Man deliberately ran over ducklings w...

Man deliberately ran over ducklings with a Hummer, Ann Arbor police say

There are 27 comments on the Ann story from Apr 26, 2011, titled Man deliberately ran over ducklings with a Hummer, Ann Arbor police say. In it, Ann reports that:

A 19-year-old Ann Arbor man was arrested Monday night after he deliberately ran over four ducklings with a Hummer in a McDonald's parking lot, Ann Arbor police said.

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Sandusky, OH

#1 Apr 26, 2011
Dillon Pearce
aka D-Pain
aka chillindillon092
Aka little duckling killer

Jus turned 19 a couple weeks ago ... za MAN now.

Well well ... it looks like ol' Dillon's been in the newspapers a bit ... appears to have possibly been involved in felony MDOP of police car - 2010
Could those be the same friends he was in the hummer with when he ran the ducks over?
Um, Anthony and Miles - were you guys in on this one too?

Dillon's shaming Ann Arbor Huron High School- played hockey there
and shaming the Honeybaked Hockey ... whatever the hell that is.

And shaming the Ann Arbor Church of Christ where he's attended - NOT christian-like Dillon ol chap ... ol' D-Pain needs a bit of counseling methinks.

And shaming his parents and sister.

And going to play hockey in green bay?... Dillon! you're gonna blow it, committing crimes and killing ducks with a hummer and all.

Now, you have to be his "friend" to let him know what you think on myspace... otherwise you could drop him a message at ...

Up until half an hour ago you could send him a little sumpin sumpin at his facebook page ... but they, or he, just deep-sixed his facebook page just prior to my intention to post this ... I've got a damn good mind to post his home phone ... but I'm not going to. His parents R & T have suffered enough. TAKE AWAY THE HUMMER WILL YA???

Oh Dillon, your poor family ... not to mention Julia!
For shame for shame ... on second thought, why don't you just get the hell out of michigan and go to alabama or wisconsin or wherever you were intending ... um, when you get out of lockup that is.
Duck killer

Pickerington, OH

#2 Apr 26, 2011
Shame shame shame

Pickerington, OH

#3 Apr 26, 2011
What goes around comes around.

Kalamazoo, MI

#4 Apr 26, 2011
No you deucsche don't make blind accusations. Unlike D-Pain that incident was enough to get me to realize like isn't a game, so I got my act together. I now attend Western Michigan University where I just completed my first year with over a 3.0 gpa. More than you can say?
R Sizzle

East Lansing, MI

#5 Apr 26, 2011
Anthony. Were you there? Did you see what happened? i dont think so. so shut your mouth. When dpain gets off this innocent youre gonna feel like a real douche. and stop talkin about his personal life, you dont know shit. Youre gonna hoe his hockey career after he blew out his knee? Nobody is gonna hit some baby ducks on purpose. Not even deepin, he's done some fucked up things but hes not a purposeful duck murderer

Madison, MS

#6 Apr 27, 2011
I graduated with Dillon, Miles, and Anthony at Huron.
I'm not gonna say Dillon didn't do it, because I have no idea and have no details to the story. I feel bad for his parents and whatnot having to go through this legal trouble, but I am sure that Miles and Anthony didn't do anything.

Sandusky, OH

#7 Apr 27, 2011
@Miles ... good to hear you're doing well. Sorry bout the accusation (anthony too). I hear ya about some people learning lessons and some not.

@rsizzle ... first, there were first-hand witnesses and they are going to testify and back up what they already told police they saw. Second, he left the parking lot (long enough to eat) and then came back for no other apparent purpose ... so unless he can prove materially some other reason for returning, that combined with the witnesses and the dead ducks are going to put him in jail for some length of time.

blue_and_yellow ... you're right, Dillon's folks are the ones who are really payin the price. This instantaneous publicity online has gone around the world, and far beyond what such an offense normally would have produced. People want to find villains. The whole episode has mostly produced a commentary on Dillon ... almost as if killing ducks and the cruelty thing have become secondary. Hopefully he will come to some deal with the prosecutor and avoid a trial ... that would be really rough. Not sure if it would help but a massive package of offers on Dillon's part ... working with local wildlife organizations, maybe Ducks Unlimited or the Audubon Society or local wetlands management groups - plus some sort of monetary compensation and a public apology ... maybe he can avoid time ... maybe he can get the record expunged for a lengthy period of "good works".
People want to find villains - but they also are willing to forgive. I'm sure it does not seem like that now to him, but it's true. However the ball is in his court ... it's now up to him to do damage control - mostly by repenting and good works.
R Sizzle

