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Tom Martino has been fighting for consumers for more than 30 years via television, radio, newspapers, magazines and the internet.

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Denver, CO

#1 Jul 20, 2010
HI Tom
We don't know where to turn at this time and we have run out of venues to help us. We bought a house in AQpril of this year due to the house credit. We thought we had found a good one, but boy we we wrong. The house was a flip that was purchase from foreclosure in December of '09' since thhe time we had bought we have nothing but issues and since the house was buy as is because of the price and the credit no one wants to help us out.
We have had water in the basement because someone took out the sump pump, the closet that was put in one of the closets fell out of the wall and on my wife, lucky she was not hurt. The wiring was not even done correctly and nearly had the whole house rewire. There are many more things that are wrong and we were wondering if you could please help us out.
Steven and Leah Cross

Denver, CO

#2 Jul 20, 2010
Hi Tom,
I hope you can help us with a current situation. My husband and I took our laptop to get looked at Laptop Repair Denver on 1470 S. Santa Fe Dr. Suite B. They gave us an assessment and an estimate of what it would cost to fix it. Over the phone, my husband told them that we needed to think about it and asked them to wait on it until we reached a decision. We decided that we couldn't budget the money right now, and my husband asked me to pick it up, instead. I found I couldn't pick it up all of last week, but was meaning to do that this week. They called me today and told me that the computer was finished being worked on and was ready for pickup.????? I told them it shouldn't have been worked on, and that they were supposed to wait. They told me they had spoken to my husband and that he gave the approval. Well he hadn't because I was sitting next to him during the one phone call that they exchanged with him. I protested, they insisted that they had his approval, so I told them they'd be hearing from him. My husband came home and called them. Same repeated response; they seem to think they had his approval when they didn't. They expect us to pay for the job done if we go pick it up. If we don't pick it up, after a month, they will own our laptop, per a paper signed by my husband when he dropped it off. We don't have the money to pay for this misunderstanding on their part. Yet, I didn't agree to donate my laptop to a blunder like this. They said we'd get a phone call from the owner tomorrow (being Wed.). I don't know how to handle this. Please help!

Brighton, CO

#3 Jul 21, 2010
Tom Im needing some advise of a problem im having in area im living. and was wondering if you might could give me advice of help the people here. Thank you jeanette

Denver, CO

#4 Jul 21, 2010
Can you steer me in the direction of the i-high you were talking about? I did a few searches and couldn't come up with anything. Thanks

Lakewood, CA

#6 Jul 22, 2010
Tom; I need to get some help on a refund on an extended warranty plan I purchased on my truck. I never used it and was told I would receive my money back if the plan wasn't used. Now they tell me I have to have a refund certificate to get my money back. I never received, nor told about a refund certificate, nor signed anthing stateing i was told i had to have it at point of puechasing my truck. Could you give me some direction please. 2100.00 dollars is not alot to some. but to me and my family it is. Especialy today.
Thank you.

Denver, CO

#7 Jul 23, 2010
My phone is sync to my car so I can't text and I voice dial and I like it that way.

Erie, CO

#9 Jul 26, 2010
I listened to your show this morning while sitting in a jury waiting room, to fulfill my civic responsibility. I am disturbed about the way you are dealing with the AZ immigration law. Not only do I disagree with your point of view, I am disturbed with the way you berate those who disagree with you.

It is one-sided shows like yours that will result in opinions like "why don't we just put them on reservations - it worked for the Indian problem.". Or worse, the Nazi's had a way to deal with unwanted people too. It took my family 4 generations to leave the reservation, simply because of the color of our skin.

We should look at the reasons people are leaving family and homeland to come here. Then we should deal with those problems. Pushing the problem away (or in this case back across the border) solves nothing. It just makes whites feel better.

A hundred years ago, white America was surprised to learn that the Native Americans did not want strangers to take our land and rape our wives and daughters. A hundred years from now we will realize that helping poor immigrants is both more humane and more effective than ignoring the problem by pushing it a cross the border.

Denver, CO

#10 Jul 26, 2010
Tom, I sent you a packet if information on July 16. There was a goodly amount of information, including a video, in this packet, concerning a problem I was encountering in Loveland, Co.
The long and the short of things is that the City of Loveland is assesing fees/taxes before a taxable event has occured. This violates not only the very codes established in Loveland, but the State as well. In a letter to myself from the city, they state that they have been doing this for 10 years, that may be a lot of ill-gotten revenue.
If this seems like the kind of story you would be interested in learning more about, please contact me at the phone number I included in the packet, or you may e-mail me at [email protected] et
Thank you
Bad roofing company

