COP GETS LIFE ..I salute the JUDGE/Jurors

Update: Saginaw, MI officer sentenced to life without parole in the strangulation death of his pregnant girlfriend ReTweet Reply Favorite

# Portage, WI police officer was arrested for alleged drunken driving; failed field sobriety tests

# Bloomington, IL Asst police chief pleaded guilty to improper lane usage in connection w traffic accident

# Abingdon, VA police chief has been charged with drug dealing and firearms offenses

# Erie Co, NY deputy pleaded guilty in connection w crash that left motorcyclist w serious traumatic brain injury

# New Athens, IL chief charged with stealing an iPod and an iPad from the police evidence room

# El Paso, TX officer pleads guilty to 35 counts of tampering w govt records w intent to defraud

# Fayetteville, AR men steal donation jar; high speed chase nearly hits several cars & reached speeds of 100+ mph

Police Investigate Potential Burglary & Attempt to Justify Kidnapping Homeowner for Possessing Plants

St. Joseph Police Department Officer Arrested for DWI Following Hit-and-Run

Piedmont Mom Gets $2,500 Ticket After Son, 3, Urinates In Yard

Police Refuse To Respond To Burglary In Progress

You see, Moses's GOD was from BABYLONIA !...Christians have been scammed and shammed for 2 000 yrs
And MOSES Said,Go Plunder,Steal and ROB: Deuteronomy 6:10-12