A Voice for Men Allows the Bashing of...

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#86 Jun 4, 2011
I have to soft warm pillows for you to land on!!

No worries, you'll be fine!!

Denver, CO

#87 Jun 7, 2011
Ohio Cowgirl wrote:
<quoted text> Some of them do, you are right but I was kidding with Sniper.
man abuse is nothing to joke about


#88 Jul 14, 2011
Say no to misandry.

Please visit manwomanmyth (google&#65279; it), go to the video page, and WATCH ALL THE VIDEOS IN THE RIGHT ORDER FROM START TO FINISH! SEE THEM ALL AS ONE! TAKE NO VIDEO IN ISOLATION.

Old Monroe, MO

#89 Jul 21, 2011
Ohio Cowgirl wrote:
<quoted text> Good point and It should be a true statement but alot of women are not treated as equals.
That little saying has been around for along time, just thought I'd throw it in there to give you guys something to think about! lol..
You must admit we (women) have come along way and have had to fight an uphill battle to get here.....
You fought?


Who did you fight?

Can you name a specific person,natural obstacle, or group of people you fought to "get here"?

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#92 Oct 1, 2011

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#93 Oct 1, 2011
"A Voice for Men Allows the Bashing of Women, Feminists and the Mentally Ill"

Sorry dude you are a liar and a fool.

If you don't like avoiceformen.com don't go there.

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#94 Oct 1, 2011
Two Feminist Fallacies post 1

This concerns two common errors of thinking which most feminists stumble into while they are scrambling to decipher what is happening to their world, why things are slipping out of their control, and how they might regain that control. I call these two errors the crosshairs fallacy, and the moral perfection fallacy.

When I call them fallacies, I do not mean they are strictly logical fallacies in the academic way. That is, I do not pretend to add them to the likes of ad hominem, circular argument, strawman, and so on. No, for my purpose, these new items are fallacious simply because they are mistaken; because they initialize thinking upon a foundation of error and trigger downstream error in conjoined regions of understanding. I am keen to call attention to them because they so strongly mark the behavior of feminists in particular — especially those who are describing or attacking the non-feminist revolution. So my motivation to write is political.

I will speak first of the crosshairs fallacy.

Feminists fall into this mistaken thoughtway owing to their confusion and consequent desire to simplify. In a word, they oversimplify. Beset by hostile forces which they cannot fathom, they try to align a narrow target, as it were, in the crosshairs of a sniper scope. Their deluded hope is, that the sum and substance of what threatens them lies within that constricted radius, and that if only they neutralize the target area, their troubles will go away andperpetual revolution will resume its course unhindered.

Among feminists, the crosshairs target of choice is the cyberspace group known as “MRAs”, or Male Renaissance Agitators. Feminists are obsessed with MRAs as a kind of “red menace.” They sense, quite rightly, that larger social forces are mobilizing against feminism and what feminism has inflicted on the world, and with utmost naïveté they have undertaken a shorthand analysis that would make these things mentally easier to cope with.

The crosshairs fallacy springs from a childish belief that the vital force of the non-feminist revolution concentrates in a point source — for example, a certain community of websites — and that if you neutralize this particular “head”, then the “snake” will expire. But that is a gross misunderstanding — akin to attacking a prominent mushroom in complete ignorance of the underlying mycelium which spreads for miles. For even if you kill, imprison, or pinklist every suspected “MRA” on the planet, you will not have made a dent in the cultural forces which generated MRAs in the first place. Furthermore, you will have overlooked a host of otherthreats to feminism from other directions.

Accordingly, it will not do to sit around in feminist echo chambers mocking the bizarrities of presumptive MRAs who have posted comments on the internet. For such words are not spoken in a vacuum, nor do they enter the universe through a side door from nowhere. It should go without saying that such unsavoriness is the consequence of something — even a feminist could agree on that much. But what a feminist cannot hope to fathom without ceasing to be a feminist, is that these things originate from a source in the objective world which the feminist narrative is not competent to explain.

So the feminists have arrived at a false simplicity. The problem is not that the facts of the case are unduly difficult to comprehend, but that they are difficult for a specifically feminist mindset to process without a prerequisite self-knowledge and the sense of guilt this knowledge would instill. It is to avoid guilty self-knowledge, then, that the feminists project their anxieties onto an abstracted and quasi-mythical group of people — as onto a lightning rod.

cont in Two Feminist Fallacies post 2

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#95 Oct 1, 2011
Two Feminist Fallacies post 2

To be sure, MRAs do exist in various forms. But “the MRA” as anarchetypal construct, is largely a figment of the feminist imagination. And MRAs, whether concretely or archetypally, are only one piece of a much larger jigsaw puzzle. The more advanced non-feminist philosophers, by the way, do not make the equivalent error in their thinking about feminism or feminists. Rather, they have evolved a sophisticated conceptual model of feminism as a sociopolitical organism — a subject which I have treated elsewhere.
I will speak next of the moral perfection fallacy.

