Many years ago i worked at Social Services in Yates county and saw first hand how yates county tax payers are paying for county workers in the temporary assistance and food stamps.. now not all but a few that have been there forever... they are allowed to treat people unkindly.. make then wait because they dont want to do their job....some even took 15 smoke breaks a day and this is not exaggerating at all...they dont do their job and get away with is buddies with commissioner gates so she gets a way with everything right she watches the commissioners animals so she does nothing wrong and this same worker is allowed to let paperwork sit for months and then the person getting assistance gets a visit from the fraud division... what kind of place is this.... now i have to say the child support section does their job and does it well when i worked there they didnt make their people wait and always returned calls unlike the temporary assistance, I cannot believe Nancy Gates is commissioner maybe if they got rid of her and put someone new in there it would be a better place to work..