AT&T Premises Technician Pay?...

Houston, TX

#5138 Jan 8, 2011
Mor2me wrote:
The Primise tech job in florida is not union it is contracted out becouse the union would not deal with the company wanting to pay so little.

United States

#5140 Jan 8, 2011
Vince in Florida, you are so full of shit.
I can not wait for the union to start negotiating a contract with ATT for the Prem techs.
Vince in Florida

Orlando, FL

#5141 Jan 8, 2011
Why would you think that??? I worked as a contractor for BH for 4 years and made the leap over back in June with help from the contracting supervisor from BH. They brought me in as a higher level tech because of my experience, gave me a higher pay scale, gave me a newly outfitted 2010 van with 40 miles on it and have sent me to 5 certification classes since coming over. I've received 2 raises since joining (6%), 4 office cook outs and tons of respect from everyone compared to being a contractor supervisor. I'm currently a level 2 tech with my pc certifications done for level 3 pc tech, after that a plant technician. I know it may seem like BS but I passed on AT&T because of these union negotiations for PT's that your keeping your fingers crossed for. The fact of the matter is READ the previous 250+ pages of posts and realize what the writing on the wall says = AT&T DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU, YOUR EXPENDABLE! I really wish you the best but there are employers out there that will offer more stability than AT&T.
Vince in Florida

Orlando, FL

#5142 Jan 8, 2011
Heres the link to a photostream of pics if you don't believe me: @N00/5337170477/
Vince in Florida

Orlando, FL

#5143 Jan 8, 2011
Sorry, links down. Just search "mcmouse1us" on if you don't believe me.

United States

#5144 Jan 9, 2011
Vince in Florida wrote:
Sorry, links down. Just search "mcmouse1us" on if you don't believe me.
No you are full of. BS an is probably a manager trying to steal qualified Prem tech from ATT . Promise and tell people what they want to hear and they will come however of it is not in black and white on paper all the words in the world mean nothing. What is given today can be taken away tomorrow if not in writhing . Wake up! We don't have stupid Stamped on our foreheads. I want a contract. I want it in writing not promises not your words or pictures.
Vince in Florida

Orlando, FL

#5145 Jan 9, 2011
Interested - I woke up a long time ago. Keep holding out for that carrot on a string called a contract. You want it in writing??? Just read all of the previous posts and see where everyone started out at years ago before AT&T even came into the picture and you'll see where they've ended up now. Hmmm, seems like you think something in writing will save your a$$ but it only buys you some time before management can officially get rid of you. BTW - did you notice the generator on the back of my truck??? Hmmm, don't think managers need generators to power the plant back up at 2am during an outage. You may not have "stupid" stamped on your forehead, but maybe "sucker". We have all the people we need so please don't come and apply. Oh yeah, we also get a 30% corporate FAN discount off our AT&T IPhone account - more than they give their own employees. Thanks AT&T - your good for something!
Vince in Florida

Orlando, FL

#5146 Jan 9, 2011
And I quote from previous posts:

"Anyone who is thinking about getting this job DO NOT PLEASSE unless you have too. Ive been working here for over a year and have lasted longer than many."

"This Premises Tech position is a fuggin joke and an insult to anybody who posseses the skills to do this job correctly."

"You guys seem to think there is some pot of gold at the end of this colorless rainbow called AT&T but there is not. You will only be there a few years at best and then what? You will be a few years older and in the same spot you are now!"

