German Group Files Claims Against Pol...

German Group Files Claims Against Poland

There are 1062 comments on the The Associated Press story from Dec 15, 2006, titled German Group Files Claims Against Poland . In it, The Associated Press reports that:

A group of Germans kicked out of Poland after World War II want restitution for lost property, arguing in a complaint that their human rights were violated when Eastern Europe's boundaries were redrawn and they ...

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United States

#25 Jan 15, 2007
william wrote:
<quoted text>
We all know that George; it was the same 70 years ago, wasn't it? But the French and British declared the war on Germany thinking they were protecting you. How stupid that was...
man... you guys have nothing better to do than making up stories

Ely, MN

#26 Apr 9, 2007
I think you Germans need to quite appologising for something a few crazies did. The Prussian lands, your ancestrial lands, your inherityance and birth rights belonged to your families for generations. Just because you lost a war and some committed crimes, does not mean they had a right to steal from all germans. My family was on the Allied side of the war and I'm appaled that the government robbed a defeated people in such ways. I think germany has every right to reclaim those lands and it has my full support.

Inverness, UK

#27 Apr 15, 2007
You are the one I think who needs to dig a little deeper. Germanic people were on the Northern European Plain long before Slavs. In some ways it's is immaterial who was there first, but if you and the Poles want to play that game, sorry, but you're just wrong. The question of the injustice to the German people is another matter. It was their historical land, period. Britain and the US are hypocrites. They were in bed with Stalin who committed a more terrible act of genocide than Hitler; they were both disgusting. I think the Germans should have some sort of reparation. It was and still is called ethnic cleansing. By your measure I am responsible for the UK government's behaviour in Iraq, so I am worthy of being bombed.

Felixstowe, UK

#28 Apr 16, 2007
A Kraut wrote:
We want only back what belongs to us! Nothing more, nothing less.
If the Poles won't take it to the Russians or if they doesn't care any longer what was stolen from's their problem!
And how I said war necessary!:)
A Kraut, Derek is right. The bor-der is just right, as it is and the Germans ADMITTED the rightness signing the two Treaties on the Oder-Neisse Rivers’ Border” and thus SEALED the compromise. Compromise? Yes, indeed, if one takes into account that before AD 1025 Boleslav Corobry was sprung back the Brandenburg conquest and set up the border of the Slavic world alongside the rivers of Elbe and Jeetze. Since the Oder and Neisse are just a right, natural border as a very reasonable and claim-closing geographical, historical and political demarcation line (this includes Stetin, the stronghold of Boleslav, and proximities).

Felixstowe, UK

#29 Apr 16, 2007
error: was sprung back
is to be SPRUNG back

Felixstowe, UK

#30 Apr 22, 2007
Neither any German groups nor any German individuals have right to rise any claims against Poland. Sorted.

London, UK

#31 Apr 23, 2007
Seriously, it's rather silly to start a legal action of this sort. But it's even dumber to base an argument on events which happened one thousand years ago. Germans built up a large number of the cities which lie today in Central and Eastern Europe, and formed an integral part of the community there. It's rather rich for a Brit to condemn Germans for wanting their land back, when England colonized over half the world, wreaking havoc with the local systems before it was forced by their losses in World War II AND by recognition that they were just as guilty of genocide and human rights abuses, as the Axis powers...
A Kraut


#32 Apr 23, 2007

And if it takes a hundred years...we will be back!

(What are some decades in a history of a people that embraces thousands of years!)

See ya!:)

London, UK

#34 Apr 24, 2007
Rey, the Germans 'ADMITTED' the rightness of the treaty?? More like were compelled. And if we go talking natural boundaries, there's a better and more defensible boundary on the Oder, which lies deep inside present-day Poland. Germany, however, needs to rein in its Vertriebene: it only antagonizes Poland, as well as the Czech and Slovak Republics to a lesser extent while advancing the Bundesrepublik's policies not one whit. The new face of Germany, exemplified by the past summer's 'Du bist Deutschland' campaign, is what should be presented, maximizing cultural reach and laying the ground for political influence.

Lublin, Poland

#35 Apr 24, 2007
George wrote:
<quoted text>
J am Polish ,but majority of us will prefer GERMANS
to run our country and the presents in Poland than
Jewish coruption .
I can imagine you do not live in Poland indeed. I am from here and I can assure you that I can see no 'majority' of Poles longing for German rule. It is your private opinion. Pehaps you will find 0,0001% of Poland's population to share your views. You would be looked upon with curiosity (and pity) here.

Lublin, Poland

#36 Apr 24, 2007
To refer Mr Kraut, I would like to note that Germans have aalready tried to "rebuy" land in their 19th century's part of divided Poland. Please refer e.g. Norman Davis''Gods Playground' and read about Prussian state-owned Colonisation Commission. With 100million marks of annual buddget ssubsity it tried to buy land to settle Germans to make them prevail in land ownersship and population number. The reult was: ca balance of land became ca 5% in favor of Poles (without Prussian subsidies to the latter of course). The balance was so small in favor of Polish community because the "democratic" and "law-abining" nature of the then Germany, which passed a bill fordibiding Poles to construct homes (read about the affair of Drzyma&#322;a's Wagon) The general failure of the Colonisation Commission was due to the fact that a special economic mechanissm was triggered - land prices has rocketed ca 6 times (demand boosted by 100 million marks!) while the profitability of agriculture increased due to agricultural autarchia taken up by Germany in the end of 19th century (today we have EU subsidies for agriculture). So, only unmaterialised dreams and faded propaganda leaflets of the Ostmarkenverain hidden in museums remind those times when the crusing economic and police pressure of the First Reich tried to "rebuy" land in Poland. I suggest that now things will go in a similar way. Future historians will smile upon those cheer cries 'we have our money, haili-hailu-haila-ha-ha-ha-ha- ha-ha-ha' etc. PErhaps some future Mel Brooks will put it in his comedy film, who nows?

