Disabled students forced to sit in ow...

Disabled students forced to sit in own blood, urine

There are 43 comments on the KUSA Denver story from Mar 12, 2007, titled Disabled students forced to sit in own blood, urine. In it, KUSA Denver reports that:

" A school watch group is accusing an elementary school of restraining and secluding students with disabilities, forcing one to sit in her own urine.

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Reality check

Castle Rock, CO

#24 Mar 13, 2007
The kids are being mainstreamed into schools. Some can and some cannot, even with resources. Too bad, someone is always to blame, it is much easier to point fingers, than to face the truth!!!
Reality check

Castle Rock, CO

#26 Mar 13, 2007
We are all screwed.....deal with it!
SSN teacher not in D11

Colorado Springs, CO

#27 Mar 13, 2007
This story gives me nightmares. I work with severely disabled kids and I am appalled at the level of incompetence allowed in D11. The administrator should be the first to go followed by the teacher. The paraprofessionals are simply following the lead set by those above them. Where was the rest of the staff? The parents also need to be more closely involved with their childrens education since they have children who cannot speak for themselves.

Denver, CO

#28 Mar 13, 2007
In response to Jackie-being a special education teacher you would know what exactly the procedures to use on children with mental and physical disablities are. Let me tell you what TEACHER, you are to educate those children and your specialty lies in protecting those children and yourself within reason. Secluding children as such, IS NOT an easy thing for the child. I find it to be a form of abuse especially in children like this. Denying a child to use the bathroom services is CLEARLY UNACCEPTABLE!! I don't care who you ARE!! Its bad enough they live with a stigma and by that I mean they have to be exposed daily to the harsh realities that school children put them through. Did you forget about that?? I sure as hell didn't forget, remembering watching my special friends go through those horrors and daily having to defend them against a community that didn't see them as equals. As a teacher YOU are to be trusted by the community, the students and their families to take care of these precious people!! If you can't accept the fact that a few special education teachers did something wrong and that you to are infallible, then get out of the job. I wouldn't want you, these teachers and paraproffessionals to be anywhere near my children. If you can't have the love in your heart as these childrens families do to take care of them, get out of this proffession. I'm in agreement with One Mad Woman!!

Denver, CO

#29 Mar 13, 2007
Reality check wrote:
We are all screwed.....deal with it!
And we don't need people like you to be apathetic about it.

Denver, CO

#30 Mar 13, 2007
Obbop wrote:
Yeah, in the interest of "inclusion," to feeeeel warm and fuzzy and to sate the pandering politicians, place the kids with severe problems into the schools. Everyone knows the schools are now the cure-all for all of a kid's ailments.
Next, the schools will have a cancer ward as well as perform organ transplants.
In other words, why weren't those kids with such severe problems in a medical setting with the properly trained and equipped personnel?
Maybe the tax money isn't there, that we have to tend to those kids cheaply. We DO need those BILLIONS of dollars to prop up foreign dictators and force our superior "American Way" on foreign people and cultures.
With healthcare for those who can't afford it being the way it is, it truly is a country where the priorities are not FOCUSED.-

Denver, CO

#31 Mar 13, 2007
Special Ed teachers CAN'T work miracles. As usual, there's probably not enough help to tend to everyone. My friend works with the severely disabled, and makes just over $10 an hour. For working with disabled people!

It's not right that jobs working with children (like daycare centers), the disabled, and the elderly, are so low paid. Or that the employees are stretched so thin.

I'd rather see my taxes going for helping the disabled, the elderly, public schools, etc than something like Invesco Field.

Colorado Springs, CO

#32 Mar 13, 2007
How terrifying. I have a son with multiple disabilities, and we currently live in District 11. I was disinclined to send my child to these schools... I am even less inclined to do so now.

Colorado Springs, CO

#33 Mar 13, 2007
What about those who bring these children into the world knowing they can not care for them. Is there any responsibility with them?

What about those children who were born typical, and have disabilities due to accidents? Perhaps you should think before you speak. People like you make me sick.
Tacey Tokarcik


#34 Mar 13, 2007
I think jail time would be appropriate. These abuses are reprehensible!

Parker, CO

#35 Mar 13, 2007
While the story may not address ALL issues it does seem to indicate that there needs to be more training of the staff to deal with escalating situations. I suspect the school needs to revisit the student/teacher ratio for these kids and lessen the burden on the staff allowing them to effectively handle problems that arise. (Yes, I know-funding) I worked in this field for 2 years and we had 3 students per staff member. Half were non-ambulating. We did not seperate students for acting out simply because they could hurt themselves. We learned to redirect them. Ongoing training has greater rewards than out-of- sight, out-of-mind.
K Christofferson

Lincoln, NE

#36 Mar 13, 2007
Boy,that is what happens when the general public doesn't know the Special Ed laws. These children must be on a behavior plans and this all(addressing behavior and actions to be taken) must have been decided as a team, which includes parents,local agencies ect. Get the facts straight.

Broomfield, CO

#37 Mar 13, 2007
It should also be considered that some children do not have the verbal skills to make their parents aware that these incidents. They are happening and the schools do not feel obligated to notify parents when children are placed in these situations. It should be illegal to place a child in restraints or a timeout room without notifying the parents and giving them the information to decide if the situation is safe for their child. The child belongs to the parent - not the school and therefor the decision is that of the parents!
School District Employee

Breckenridge, CO

#38 Mar 13, 2007
lgc wrote:
No one wants to address the real problem here which goes way beyond what happened in the school.
How did caring for children that are obviously not suitible for public school become the taxpayers/school systems responsibility?
What about those who bring these children into the world knowing they can not care for them. Is there any responsibility with them?
I work for the Douglas County School District. In some situations a special education child is placed in a facility, however, the school district is responsible for paying for the facility treatment. So, even if a student is not attending "public school" your tax dollars are still going to help that child. Be happy your tax dollars are going to such a worthy cause, these children are special in all ways!

