God made cops so firemen would have heroes.

North Carolina: Driving While Nervous is Not a Crime

Indefinite Detention Without Trial: Completely Unconstitutional, Yet Routine
Seattle residents Matt Duran and Katherine Olejnik have been imprisoned in the SeaTac Federal Detention Center for weeks.


Not So Merry Christmas Drug Busts

Local news reports 16 arrests for marijuana possession in nearby Jamestown.

India: Rape victim raped by cops probing case

Illinois Eavesdropping Law Finally Dead: State Attorney's Career also Likely Dead
After several years of arresting citizens for merely recording cops in public, the Illinois Eavesdropping Law is officially dead....(more)

Davie, Fl Cop Arrested After Punching Teenage Daughters Over Bible

This guy looks like a nutjob !!!! Scary !!!!

Thats right, strike her in the face !!!!


Cops in Mobile, Alabama Took my Wheelchair!
Joseph Koncur says,“The Mobile Police took my wheelchair away from me May 19, 2012. I have tried to get it back, with no success. I did not ride it on the roadway, but on the side where pedestrians do, because there is no sidewalk. They wrote me 2 tickets: one for not having a [...]

Pennsylvania State Troopers’ Misconduct

City of Montgomery, AL Revenue Scheme!

Raid on Ginny Saville’s Lexington, KY Head Shop
I’d Like to Report a Crime: Predatory Law Enforcement Actions in Lexington, Kentucky Sunday 9/9/12: I witnessed an armed robbery in broad daylight. The thieves were bold,[...]

Why Are Police Using Deadly Force With so Many Mentally Ill People?

Five separate fatal shootings of mentally ill people by Maine police in 2011


New Evidence Suggests Crooked Miami Cop Pinned Double-Killing on Man Who Has Spent 26 Years Behind Bars


A former NYPD and Wappinger Falls police officer was arrested Friday for conning immigrants seeking driver’s... http://t.co/07P63Fbz

# Winona, MN Police officer was charged with two counts of 3rd degree driving while intoxicated http://t.co/am5970vV

# Columbia, SC officer arrested on a drunken driving charge after he wrecked his patrol car while on duty http://t.co/PbWDF7sA

# Pittsburgh, PA judge today found officer guilty on four criminal counts related to inmate abuse http://t.co/QiboLRQb

# Hollywood, FL: trooper filed suit; says officers got personal info, intimidated; she pulled over officer, he was fired http://t.co/ZzFMf2Bu

# Louisville, KY officer facing 4th-degree assault charge; accused of repeatedly hitting a man while off-duty http://t.co/LXnUUg8Q


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