Sound Off (Dec. 16)

Sound Off (Dec. 16)

There are 29 comments on the Las Cruces Sun-News story from Dec 16, 2010, titled Sound Off (Dec. 16). In it, Las Cruces Sun-News reports that:

As if our already lax laws for repeat DWIs are not outrageous enough, then we have our District Judges Stephen Bridgforth, Fernando Macias and Lisa Schultz suspending sentences and fines for criminals convicted of multiple drunk driving offenses.

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Santa Fe, NM

#24 Dec 16, 2010
James Dale wrote:
<quoted text>
Give to Limbaugh? Really? Roy, since when did the government GIVE him $2+ million? They are letting him KEEP HIS $2+ Million! It's not up to the government to GIVE anyone the money they EARN. How much of the money you make/made has the government GIVEN you?
Understand James, to a statist stereotype ALL money, and the muscles / brains that produce it are the property of the state.

Everything that everyone has or ever will have comes only from the benevolence of / cooperation with the state.

Re-read 1984 as if it were an instruction manual and you'll understand the hardcore R or D mindset better. Roy's party, and their synergistic republican bretheren, think the last four words are a happy ending.

Las Cruces, NM

#25 Dec 16, 2010
Victoria wrote:
I think you have a total lack of respect for your readers to allow the movie review (and completely raunchy picture) of "Pervert" to be in The Pulse. REALLY? I'm in my early 30's and by no means a prude, but this is supposed to be a newspaper, not porn advertisement. You owe readers an apology and a commitment to finding more meaningful material. Again, REALLY?
I bet you complain when you climax as well. Oh, sorry maybe you don't and that may be the problem.

Las Cruces, NM

#26 Dec 16, 2010
Geezer wrote:
<quoted text>
I bet you complain when you climax as well. Oh, sorry maybe you don't and that may be the problem.
Why so crass? You probably can't even get it up. It sounds like it's more your problem, Geezer.

Albuquerque, NM

#27 Dec 16, 2010
PlacitasRoy wrote:
<quoted text>
When the country has to borrow money to give tax breaks, it is a give away. Dubya instituted the give-a-ways too solve that big problem of surpluses as far as the eye can see and what to do when the national debt was paid off.
Druggie Limpbaughs (and the country) was doing just fine under Clinton tax rates. The uber-rich 1/2 of 1% did quite well when the top marginal rates were 70+%...thing was, the everyone else did also.
The country ONLY has to borrow money when it spends more than it takes in. Using your logic, the country has to borrow money because you are too stingy to send the IRS more than they ask for. So send them more money!

Those on-paper surpluses that you keep lying about were never realized.

Since: Jun 08

Las Cruces, NM

#29 Dec 16, 2010
OrvilleWyatt wrote:
"Rush Limbaugh, I am sure, does not think anything under a million dollars is rich. But to me it is, or to most people if you make $250,000 a year, it's rich"
I think 250k is pretty well off, comfortable at least. And if they used infrastructure / public welfare to obtain that wealth they are liable for the exact amount they used (direct taxation, ie gas tax)...
... however, even if you're earning 250 billion a year, I have no right to tell you what to do with it. That is your labor and ingenuity. It is the product of YOUR muscles and mind.
Taking by fraud or force (a portion of) the life of a rich person, is morally the same as taking the life of a poor person. Doing it just because they are rich is morally the same as doing it just because they are black.
It IS slavery.
Furthermore, it is impossible to tax wealth. You can tax luck and take away inheritence or gambling winnings, but to tax wealth relies on the wealthy eating the cost - that ain't how anyone gets wealthy. All that happens is the cost gets passed to the consumers, and the poorer you are, the greater proportion of your earnings are spent to survive rather than invested or saved, the harder it hits you.
Progressive taxation, along with currency manipulation are the root causes of poverty in America.

