By Alan Yusko

Note: This guy has it fairly thinned down, but left out a MAJOR player, your bible. Its full of occult
spells,occult beliefs...You see, Its all HIDDEN, but in plain view.

We have been living in a Luciferic world for a long time. Once you find out the truth, you will be set free . This world is NOT what you think it is. The Jesus of the bible is not whom you think !!!,
Thats why its promoted worldwide. You think Satan would allow this ?? hell no !!!. He rules !
Take your Jesus and disconnect from the bible. Moses wrote part of the bible, he was a major player in sorcery/witchcraft...Hello !!!! knock knock !!!


Cartoons with light occultism are very successful. Witches, sorcerers, and astrology is presented as a good thing. Of course, not all cartoons are evil. For example many cartoons with Yogi Bear, Popeye, Bugs Bunny, and Winny the Poo are very good cartoons. But every once and awhile the writers add the occult into the story. I have noticed the odd time when Yogi Bear, Popeye, Bugs Bunny and others have played around with occultism. Other cartoons are created and are purely occult based. Examples would be Hercules, He Man, and Scoobie Doo etc.. Themes in these cartoons are constantly based on the occult and witchcraft.


A toddler would be scared by Harry Potter and other higher forms of the occult. Therefore to indoctrinate young children a much more milder form of occultism must be used. The child must be introduced to the world of the occult in a fun and enjoyable way. Fairy tales are happy stories that are filled with witches and sorcerers. Many parents read these demonic tales as bedtime stories to their children. This way the child can go to sleep with happy thoughts about witches and wizards. During the day the child can play with occult toys like spell casting Barbie, the ouija board, or the many witchcraft toys and games for boys. They can watch cartoons and movies filled with witchcraft, spell casting, and other forms of the occult. Over time the child will grow up and be brainwashed into enjoying the occult. Later in life the child will be ready for a deeper level of occult indoctrination. At that point Harry Potter type of occultism will take the child much deeper into the world of the occult.

This Is No Fairy Tale - Grimm Occult Messages