Flooding in Tyler County
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#1 Mar 2, 2012
The flooding we had last Wednesday was horrible. It left so many people stranded along roads on their way home or to work. It's by far the fastest flood waters I've seen in years. I heard on the scanner of cars being trapped in the water in Tyler and Wetzel. A good friend of mine said a fire truck from Shirley on Route 23 ran into the water and it shut the truck off. Don't know why a fire department would be trying to go through swift moving flooded water. But I was watching people all over my road go speeding through the water, I don't know about people going through flooded water for "fun" lol. I'll stick to staying in the safety of my own home. Any one else have severe flooding?

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#2 Mar 2, 2012
I live out route 23 and the fire truck you heard about was from Shirley VFD. 10 minutes before it happen the truck that got stuck in the water was speeding through the town of Shirley when people were out walking the street looking at the water and the driver showed no signs of slowing down due to people but that's nothing new for that fire department. People who were stuck on the other end of the water said the truck came up over the little embankment on 23 going to fast and couldn't stop before hitting the water and causing the truck to shut off. then they got it pulled out and were stuck in a ladies driveway all night. lol. they're winners up there.
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#3 Mar 3, 2012
First of all the truck did not go speeding through shirley.Second you need to talk to the people on the other side and get your facts straight before you start shit. the truck stop before the water and waited about 7 mins before he tried to go through it to get to another EMERGENCY call.
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#4 Mar 8, 2012
people need to stop running there mouth that was not there and not know what really happened. i dont know why all people do is run their mouth when they are there to help people one of these day it could be you and then you will wonder what took them so long. but then they will just have to say well that they can not go over the speed limit because they have people watching them all the time. so think about it. why cause trouble when they are there to help people and it could be you.
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#5 Apr 6, 2012
First off, Mr. "clueful more like clueless" the cussing in your post really helps signify you're dumbness by not being able to properly defend yourself in a mature adult like manner. So you Sir must be the holy one himself who ran the truck in the water.As far as waiting 7 minutes? Okay? you wanted to let the water rise up some more? because it surely wasn't going down because it was still raining. HERE'S YOUR SIGN!They help people by shutting themselves off from the people they serve.If you're not in that little "niche" then you're an outsider and that's a no, no in the Shirley VFD. A leak in a gas line is not a major enough emergency to sacrifice a truck unless you're an idiot. I mean come on,what were they really gaining by going through water that was easily 3 feet deep or more.Any smart Firefighter/first responder/law enforcement etc knows you risk a lot to save a lot and risk a little to save a little. The page went out as a gas line break, they had no exposures so therefore no one was in danger. Plus, it was outside their own community which was flooding, why not stay around and help the elderly people move things? But hey, Shirley is full of the glory hogs, they want to make those big saves so they can brag it up. Anyone in emergency services knows there is no glory. The number one key is to make it home at the end of the night. As far as waiting for that fire department. The three stooges who actually run down there anymore aren't worth getting there in a timely manner. The whole "we can't go over the speed limit without people complaining" ever think it's because you're reckless drivers? Or because you're arrogant toward the community? But hey, keep on doing what you're doing it seems to be doing wonders for your reputation throughout the area. I'll love to hear your improper,immature and vulgar reply. Thank you and have a nice day.

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#6 Apr 9, 2012
Really??/ Idiots.. u want to complain about the language in the above post.. not being able to talk in a mature adult manner.... what do u call it when u call someone "holy one himself", an"idiot", "glory hogs", oh and lets not forget the "3 stooges" comment... wow.. name calling is really mature isnt it????!!!! Im so impressed with ur language also...How bout if u have a problem with these men/women then u show up to a meeting and talk to them like a MATURE ADULT would instead of bashing them behind a computer screen.... I really dont see where they act so arrogant towards the community.. Ive seen where they held a Halloween party for the children of the community and they had a community Christmas party also.. doesnt sound to me like they are cutting out the Community that they serve.. they also cover the Tyler County Speedway to help serve the community.. but this is all over looked.. its so easy to judge people when u feel superior to others.. some ppl find it easy to lay blame on others instead of taking a close look at themselves and their own wrong doings...If u think that these "3 stooges" are so bad then why dont u and ur little group of friends take the classes and join the department to help them out... i think u will then see that it isnt as easy as u think it will be...and maybe just maybe u wont be so hard on these guys...they leave their familys and friends to come help their communitys.. doesnt matter what is going on in their lives THEY STOP IT to help... u always have some ppl that feel they have to judge others.. I hope and pray someday that u wont need these same men/women to help u or ur family because im not sure that YOU would be able to put ur own feelings aside to allow them to help u in ur time of need and that could turn into a BAD SITUATION... hope u would be able to live with YOURSELF!!!!!
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#7 Apr 10, 2012
why is it that you people that are posting stuff are only posting negitive things. you are not putting the positive things they do. it sounds to me it is just a couple families causing this trouble it doesnt sound like to me it is the fd or its members it sounds to me it is you
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#8 Apr 11, 2012
this is for idiots idiots idiots what about the person who used to be their and how that person drove. there has been times here recently that i have seen 2 individuals flying through shirley but that is ok because you only want to cause trouble with the fire department because i sure know that other people flying through there and they are not a member of the fd or any tyler county ems. so there is no reason for them to be driving fast!!!! why would they be glory hogs because you just want them to be. just because a few family think they are arrogant toward the community not evenryone feelings that way. and i am one of them that does not feel that way so why dont you just group. you're the one that does like a grown up!!!!! you use to one at that department so why are you complaining.

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