Secretary Rice met with Egypt President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, Sami Hafez Enan EGYPTIAN ARMED FORCES' CHIEF OF STAFF, Mr. Ahmed Ali Aboul Gheit Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of defence Mohamed Hussein Tantawi to discuss peace process negotiations and the situation in Gaza with government representatives. They make joints telephone conversation with other Arab Head of States King Abdulllah Ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud and Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud Of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia And King Abdullah II with defence Ministry of Jordan Ali Abul Ragheb they endorsees with full Support American initiatives of peace process and security and stability in new phase of Middle East. Arab head states release that If Hamas and Hezbollah will contained sooner the stabilities will be endangers not only in Middle East but whole world. All Arabs officials indicated wiliness to cooperates with US governments policies and put more pressure to Hamas and Hezbollah tightly control the borders between Jordan and
Egypt hold follows of weapon that borders. Saudi defences ministry Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud his counterparts with Jordan and Egypt Acknowledge first time that great threat to us is not Israel but Iranian regimes, Hamas and Hezbollah they all agreed with Secretary Rice and recent deployment of US Naval ship to Lebanon tertiary not only protecting Lebanon governments but whole region. They give full backing in order to eliminate Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorism groups even give full supports with Israel ground incursion to Gaza but Israel must limit high number of civilianís death among Palestinians .