..... all from current and former hard working AT&T employees who did nothing but work their a$$'s off for a company that did nothing for them in the end but let them go, surpluss them or work them into the ground. Open your fuc%ing eyes and stop hoping for that pot of gold at the end of the union rainbow and get into somewhere (not BH please!) that will take you somewhere besides being exhausted and unemployed.
"As a former legacy bellsouth worker and as of Jan. 2009 laid off AT&T worker i can say that it is not what it used to be."
Connecticut Sam

Old Saybrook, CT

#5147 Jan 9, 2011
sold- to- att wrote:
Premise Tech is a title they have tried to implement around their 22 state territory to create a two-tier wage and benefit employee. The work a premise tech would do is work our service techs have been doing since Alexander invented the phone. You will top out at close to $700 a week after 5 years and would have no pension or retirement benefits. They would also tell you when you have to use one week of your vacation each year and send you home without pay if they deem it necessary for the "Needs of the business". And you thought the test sucked...
Sounds like a bad company to me. I live in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
Vince in Florida

Orlando, FL

#5148 Jan 10, 2011
Cant wait to retire wrote:
The company as a whole must be doing somthing right to profit $40 billion or more a year.
Yeah, they profit that much per year off the backs of their workers - replacing 1 skilled worker at $30 per hour with 2 clowns that they can make think $14 per hour is doing them a favor. In the meantime the PT's are being dragged through the dirt, worked until they eventually break, destroying their family lives and eventually let go while still holding on to the promise of union representation. You don't think AT&T, being one of the biggest telecom companies in the world, knows exactly what they're doing and have had their game plan set up years ago? I hope the PT's do get into the union but lifes to short for a "let's wait and see" mentality, especially when it goes on for years. Good luck to you all.

La Vergne, TN

#5149 Jan 10, 2011
I cant wait to quit. I hate the company and the atheists who run it. The numbers the make you try to achieve. Blaming you for equipment failures. By blaming I mean counting repeats due to equipment failure against you. The PT position is nothing but dog shit on the bottom of ATT's shoes. There is no future in the PT position. Management? That job is worse than the PT's. You cant move around in the company. It just sucks. The union is supposed to be working on something here. They have til the 17th from my understanding but no one has heard anything. Union reps arent getting any info out us. If they are working on something they should let us know whats going on. This is probably just a demonstration of how the CWA conducts their business. Who knows. Who cares. Im so over this company. Fuck this place.

La Vergne, TN

#5150 Jan 10, 2011
Vince, glad you got out. There are PTs leaving this company every day. We've lost three in our work center within a month. All finding better jobs. The economy is getting better so companies are starting hire again. Once its rebounded even more, people will be jumping this sinking ship. It will be hard for ATT to find more "humps" to do this shitty job, installing this shitty service. I used to like the job okay but due to recent events like losing Saturdays off after working a Sunday was the final straw for me. They wanna make out like they are all about friends and family. So what do they do? Take away your Saturday off after working a Sunday. Now you get like Wed and Thurs off instead. Thanks AT&T! My wife works a real job and is off on the weekends. Looks like if she wants to spend time with her husband, she should take off those days. Man, its just shit like that. Theres more shit but I dont feel like typing about it. Maybe Im whining. But when you have a son that plays LL baseball and football and plays games on the weekends, mostly Saturdays, its enough to piss you off. And now only getting a Saturday if you take a personal day? And thats if no one has picked that day as their day off? No thanks. Im finished with this place. Can I get an 'Amen'? Im done bitching.
Vince in Florida

Orlando, FL

#5151 Jan 10, 2011
NashvillePT - you're not bitchin at all, just fed up with trying to keep a balance in your life and AT&T won't let it happen. I understand completely! There are still good companies out there looking to hire good people. Yeah, there may be some cons ( lower pay, bottom of the seniority list, ect.) but the weight you lift off yours and your families shoulders is priceless, something that after you've moved on you're like "why did I wait so long???". At least it was for me and my wife and 3 kids. My 8 year old boy plays on a traveling baseball team around Florida and now I can finally be at his games when he heads out of town and that in itself was worth the switch. BH recently came to us and wanted to change up our schedules so more people would be available on Saturday. Instead of just making the change, they put together a panel, gave us ballots asking our preference in schedules and didn't change anything for those who didn't want it. The point is at least they showed us some respect and asked us first and didn't cram anything down our throats. Every fifth weekend here I get Thursday to Sunday off, a four day weekend basically 10 times per year. On top of that, I can pad my personal and vacation days around these four day weekends and get 10 paid weeks off per year, one every five weeks - management doesn't even blink an eye at it, they just approve it and it's no big deal. I realize things can change down the road, and if they get as bad as AT&T has, I'll move on. Don't give up on finding a better position, there out there. Your family deserves you being around, not just being a money mule. At least you can see it for what it's become, that's a start. Good luck.

