USADA: Armstrong dope conspiracy bigg...

USADA: Armstrong dope conspiracy biggest in sport

There are 8 comments on the Suria story from Oct 10, 2012, titled USADA: Armstrong dope conspiracy biggest in sport. In it, Suria reports that:

"Overwhelming" evidence shows Lance Armstrong engaged in the biggest doping conspiracy in sports history to win the Tour de France seven times, the US Anti-Doping Agency said Wednesday.

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hewasagoodcheate r

Pottstown, PA

#1 Oct 11, 2012
Sometimes I think I should give him credit for figuring all this stuff out and doing it year round for decades not getting caught. He obviously has a passion for his sport and understands the other things you can do in addition to training.

Even in the real world junkies and drug dealers even if not kingpins do business for years without getting caught wind up getting caught or die.

Huddersfield, UK

#2 Oct 11, 2012
Well, its no big surprise and if people continue to argue with statements like "they were all at it" "witch hunt" "it was to long ago" "the federal case was dropped so it must be untrue" "Its a french conspiracy?" "the case has been illegal or unconstitutional or even usada do not have jurisdiction " "its envy and jealousy" "lance never tested positive" "uci will challenge it" "cycling would not be where it is without lance" "A man who survived cancer like lance could never cheat" ect ect ect.
The only thing guaranteed to be shouted louder will be lance and friends attacks, vendettas and belittling of any of the witness's or contributors to the evidence encyclopedia which makes up this case and judgment.
I always kinda thought that lance had cheated through a passion or desire to be the best cyclist the world had seen. But after reading all of this report i am left with the disquieting feeling that in no way was that his first and biggest motivation. It was for the damn money!!!! thats why he did it and is why he goes after anyone in his way with such vengeance and hatred. It also explains why so many have been complicit in the affair. It all comes down to bonus payments and incentives which have enabled him to earn more than probably the rest of the peloton put together throughout his time amongst them. For each of the brave people who have stood up and been vilified by him there is probably another ten who have been payed off and bought by him.
Please lets not have anymore nonsense about this finding being wrongly compiled, or errors in the process, testimonies rejected as witness's accused of being perjurers, it being too late and in the past to be right and the most annoying,stupid,creeping,bulls ---, the lance advocates recent favorite. That lances cheating only leveled the playing field for him. As everyone was doing it. This explanation is so utterly short sighted and ilconceived it is amazing that people still have the audacity, arrogance or sheer stupidity to express it.
Coming back to the money! its obvious that the main reason lance did not go to arbitration is to avoid having his money go back to the sponsors, fundraisers, insurers, competitors, opponents and even teammates. The greed is truly disgusting. Mike andrews comments of something like " that armstrong had been cheating for profit, with the use of banned substances" + that Armstrong
engaged in an "evil, oppressive and dishonest scheme that equals the greatest scandal
in sports history"; This from a long time friend as well as associate spells out in CAPITAL letters just how low, dishonest, surreptitious, fraudulent, underhand, insidious, calculated, deceiving, deceitful, and just nasty lance is and has been. To those unfortunate enough to be in the same circles as him, and the competitions, promoters, staff and just about anyone and anything which has come into conflict with him and his greed and desires. Will have felt and seen this zeal first hand. The fixing of the 1993 million dollar prize for winning three races competed for in the US in his first or early years as a professional riding for motorola. Payed out by lloyds of london appear to have set a precedent, desire, knowledge and motivation for lance that nothing else could have achieved. He could cycle and make millions now and he could see the way to do it. Thus he helped build and enforce a team structure with an established doping regime designed by the one and only dr ferarri. He did it!!! and much much more as well !!!! Lets hope that this disgusting period for cycling is never repeated again; and that this judgment helps to foster new and clean world cycling competitions and competitors to emerge from this wreckage. One can only hope that the sport is never again dominated by a megalomaniac on the rampage on the biggest cycling stage!!
(what a flourishing last sentiment, i know you will value the comedy gold in this post gman)

hewasagoodcheate r

Pottstown, PA

#3 Oct 11, 2012
Oh, I agree it was for money. But you still need to take raw talent to the next level and stay there. He had a knack for biking even if he didn't realize it or do it for the love of the sport he still had a knack for it.If he didn't know how to physically train or strategize all the doping in the world wouldn't have made him a " winner " .

