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#145 Feb 24, 2008
BrandoKC wrote:
I just received my official offer today to start on 03/07. I know the pay isn't outstanding but I spent 6 years with Verizon in NY and know that eventually the pay will be there.
A question for you guys on the job...any suggestions on boots? I need to get a good pair before I start and would prefer to get them now to break them in.
What the initial salary for the cable splicer position?
They said up to $932/week, but I know that's not true.

Menomonee Falls, WI

#146 Feb 24, 2008
maddogg220 wrote:
The only requirements for the boots is that they must be leather, 6 inch ankle, and a squared heel minimum of 1/2 inch thick. That is pretty much any ankle high leather workboot. They do not need to be steeltoe. You will be on your feet a lot, so make sure they are comfortable. I got some Redwings and I love them.
Thanks brutha!
Cable guy

Silver Spring, MD

#147 Feb 25, 2008
Poster wrote:
I'm not sure if I can do it or even want to do it. I'm concerned about the 100# lifting/moving requirement. And somewhere I read you have to go down manholes and maybe up poles. I'm a female and not too sure about all that.
ANY clue anyone has to this would be appreciated.
Don't worry about the 100 pounds. After you work in this field for two to three months you'll be throwing 80 pound ladders like they were rag dolls.
Cable guy

Silver Spring, MD

#148 Feb 25, 2008
Here in Northern Virginia the two hardest parts are memorizing the drop loss for multiple cables and passave devices, and putting up with the whether.
Prem Tech -First Page-

Belton, MO

#149 Feb 25, 2008
As it goes here in the SW area things are looking up. The more customers we install the more likely prem tech pay is going to be bumped up next April. The company has dug themselves a bit of a hole. They are hiring Prem Techs like crazy. They give them insufficient training and push them out into the field. This creates an insane ammount of maintainance tickets, which causes the company to hire more Prem techs. Ah, the circle of managerial ignorance. So by next year the company won't be able to survive a prolonged strike. As long as the CWA doesn't fold over like the last contract, we Prem techs should be ok... hopefully.
-As for the repairman who was discounting my five times the work for half the pay statement- I suggest you go and install U-Verse and then we can talk. I have spliced and chased trouble, other than the weather and the monotany of Splicing, there is no comparison. I am willing to put my time in, and I do enjoy my job. However a top pay of $17 is a little rediculous.
cable skinner

Collinsville, IL

#150 Feb 26, 2008
Was offered a testing for cable splicer technician. I quote:"The weekly starting rate of pay for the AT&T Cable Splicing Technician - St. Louis, MO position is $480.00 up to 643.50. AT&T offers competitive wages based upon your qualifications." That is quite low for St.Louis area, since the cost of living is more than say, Houston. Not quite sure of their responsibilities, but I have heard they do inside and outside work on the U-verse.

Bloomingdale, IL

#151 Feb 26, 2008
Regarding Prem techs... top pay in chicago is $20 per hour.
Benefit package is excellent (have to wait 6 months)
Contract is up June '09. Rumor has it prem techs will become part of Installation and repair..... top pay $30. IBEW local 21
Keeping my fingers crossed.
This position is underpaid for the work you do. It is not like installing cable. We install both a wired and wireless network in the home. Have to troubleshoot as well as handle and train the customer. Installs run between 4-10 hours. Depending on what problems you run into. Every jobs seems to be different.

Regarding SPLICER... the pay is better, but, most splicers being hired on a term basis..... 3 years, they can then decide to offer you another term or say goodbye to you. Prem Techs in chicago are permanent positions, milwaukee the prems are on term also.

good luck.
Prem Tech -First Page-

Belton, MO

#152 Feb 26, 2008
Taking a temp job is generally a bad idea. If the company had any intention of keeping your position they would make it permanent. Not to say that there has never been a temp employee who has made it to permanent status. On the contrary, most of the POTS guys started out as temps. It just doesn't seem very likely in the post-lightspeed world of AT&T.
-Cable Skinner-

I am not sure about the Midwest region... but here in the SW we are counting on Prem Tech pay being bumped up during the contract (April'09). As far as pay is concerned... I make between $14 and $16 an hour. My bi-weekly pay averages around $1500 after taxes. With free benefits, I might add. Not too bad of a deal. However, I am still waiting for that light at the end of the tunnel.
cable skinner