United States

#5152 Jan 11, 2011
I've been installing screw-verse for more than a year now and all we do is get pushed around by management. Hurry, hurry, hurry, rush, rush, rush. They claim they care about their techs but all their worried about is efficiency (how fast can u get the job done safely without killing yourself so we can give you another job). I've seen dozens of prem tech quit or fired mostly fired because they wasnt fast enough or the hated been treated like sluts. Lately, AT&T been hiring new techs that pay less than some temp agencies but expect greatness. If u have a family, spend all the time you can before taking the job. No more taking your kids to soccer practice or dance recitals once becoming a PT. The job really isnt that bad, its just tons of other crap you have to deal with that they wont tell you about. If AT&T would explain exactly what a PT does from top to bottom, the average guy off the street would ask for no less $35 an hour cause we do work harder than anybody in the company but get paid the least. If the economy was in better shape, AT&T would really have a hard time keeping PREM TECHS.

Woodbury, GA

#5153 Jan 12, 2011
There is a reason my son is one of the senior guys at his shop after 14 months on the job...somehow AT&T has managed to lose 50 trained, experienced PTs. At some point will they figure out it is not worth it to the company and their customers to have such a ridiculous rate of turnover? Wake up AT&T!
BS College Grad

Antioch, TN

#5154 Jan 13, 2011
Just got off the phone with a hiring manager who told me that in my region (SouthEast,(Nashville, TN specifically)) college education did not count for beginning pay increase, nor did my time as technical support for AT&T. She informted me that the position ranged from $9 -$15 per hour and I would be taking the lowest pay possible ($9). Basically unless you have network installation experience, you're taking the beginning pay. Mandatory Overtime, no paid sick days, not paid for mileage to first job though it could be anywhere in the surrounding areas of Nashville.

Memphis, TN

#5155 Jan 13, 2011
This site shows the pay rates..

Tomball, TX

#5156 Jan 13, 2011
College Grad, that's not entirely true. They do give you paid time off but the reality is they tell you when you can take it. If your sick and someone else at your work center or in the same turf is off or on a personal day, you will not get to take that personal day. The pay does range from 9 to 15 an hr. Unless you are in dire need of a job, run from this position as fast and as far as you can. Especially if your a family man. Wanna see your kids play sports or see a dance recital or your kids school play? Then DO NOT take this job. Because your home life will be over. Like I said, if you need the job then you have no choice but find an alternative. Maybe if and when the union comes in things might change but we've all held our breaths and now we have exhaled. No word on the union in quite some time. It doesn't look good. Also, the SE region is the only non represented area. Hope this helps. I'm only being honest about the position.
Vince in Florida

Orlando, FL

#5157 Jan 13, 2011
BS College Grad - hell, Brighthouse starts people off the streets with no experience for @ $11.15 hour with full benefits, a pension, 401k, free cable and hsd ($10 month for 40 down and 5 up), a truck to take home, 2 weeks vacation, 2 weeks sick, 1 week personal, 12 holidays, an awesome schedule and all of the other perks. OT is there and despite what you may hear, they also get tips. They are picky on who they hire (prefer experience over none) but plenty of people get hired with little or no experience. It's been my experience that taking a job that you question the most basic things (low pay, no sick days, MANDATORY overtime, ect, ect, ect) will leave you regretfull in the end but may not in your situation. Any job is hard to come by right now, but $9 hr is hard to swallow, $13.50 at overtime pay is even more painful to swallow. Good luck with either direction that you pursue.

Buchanan Dam, TX

#5158 Jan 13, 2011
hey I am trying to go though this thread, does anyone know the pay for Arlington tx? Thanks so much, I am trying to read as much as I can!!

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