Man gets life in 1990 Collin County s...

Man gets life in 1990 Collin County slaying

There are 146 comments on the Dallas Morning News story from Oct 26, 2007, titled Man gets life in 1990 Collin County slaying. In it, Dallas Morning News reports that:

“The two girls did it. We believe they said he [Mr. Shy] was there because they wanted to work a deal. They blamed him because it was convenient.”

By TIARA M. ELLIS / The Dallas Morning News [email protected] Seventeen years after an execution-style murder, a Collin County jury took one hour Thursday to convict Ronnie J. Shy II and sentence him to ... via Dallas Morning News

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wendy wilson

Quinlan, TX

#22 Feb 25, 2009
To keep you all updated Ronnie goes before the appeals court on March 10th LET' S all prey he is home by April.
wendy wilson

Quinlan, TX

#23 Feb 25, 2009
Yes Ronnie told me as soon as he became a suspect, but I had known he and cinnamon had dated as young kids. As for cyinth yes she lives in plano and cinnamon is living in Austin. And who am I.....Ronnie Shy's GIRLFRIEND The 21st of
May will be 4 years together and I'll wait on him till the day I die or he is released. I still live in our home and drive his truck to work. After two years of him being gone it will be great when he comes home.

Dallas, TX

#24 Mar 15, 2009
why did they kill david? specifically?
wendy wilson


#25 Mar 16, 2009
DRUG MONEY paid to David by cynthias boyfriends friend from upstate. The drug dealer that was NEVER questioned...
Local Dude

United States

#26 Mar 17, 2009
Have you tried to explain this to the local newspaper, or to the Dallas Morning Snooze reporter who wrote about the conviction?
wendy wilson


#27 Mar 17, 2009
Yes to them it's the last murder case wylie had open. It was their last cold case file to close after they closed it the sheriff stated it took good ol fashion police work to solve this case... what it took was a boogus lie made up by these to girls and the wylie PD. Cinnamon said she was only saying what the cops wanted to hear so she could go home... and that's in the transcripts under oath. Kimberly Ball from channel 11 called and came by my house after he was arrested but before he was convicted. All I could say then was no comment. Now I'll tell the world this man is innocent and if I could prove it I would but I could never have sat on that jury never knowing the man personally and convicted him. There was no evidence he committed this crime... I watched 12 people belive lies from two girls and send this man to jail for life. And my local newspaper is so small no one really reads it. If ya know someone please tell this story this man did not deserve to die, but Ronnie Didn't deserve life for stealing a car stero.

Lewisville, TX

#28 Apr 21, 2009
so has there been a trial for either Cinnamon or Cynthia?

United States

#29 Apr 22, 2009
To Wendy: Are you stupid?
Wendy Wilson wrote:
To whom it may concern RONNIE SHY IS INNOCENT.
Cinnomon and Cynthia committed this crime and the trial transcripts prove it. Cinnmon said she never heard the shot she heard that Ronnie done it in a dream two weeks later. It was her hair found in the victs hand. They linked her by DNA and she recived a 2,500 dollar fine. Cynthia admitted during trial that she helped kiddnapp Mr. Grubstine and she also got a 2,500 fine. MR. Shy stole the radio from Mr. Grubstine's car after Cinnimon told him where to find the vehical, these girls admitted to making up this story one even said on the stand she was only saying what the officers want to hear to make it sound right. All the people involved in the case and there were several not calle dto testify or even show up, like the drug dealer that gave Mr. Grubstine the money to buy the drugs he died over. Mr. Shy has and always will be INNOCENT..

United States

#30 Apr 22, 2009

You are an idiot. I knew Ronnie long before you and it is all true. He got what he earned.

