More Bits & Pieces of the Elite Stench

More Bits & Pieces of the Elite Stench

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#1 Jun 30, 2013
do your research !!

Abu Gahreb, Guantanamo, and Afghanistan detention centres aren't interrogating, they're CREATING Al-Quaeda 'terrorists'.

The standard /primary method of anchoring programming/severing the core is incest.
When Mayer Amschel Rothschild (orig. named Bauer) was dying, he ordered his sons to protect the House of Rothschild through incest.

NWO is about creating a false Christ/Anti-Christ that will function as a master handler/programmer (technologically assisted psychic amplification?).

Billy Graham has PUBLICLY said, "...we need to embrace the New World Order...". Top hierarchy Satanists like him required to have COVERS.
Illuminatus have multiple personalities; programmers, handlers and Illuminati Council Members are OFTEN clergymen, but also mayors, doctors, lawyers, etc.
MOST survivors of Satanic parents report parents being highly positioned pastors.
Voting machines repeatedly exposed as RIGGED; votes DO NOT run the nation as the COMMONERS led to believe.
Billy Graham is LUCIFERIAN, NOT Christian.

William Randolph Hearst, belonging to a branch of the Illuminati that could be termed the 6th degree (6th of 13 Illuminati bloodline?), financed the first 3 years of Billy Graham's Crusades

Illuminati bloodline?), financed the first 3 years of Billy Graham's Crusades.
Stu PAK is associated with the Stewart Title Company; Stu PAK funds Billy Graham. Morris family also has ties.
Van Duyn Illuminati family in California helped Billy Graham's Ministry get started.

Illuminati funnelled money to billy Graham through Jeanne Dixon's office; Jeanne Dixon is part of the Illuminati.
The Satanic Hierarchy are in constant intimidation/power struggles

Henry Luce, friend of the Baruchs, is an Illuminatus.

Kissinger is a member of P2 Freemasonry, and their recruitment tactics include targeted blackmailing.

Billy Graham admits friendship to Alan Dulles, CIA director; Dulles is a major perpetraitor in trauma-based mind-control.

Billy Graham's '54 Crusade brought in vast sums of money directly from people in the Illuminati such as - Whitneys, Vanderbilts, Rockefellars and Chase Manhattan.

Pat Boone is closel to Billy Graham, and Pat has special positions granted by Israel.

Pat's daughter Debbie sang hit song "You light up my life", which was written by a female Satan worshipper who wrote the song to Lucifer.

Mormon Bishop warehouses store cocaine for the Illuminati.

Strong Satanic cult controlling Jewish population was called Sabbatianism;

Jakob Frank assumed leadership role and re-named Satanic brand Frankism.
(Freud's sexually-obsessed theories came from Frankism)

When billy Graham's family migrated to Turtle Island, they arrived with the Frank name(fake jewish), being related to Jakob Frank; then changed to a Scottish name, Graham.

Billy Graham's daughters lived in Israel and his son fought for Israel in the 6-day war.

Billy Graham used Shriner clowns @'93 portland Crusade.

Billy Graham joined the Masonic lodge in '48 secretly, like the founder of the Watchtower society, Charles T. Russell's membership is kept quiet.

Billy Graham endorses the Masonic DeMolay youth programming.


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#2 Jun 30, 2013

-Nazi bloodlines hidden after WWII amongst Amish/Mennonite.
-Mennonites and some progressive Amish adopt MANY children.
-Amish in Missouri (Jamestown), kansa (south of Hutchison), Oklahoma (Guthrie, OK), Kentucky, Ohio (Holmes, Co.,Ohio), and Pennsylvania (Lancaster, PA) have been involved in selling children to Illuminati.
-children born outside the system excellent for snuff porn.
-it is VERY SECRET an active occult group within the AMISH is practicing Witchcraft.
-Generational Satanists have been placed with the Amish to assist the Catholic Church in the Amish's destruction.
-Hitler's descendants in Oregon, Washington, and Pennsylvaniz; one descendant in Portland, Oregon, works for the federal government.

During WWII, Amish conscientious objectors forced to assist in 'mental' hospitals such as:

Allentown State Hospital (PA)
Cantonsville " " (MD)
Cleveland " " (OH)
Delaware Denver " " (DL)
Greystone Park " " (CO)
Harrisburg " " (PA)
Hudson River " " (NY)
Kalamazoo " " (MI)
Lima " " (OH)
Livermore " VA " (CA)
Macedonia State Hospital (OH)
Marlboro " " (NJ)
Mt. Pleasant " " (IO)
Norristown " " (PA)
Provo " " (UT)
Rhode Is. " " (R.I.)
Roseburg VA " " (OR)
Staunton " " (VA)
Tiffin " " (OH)
Wernersville " " (PA)

-many anxious-to=-please, compliant innocent Amish boys 'assigned' to these hospitals.
During WWI, several mennonite/Hutterite conscientious objectors tortured to death. Not only did Amish boys go to 'mental' hospitals, in WWII, ALL religious groups conscientiously objecting contributed boys to the Office of Research & Development (part of Army).
-Amish recognized the boys don't return the same and found the 'Civilian Public Service' proving unsatisfactory/harmful

Hospitals which have received Amish boys:
Columbia Missouri's State Mental Hospital & Hospital Complex
Colorado Psychopathic Hospital
Central State Hospital (IND)
New Jersey State Hospital (NJ)
Philadelphia State Hospital (PA)
Amish Deltas (assassins) used in black/'wet' ops [wet = blood]

Illuminati families like Dukes/Reynolds control tobacco production and cigarette manufacturing. In order to keep their lifestyle in Pennsylvaniz, Amish grow tobacco for the Illuminati families.

Groups like Jesuits and Assassins held immense power for centuries as 'religions'. Now, fronts are J.Z. Knight, Elizabeth Claire Prophet's CUT Church, Church of Scientology, Charismatic Movement, Billy Ray Moore's Lord's Chapel. many know of Jim Jones & Jonestown and Koresh.
'Missionary' groups overseas, nondenomination Pentecostal Church in Southern Washington whose ENTIRE membership is Satanists under mind-control.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

Satan's 'realm' serves as the model for military and political structures.
Traumas often based on naturally inherited phobias passed genetically: locked in confined spot, pit, or cage with spiders or snakes; forced to kill, cut up, and cannibalise; submerged into feces, urine and blood, then forced to ingest that which placed in. All and more tortures are often experienced before 4 - 5 years old. Child tied to another that is brutally killed then blamed. Near death drownings and trained animals like dogs/monkeys used as trauma.

United States

#3 Jun 30, 2013
This country was founded on Satanism veiled as Christianity..Proven over and over and over.

It makes me throw up to hear that this country was founded on christianity. Satan did/does not care as long as you worship from the bible,Its his, lock stock and barrel.Sure America was rewarded, but the DARK SIDE HAS NOT BEEN TOLD.

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