After having 3 facial fractures during a violent marriage in nj with civil convictions of domestic violence on him, we moved to fl. violence started again so my son and I left with a bag of clothes, filed for divorce in Volusia. had started over with nothing ran out of money for lawyer he had a lawyer and lots of money. after tons of stupid appearance for nothing the judge just wanted to get the order of divorce signed. he wouldn't address anything for me in regards to even getting my and my sons personal belongings back. When i asked the judge told me to make a list i told him i had one with me. instead of dealing with it there and then he replied well send it to ex's lawyer and if its not agreed you csn come back and file again to be heard???? lazy judge! He was enforcing my ex to have lots of time with our sin who does not want to go with his father and has seen all the abuse. Ex was basically saying he didn't want weeks. he doesn't want anything except ti hurt me. the judge joked with the ex even complementing him on his looks while i sat with permanent damage to my face from all the fractures. the judge also told me i was lucky that my ex allowed me residential custody. i think this judge was lazy, and bias. Im so disappointed in the legal system here. what a joke