I get the impression he saw others doing it AND getting caught he thought-hmmmm, I could that and NOT get caught. He did take cheating to the next level.

But I always use the old axciom if you saw your best friend jump off a cliff would you follow and jump off a cliff as well? Lance in reality was just many of the sheeple that roam this planet. He simply followed what he percieved to be the herd.

But everyone doesn't cheat nor accept it. That's what the Lance crowd doesn't get.

Broxburn, UK

#4 Oct 12, 2012
Guys LA didnt figure it out!
It was already endemic in the peloton what do you think Festina 1998 was about, they had enough EPO for the peloton.
Before making LA a devil read up on doping in TDF it has been going on since day 1.
Name 5 best cyclist ever and I shall be happy to show you how they all cheated, its all there.

Huddersfield, UK

#5 Oct 12, 2012
GeeMan wrote:
Guys LA didnt figure it out!
It was already endemic in the peloton what do you think Festina 1998 was about, they had enough EPO for the peloton.
Before making LA a devil read up on doping in TDF it has been going on since day 1.
Name 5 best cyclist ever and I shall be happy to show you how they all cheated, its all there.
Yes Geeman, but where are the other possible champions? the ones that would of won without cheating ? The ones who packed it in because of cheating ? you seem to have a very one sided grasp of this situation. Irrelevant of if you mean it or not, you come across as another blind la supporter, who is willing to go to any lengths and search anywhere to support your own proposition. Without listening to other opinions and accepting when you are wrong. Jumping from one weak, broken, beaten and dismissed argument to the next and even bringing losing arguments back again in the hope people have forgotten the first time around. Not as the all conquering and never wrong maestro you claim to be in one of your earlier posts. Which to be honest, struck me and i am sure many others as very childish. There is definitely a place for comedy and banter here, bringing smiles to everyone who reads those relevant posts. But immaturity really does stand out and lowers the overall enjoyment of being a contributor to any forum where it is so blatantly prevalent.
The shouting loudest, most often, or longest is often the refuge of the immature. Just hope you can change your ways as i repeat, you can have some interesting and valid points. Not everything you say is nonsense and there is some potential there. Heres hoping you can put the whole la thing behind you and maybe move on to areas where your comments and posts are not so immature and don't have repeated fallacies in them. Good luck geeman, will always be here if you need any advice or help.

Broxburn, UK

#6 Oct 12, 2012
turtle once again you make comments without research or you would know that 20 out of 21 TDF podium finishers all convicted dopers or accused or admitted it.

turtle my approach and comments have been consistent throughout and easily read as such.

I said all doped, a level playing field and best man won.

Why dont you put up here who should get the titles and then I can ask you about who their DR's were etc and see how you managed to justify their elevation to podium finish.

I wont hold my breath because you have no idea about cycling and make stupid comments in the hope to hit 1 that makes sense.

There is YOUR challenge turtle and I give you 1 day.

I wont say good luck because I know you cannot do it!

Clueless is a compliment for you.

Huddersfield, UK

#7 Oct 15, 2012
leve playing field we have been over
titles- no one as i have said before
i have a lot of knowledge in cycling
i have a lot of knowledge with drugs


Broxburn, UK

#8 Oct 15, 2012
turtle TDF advised await UCI confirmation on Titles so we shall see if they do the honourable thin or no but 8 years canít see IOC sticking to that and everyone else not!

I am unsure what experience you have with drugs but we may have a new thread opening about it? ;-)

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