Mothers: Soldier memorial glorifies v...

Mothers: Soldier memorial glorifies violence

There are 86 comments on the KUSA Denver story from Apr 6, 2007, titled Mothers: Soldier memorial glorifies violence. In it, KUSA Denver reports that:

A parents' group says a soldier memorial located near three schools and two playgrounds should be relocated because the design showing a Navy SEAL clutching an automatic rifle glorifies violence.

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Denver, CO

#21 Apr 6, 2007
And the video games these parents let their children play day-in and day-out don't glorify violence? Give me a break!!
Vietnam Vet

United States

#22 Apr 6, 2007
I guess this means that these "mothers" will next be protesting about the Gettysburg memorial, or the Iwo Jima memorial, or the Vietnam memorial. Get a life "mothers". Show some backbone and publish your names. Then we'll all know who you are.

Nashville, TN

#23 Apr 6, 2007
Mothers of littleton should be ashamed of themselves. Glad I am not their child, watching Leave it to Beaver would get old. God bless this brave soldier!
YouAllAreBrainWa shed

Chino, CA

#24 Apr 6, 2007
Dietz gave his life so that Haliburton, Exxonn, and BP could continue to RAPE this beautiful planet.

Only a fool would think this is about terrorists with WIDE OPEN borders that allow anyone to come in this country.

Our food supply for both us and pets cannot be trusted, Thanks to president bush for cutting funding for the FDA inspections.

I feel sorry for his family, but he did not die a HERO, unless Hero's consist of invading a nation that had nothing to do with Osama.(Look to Saudi Arabia)

Pappy Bush made his money from hitlers war machine, Dubya is just as evil.

Blessed are the peacemakers!
Clayton Slade

Denver, CO

#25 Apr 6, 2007
Parents group my ass. When are we going to stop letting these cowardly, treasonous jerks dictate our thoughts and right of expression. It is this pervasive attitude from our enlightened brothers and sisters that is weakening the fiber of this country.
Terry K

Boulder, CO

#26 Apr 6, 2007
For all the comments posted, most that are for the Memorial of a Fallen Soldier, and those with the sarcasm, none of these comments could be made without risk of death if it were not for the fallen soldiers like Danny Dietz who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms! May all of our soldiers be remembered, and respected, for they are the keepers of our freedoms!

Boulder, CO

#27 Apr 6, 2007
Nicely stated.

This “mother” isn’t even smart enough to recognize that it’s heroes like Danny Dietz who make it possible for her to express her thoughts.

United States

#28 Apr 6, 2007
I spent 21 years in the military. This topic has for some reason brought out the best in those that have responded. I would like to have all of you for neighbors. You have left nothing for me to say but good job. Danny Deitz I salute you.

Boulder, CO

#29 Apr 6, 2007
Okay, Im not even gonna try to use proper punctuation anymore.
Tim Sylvester

Lyons, CO

#30 Apr 6, 2007
Using the same criteria, does this mean that a decommissioned tank, or air force fighter with its armament should also be prohibited from finding a home in public places?

My children are Columbine aged adults who have/are finding their ways to successful careers without such nonsense effecting them. At least that what they and their parents report.

Way to go City of Littleton, do not deviate from your original goal, your have the vast majority of public support on your side.

Littleton Resident
Peter Adams

Denver, CO

#31 Apr 6, 2007
Lets go to the next step and remove all the swords and other weapons used by those early generations of fighters let gave us this land.
"Stupid is as stupid does"
Lori H

Aurora, CO

#32 Apr 6, 2007
The ladies must miss the purpose and definition of the 'armed forces' alltogether. Their outcry is dishonorable to mothers and their children who are serving.

Lake Mary, FL

#33 Apr 6, 2007
A few questions for all of you right wingers out there:
1) Where is Osama?
2) When is the last time you heard Bush mention his name?
3) Why are we occupying Iraq?
5) Why did we invade Iraq in the first place?
6) When will we know that we have won this "war on terror"?
7)Is Iraq the "war on terror" or is it a civil war?
8) How many more Americans must die?
I will go ahead and use your hateful language, since that is all you seem to understand. You mindless nationalist right-wing assholes make me sick to my stomach. You wrap yourself in the flag, put yellow flag bumper stickers on your cars, and blindly follow whatever information is spoonfed to you. Then, anyone who actually does their civic duty as a citizen of the United States of America by questioning what is being told to us, and exposing the lies that we are being told is labeled as "unamerican" and just another wimp liberal.
This wimp liberal is pissed off! 3000 americans died from 9/11 and no one has been brought to account. Instead, Bush used 9/11 as an excuse to invade Iraq and as a result, 3000 more brave american soldiers have died, and continue to die from Bush's lies.
If you think this war is a just cause, and we are truly fighting for our own freedom, then fine, let's do it. Let's call in a draft and let's get at least 500 thousand americans over there right now to secure that country. Bush doesn't even have an exit strategy, and simply adding 25,000 more troops in NOT going to make a difference. We have never had enough troops over there to do the job right, and you all know it. Yet, all you do is sit back and wave your flags. Goddammit, let's either do it right, or get the hell out of there! We cannot allow this to continue as it is any longer. Brave Americans like Danny are dying everyday over there, and we owe them more.
I for one don't have any problem wit the statue. The problem I have is with YOU. I, for one, will be honoring Danny's memory by pushing for the truth, and by pushing to have the rest of our troops come home........alive.