Denver, CO

#11 Jul 26, 2010
I sent in a complaint to you on 6/20/10 and have not heard anything back as of 8:30 PM 7/26/10. As of today 7/26/10; painting started 7/16/10 not finished, roofing started on 7/21/10 not finished, gutters in place but they extend 5-6 past the roof line and need to be redone. I was promised on 7/23/10 they would be out to finish the roof today - guess what nobody showed even after 1 emails and I spoke to Steve and Monica today. Tom Matheison I am told does not have a phone number nor an email. Below is my original email I sent to you last week.
To Tom Martino 7/20/10.
I sign contract 6/4/10. Salesmen said that they do not contract out labor that all their workers are direct hires.... not true. They also said they wanted to start immediately and would being work replacing my roof the very next week - 6/7/10. Something they have promised every week to date 7/21/10. All they managed to do was 1/2 a paint job which started 7/16/10 and was to be finished 7/19/10 (they do not work on the weekend). The painter was a contractor not a direct employee who wanted an additional $275.00 to finish painting my front porch (the rail). They left all their equipment along the west side of my house blocking the side garage door access. 7/19/10 received voice mail from roofing project manager who said shingles would arrive 7/20/10 and repairs to the roof would start 7/21/10. 7/19/10 they did a little more work but left about 3:00PM leaving painting tarps spread all over the steps going up to the front of the house, empty buckets, paint buckets and trash around the front of my house. All the equipment that I just mentioned, short of the painting tarp, are still laying around today 7/20/10. I placed 5 calls today, 7/20/10, to find out when they would finish painting and what the "new schedule" might be - they could not tell me. Shingles / supplies were to be delivered today and they were not and nobody at Mathiesons knows why. The only thing the definitely knew was that they were not going to start roofing on Weds 7/21/10 due to a 50% chance of weather - I had to tell them that the supplied did not show up anyway.
Seven weeks of broken promises, no roof, no supplies and no answers as to when the painter plans on finishing or when they might deliver the supplies and start roofing. I have over 32 emails and an average of 5 phone calls a week plus all my pictures. I feel that they have long since broken their contract themselves since none of the broken promises until today with storms in forecast have involved supplies, lack of workers and we have had great weather from 6/4/10 until now 7/20/10. One employee had the nerve to send me an email on 7/19/10 stating they were right on schedule.
Does this seem like a reputable company to you, someone you want your name connected with? I am a single mother and I have an minor daughter home alone and 2 dogs - they have been playing "The Hiding Place" since last Friday. If this is not enough my poor neighbors that I referred Mathiesons to are retired and he has major health issues - the same thing is happing to them.

Boulder, CO

#12 Jul 27, 2010
53,000.00 for glasses? Why in the world, other than self interest, would you not call him on such a preposterous statement. The figure and it's use is nothing short of consumer manipulation. Guess we know where the consumer rests in your mind. I honestly hope you enjoy your success, as it's come at the expense of your integrity and professionalism. You might as well be pushing sham wows.

Broomfield, CO

#13 Jul 27, 2010
I am having a problem with a roofing company. This
started in March 2010. I had allstate adujuster
and sales person meet and they agreed I needed a new roof for $8000.00. I signed the contract
and gave them money to ensure we got it done in
two weeks. They sent a estimate to Allstate
for 16,000. Allstate call me and had me do
a new roof ing company for 9000.00 When Alstate
compared the estimates, they noticed the first
company added many thing my house does not have.
The alstate adjuster has tried to deal with them
all year long and are dead locked. Mean while
they have my money and I have not new roof. I called
the owner and he told me I would need to sue him
to get the money back. They also want to charge
me a restocking fee. Help I cannot get allstate
to help me and the roofing company are difficult to
work with

Denver, CO

#14 Jul 28, 2010
In referal to your cell phone story. I have lived in 3 european countries. I had my phone unlocked because I needed to use an EU sim card. American phones are locked by default. Your cell phone provider is required to provide a subsidy unlock code upon request. This allows your to use any providers sim card in any country. ATT wont support your phone if you unlock it, but it is not illigal to unlock your american capitalistic phone. Your cell provider does not want you to know this, because they think we americans are dumb.
Jeff R

Denver, CO

#15 Jul 29, 2010
Saw your show yesterday. Went to Action computer to get a five dollar copier. No problem. I wish however it came with the trial inks that it said it came with. I went to order the ink on line.(only way to get them). Sixty dollars. That with a twenty dollar usb cable. I happen to get the box with the packing slip enclosed. These printers were headed for the recycle center in Denver. I'm reluctent to spend 80.00 on a five dollar machine just to see if the machine that was destined to the recycle center even works. If it came with the trial ink, I could round up a usb cable to try it.But, I guess buyer beware.
Mike Harris


#16 Jul 30, 2010
I hope you can help me with a scam that I fell for and was taken for a good deal of money. I would be interested talking with you on the air, in you are intereted. This is a long story and it would be easier to tell you.
I fell for a time share sale scam from a company in Illinois. They promised me that I had a buyer for my unit in Maui and I could close within 60-90 days. I had to pay a deposit which I did and the company is not around. I just did a phone interview with a T.V station in Rockford Il. and they told me that the company has an F rating with the BBB, the postal department is involved and so is the Attorney General's Office.
Is this something you would be interested in? I know it's in the Chicago area but I thought I try you, or if you had someone that does the same thing in Chicago.


