I grew up in Wythe County right around Lick Mountain and I remember as a kid that my father and some people he knew took me to see the Ant Hills off Piney Mountain Road. I was having a chat with him the other day when I came in to visit and I brought the subject up. He told me that the Ant Hills that I knew as a kid were shrinking.
Since I though the Ant Hills were pretty much the coolest thing ever when I was five, I thought I'd get some information together about it and try to write an article to sell to a nature magazine, but my luck hasn't been that great. The only thing I could find online was about three sentences in a "comprehensive" article about Wythe County.
I'm going to start making calls to the Jefferson National Forest people tomorrow to see what I can dig up and being a home-town boy, I know several people I can talk to about the Ant Hills. However if anyone out there in Intarweb Land can give me any extra info, I'd be forever grateful. Give me a hand in trying to preserve a truly unique natrual phenomenon in the annals of history. Or at least something you can show your grandkids and wow 'em.
Send any info you might have to jharmon@wythenews.com
Thanks again.