Pakistan says latest deadly assault c...

Pakistan says latest deadly assault cements plan to strike at T...

There are 45 comments on the Los Angeles Times story from Oct 11, 2009, titled Pakistan says latest deadly assault cements plan to strike at T.... In it, Los Angeles Times reports that:

Reporting from Islamabad, Pakistan - Pakistan's government, which for weeks claimed to have broken the back of the Taliban, found itself on Sunday sifting through the aftermath of a highly coordinated 22-hour siege by militants that left at least 19 people dead and deeply embarrassed the country's leadership.

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Monk wrote:
Pakstan should be embarrassed about allowing the Taliban and al-Qaeda free reign in the western region. Did they really think the terrorists would live with them in peace?
Yup. They also thought that the Taliban would be much more profitable via opium in Afghanistan. They never thought Americans would gain interest in that area again. Oops.
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Putian, China

#75 Apr 14, 2010
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#76 Apr 14, 2010
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#81 Apr 14, 2010
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