ANNETTEIS SO ENVY THAT SHE IS A KILLER, MENTALLY ILL, CAN NOT HANDLE HERSELF, AND THE GROUP., ENVY OF THE RESUME, THE LIFE, THE PLACE, THE HOTEL, THE FRIENDS, THE ANNE ELDER, THE NON SPACESHIP THERE IS SOMETHING PHYSICALLY WRONG WITH THEM, THEY CAN NOT ENJOY THERE LIFE, RUIN OTHERS, TO MAKE THEM SUPERIOR, MENTALLY ILL., THIS IS DEPT OF DEFENSE, PRES OBAMA HAS A DIVISION HQ CPMS OSD, MIL THAT ARE FILLED WITH MENTAL ILL PEOPLE. GET RID OF THE EXCESS WEIGHT OF THE GOVERNMENT Envy tendency : Envious, spiteful, malicious nature Envy or malicious nature demonstrates a 'negative emotion' as a result of discontent and ill-will over another's advantages. It is a feeling of grudging admiration and desire to have something possessed by another. Envy is when you do not measure up to someone else or you very much want something someone else has (e.g. an attractive lover, a sports car, success, a sexy build, etc.). Envy demonstrates spite and resentment at seeing the success of another (--personified as one of the deadly sins). Envy focuses on what others have which we do not have. Jealousy, on the other hand, focuses on what we have which we want to keep for ourselves. While envy is a desire to possess what another has, jealousy is a refusal to share what one possesses.Envy or malicious nature can make one feel the pain of deprivation even when one is not actually deprived of. This results in a vicious circle of envy and unhappiness, since your unhappiness causes you to further envy those who are happy. Envy focuses on what we not have and how we may have failed. Our energy gets wasted in making comparisons between oneself and others, comparisons that result in feelings of inferiority. This leads to us to envy others and their achievements, and builds barriers between you and them. Envy can distort our perspectives in life and distract us from our routines and responsibilities. Envy immobilizes us from doing things that are necessary and important. Our energy is instead channeled towards undermining those we envy. Causes Of Envy : Reasons behind Envious, spiteful, malicious natureWe often feel envious or malicious because of our own conflicts with self-esteem or with self-limitations. There is a lack of self-worth and often a feeling of inferiority. Envy falsely assumes extremely low self esteem, mental illness? by DeepThinker Tue Jun 26, 2007 4:07 am ---------- For a while now, months and months, I've had this lingering feeling of being retarded. I don't know why my self-esteem is so low, Family: A 'favored' sibling might be the cause of envy. One from a broken family may envy others who have complete families. The people we envy and the possessions or advantages for which they are envied tells us something about ourselves -our values, our aspirations, our negative self-concept. Use our envy as a mirror in which to see ourselves more clearly.THE CHEERLEADER THAT ALL THE WOMEN IN HS WANT TO BE, AND THEN ONE OF THE NON POPULAR GROUPS KILLS HER, OR SEX,THIS GOES ON THIS IS ANNETTE AND THE GROUP W/NEURAL DRONE, ILLEGAL Assistant cheerleading coach arrested for allegedly performing sexual acts on student, 17