Denver, CO

#39 Mar 13, 2007
As long as we keep throwing our Tax Dollar$ into Third-World Armpits in the name of humanity (translation - Oil Producing Countries that keep Chaney in Silk Suits) then we will continue to have these problems in our own back yard. NO ONE --disabled or not, should be forced to sit in their own URINE! We elect those officials who turn their collective backs on the problems we hear and read about in our own country - but by God, let's pump more money into countries that give their 10 year- old children guns to shoot our soldiers. Are we that backward to create better and more efficient energy sources here than rely on the Camel Jockeys to provide those resources? The politicians have turned their backs much too often on the problems in THIS country. When will the madness stop! I guess voting on a new State Song is more important than taking care of those who can't take care of themselves.

Parker, CO

#41 Mar 13, 2007
lgc wrote:
No one wants to address the real problem here which goes way beyond what happened in the school.
How did caring for children that are obviously not suitible for public school become the taxpayers/school systems responsibility?
What about those who bring these children into the world knowing they can not care for them. Is there any responsibility with them?
People once said this same thing about African American children. Do these children not deserve an education? Who is to deem them "unacceptable" for the public school system?

That last question, however rhetorical, again echoes of eugenics.

This issue isn't about special education teachers failing. It's most often about general education teachers being improperly trained to deal with inclusion of children with disabilities in the general education classroom.

The 1975 Education for the Handicapped Act guarantees a free and appropriate public education. A part of the requirements for these students is that they be on an individual education plan that adresses both educational and behavioral issues. The situation would not have devolved to this extreme if those had been heeded and the parents should be encouraged to seek due process.

The presupposition that these children are somehow below our efforts is ridiculous. We are often aghast at bad treatment of those who are physically disabled. If this story were about a child in a wheelchair being forced to sit in his/her own urine, the discussion would be ridiculous.

Denver, CO

#42 Mar 13, 2007
My child also suffered at the hands of his special education teacher, principal and untrained paraprofessionals. The Legal Center worked with the School District and now he has been placed in another school and is doing much better. I am sure this treatment is going on in many Colorado Schools but administrators have not made it a priority. One top administrator asked me, "What are we suppose to do with them" These are children not animals and with proper treatment, they will respond appropriately.

Denver, CO

#43 Mar 14, 2007
Thank you 9 News for highlighting this important topic! Hurah for you!

Pierre, SD

#44 Mar 16, 2007
These kids are people first. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

Aurora, CO

#45 Mar 19, 2007
One Mad Women wrote:
Here is my take on this whole thing...
Pee Pants, where the heck do you get off saying what you did, funny, you must live a very lonely life to want to blame God, open your eyes, these children are God's Angels sent to teach others like you a lesson, and that whole inbreed thing, you need counseling on a DEEP level if you truly believe that, seek help fast......
and another thing, i completely understand that special ed teachers have it rough. very. teachers who dont have disabled children deal with issues as well. your point was well made. HOWEVER.....it clearly states that the child TOLD them multiple times she had to pee, if this girl was prone to "false" potty breaks, is it truly that difficult to take her anyhow?? call down to the office if your that short staffed, i am sure there is a teacher sitting in the break room who wouldnt mind pitching in a couples minutes....unless they are as heartless as some of you seem to be.
on that note, the boy who was withheld from FOOD till the end of the day?? yah THATS great restraining abilities right there. it must be that these "teachers" seemed to think that they couldnt handle the load, lock one up, if they have an incident lets blame it on the lack of abilities. or how about lack of humanity and who will ever know?? these children cant seem to do too much on their own let alone snitch on them....
oh and ANOTHER thing, does anyone realize how much special care can be???? do you have the $$ to help pay? no you dont and neither do some of these parents, as if they dont have ENOUGH on their plates everyday, lets add a tuition for extra care....in a world like this it is hard to find caring individuals in this field, and they are hard to find but not a one of those teachers gets to ABUSE anyone, monster comes to mind when i think about people like that, irregardless of what may or may not have happened
why dont you pee on yourself, go w/o food for the day, lock yourself in seclusion a few times for 30 mins or more and see how well that works for you.....now imagine it with less understanding of whats going on......these people enrage me on a heartbreaking level....
one day they will have to face their music, God only knows what happens to those who mistreat his Angels.......
Before you sit there and judge, I HIGHLY encourage you to go visit a classroom in a public school with children who have emotional and behavioral disorders. Go this time of year and see how long you last in the classroom. A class I was in last week, a student held a chair over his head (8 years old) and tried to go after a 9 year old girl. Another student brought a gun to school because he wanted to "kill" the principal. Another student (who was in the time out room because he was throwing chairs) said he had to go to the bathroom because he wanted to get out of time out and go after the kids again. Once you spend a day with these HIGH needs kids and can begin to understand the compassion and patience that the staff has for working with these out of control students, then I will gladly listen if you have the same opinions. I have been working with high needs emotional and behavioral students for 8 years and I would love to see someone as ignorant as you to what they truly could be like become enlightened with what we go through on a daily basis.

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