East Lansing, MI

#8 Apr 27, 2011
He left the parking lot to eat, they ate their food, and went back to McDicks to get more food... not to purposefully hit some damn ducks. Nobody would do that shit. Dillon never saw ducks. Ducklings small enough to sit in the palm of a hand and he drives a big ass hummer... like theres no way he couldnt have seen them!? The news will twist anything around to get a story, and because of that dillon has had to delete his fbook, gonna change his number, and prolly never show his face in ann arbor again. Accidents happen, people hit deer and coons all the time, but do they get charged with felonies? no. Its all a big deal because its some baby ducklings. Ducks get hunted all the time! so frustrating that he has to go through all of this hatred and when he's already goin through enough shit, like facing 4 years for somthin that was an accident...

Columbus, OH

#9 Apr 27, 2011
Karma's a b!tch!

United States

#10 Apr 27, 2011
you're a retard. straight up. they returned cause one of his friends truck was there. then they tried to pulled back around McDonalds cause they were gunna get some more food you dumbass. and apparently as they were pulling around, he hit the ducks. not intentionally but completely on accident.
you sound like a straight dumbass you prick.


United States

#11 Apr 27, 2011
oh, and Anthony.
why don't you quit being a lil bitch and squad up like a real man instea of talkin shit bout my boy and his family.
you lil fluffer

Howell, MI

#12 Apr 27, 2011
anthony, do you not have anything better to do with your life? what do you do? sit your lazy ass at home and creep on 19 year olds who ACCIDENTALLY hit some ducks. it's so sad and pathetic that you honestly sat on a computer and researched his past, who his girlfriend is, his myspace, his email, his home phone number? you're messed up in the head and maybe you should go to jail for being a creepy stalker, rapist man. maybe you should have saved the dumb ass ducks yourself then. WHO LETS DUCKS LIVE IN A MCDONALDS PARKING LOT? NOT NORMAL PEOPLE. we live in michigan and we're all a bunch of hicks.. people shoot and eat ducks? i don't see them getting charged with 4 years in prison. And what are you 400 years old? I don't know where you've been but myspace is gone buddy. so here's a little life tip for you, keep your mouth closed about shit you don't know about. WERE YOU AT THE SCENE? did you WATCH Dillon PURPOSEFULLY kill some baby ducklings? Mmm...nope, ya didn't. So take your shitty as comments and shove them up your ass.

Dillon's innocent. End of story.

Northville, MI

#13 Apr 28, 2011
Anybody have a clue what judge he will be in front of??

Petersburg, MI

#14 Apr 28, 2011
@Dillon's Friends:

The defense that he didn't see the ducklings because he drives a "big ass Hummer" doesn't work. If I ran you over because I happened to be driving a semi-truck, a good defense would not be that I drive a "big ass semi-truck". The size of the vehicle is irrelevant to the situation. A driver must have full control of their vehicle at all times. And when they don't, either the get ticketed, pay fines, or go to jail.

Your arguments about people hunting ducks, again, doesn't fly. Duck hunters have specific licenses to obtain, with specific rights and responsibilities associated with those licenses.

Your arguments about people hitting deer and raccoons doesn't hold water, either. How many deer and how many raccoons get hit in parking lots? Parking lots are low-speed situations. Deer and raccoons get hit mostly at night due to a combination of speed and visibility. Dillon ran the ducklings over at low speed and in the daylight.

That Dillon has a prior record with law enforcement speaks volumes about his character, or lack thereof. His nicknames do as well. D-pain? Yes, he certainly hurt those little ducklings. He brought the "pain" that time.

It's obvious that he has no respect for authority (vandalized a police car) and has, allegedly, citations for very excessive speeding on city streets as well as a careless driving citation. Obviously, his operator's license needs to be revoked, as it is a privilege to drive not a right. And its obvious that Dillon has abused that privilege too many times. Next time he drives 66 mph in a 35 mph zone, and a toddler happens to wander onto the street and into the path, will he blame the toddler after he run's the child over and kills/maims him?

Dillon has ALOT of growing up to do, and I will not feel sorry for HIM if he is sent to jail. I will feel badly for the rest of us, whose taxes will be needed to police him and pay his room/board/food/laundering/sup ervision while he is locked away.