Belleville, IL

#153 Feb 27, 2008
You sure must be doin a lot of over time to make that! Do you work in conjunction with the cable splicer? Are you paying dues now? YOu said you are not getting benefits so you must be on "probation." I am not sure what the day to day duties of the cpt are.(cable splicer) Would you care to share, or do you not know. Appreciate much. I have to make a decision when they make a job offer. They offered both jobs, asking me today if i wanted prem or cable, opted for the cable cause prem was 11/hour. I hope you get 30 out of that, but for me it is too long a wait and I have a family like you may likewise.-prem tech -first page-
Prem Tech -First Page-

Belton, MO

#154 Feb 27, 2008
Yes, I do work a lot of OT. I don't work with construction splicers. I never said I didn't get benefits. I said I get free benefits. Yes I pay dues. I am CWA. I don't know if you doubt that I work for AT&T? Ya kinda seem a bit confrontational?

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#155 Feb 28, 2008
I got a job offer for the customer consultant position for $478/week. I would start on March 31st. I really wanted the cable splicer position instead. Could I still get a call for the cable splicer position?

United States

#156 Feb 28, 2008
Has anyone been offer a job for the cable splicer poition here in Chicago? they said the initial salary was up to $932/week... Is that true?

Menomonee Falls, WI

#157 Feb 29, 2008
Prem Tech- how much o.t. do you average in a week? Is any forced or pretty much just there for the taking?
bruce campbell

Saint Louis, MO

#158 Feb 29, 2008
The overtime is forced but the worst thing about it is you never know when you are going to get off work. You may work 8 hours or you may work 15. Also just because you are scheduled for a day off doesn't mean you are going to get it. It can change in any given moment. This means it is very hard to have any kind of a life.

If you take this job, be prepared to sell your soul to AT&T.

Saint Augustine, FL

#159 Feb 29, 2008
The pay is dependent on the wage scale of a cable splicer and the zone in which you work. I don't know the wage scale of a cable splicer, but the services technician (the telephone guy) is wage scale 30. I would have to think Chicago is in Zone A, so a wage scale 30 employee would start at $689/week with raises every six months and topping out after 5 years at $1088/week according to the present contract. Of course this is dependent on you getting hired on permanent after your term is up.
cable skinner

Belleville, IL

#160 Feb 29, 2008
Prem Tech -First Page-
Sorry, I certainly didn't mean to be confrontational. I am just trying to rationalize whether or not to accept one of these jobs. I heard there is away training for a month for prem and didn't know whether the same goes for cable splicer. I verified it is union by calling CWA. I worked for AT&T setting up the cisco network when the dot coms took off and then the jobs went away.
The same may go for cable splicer. Don't know what it tops out at in my region the Union Secretary did not provide that.

Seems like you have been at it for quite some time and am feeling comfortable with it. Good luck.

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#162 Feb 29, 2008
Is the training paid at the same rate as normal work. For example, if you're offered $480/week for full-time job. During the training, you make this same amount of money?
How many hours a day/week do you get, or get paid for during the training?
ANy input?

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#163 Feb 29, 2008
attJobs wrote:
Is the training paid at the same rate as normal work. For example, if you're offered $480/week for full-time job. During the training, you make this same amount of money?
How many hours a day/week do you get, or get paid for during the training?
ANy input?
Training pay is the same as regular pay. You train 5 days a week, 8 hours a day. You will probably have to go out of town for a few weeks to train in a city with active service, and for those days you also get $25 per day for food, payable on the check for that pay period tax free. Don't plan on taking any days off during training or you will be out of a job.

Atlanta, GA

#164 Mar 2, 2008
Heres a little preview of what a "cable splice" does, also called an outside plant technician. Basically when alot of the lines were installed, to save money the phone companies multipled alot of lines, that means 1 pair might service multiple houses. Wll that wont work with U-verse, so now they have to dig up buried spices and the opt's go in and commit pairs to houses and eleminate multiples. Thus speeding up the bandwidth.

Lots of fun crawling in muddy pits :) However the job is term but the next thing at&t is going to have to do is the FTTL conversion and I hear thats gonna be bigger than U-verse
5 minutes alone

Gary, IN

#165 Mar 2, 2008
prem tech? i am an in house cct4 for a well known cable co. lvl 4 means im a cust service and tech specialist. im the guy they call when like someone has had like 4 idiots out to thier house. not to mention i do buisness class and help maitnence. very well rounded tech ......$14.00hr or less?? id love to work for at&t but i think ill try harder to unionize my firm.

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