of the general public and I'm embarrassed for you all.
I know this is old, but I just happened to me. My husband was cooking roast beef in the oven at 350. It had only been in the oven about 15 mins when it exploded. And I mean exploded. He opened the oven to add sauce and it almost got him in the face. He closed the oven door fast so only a few bits got out of the oven. There is glass in every crevasse of the oven. We have used it at this heat just 2 nights ago and it did not drop or anything. I always thought these baking pans were good, but now I am not sure. I am pregnant and my husband was just trying to make dinner for me and this is what happens. We never use it on the stove top or put in cold water after taking out of the oven. It always cools before cleaning, so I am not sure why this would have happened.

Not everyone is stupid with their products. We followed the user instructions. When we make turkey and such we use throw away pans, never use the broiler and never heat it on the stove top, never put cold water in it when it is hot. We are not stupid users, but yet it happened to us.

I really hope the user I quoted that this does not happen to them, but maybe something like this would have to happen to them for them to understand that even if you follow all the rules and instructions things can still go wrong.

“Invisible Pink Unicorn”

Since: May 08

Location hidden

#33 May 21, 2011
tortminder wrote:
Originally,(when the product was American-owned and American manufactured), Pyrex(r) glass was manufactured with a material called borosilicate, which gave Pyrex (r) its unique heat resisting properties.
A number of years ago, the company was sold to a Chinese firm, World Kitchen, in 1998. They changed the formulation of the glass and began to use what is known as soda-lime in place of the borosilicate,(soda-lime is a much cheaper material). Soda lime glass is the WORST choice they could have made. The disadvantages of soda-lime glass is that is not resistant to high temperatures and sudden thermal changes.
There is little chance that the "gummint" will be able to successfully pressure the Chinese to remedy this since our largest creditor nation is China... in essence, they do not have to respond because they own us.
Welcome to "Hope and Change"!

This not from snopes.

I heard that Crystal meth cookers liked the old stuff because it did not break. They are now forced to steal or buy glass made for scientist to make meth.

The reason, according to numerous collectors boards, is the the government specifically asked Corning to stop making the Visionware cookware because crystal meth makers need to use it in the process. This sounds suspiciously like an urban legend to me (alread checked Snopes tho'). I can't believe a company would just stop making something there's a demand for for such a silly reason (couldn't meth makers just get glass stuff other places like lab supply companies?). I'd more readily believe it was pulled because of problems with it unexpectedly shattering like I had.
Ken in the UK

Melton Mowbray, UK

#34 Jun 30, 2011
My children were disturbed form bed this evening with the sound of an explosion and breaking glass. In the kitchen, and at room temperature, the kitchen cupboard had been blown open by a glass measuring jug that had literally exploded. I have glass everywhere. What concerns me is that this happened at room temperature, not having used the jug for some weeks. This jug was not in use, yet it exploded.

Alpharetta, GA

#35 Aug 11, 2011
Tortminder needs to go out immediately and purchase a set of Pyrex bowls . I would recommend that he then place them in his cabinet and hold his face close to the opening so that when the bowl(s) spontaneously explode perhaps one of the shards will lodge itself in his frontal lobe. I've READ that having a frontal lobe injury can bring about personality changes and after reading his caustic comments I've drawn the conclusion that ANY change to his personality would be for the better.

Wichita, KS

#36 Apr 24, 2012
Yes, Glass can break, but people don't expect a dish to shatter when being used in what seems like the intended manner.(A baking dish with a storage lid would appear to be designed to go from refrigerator to oven.) And this isn't just breaking, it's an actual explosion. Glass flies through the air. Oh, and while we're exposing how clear it is you don't have a clue what you're talking about, that "guy" that sued McDonald's was actually a woman, and she knew coffee would be hot, but she didn't expect it to be hot enough to give her 3rd degree burns and require skin grafts, which it did. I'm so glad we have geniuses like you to save us from our stupidity though. Whatever would we do without you?

Level 3

Since: Apr 12

Location hidden

#37 Apr 30, 2012
I haven't had a problem with my Anchor Hocking bakeware just yet, but I'm watching.

Ottawa, Canada

#38 Jul 27, 2012
Just yesterday I took an Anchor casserole dish out of the oven (after cooking some fish). I placed it on a burner to cool and was about to take the fish off when it exploded. It was frightening because it was a huge BANG like a shotgun and glass went flying all over the kitchen. I'm just glad my son was in the other room.

The dish wasn't cold previous to going in the oven, and I didn't place it on anything cold. I have no idea why it exploded.

These dishes are putting consumers at risk and a child could potentially be hurt by flying glass.
Legal Counsel

Brighton, CO

#39 Aug 1, 2012
I've baked in pyrex and corningware for many years (over 20). I've used both the older version and the lastest creation.

Not one has cracked, exploded or anything other than cook food.

I will not bake in aluminium. I have no plans to change from baking in glass.

Sycamore, IL

#40 Sep 9, 2012
Ten Years After wrote:
Gosh, it never happened to me.........probably because I don't use them
I just had this happen to me...I put my stuffed peppers on the stove and the dish exploded into a thousand pieces. I am glad I was not near the dish when it happened. There is no reason this should have happened...there was not a temp change or anything...just taking it from oven to stove should not make it explode!
Reluctant chef

Bradford, UK

#42 Jan 25, 2013
Tha same has just happened to my pyrex jug. Taken out of a dishwasher (that had been washed the night before). Placed on a worktop ,walked away to answer the phone.Jug exploded in the kitchen everywhere. This is the second time in 2 years this has happened to me.

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