Emmaus, PA

#37 Apr 24, 2007
Most of us have to marry ugly girls with huge tracts of land.

London, UK

#38 Apr 25, 2007
Yes, Jacek, the Agricultural commission failed, because it was focussed on just what its name states: agricultural. Today's buyers would more likely tend to focus on buying land, not for the crop growing but as a symbolic purchase, a buying back or redeeming of the their ancestors' land as it were. I don't see anything wrong with it, if it's done in a spirit of individualism, a coming back to one's roots. What I take issue with is when it's done aggressively, in a spirit of conquest. Oh, and by the way, the incident of Drzymala's waggon occurred during the Second Reich, not the first.

Spiesen-elversberg, Germany

#39 May 2, 2007
"Yeah sure...getting their asses kicked by a few towelheads with Molotow cocktails...thinking they are doing something honorable and instead getting used and abused by their so called allies and "friends" they always do...stupid, stupid Poles!"

"We want only back what belongs to us! Nothing more, nothing less."
If the Poles won't take it to the Russians or if they doesn't care any longer what was stolen from's their problem!
And how I said war necessary!:)"

Are here so many members of the NPD or who write stupid things like this?

London, UK

#41 May 3, 2007
Jesus, what an experience, getting blasted by German revanchism AND Polish anti-Semitism at the same time! Seriously, Germany and Poland need to work together: Poland needs to wean Germany from its overwhelming adolescent infatuation with France and all things French,and Germany needs to work with Poland to stabilize the situation in the East, and welcome Ukraine in, before the Russians pour back in...

Since: May 07

Rabka, Podhale

#42 May 3, 2007
Limey wrote:
Germanic people were on the Northern European Plain long before Slavs.
thats correct, but 1st they were germanic people not germans
2nd they just went further to the south or west against rome, and left uninhabited lands, which was filled with slavic tribes, in prussia there lived the prussians a baltic tribe, not slavic. after that germans came with the sword...
of cause everyone has the right to reclaim his own private property, but germany or any other country has no right to claim the whole lands, because it was once within german empire... just like poles have no right to claim territory in the east...

London, UK

#43 May 4, 2007
I agree with you Gazda. I don't think that using the argument of temporal primacy makes a strong case for the rightness of occupation or return of land, neither for the Germans who want their lost "Kresy" back or who just remember it with fondness, nor for the Poles who try to defend the unilateral territorial transfers with the claim that Silesia was ruled by Piast dukes for the longest time. The only way to settle the question is through individualism and social liberalization. It's high past time that the concept of the "Volk" AND the concept of "People who can't speak/Niemcy" are both laid to rest...

Kraków, Poland

#44 May 4, 2007
George wrote:
<quoted text>
Zobacz uwaznie jak zydowstwo traktuje Polakow
w naszej Polsce.Polacy pracujac w zydowkich
firmach zarabiaja tak malo ze ledwie moga sie
Ja pracowalem duzo lat w nimieckich firmach.
Pracowalem uczciwie i niemcy traktowali mnie
Trzymaj sie Jacek.
All the best to You and Family.
You are a f...g moron , u now that ?
Po "polskiemu dla idiotów" : Jeste&#347; sko&#324;czonym debilem .
Nie podpisuj si&#281; jako Polak bo wstyd tylko robisz. Je&#380;eli siedzisz rzeczywi&#347;cie w tej hameryce to ju&#380; tam wsi&#261;kni i udawaj ameryka&#324;ca ... najlepiej zrzeknii si&#281; obywatelstwa bo chwa&#322;y nie przynosisz a tylko potem normalni Polacy musz&#261; si&#281; wstydzic bo s&#322;ysz&#261; historie o takich "polaczkach" . Bubel ju&#380; poszed&#322; siedzie&#263; albo pójdzie , za takie teksty ty te&#380; powiniene&#347; by&#263; drugi w kolejce .
W Polsce takich ludzi okre&#347;la si&#281; mianem przyg&#322;upy.

To everyone else :
Do not listen what this guy has to say . In every country there are "that" kind of people . In reality in Poland this is minority (this kind of behavior).

Since: May 07

Rabka, Podhale

#46 May 6, 2007
poland will never be free untill that 1000 years long vaticane occupation ends


#47 Jun 22, 2007
16 million germans forcibly expelled from the eastern lands whereby nearly 5.7 million are dead by 1949. Not just from the forced expulsion but also from the morgenthau/eisenhauer starvation plan of the allied occupiers. Including all germans, not just the expellees, you are looking at over 13 million dead-and that is from the end of the war to 1949- that does not include war dead. Sure, Germany has apologized greatly and suffered the consequences. Even the nurnberg trials considered forced removal of a population from its ancestral home a crima against humanity. Hypocrisy? yes, indeed.

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