United States

#31 Apr 22, 2009

Check Ronnie's criminal history, pack a lunch it will be a long read. This isn't his first time in prison but it will be his last. Could you be any more foolish? What do you really know about him and his past?
wendy wilson

Forney, TX

#32 May 28, 2009
Well anonoymous in Arlington:
You may have known him before me but the man I know did not committ this crime. After 4 years in the justice feild I know by what I heard in the court room that Ronnie DID NOT SHOOT DAVID G. And if he did HOW DID CINNAMONS hair get in Davids hand? Why did Cynthia say she drove the car? Why were there SOOOO many inconsistancies in both of their stories? It's like our lawyers said if the 12 people on that jury would have followed the judges instructions they would have by law found him NOT GUILTY, however I guess the girls should have been actresses because they were great liars on the stand. Now due to the jury not following the instructions of the judge Ronnie will be set free SOON! TEXAS PENAL CODE look it up.... NO MAN CAN BE CONVICTED WITHOUT PHYSICAL EVIDENCE TO PLACE HIM AT THE CRIME. THE ONLY crime Ronnie committed was stealing the car stareo and those two girls will rot in hell for what they did. And as far as I'm concerened if what the girls said about David on the stand and from what everyone else said about him is true.. I personally am glad that we have one less pothead theif on this earth, but I just know him of what I heard on the stand from the people who knew and helped( by their own admission} kidnap DAVID. And if you ever decide to become unanonoymous I'd like to meet the foolish idiot that honestly belives that the two girls had no involment. I would also like to meet the gentleman that was suppost to be with Ronnie the night he stole the radio. He made an affidavitt to the police but was never called to testify because it would have CLEARED Ronnie. Now if you know so much about Ronnie what is his wifes name? Where did he reside when he was arrested? What was Ronnies Perfession? Maybe you know him from years ago but even assholes change and it's not illegal to be an asshole. Ronnie stole a radio when he was 19 now he is spending 15-20 behind bars for it, but if you know Ronnie like I know Ronnie he has the devil's luck and will come out of this shit smelling like 2 dozen roses. And he will collect for false imprisionment. I'll keep ya posted. And you really shouldn't say mean things about people you don't know like me. For all you know you just called a 4 year criminal justice major a foolish idiot.
Local Dude

United States

#33 Jun 1, 2009
Local Dude

United States

#34 Jun 1, 2009
Oops, sorry, wrong thread ...

Watford, UK

#35 Jun 17, 2009
Jas wrote:
ooooooooooook ? shnosh ? who are ya? I will email you.
on cinnamon makes reference to an incident or rough times around age 19 that she's glad she passed them and the people she ran with ..... sounds like a person indirectly saying SOMETHING..... poor girl.
cynthia schobert(and her boyfriend) used to blow marijuana smoke into baby kitten's ears ,amusing her hood friends, and then laugh as the feline would flip flop in the air like convulsions. around age 14 she was cute,hung out with sharon curry(a good girl)- after that , cynthia,not so cute the times I saw her.her boyfriend at the time that summer,he was a dark guy,weird..he was a weird guy,very dark. is she still living in plano or has she gotten the hell out? I am resisting being critical. poor girl.
I didnt know ronnie too well.POOR GUY. I knew several in the SUBPOENA list.
all that said,I am a religious person and I believe that its in God's hands and he'll take care of it. its not our job to judge others. we have all fucked up BIG in our own lives.I hate being scrutinized and condemned for stuff I've done AND stuff I have not done.
I'm just sorry david had to die over something so stupid. I knew him in high school. he was a punk to many BUT never did anything so bad he deserved to die over.
wendy, my question to you is this- did ronnie ever tell you about any of this before they came for his DNA or got arrested?
Yep, Cynthias Boyfriend was named Doug meyer, we called him Drug Meyer.

Irving, TX

#36 Jun 28, 2009

It is very telling about you and your character that you find it acceptable that anyone including David Grubstein was murdered. He was a teenager and not afforded the luxuring of the chance to change his path and Ronnie Shy is responsible for that. The other two accomplices have admitted their role in this horrific crime and is likely the reason they received a reduced sentence as inappropriate as it may seem.