The feminists wish to discredit their enemies as simply as possible, and so they look for anything that is morally amiss about their enemies in order to expedite that project. This is fallacious mainly because it is shallow. For there is no way that any sizeable demographic sector can be a vessel of moral purity straight through, and the non-feminist sector is no exception. You will find the complete moral spectrum of human nature among those who oppose feminism, because we are talking about humanity en masse – and when did humanity en masse ever include less than a complete moral spectrum?Furthermore, you should understand that feminism is a utopian worldview. It upholds the abstract ideal of “progress” and holds the rest of the world accountable to a certain programme which it dictates in the service of this ideal.

So when the rest of the world is slow to measure up, it counts as proof (in the feminist mind) that the rest of the world is morally invalid and, thus invalidated, without warrant to challenge feminist claims. This mode of thinking is entirely circular and self-referential.In practice, all feminist assessment of human fallibility is made according to a feminist yardstick, meaning that no case of moral dysfunction is permitted to operate within its own frame of reference. Things are never “bad” for independent local reasons, but for reasons which feminism arrogates sole authority to enunciate. And in the feminist utopian worldview, all things are either progressing toward a projected feminist future, or rebelling against that future in some way. No alterity is admitted, and by default, any possible theory of “sin” or “transgression” can only be a feminist theory, imposed by feminists and for feminists, upon the rest of the world.

And so the feminists cannot see the world as it exists in itself, but only as it appears through the lens of feminist theory. In consequence, feminist dealings with the non-feminist sector amount to a coercive falsification of reality injuriously imposed on others. For it ought to be obvious that all manner of folk may be aggrieved at feminism for all manner of reasons. It is not a bit obvious, however, that ALL of these reasons are invalid merely because SOME of them are proffered on questionable grounds by questionable people. Coercive falsification is therefore a cardinal sin upon feminism’s doorstep; it is first imposed, reacted against by an aggrieved world, and imposed once more in rejoinder to that aggrieved reaction – which to the feminist mind is deemed a transgression. But with each round the falsification grows — always at the expense of any feminist claim to moral authority. This claim — or rather pretention – crumbles relentlessly.

In sum, feminism has a toxic moral agency within the social ecology. And so the moral perfection fallacy should inspire us to quote the Gospel verse which advises plucking the beam out of thine own eye before thou pluckest the mote out of thy neighbor’s eye!

A concluding word: The crosshairs fallacy and the moral perfection fallacy are interrelated; they intertwine; they have territory in common; they illuminate each other. But I will leave it to the reader to work this out for himself or herself.

Denver, CO

#96 Oct 1, 2011

“The Immigration Prostitute”

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#97 Oct 11, 2011


The VAWA Immigration Loophole: This is the story of Martha Laura Granados, an immigrant woman from Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico who abused the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) by pretending to be in love with an American Legal Resident. Martha prostituted herself to him for three years, deceiving him...


Google: Martha Laura Granados Immigration Prostitute

The VAWA Immigration Loop-hole:

If you are a woman, pretend to be in love with a US citizen / Legal Resident, deceive him to marry you. As soon as you got the marriage certificate dial 211 and falsely accuse him of Domestic Violence and Rape and move to a VAWA shelter.

You will be on a fast-track for a Green-Card and US citizenship - all expenses paid for by the US tax payer and as a bonus you will be getting full social benefits.
Rik Little

Scranton, PA

#98 Oct 12, 2011
'Feminism was/is a government Trick.' (on Facebook) They SUCK bigtime and abuse children, the economy, democracy and most of all the human Family. CIA inspired and funded (and still funded) are the National Organization for Women. The worlds most notorious Hate group created by the US Government.

Mississauga, Canada

#99 Oct 17, 2011
Ohio Cowgirl wrote:
I wasn't talking to anyone specific, I was talking about the guys who would approve of a site or thread that bashes women....
yes, I'm sure you (and many women like you) only tolerate wussy men that agree with you about everything, because they want to get with you. Feel free to keep living in your fantasy world.

Henderson, KY

#100 Nov 26, 2011
NPD and BPD are no excuse for abuse. Stop defending abusive bullies just because they're women and have NPD and BPD.

Denver, CO

#101 Dec 15, 2011
If men cant treat women right then they dont deserve to live with a woman.Man!Eve should of never been made for Adam,God tried to please Adam,by giving him a beautiful mate,but looks like he took it for granted!Men dont respect women for shit!They just use us for thier own good and then offend us for smelling bad!women are special and men dont deserve such special treasures.Sure,go blame EVE,but if it werent for her,none of you guys would exist!

