Denver police shoot, kill suspect dur...

Denver police shoot, kill suspect during domestic disturbance call

There are 44 comments on the Fox 31 KDVR story from Apr 14, 2010, titled Denver police shoot, kill suspect during domestic disturbance call. In it, Fox 31 KDVR reports that:

Police officers shot and killed a man who they say threatened them with a knife and meat cleaver when they responded to a domestic disturbance call Wednesday.

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A Face in the Dark

Denver, CO

#22 Apr 15, 2010
I also knew him and his wife. They were in the tax business. It was a sad situation. Zak was a very troubled soul. He also had a profound problem with alcohol and had been in and out of rehab many times. Although the police may have pulled the last trigger it was drink that killed him.

United States

#23 Apr 15, 2010
No Taser wrote:
What happened to Tasers?
Denver police don't have them?
Cops used to have tasers, they used to have billy clubs, but all the libs deemed them too dangerous and had them removed. If it were up to the ACLU and libs, cops wouldn't have anything to defend themselves and the creeps would have the advantage. BTW, I am not a cop, just someone with common sense. I just get sick of seeing these stories where family members call the cops and when they have to blow the psycho away, the family claims that it was just un-necessary to harm them.
No Taser

Denver, CO

#24 Apr 15, 2010
da_smelly_one wrote:
<quoted text>
Cops used to have tasers, they used to have billy clubs, but all the libs deemed them too dangerous and had them removed. If it were up to the ACLU and libs, cops wouldn't have anything to defend themselves and the creeps would have the advantage. BTW, I am not a cop, just someone with common sense. I just get sick of seeing these stories where family members call the cops and when they have to blow the psycho away, the family claims that it was just un-necessary to harm them.
I'm not against harming them, but killing them is wrong.
I would have been completely on Cops side if that guy had a gun.
A guy with kitchen knives and yards away could be easily brought down by shooting in the legs. What's their target practice for?
No need to "shoot to kill". They are to protect citizens and need to take some risks. Looks like they just need a reason to shoot.
Everyone has an opinion

Denver, CO

#25 Apr 15, 2010
You all have an opinion but if it were someone you knew you wouldnt be talking all that crap. I went to high school with zak, but havent seen him since. I have heard that he was an alcoholic, but is that any reason to kill him. For all of you saying the family shouldnt have called 911, give me a break, nobody calls 911 thinking that the police are gonna come kill their loved one, they just needed help! So go ahead post your opinion but think about if it were you!! No matter what this is very sad! My heart goes out to his family!

Denver, CO

#27 Apr 15, 2010
Shoot for the legs? Try it some time. A maniac with big blades swinging crazily coming at you and you are trying to shoot him in the 3.5 inch moving kneecap? PULEEZE. You people watch too much TJ Hooker. Police are trained to shoot for the mid-mass to stop the attacker. Period. This is no one's fault but Zak's and his family's for not getting him the help he needed.

Denver, CO

#28 Apr 16, 2010
the cops shouldn't of killed him... he had a family to take care of but i guess not anymore

Golden, CO

#29 Apr 16, 2010
At least they blasted him with a rubber slug first. Didn't work, gotta do what ya gotta do.

White Plains, KY

#30 Apr 16, 2010
Are all you people heartless?

I happen to be Zak's cousin. I hadn't seen Zak in years. Apparently he had some problems...who doesn't? I understand if it was self defense and eliminating the threat. But how many times have I seen and heard people firing guns at the police and they are not killed? Only 1 rubber bullet? Obviously he wasn't in a right state of mind. WHAT HAPPENED TO TASERS!!! The fact of the matter is, Zak was a good person with problems. Who knows why he went out there like that? I don't know why and my entire family is shocked and devestated. So before putting out oblivious and heartless comments, think if it were your brother or cousin or whoever. You would want to make sure the police attempted to use non-lethal means and REALLY exhausted all other options.~Rest in Peace Zak~
Politically Incorrect

United States

#31 Apr 16, 2010
What's the dilemma here? A nutjob answers the door armed with two knives then charges at police waving them. The cops did right by me except that the story indicates the cops did back up and give this POS an extra chance. He got what he deserved!

Alice, TX

#32 Apr 17, 2010
Yes Mike you are very right, most of these idiots have no heart. They are most likely uneducated rednecks who go to the gun range on weekends and consider themselves "concerned citizens"

There were plenty of options for use of force by police without taking Zak's life. I think police these days rather use lethal force than disabling the suspect.

I am however surprised at the lack of respect for life displayed in this string of comments. But thats the internet I guess, everyone hides behind anonymity because they wouldn't have the courage to say any of these things out loud to a group of people they don't know.

I am sorry for you family's loss, I really feel for the kids who probably watched as their father was shot to death in front of them.

For the rest of you mother fucking idiots out there who think "he got what he deserved" I hope each and everyone of you remember what you said when karma comes around your way. Think about the his kids who most likely watched this happen in front of them. You don't think this is going to affect them for the rest of their lives ? Maybe this person had problems, but there is no reason, absolutely no reason to use lethal force on a man carrying knives. I mean exactly what was he doing to do ? Throw them ? Cleave someone to death with 5 cops standing around ? Seriously ?
Not a Saint

Denver, CO

#33 Apr 17, 2010
Someone in an earlier post mentioned karma... A guy who made his living preying on people with IRS problems dying within a day of April 15th... karma indeed.

google Tax Stop, LLC

Lexington, KY

#34 Apr 17, 2010
only in america in2010, could you accuse a person of being a predator, for offering a service to people who knowingly avoid paying taxes, and then when the jackboot irs is on their heels go running to someone to help them|

and then this saul alinsky wannabe signs his blog by asking you to google his web site|

a competitor, who offers his services for free.

what a saint|


Arvada, CO

#35 Apr 18, 2010
Ignorance is bliss. All I know is that Zak was a very good man...he just had some problems. But, who doesn't?? I completely agree that taking his life was not the last resort. People are just so heartless. My heart goes out to his wife, children and entire family. May God walk them through these sad times.