Pro tax is pro poverty. Pro central banking is pro poverty. The iron fist always crushes societies who f___ with the invisible hand.
If you're out there screaming 'the rich should pay more!' Than don't expect those of us who told you so to show any sympathy when the rich stay rich and YOU, the poor consumer, eat the cost of that tax increase.
Again, my rich amigos ... I have no right to tell you how to spend your money. And Vice Versa - pass the message along to your a-hole lobbyists and bought members of congress.
OrvilleWyatt, finally a post that I can agree completely with. Most of the time your post are partially right and partially wrong.

You must be seeing the light. Keep it up.

Santa Fe, NM

#30 Dec 16, 2010
Thomas F Schraad wrote:
<quoted text>
OrvilleWyatt, finally a post that I can agree completely with. Most of the time your post are partially right and partially wrong.
You must be seeing the light. Keep it up.

I think I'm pretty consistent on this message, though. Other than sarcasm, this has always been my econ message.

I know we probably disagree about the military, immigration, and / or drugs - which is fine, I wouldn't trust anyone who agreed with everything I said.

I find conservatives horribly inconsistent and fair-weather friends of libertarianism / anarchocapitalism; can you tell me why it is the Rs and their pals are all for screwing with the immigrant labor and drug markets while talking up the unhampered economy? This seems strange to me, and no one can ever rectify it without bringing up Jebus and loosing me completely.

If you've got this answer we'll get into the bigger rift of foreign interventionism.

I still get to belittle Rs for their support of the Fed. No excuse for that one. Pure evil.

Camarillo, CA

#31 Dec 16, 2010
PlacitasRoy wrote:
<quoted text>
"Pro tax is pro poverty." What utter nonsensical and insane BU!!SH!T
"Roy is pro poverty." What utter nonsensical and insane BU!!SH!T
A look at Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, ect show how stupid the argument is.
Try this: Hourly manufacturing compensation (wages plus benefits) was $48 in Germany in 2008 - the most recent year surveyed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics - while it was $32 in the United States. Yet Germany is an export giant, while we are the colossus of imports.
In Germany, workers also get six weeks vacation - by law, federally mandated, a right. They get health care, university, child care and pensions and as a result they have higher productivity. In Germany, the government requires worker representatives to hold seats on the boards of directors of companies, depending on the number of workers. Government-funded research and vocational training, and policies to retain skilled workers bring another competitive advantage. Germany values manufacturing and the government has an industrial policy. The government is currently helping promote green manufacturing, for example.
The result of all this government interference is that Germany's export-oriented manufacturing economy recovered from the recession and is doing OK, and their workers are paid well and have great benefits. Full op-ed at:
For Germany to pay for the the socialized, entitled, benefits and great wages, the government taxes! An absolute shell game.
According to , Germany has an effective corporate tax rate of 30%-33%, individuals pay 14%-45%, and VAT tax (sales-Value Added Tax) of 19%, and that does not even include a local tax rate (think state tax.) I make $48/hr so I buy $28.75 of goods, and pay an additional VAT of $5.45, because I actually only net ~$34.20/hr. after individual taxes of 30% average are applied. Sounds like a rip-off to me.
IMO, Capitalism creates and opportunity for success and personal satisfaction. Entitlement creates a selfish, whiny government owned troll.
LC Today


#32 Dec 16, 2010
"To the caller who said I should have flown my flag on Dec. 7, I have never heard of that before. I remember the day and what I was doing when I heard about Pearl Harbor. I have visited the Arizona Memorial. I can be patriotic by helping others, not by not "showing off" my patriotism by showing my flag."

Since the flags were flown at half staff on December 7th, what would it have hurt for you to fly the flag? Why are you whining about this in the first place, flying the flag is a sign of patriotism and not showing off as you put it.

Tularosa, NM

#33 Dec 16, 2010
The bus stops should only be used by those riding the bus instead of all the homeless people setting there all day long in front of the Gospel Rescue Mission. Something more needs to be done to keep the bus riders in a clean envoriment.

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