Denver, CO

#103 Dec 15, 2011
Women are victims for men and I don't see why God put us women on this face of earth with these brutal bullies,who abuse us,rape us,and control us in every which way.Its like throwing lambs to the wolves,you know what I mean?All they want from us is sex,to bear children,and cook for them,and do thier stupid laundry.And they give us no respect in return,they offend us with stuff like saying girls smell like fish and stuff.Well if they want sex,they best stop offending us.A womwn is a woman,deal with it!
Hermokrates the Late

Aurora, CO

#106 Dec 22, 2011
Dazed wrote:
I publiclly protest Paul Elam's site A Voice for Men
This site allows the bashing of women, feminists and most horrific of all, those who are mentally ill.
Granted that those who have Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) are usually women, but why use terms like "incurable disease," along with a wide range of slurs and other comments.
Then Paul Elam bashes the feminist movement by somehow connecting them with the socialist! No that is, as is often used on the site "crazy."
Women are good and those with mental illnesses (even serious mental illnesses), can be helped and, in many cases cured. I know that some of the words used to describe those with BPD and NPD on this site and on the site of A Shrink 4 Men www.shrink4men.com do not help anyone.
Feminist are not evil, those with BPD are not evil and those with NPD are not evil. Some of these attacks are just as bas as those who you point fingers at! Look at yourselves in the mirror sometime!
BTW: I am a male!
No, those who fight legitimately fight for a woman's "equality" are fine. It is those extremists who twist and build lies in a form of hate towards their "opponents" that deserve to be bashed and defamed. Those whose first thought toward men are they should be destroyed or maimed.

You sound like one of those white nights, who see no wrong in women. They are goddesses in your eyes, so there will be no change in your thought pattern. But for everyone else, I as a MRA choose to treat everyone with equality, from jokes to praise. If a woman fucks up, I laugh at her. If she does well, I salute her. The same for males. So don't buy into this "mental illness" bullshit Dazed seems to have memorized.

Just think about it, if Feminists actually wanted equality, then their programs would help boost the human race. Not just those with vaginas.

Denver, CO

#107 Dec 24, 2011
Bash women,and you'll bash life forever as well.Remember;women are the source of life.
no coward here

Vale, NC

#109 Feb 27, 2012
"The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world"

Really, now, The best I can tell is that women will have as much power as men give them. Think about it. If women are so powerful, it is because men let it. Today's mainstream men are weak little obedient puppets who defer to women todetermine their own worth, image, power and egos.

However, real men never lose their bearings over women, no matter what it costs them, and they protect and defend their own gender, else have their sense of manhood ripped right out from under them.

Not all of us are good customers like that!

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Plainfield, VT

#110 Apr 9, 2012
Paul Elam is a Fraud who believes in one cause only himself.I have followed him for over 5 years and seen the change from reasonable discourse to a all out war against women. He is going to incite one of his minions to hurt or Even worse Kill some women,
no coward here

Vale, NC

#112 May 5, 2012
If the "hand that rocks the cradle rules the world" it is because so-called "men" have become cowards, puppets, feminized wimps, and customers. Deal with THAT! Is THAT real power for women, or.....the oldest profession?

Men should stand up for their own sex. In doing so they would obliterate the lies, sniveling, and superiority plans of femi-socialism...which, by the way, for those who live in an oblivious state of ignorance and denial, feminism is so unmistakably, undeniably tethered to socialism that the concepts are inseparable. Do the homework. Feminists may try to warp and obscure the truth, but their desperation is showing their true colors.

Real men tell the truth---tho whomever it needs to be told, regardless of what it costs them... because they simply do not defer to women to determine their worth...because, unlike those who DO need to, real men are in full-worth capacity with self-evidence.

Manhood is not group-owned and does not defer to the herd mentality for validation. Only losers who have "had sucker" written on their foreheads believe that myth.

One thing is for sure: When the boys of the future ask of men who live today,"what did you do to help stop hatred and punishment of males.... to help ensure real equality was pursued...to stand up for your own sex", my head will not be hung in shame.


Men can certainly love women and not agree with feminists about everything, about everybody, everywhere. Don't believe that? You need to re-read the first paragraph in this comment.

Men can make approx. half the rules...else, equality has been mocked and denied by women themselves. After all, equality isn't about getting your way all the time. No?

Final note: as long as women continue to accept special preferential treatment with just about everything AND still try to say they are equal, then they will NEVER be equal. On paper, in policy, etc. they may appear equal, but in reality, being special only reminds men that women aren't equal...and even with all this help, they still can't manage to pull it off.

Poor, poor pitiful women. Equality isn't defined by by wanting to be equal, it is defined by substantiating it. The truth will never lie!

Deal with that!

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