Life- Oprah was a bad choice
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Jenks, OK

#1 Mar 16, 2010
As you will soon find out if you did not already know, Oprah W. will be the narrator of Life the new series for Discovery Channel that is a sequel to Planer Earth as it is advertised on Discovery commercials. Oprah does a horrible job, i have watched many clips and Discovery could have made a better decision for the voice of Life. During clips of Life, Oprah makes me feel like a child in kindergarten. She takes very interesting clips that many professional film takers have spent years on and stupefies the clips. I for one will watch life with Deadmau5 playing or just find the BBC version that is narrated by a true icon David Attenborough. Please view each narration by itself and judge yourself. I think Discovery should stop dumbing down America and take a note from the BBC version on how to educate people.

Asbury Park, NJ

#2 Mar 19, 2010
I saw a clip on discovery today - the segment with the chameleon. For the most part Oprah dialog was the same as David Attenborough's (from what i can remember of the BBC version), but I agree she was a poor choice. Instead of trying to discern exactly what i dislike about her narrating this series, I will just pose these questions "why does discovery channel use narrator like sigourney weaver and oprah when they should be using naturalists?"
"why it even necessary to avoid using david attenborough's commentary?"
lastley "in general why has discovery channel and history channel resorted to playing faux scientific programming regularly with this airing of BBC Life being treat aside programming such as monsterquesters, alien finders, ghost trackers, conspiracy theories, and ridiculous disaster scenario presenters?"

Newark, DE

#3 Mar 22, 2010
From the moment i found out Oprah would be narrating i immediately figured it would be bad but she really out does herself here. The show itself is great as expected but she just ruins it. I found myself making fun of her more than anything. I hope discovery will seriously consider re-airing the series with different narration.

Milwaukee, WI

#4 Mar 27, 2010
The Discovery people made a collossal mistake when they selected her. Her poor narration and political ties make me sick, and from what I've heard around the office I'm not alone.

Van Nuys, CA

#5 Mar 27, 2010
I was so excited for this series, but I don't plan on watching the rest of it. Maybe throw some music on and hit the mute button. Very hard to get past how horrible she is. What's wrong with Morgan Freeman?

Baltimore, MD

#6 Mar 28, 2010
Unwatchable with Oprah as the narrator. WTF was Discovery Thinking.
The darker side of light

Lake Jackson, TX

#7 Mar 31, 2010
I missed the first episode but 10mins into the second episode, which was the first one for me ...I changed the channel. How can ANYBODY think that oprah can narrate ANYTHING. I am really disappointed discovery sold out the integrity of this HD nature series just because Okra wanted to do it. So if Discovery says no...then what??? Oprah buys them out and fires everybody?? Come on!!

I..... like everyone else in the known universe, loved Planet Earth. You got HD set up with BluRay and you wanted to "awe" your friends/family ...Planet Earth is what you put in! I so waited for this new series... The second I saw it was narrated by that ...I asked myself "why"???????? I mean look at how she has been recieved .

This is a visually stunning series and it was supposed to be done for the fans and the people of these HD nature series, they/we are the ones who spend the money to buy it and millions watching raise the advertising dollars so Discovery can make some cash. So why change things from the BBC version and jeopardise all that here in the states?

Only Oprah-natics would think shes actually doing a good job. Anybody with half a brain and a 2nd grade education will instantly see the difference between Planet Earths narration and this one. She's horrid! I will still buy it, but it will be the BBC version for sure!! At least over there ... integrity still means something.
Oprah Sucks Balls

Clarkston, GA

#8 Apr 2, 2010
I totally agree! I just now was able to watch the first Life episode. I couldn't even make it throught the first ten minutes, it's as if she is reading a report that she doesn't find very interesting!
Atleast in the BBC series the narrator knows what the heck he is talking about and it makes you feel as if he is just talking to you!
Blah Blah Blah. Way to take a a great show and turn it in the dogy pooh!
Jake Lagoni

Kaneohe, HI

#9 Apr 2, 2010
I was initially in awe of the nature scenes and photography. I was wondering if any of them had been "doctored", or how much. Then, I said to myself "Who is the narrator and why are they talking as if I am in 6th grade, and walking home to mom and pop this afternoon after school?" At least it is a significant amount of new nature footage - but that is about it.

