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Tom Martino has been fighting for consumers for more than 30 years via television, radio, newspapers, magazines and the internet.

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United States

#23 Aug 5, 2010
Please help us!

On June 19th, 2010, my husband and I got married on a beautiful ranch in Masonville, Colorado. We got a limo with On Demand Transportation Limo Services. This would be my husband first time in a limo and he was really looking forward to it.

Our limo was supposed to arrive at midnight, instead it arrived at almost 12:30am. To make things worse, we purchased a wedding package which included champagne, a just married sign and a red carpet. None of these services were received. We also were supposed to have iced down drinks, but the drinks were not iced down. Our cushions on the inside were ripped and the seal from the door was hanging on the inside of the door swinging into us the whole drive. My father had to bring us a bottle of wine from our own reception just so we could have some wine to celebrate.

I have spoken with the manager and they offered me $54 off $344. But its been almost 8 weeks and I have not seen a check from them. They have denied doing anything wrong. They admitted that the seats were tore and seal was broken but for that they don't think any money was deserved. Our limo driver insisted that we had a red carpet and everything, even after I sent them pictures proving that there was nothing. They still refuse to do anything even with the proof. Our driver had to borrow a pen from our hotel and he even now denies following us into the hotel to get one. It was very tacky!

To say the least, this limo was supposed to be exciting, fun, and was our wedding night. Instead we had a terrible limo and we have a to deal with a terrible company. We don't know what else to do, but I would hate for another happy couple to have to go through what we have had to go through! Please look into this!
Dennis Stansbury

Commerce City, CO

#24 Aug 8, 2010
I just stayed in Steamboat Springs at the Steamboat Hotel, which is next door to the Division of Wildlife headquarters. My gosh, the parking lot was full of new or near new vehicles, close to 40 of them. It was a very busy Saturday in Steamboat, and never did I see one of the vehicles move or it appear that they were needed or used. Is this the way our fees for fishing and hunting are being used? I thought it was to stock and raise fish and manage wildlife, not buy fancy buildings and vehicles to park in the back lot? Hey why not keep this quiet and take a trip up there and see for yourself. You will get easy pictures of nothing going on???

Schaumburg, IL

#25 Aug 9, 2010
I've tried to call your 303-713-TALK number for days, and only get a busy signal.

Mike Van, owner of Artistic Landscape and Design of Littleton, took my $7,000 in payments for a lot of work at my house, most of it was done satisfactorily. But he said he couldn't deliver the perennials until May. May passed, no perennials.

At first he stalled: "I've been busy, I'll be by soon".(June)

Then he lied: "Your flowers are on the truck, I'll be out tomorrow".(July)

On the last call, he hung up on me and won't answer the phone or voicemails.

I know what to do, pester him, go to small claims, but I don't want to do that.

I want to Protest, by sitting outside his business with signs to put personal pressure on him. He CHEATED ME, and LIED to me. I have the personality and motivation to do this.

Can I use this "personal" approach and not run afoul of libel or slander law?

I see that anti-abortionist carry "MURDERER" signs outside a doctor's clinic or house. I saw that protesters held up "LIAR" signs at the BP hearings.

My wish is, that his wife or children will ask Mr. Van "Daddy, why is that man outside"? Mr. Van will then have to say "I don't know, it's a random act of harrassment", OR, he'll have to say "well, son, I took that man's money for flowers and I just kept it".

I want to shame Mr. Van into doing the right thing.

Your advice?

Karl Miles
Gail S

Denver, CO

#26 Aug 10, 2010
Dear Tom,
About a year ago I had to move into transitional housing. The program I choose is New Genesis located at 1680 Sherman st. At that time, I was told by the now administrator Tammi Carroll that the apartment may need a little cleaning. The day before I was to move in I picked up the key and went to clean. It took me a week to remove the trash and clean enough to move my things in. One of the reasons I choose this program was because they state that the clients must be clean and sober, this is a must for me. Two months ago my current roommate started drinking daily (straight vodka). I reported it to New Genesis, they did nothing. Things have not improved, in fact I have been dealing with bed bugs for the last two months as well. I was told two months ago that they would get someone out to spray for the bugs, to this day they still have not done what they said. While looking at the New Genesis website I clicked on the event tab and found out they are sponsoring a monthly happy hour downtown. I'm not sure how non-profits work, but I don't think they should be run like this. I don't know what to do. Could you give me some advise on who to turn to? I pay $400.00 a month for a place where I'm not comfortable cooking in, and I wake up with new bites everyday. PLEASE HELP.
Robin J Garcia

Broomfield, CO

#28 Aug 11, 2010
FYI Company American Home Standard AKA American Standard address 35 W Main St Suite B106 Ventura CA 93001 is posting ads on craigs list for rent to pwn properties, trying to get people to pay a fee of 199.00 in order for you to qualify or even to look at a rent to own home. Me and my husband thankfully looked up the company before we paid any money to it for fear that it sounded too good to be true, and it did. On the BBB Better Business Breau web site this company had been reported to the BBB for fraudulent activities with a grade F. Please beware when dealing with said company they have numerous bad ratings from customers in Colorado that have been swindled out of their hard earded cash.