His parents should be truly ashamed of the way that he has turned out as an adult. They were the ones responsible for teaching him character, integrity, empathy, compassion and a host of other things. It's obvious that they did not teach him anything.

Ypsilanti, MI

#15 Apr 28, 2011
Also, I've spoken to Anthony...FAIRLY recently. Before the incident. He told me that Dillon and him don't hang out like they did back then. The context in which he told me seemed like he and Dillon grew apart. Not TOTALLY sure, but still.

Also, I know Miles fairly well too, he doesn't seem like he'd do it. It's been clarified, just backing it up.

Melissa, it seems like he might know Dillon personally in order for him to at least know he went out with Julia, because Dillon could have those privacy settings on.

Anthony, you have every right to post stuff on the computer. I respect that. I still don't know if he did it intentionally or not, but just make sure not to accuse others of it unless there is proof.


#16 May 1, 2011
Did a Google search for Dillon Robert Pearce. Found out the same layer representing him now did several years ago for vandalizing a police cruiser. They got the charges dropped them. I would hate to think that a parent somewhere raised such a little douchebag. My bet is this kid has a gross sense of self entitlement and is more than a little narcissistic.

Ask yourself would the world be a better or worse place if this guy was locked in prison? I think we know the answer to that.

Horrible and shallow person.
event horizon


#17 May 1, 2011
@R Sizzle...You claim he came back to get more food. Did he? No. He didn't.

@Rainman...Very good points. This is obviously a vacuous little person with no character. His parents failed.:(


#18 May 1, 2011
I saw him laughing and pointing at the ducks before and AS he ran over them....not a good guy.
Duck Killer Hater

Georgetown, KY

#19 May 3, 2011
I wish I would have seen it! I would have caused some major bodily harm and THEN called the cops! Who do you think would go to jail first? The duck killer or the person who beat the shit out of the baby duck killer?? I hope they seriously ream his asshole out in prison and turn him into a girl. YES! The parents are totally responsible for creating this fucktard monster!

Sandusky, OH

#20 May 5, 2011
This is a long post so I am going to have to do it in two installments ...

pt 1of 2
Rainman wrote:
Your arguments about people hitting deer and raccoons doesn't hold water, either. How many deer and how many raccoons get hit in parking lots? Parking lots are low-speed situations. Deer and raccoons get hit mostly at night due to a combination of speed and visibility. Dillon ran the ducklings over at low speed and in the daylight.
That is exactly correct.

I can't believe that his attorney, David Nacht, is suggesting what is basically the "roadkill" defense!

In Nacht’s very first statements to the press, he said killing the ducks in a parking lot is equivalent to killing a deer that runs out in front of a vehicle on the road.
It most certainly is *not*... and anyone who thinks about it for even a moment knows that! That defense is going to fall flat on it’s ass ... and will actually be offensive to any jury or judge.

As Rainman says, hitting a deer etc while driving is a higher speed accident ... whereas parking lot driving is by definition low speed. The judge is going to reject any such assertion of this being like hitting a deer, which is a situation in essentially 99.9% of the cases where the deer runs and/or leaps out in front of you while you are travelling at high speed on a road or highway.

Yes, both involve vehicles and both involve the death of an animal(s)... but that’s it!... that’s where the comparison stops.

Furthermore, you can see a whole family of ducks quite easily ... contrasted to one small animal the size of a baby duck, chipmunk etc ... a whole family of ducks takes up a much larger “visual footprint”... the event was in broad daylight ... there are willing witnesses for the prosecution ... and if there is a security tape that shows ANY reckless behavior on Dillon’s part, up to and including the intentional running over of the ducks, it’s all done but the cryin.

In the final analysis, the *real* difference is intent. Intent is the lynchpin of the case and the defense.
If it does *not* look like they are going to be able to **prove** there was a lack of intent, they need to look at an opportunity for **expungement** for “good works” as I said in my previous post. Between doing jail time and having a record, having the record is a MUCH worse issue. Jail time would suck, but a permanent record, especially a felony, he will end up paying for, for the rest of his life.

Now, Nacht is asking for more time to prepare.

Someone needs to tell the Pearces to get rid of Nacht. There sounds to be way too many facts against Dillon’s case, and Nacht’s defense sounds to be specifically not taking all those issues into account.
The Pearces need to find an attorney who has a positive relationship with the prosecutor and try to cut a deal before trial. If the defense (the Pearces) push a trial into the courts and the result goes against Dillon, the prosecutor and judge are going to throw the book at him.

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