New Bedford, MA

#10 Apr 4, 2010
I had no idea this would bother me when I initially heard she was doing it. I was pretty much, "Hey cool, whatever." about it. But I'm finding Oprah's narrating quite irksome.

United States

#11 Apr 4, 2010
All true - OW was a poor choice for the voice over. She has no credibility in natural sciences - she's a talk show host you Discovery dummies!

I lost interest early on also because of the short segments between advertising spots which to us seemed more frequent than normal.
Michigan viewer

Monroe, MI

#12 Apr 4, 2010
Oprah is terrible I couldn't even watch .. It's like she never even watched what she is sayn is what someone wrote... Sigourney weaver or whatever her name is so much better so soothing why the heck would they get rid of some1 that was good. That's affirmative action at work and I'm sure black civil rights groups were complaining .. Not sure if I spelled that right either. But by the way I am not white .. Have orangeish skin
Paul McM

Santa Monica, CA

#13 Apr 5, 2010
Oprah's narration is terrible. Stupendously awful. Biblically bad as they would say on Top Gear. Intolerable.

She reads the lines in a droning monotone like she's reciting a shopping list. Plus Oprah's voice itself is just plain unpleasant. It's a bad voice to start with, and she doesn't have the talent for this job.

Technically, she can't even enunciate properly or pronounce many of the words. And her voice range is unpleasant -- it's the voice of a gruff dyke. I tried to watch the show, really tried, but the Oprah narration made me want to rip the cord out of the wall and throw the TV set out of the window. I HATE Oprah!

Discovery should practice some major damage control and make the Attenborough-narrated versions available.

Do it Discovery. Pull the plug on Oprah.
James H

Palm Springs, CA

#14 Apr 6, 2010
I'm sitting here with my 12 yr old twins, and they both said to me, why is this woman talking like we're 8 yr olds? I almost crpd myself! I wad JUST thinking how bloody awful it was and my wife said it was Oprah! I'm English and said how wonderful life on earth was 30 yrs ago, narrated by our very own david attenborough and how they needed someone like that. Then I type in 'oprah bad narration' on my iPhone and find this site, lo and behold I see that he actually narrated this series too for the uk version!!!! Discovery Royally effed up on this one. She simply cannot narrate something like this. She doesn't have those particular skills. Can't watch any more!
Chris M

Spring, TX

#15 Apr 8, 2010
Oprah just ruins the brilliant photography and production of this series. Oprah is a horrible terrible narrator. All that work down the tubes.

She is so bland and boring. She reads without emotion or any change in inflection of her voice. She sounds like a female version of Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

I hope Discovery hears complaints and gets someone else to narrate it on DVD. However, I feel that may not happen. They'd rather lose money insult the almighty and all-powerful Oprah.

I don't care what her politics are. I have no idea what the politics of Morgan Freeman or Leonard Nimoy are, but they would be great narrators. It doesn't even matter that she isn't a scientist. Morgan Freeman was brilliant in March of the Penguins.

Atlanta, IL

#16 Apr 8, 2010
Holy crap Oprah is terrible at this. Can we get Mike Row or something. She ruined it

San Antonio, TX

#17 Apr 9, 2010
I agree so much so that I searched the internet for others who also feel the same...

Oprah narration on Life sucks.

Bethlehem, PA

#18 Apr 11, 2010
It's like lsitening to an auto mechanic who's smoked too much read a book to a kindergarden class.

My God, she's horrendous. We watched 30 minutes of one episode and wont be watching any others.

United States

#19 Apr 11, 2010
My roomates and i were very excited for the new LIFE series...until we heard it was to be narrated my oprah. Because we knew there would be incredible footage, we decided to watch it anyway. Within the first 19 seconds, two out of the three of us puked.

I dont think discovery could have found a worse voice-over, maybe paris hilton or one of those jersey shore guys.....maybe.

I feel bad for all the time, money, and energy that was put into this series that discovery/oprah ruined. I guess worst case scenario all the un-bought copies can be donated to elementary schools around the world for the kids to watch during their science lessons.

Cant wait to hear the David Attenborough version.

Fort Collins, CO

#20 Apr 16, 2010
I didn't even know that it was going to be Oprah. The first time I saw the show all I could think was "this narrator is terrible." I won't even watch it. I'll just watch the bbc version intstead.

You suck Oprah. way to ruin Life

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