Colorado Springs, CO

#29 Aug 11, 2010
Last week I watched your show with Elite Roofing as a guest. I am very unhappy with them for they have broken there word twice. On your show it was stated that anyone that mentioned your name and the show, that they would receive $500 off on insulating their attic. I called Elite and mentioned your name and there reply was only if I replace the entire roof.(misleading!!!) Secondly, I asked for an estimate anyway and was told someone would call and get back to me within 24 hours. Never Happened. So far not impressed with Elite Roofing.

Dave R

Colorado Springs, CO

#30 Aug 12, 2010
WinterHawk wrote:
I listened to your show this morning while sitting in a jury waiting room, to fulfill my civic responsibility. I am disturbed about the way you are dealing with the AZ immigration law. Not only do I disagree with your point of view, I am disturbed with the way you berate those who disagree with you.
It is one-sided shows like yours that will result in opinions like "why don't we just put them on reservations - it worked for the Indian problem.". Or worse, the Nazi's had a way to deal with unwanted people too. It took my family 4 generations to leave the reservation, simply because of the color of our skin.
We should look at the reasons people are leaving family and homeland to come here. Then we should deal with those problems. Pushing the problem away (or in this case back across the border) solves nothing. It just makes whites feel better.
A hundred years ago, white America was surprised to learn that the Native Americans did not want strangers to take our land and rape our wives and daughters. A hundred years from now we will realize that helping poor immigrants is both more humane and more effective than ignoring the problem by pushing it a cross the border.
WinterHawk, There is certainly no doubt that Native Americans have gotten the worst of the treatment by others. You can blame it on whites, but the fact is that we can find instances all over the world where virtually every race has abused another. In the case of Native Americans it was predominantly whites. But don't forget that white includes the Spanish as they are part of the white race.

The issue is not one of pushing something across a border. The issue is about people coming here illegally. We should work towards a good immigration system that will allow good people from other lands a way to get here. But if they come here illegally they should be refused and sent back. My family came to North America in the year 1600. For 410 years my family has been here. But even with that I understand that your people were here first. I don't believe we can change the past but I do think we can learn from it and try to avoid the mistakes that were made.

We need to also remember that this nation is financially bankrupt. We cannot afford to pay for people who come here anymore. We need to cut government services to the people who are living here now if we hope to survive. Allowing many more people in right now is not financially viable. It would be as stupid as people who have choose to have more children when they already can't pay their bills. They need to get on a good financial footing before they increase their expenses. This is not about being nice or mean to people, it's about being practical and facing in a realistic way the mess we're in.

Casper, WY

#31 Aug 12, 2010
I don't understand how a person with no credit and no money can be given a loan for a car. Is it just the way shister car salesman can make a sale. Dishonest?
Joe Rotondo

Denver, CO

#32 Aug 13, 2010
Hi Tom,

I met you briefly a couple of years ago in the hallway studio of KOA. My band called "The Fables, a Lennon/McCartney Tribute" had just done an interview with Jay Marvin. You told us you were a hugh Beatles fan.
I want to let you know about a show we are doing on Saturday, October 9, 2010. It would have been John Lennon's 70th. birthday. The show will be at the Sherman Street Event Center in Denver at 8pm. It would be great if could come down and maybe Emcee the show or bring a news crew down to cover the show.
Give me a call or email if you have any questions or comments.
Thanks, Tom.

Joe Rotondo
[email protected]

Aurora, CO

#33 Aug 14, 2010
A Metro area Icon is calling it quits for flying his own plane from an oft noticed 2500’ grass air strip near Conifer. Norm Meyer, 93 years young, bought and developed his ranch more than 60 years ago along Highway 85. Norm thought what better way to commute to work as a pilot with Continental Airlines than to fly his own plane to Stapleton Airport. In 1970 Norm developed the 2500’ runway running north uphill to the trees. Take offs were always conducted downhill departing over Highway 85. Landings were made by a low approach over Highway 85 up the runway to the north. Go a rounds were never an option due to the incline of the runway and the trees at the top end. Norm has hosted many charity events in these woods.
Norms ranch house is the yellow house with his airplane hangar directly behind. In 1970 Norm bought the Cessna 180 and has meticulously maintained it in excellent condition all these years. The Cessna 180 can be seen poking its nose out of the open hanger most of the time. Norm is giving up flying himself and relinquishing possession of the Cessna to a member of the family. The final flight out of this airstrip for Norm in this plane will be to leave the Meyer Ranch at 9am on Sunday August 22, 2010.
Well wishers are encouraged to meet at the ranch at 8am to congratulate Norm on an exemplary aviation career that goes back to flying for Continental Airlines in 1942. After 35 rewarding years, Norm retired in 1977.
Geri Lopez