“The Angry Raccoon”

Since: Mar 07

Myrtle Beach

#34 Apr 6, 2007
I hate violence and would never glorify it.

That being said, I agree with most of the comments. The memorial glorifies Danny Dietz, and he earned it by paying the ultimate price. His mother deems it appropriate and says she doesn't think it glorifies violence. She also paid a terrible price and I think her say carries a lot of weight in this case.

If parents haven't explained yet to their children about the Iraq war and that many of our young men and women are fighting it, and the risks that they are taking by volunteering for service in the Armed Forces, perhaps they should. It's their decision but I would think kids of almost all ages have some awareness of what's going on.

Thank you Danny and Cindy Dietz for the great sacrifice you have both made in your service to our country. God Bless you both.

United States

#35 Apr 6, 2007
YouAllAreBrainWashed wrote:
Dietz gave his life so that Haliburton, Exxonn, and BP could continue to RAPE this beautiful planet.
Only a fool would think this is about terrorists with WIDE OPEN borders that allow anyone to come in this country.
Our food supply for both us and pets cannot be trusted, Thanks to president bush for cutting funding for the FDA inspections.
I feel sorry for his family, but he did not die a HERO, unless Hero's consist of invading a nation that had nothing to do with Osama.(Look to Saudi Arabia)
Pappy Bush made his money from hitlers war machine, Dubya is just as evil.
Blessed are the peacemakers!
OK there are exceptions to everything. I would like to have most of you for a neighbor. Good things always have a way of going bad. One in every group.

United States

#36 Apr 6, 2007
This really irks me. Danny was brave enough to put his life on the line (even though I dont agree with being in Iraq in the 1st place). He, and others like him, are out there every day to help keep our freedoms. If one statue is going to depict violence in our children, then maybe we should boycott video games, TV, hell, even school. Your children are going to learn about war and violence there too. What about any sort of history? Every country is founded on violence. How do you think we became the United States? You want the world to be violence free? Thats not how the world works, unfortunately. Maybe all those that dont want a statue to commemorate a life should think about what the parents wanted the statue to represent. Most of the people who are leaving these comments DONT see this as a violent image. This is a familys way of remembering the life their son believed in and fought for. When you know those people who are out there in other countries, either helping, fighting, or just stationed there, you wont support them?
To Dannys family,
Im very sorry that you lost a son, and Im sorry that there are people trying to stop something beautiful youre trying to create for him. I hope that you are able to go through with this great idea that you have and that people see the beauty, not the narrow-mindedness violence that they think they see.

United States

#37 Apr 6, 2007
bpboyarko wrote:
It is tragic that we live in a world where brave men like Danny Dietz are put into a dangerous situation. His death is nothing but a tradgedy, and an unimaginable loss to his family and his country. He deserves our highest respect, and the greatest way we can honor him is to work as hard as we can to strive for peace, so young strong men like Danny no longer have to die. We must always look for peaceful solutions first, and only use force for the purpose of preventing greater and imminent deaths. I don't believe that the memorial promotes violence; however, we should be reminded that there is nothing glorious about death. There is nothing good about death whether it is warranted or not. It is simply the manifestation of evil in the world.
Well, most of the time we've got to flex our muscles first to show the world we are not weak.

Denver, CO

#38 Apr 6, 2007
the Parent group is so way off on this, the man died doing a job for our country, ( I don't agree with the war, but we are there) this in no way glorifies violence, it glorifies a man who died in a WAR, and not the violence of war. And why should our children be protected from the ugly truth of war, people die in wars, and its not a pretty thing. If we shield our children from all things that are not beautiful they will continue to take part in wars and other activites that can cause pain and suffering. living life is a full circle, it isn't always beautiful and sweet, there is ugliness and pain in life and if we don't let our children know that life isn't always fair, or beautiful we are letting them down in teaching them what life is like, and that when they grow up to be adults thier minds will not be able to deal with things that do happen in this world that are ugly and painful.

Evergreen, CO

#39 Apr 6, 2007
It amazes me that people continue to believe that there are no costs to freedom. These mothers need to show thier children the scarifices these families make in helping everyone have the same liberties that we often take for granted. The sculpture honors a hero and that is as it should be.

Aurora, CO

#40 Apr 6, 2007
So a statue of a soldier with a rifle glorifies violence. I guess we need to go to historic sites all over the country and remove statues that have been there for decades, if not centuries. We then need to look at some of our national symbols to make sure they are not frightening our children. After all, the image of the Minuteman, with his rifle, must surely give little Muffy recurring nightmares. What planet are these people living on?

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