Denver, CO

#36 Apr 19, 2010
NEVER interrupt a guy using his tools in the kitchen. Just leave it alone or no dinner.
Not a Saint

Denver, CO

#37 Apr 19, 2010
Richard you idiot... TaxStop, llc IS Zak's company... along with Tax Compromises, inc and probably several others. I can assure you that indeed their services are NOT FREE. Avoiding paying taxes is called evasion and is illegal and not what I was referring to. Someday maybe you will start a business or have enough income to where taxes become a significant amount and someone like Zak outright lies to you about your options just to get your money. And its not just Zak, it's the entire tax negotiation business. The IRS does not bargain or settle except in the rarest of occasions. So few occasions in fact that these companies could not possibly keep their doors open if they were honest. The news has reported that Zak had drug and alcohol issues.... I'll bet that's the case with many people in his industry. Knowingly cheating people out of money they cant afford to lose WILL get to your conscience after a while.
(I'm not sure how Saul Alinski fits into this, found this when I searched "Saul Alinski Taxes".... "Tea partyers have a new and unlikely hero: Liberal activist Saul Alinsky." I guess you are are defending the IRS and their practices, and you are entitled.)
An eye for an eye

Denver, CO

#38 Apr 20, 2010
To everyone on this post, those of you who are calling the police "trigger happy murderers," and defending Zak Reeves, here is a little background information on him. To his cousin Mike, an earlier poster, I apologize if this offends you, but it is the truth.

Zak and I grew up together, went to Park Hill Elementary together, then Smiley Middle School, and then East High. By the time Zak was in seventh grade, he was involved with drugs and gangs, and by high school had graduated to dealing drugs and carrying loaded weapons with him almost everywhere he went.

I know multiple people who were threatened and assaulted by Zak and his friends, some at gunpoint - including myself when after a football game he flashed a gun at me because I had told him to stay away from my girlfriend. At a party my senior year at East, he and 2 of his friends gang-raped a 17-year-old girl. Within a week, she had left East and moved on. I don't know what became of her, but the rumor was that the reason she hadn't pressed charges was because she was afraid of retaliation against herself and her family.

At another party the same year, a guy I knew got into an argument with Zak over a beer. Literally a beer. Zak and his friends followed the guy home after the party and beat him so bad he had a fractured cranium and permanent loss of vision in one eye. Charges were never filed because there were no witnesses.

This was all over 15 years ago, and to be honest, I had completely forgotten about Zak Reeves until a friend of mine called to tell me about this story. When I googled Zak, I found that at the time of his death, he was co-running a tax firm that is under investigation by the FBI for fraud and embezzlement (if you don't believe me, google his name and read the results).

My point is this, Zak did not have a hard life growing up. He was from a middle-class family in a normal Denver neighborhood. He chose to live the "thug life," and from what I can see, continued on that path until the day he died.

Anyone claiming excessive force from the police might want to think about the excessive force that Zak used when he was assaulting people and robbing them at gunpoint, or the force he used when he raped that girl, or the force he was using on his own wife with a knife and meat cleaver before the police showed up. This guy chose to live outside the law, and it was his own choices, not the choices of the officers called to the scene that night, that were the ultimate cause of his demise.

My heart does go out to he wife and kids. No one wins in a situation like this, but in my heart of hearts I believe that his family, the city of Denver, and the world at large are better of without Zak.

Some apples are just born bad, and need to be thrown out with the trash.
About Time

Denver, CO

#39 Apr 20, 2010
WTG An Eye for an Eye. I was about to write something very similar. Zak was NOT a good person, he beat his wife & abused his children, he lied & stole money and was involved heavily in drugs.

And like everyone else who knows/knew him personally, that night was was high on drugs, had been threatening and hitting his wife (she called 911)...He got what he deserved. One less POS off the streets.

I'm sure the girl he gang raped (as well as the others he assaulted) are propbably breathing a sigh of relief. Karma? Yeah, he got his.
Hayden Reeves

Denver, CO

#40 Jul 7, 2010
Who hell are you "about time?!". You make me sick! To post a comment that MY husband beat his wife and abused his children is ignorant, mean and for some reason self serving. My husband was an incredible father and husband & we miss him incrediably. I am sorry that you are such a looser that hiding behind a "screen name" makes mail feel good. Email me when you get a chance..... We can discuss reality! And discuss who you are and why you are such a heartless pussy! How dare you speak of my husband with such disregard and untruthfulness.
Hayden Reeves

Denver, CO

#41 Jul 7, 2010
Eye for an eye - don't ever give me your heart to the kids and wife..... We want nothing to do with you. Your intuition of the situation is completely wrong, get facts straight before you start spewing information you know nothing about.... I hope you have to deal with tragedy like this.... Just so you can understand the disgusting comments you have made are completely inappropriate.
I love you Zak!
Hayden Reeves

Denver, CO

#42 Jul 7, 2010
James from Dallas, TX. Thank you! Your comments about this situation were intelligent, heart felt and wonderful. Thank you for the support. I love my husband, and so did his 3 beautiful children. This was not an evening like the media reported.... No domestic violence, alcohol, drugs or bad behavior was involved.
Zak you are loved and missed more than you know.
Your wife

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