I am familiar with Ronnie's exwife who he abused, the children he abandoned, the numerous exgirlfriends he abused, his over 20 arrests most of which were for violent offenses, and his previous prison term. He had no reservations pointing guns at anyone. A family tradition I suppose. He has many debts to pay.

You may be glad the world is rid of "one less pothead" but I rest better at night knowing one less repeated violent offender is off the streets.
wendy wilson

Celina, TX

#37 Jun 30, 2009
Well I don't find it acceptable to murder anyone or anything, however the death penalty is wonderful. Ronnie's abused ex wife is a stupid bitch and he is currently from jail fighting for rights for his daugther. One child know it all not children... 4 of his arrests were for assult but face it every chump needs their ass whooped some times and Ronnie was the first to tell you when your wrong. Being an asshole is not illegal and anytime you want to become open about whoever you are feel free to come see me... I can show you what I learned from the GREAT Ronnie Shy. David was a pot head THEIF and as far as Ronnie's family pointing guns at people yes his brother proudly served as a Marine. So I guess it could be. Maybe you don't know as much as you think or maybe I am nieve to belive that I sat in this trial and heard everything. the girls pulled that trigger and knowing what I know about them they probablly pulled it together just to say I DIDN"T DO IT!!!

Irving, TX

#38 Jun 30, 2009
The trial court's decision has been affirmed. The appeal was found to have no merit. Like father like son. I don't think you know as much as you think you do. He is not the first Ronnie Shy to go to prison. You just literally dodged a bullet.
wendy wilson

Royse City, TX

#39 Jul 9, 2009
I don't think that I dodged a bullet, I think I lost a great person in my life that has taught me more about the human race than you or anyone else could ever feel or imagine. NO MATTER what comes of his case you can bet your candy ass I WILL BE THERE THE DAY HE IS RELEASED. Weither it be 10 days or 20 years that man will ALWAYS be dear to my heart and soul. If I ever get face to face with someone who has cross words about Ronnie they are best kept to themselves. Ronnie Shy Sr. went to prision and escapeed remember that!!!!! He did not die there and nither will Ronnie Shy Jr. The Shy family is a very strong family and I belive there is still great things they will do on this earth before their time is called. I may not have known Ronnie as long as you say you did, but I bet you money I was a tad closer to him now than you were or ever will be. And ANYTIME you wish to become un-ANOYMOUS you feel free to come see me, we can debate what kind of man Ronnie is, Ronnie Shy style if ya know what I mean.... Seasame Street version if you don't get it. I LOVE RONNIE JEAN SHY WITH ALL MY HEART AND HE DID NOT COMMIT THIS CRIME!!!!! Read the transcripts the girls did it!!!! AND THEY WILL HAVE THEIR DAY TOO!!!! As far as his previous arrests as you say they had no marit or he would have been in jail long before I met him... His violent crimes... Some people deserve to have their ass kicked. Some even deserve to die and we all will in our own time, but Ronnie Shy has the devil's luck and he will prevail. No one could ever convince me that he had anything to do with the actual murder of David. Or that there is a bad bone in his body that would ever urge him to harm me so dodge a bullet no... LOST THE LOVE OF MY LIFE YES!!
wendy wilson

Royse City, TX

#40 Jul 9, 2009
It just came to my attention that Kool knows the name of the drug dealer that put the hit out on DAVID>>>> Is this right?? I never mentioned Doug how would someone in Aberdeen UK know about this person's involvment in the case and specifically the one who issued the hit? BECAUSE THE GIRLS DID IT!!!!

Irving, TX

#41 Jul 15, 2009
I am sure Ronnie did it. I knew him well back then. I know what he talked about doing and I know what he had done.

People do change, but the Ronnie you knew Wendy was not the Ronnie of 20 years ago and that was the Ronnie that committed the crime.

I hope you find peace.

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