Denver, CO

#34 Aug 16, 2010
Hi Tom,

I purchased and have an invoice for a 14 1/2 seer 4 ton AC Armstrong Unit, with install for $2,450. The owner Tyler of Altitude Mechanical Solutions, provided the install, and the independant electrical outfit identified the Serial and Model no were missing, and his charge card did not run through. The Armstrong Owner Bill Noonen, identified a 13 seer 4 ton was purchased.

Mechanical Solutions has dissapeared, I had to hire someone to complete the install, and have Armstrong reissue the serial no.s

This was fradulent practice, and i have filed a police report.
my email [email protected]

Broomfield, CO

#35 Aug 16, 2010
We are renting a house and recently found out that the mold level is 79 times higher then outside. My daughter is a severe asthmatic and been to the hospital 10 to 12 times for severe attacks in the last 10 months. My oldest son has had several asthma problems and he is not asthmatic. Do we have any rights to break our lease and get our deposit back? We have a ton of bills associated with her medical bills and prescriptions.
Lori Bugher

Fort Morgan, CO

#37 Aug 18, 2010
Hi Tom,
hopefully you can help not sure but worth a shot. I live in Orchard Colorado in Morgan County, we have tried and tried to get them to fix the dirt roads correctly out here and they absolutly refuse. I have talked with the commisioner out here several times (Brian McCrackin as well as Laura Teage) I have called the deparment of transportation and since they are county roads they cant touch them. I have also called and left a message for Cory Gardner who is our stated rep. out here and he never called back. These roads are very dangerous and there are several children who ride the bus out here. Every time it rains we get washouts that are ankle to knee deep, and if you have to travel these roads when it does happen to be raining you better pray to god you don't slide right into the ditch! I've almost went there several times with my kids in the truck in 4 wheel drive low going 5 to 10 miles an hour. One of our neighbors has rolled two vehicles into the ditch at 30 mph not a drinking and driving incident either. They just bought a new road grader aproximetly $500,000 in value but they dont have the money to fix the roads properly? Someone some where is not telling the truth, I wonder how they will feel when someone gets seriously hurt on the roads because they are to lazy to fix them properly... If you ask me they are lining their own pockets and dont care because it's not them or their children. They blame the big trucks for the roads but I know for a fact on the other side of Orchard in Weld County the have ten times more truck traffic..I've sat and counted and any given day on Weld County's side you can count 30 to 50 trucks daily. Morgan county your luck to count 10 in two days. Our road in front of the house is maintained (by the grace of god) by Weld county even though the county line goes down the middle of the road but we do have to travel Morgan County roads to get into town. At this point you are our last chance to get the problem fixed. Thanks for taking the time to read if you have further questions please feel free to contact me at [email protected] I really do hope you can help! It would be greatly appreciated!

United States

#38 Nov 4, 2010
I moved into a house and signed a 2 yr lease on 11/7/09. Landlord did not prorate rent and so I pay ont the 7th each month. He wants rent on the 4th, I told him he needs to prorate rent then. Each month on the 4th I have a 3 day demand on my door. This month on 11/1/10 I have a 3 day demand on my door. He also refuses to give me a copy of my lease. I can't even talk to the man because he will not talk to me he only screams at me. He has been over and is always rude and yells with my kids standing there. They are afraid to answer the door if they know it's him. The house was filthy when I moved in, had to clean for 2 day's straight before I could even move in. I've painted replaced light covers and done what I can to make the house nice and the man still harasses me. I'm afraid if I move out than he'll come after me for the other yr of rent and yet he tells me since I have no copy of the lease as far as he is concerned I"m on a month to month. He is an attorney and uses that to his advantage. Any advise on what I can do??

Since: Aug 14

Denver, CO

#39 Aug 7, 2014
New to the area and I was listening to this guy on the radio, his name is Tom Marino. He sounds like he is a lawyer when he is giving out advice but I googled him and saw he is just a radio personality. I thought you had to have license to practice law. Is he practicing law? And can I rely on his advice?
Injured 4 Life

Denver, CO

#40 Aug 8, 2014
Oh please Tom. Are you the same Tom who was featured on 9news? I wrote to you about Comfort Dental and dental malpractice. The response to me was get a good lawyer. You did not help me or point me in the right direction. There is this thing called Statute of Limitations. Almost 13 years later, I'm still in pain with never ending dental and medical bills. No thank you Tom! Disgusted with Health care and cover ups.

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