Mike Harris
Kathleen Sheldon

Brule, NE

#17 Jul 31, 2010
My daughter and son-in-law live in what I thought was a nice gated apartment complex in Highlands Ranch -- Palomino Park. They recently (May 2010) relocated from Chicago so when I learned that they had chosen Palomino Park (with the guard at the entry gate) I was both relieved that they were getting out of that crime-ridden city and felt they were moving into a secure community. That was not so. Last Monday AM, July 26, my son-in-law came out to his car to find all 4 wheels missing with his car on bricks on one side and a cheap jack on the other. The police did nothing -- looked at the car and told him that his was a popular car for thieves (a Honda Civic). The Palomino Park rep informed him that in the 3 years she had worked there nothing like that had ever happened.

Then came the problem -- no one would bring out new wheels and put them on due to liability issues. The Palomino Park management representative called him yesterday to ask why he hadn't done something about his car on bricks -- that it was an eyesore to the community. My husband and I drove from our home in Nebraska (200 miles away) to put on some new wheels for Jason. As we were working on the car a lady approached Jason and said that there was another car (also on bricks) just around the corner from where they live -- nothing like this has ever happened in the development?? After we headed back home my daughter and son-in-law drove over to where the other "no-wheeled car" was located and discovered that it was also a Honda Civic -- maybe a little inside wheel theft operation going on there.

I don't know if anything can be done. It's a shame that this kind of thing goes on in Denver. I'm a baby boomer. Denver hasn't always been like this. I know -- no one cares. We're creating flyers with pictures to make others in the area aware of what is happening.

Colorado Springs, CO

#18 Aug 1, 2010
Tom, what can you tell me about a 'Forensic Auditor' outfit out of Cheyenne, WY known as Truth In Lending Auditors (TILA)? A friend of mine has sent them two installments of $700 each, and I'm wondering if she'll get any results from them, let alone see any refund if TILA can't help her.

Boulder, CO

#19 Aug 2, 2010

On Sundays Safewway 8 page color ad, the front page shows a picture of a 12 pack of Pepsi with a heading of "50%off beverages and snacks" with a smaller note of "look inside for over $150 in total savings" There no inside ads for Pepsi and a call to the local store had no ANSWER FROM THE MANAGER. sAFEWAY HAS RUN MISLEADING ADS FOR YEARS, BUT THIS IS REDICULOUS.

JOHN MILLS([email protected]

Mead, CO

#20 Aug 3, 2010
We have a 2006 Chevy HHR that we have been very happy with and have had no problems with until now. We were hearing heavy thumping and rattling when we drove on city streets. We took it to a Chevy service department they found that the following needed to be done to the tune of $2,000. Swaybar links were loose at joint, I shaft needed to be replaced, steering column needed replaced, both front struts were leaking. The car has 60,000 miles on it. The service department said that this has been a problem that has shown up in the first year models of the HHR and that GM redesigned so this does not happen. However, because GM does not fill this is a safety issue, they have not done a recall and will not cover this. I feel that going down a highway at 75 miles an hour when your steering column needs replaced and all of the other above would be a safety hazard. We have talked with GM and they will not cover this but have offered us a bumper to bumper warranty. My question to you is should we just accept the warranty or is this pursuing further. We did not purchase an extended warranty at purchase and probably should have but being a new car we did not expect this type of repair.(We did have the work done as soon as we new the problems - just because we felt safer.) Thanks for your input.
Don from SE Aurora

Denver, CO

#21 Aug 4, 2010
Tom, when you rent a car you are charged for a full days use (24hrs) unless you request it by the hour when you rent. If you use the car for say, 4 or 6 hours and you pay for the entire day. When you return the car is it cleaned and put in the back of the lot for the remainder of the 24 hours? I think it goes back in the ready line and may be off the lot as a new rental even before your shuttle bus leaves the lot!! Isnt this unethical?

United States

#22 Aug 5, 2010
Hello Tom,
Caught some of your show this morning & couldn't agree more. I'm sick & tired of the government telling me what I can & can't do, who I can or can't marry. I used to be a Republican, not any more. I am ashamed of what my country has become, courtesy of both the Democrats, & Republicans.
If you don't like gays marrying, then don't marry one!!

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