Christine Storms Beginnings of a Univ...
Pam Hannigan

Monroe, GA

#30 Jul 24, 2011
Christine Storms: Beginnings of a Universal Witch and the Green Moon by Pam Hannigan ... good idea; it might already have changed her future. One thing Christine ...​product9189... - Cached

good idea;

If something happens to me, please get my family you know where. thanks
Pam Hannigan

Monroe, GA

#31 Jul 24, 2011
... while back, I took a media management class, and one of the main themes of that class centered on the future of ... Christine Storms beginnings of a Universal Witch and the ... - Cached
Pam Hannigan

Monroe, GA

#32 Jul 24, 2011
... Decide: Your Choices Determine Your Future ... Christine Storms: Beginnings Of A Universal Witch And The Green Moon by Pam Hannigan ... Way Back Of Sundown by R. D. Kuhn 6423873 - Cached
Pam Hannigan

Monroe, GA

#33 Jul 24, 2011
Christine Storms beginnings of a Universal Witch and the green Moon. Home ... ... Right after Christine storms out of the house to pick up her ... - Cached

Monroe, GA

#34 Jul 24, 2011
Book Summary of Christine Storms: Beginnings Of A Universal Witch And The Green Moon ... I Have A Dream, Price: Rs... - Cached
Pam Hannigan

Monroe, GA

#35 Jul 24, 2011
Book Summary of Christine Storms: Beginnings Of A Universal Witch And The Green Moon ... Life Is What You Make It - Cached
Pam Hannigan

Athens, GA

#36 Jul 29, 2011
I wanted to give you all a update, I am having a food stamp review.(LOOKS LIKE i MAY LOSE MY FOOD STAMPS) I recieved paperwork to have my emplorer (pubish america) give them proof , i made 0, I told the lady on the phone, I was not going to call publish america, number one how do i give them written permission, when i am afraid any paperwork may release my books to ebooks etc..second, Publish America fired me. Giving me back my book rights I made 0. I asked her to call publishamerica,and that publish america and many venders around the world is selling my book-plates, advertising for me, not paying me.They owe my state taxes! her reply, they do not do that. I asked her if phonecall can be recorded. Her reply we do not record phone calls. Why does the government not want to collect their taxes? I told her that there is a lot of money at stake, and that the taxes i dont want to be sued for (foodstamps) later in years, she laughed at me, and made me feel like i was nothing.

I am asking you and all newspapers big and small to find out why these companys do not have to pay taxes in our country, and where is my money going too? I saw on tv all people have a month to sign a paper so they can run for president. Where do i get the paper to sign? I will be running for the group W.T.P.= We The People. So please tell me where to sign this paper. As in money , I have money my book money. If the IRS, will look at my books, i am sure my books (space time formular) already made 10 trillion dollars if not more. If anyone knows of the Irs, Please look into my case and look at the venders and ask this question to yourselves, WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY TAXES AND THESE COMPANIES DO NOT HAVE TOO.. WHO DO THEY KNOW-WORK FOR? My problem right now is that i was told a superviser was going to call me back, and she never did, and that if i do not give Publish America my hand writing permission, then i can lose my food stamps for not showing proof. My name is mud in my communty, my grass is past my shoulders in certain areas, no air condition. no tanf,( no income at all. I live below below below proverty level. I was hoping that if they take my food away, can you set up donations for me for food, and when i get my book mess straighten out, i buy books and give you the books to give to the people that helps me. If a lot of food shows up. pleasegive to the poor up there in the mountains(you know what i mean) and i send you books (when book mess gets straighten out. I thank you for your time. Pam
Pam Hannigan

Athens, GA

#37 Aug 2, 2011
Giving everyone a update, I am upset. On the News they are calling back a 150ford 98. My husband recieved the same make and model. from his dad,(we had no cars that work, break down) he had the truck checked out, and was told it was a classic. now on news it may blow up, if something happens to me, please get my family to you know where. I wrote a book, and everyone got money. I will continue to fight for my paycheck, if tables were turned someone took their paycheck, and threaten them wonder how they feel? This recall on my truck i do take personal. not right? what did i do? I am still wondering which company thats selling my books is my employer? Thanks again Pam..
Pam Hannigan

Snellville, GA

#38 Aug 12, 2011
Hello to all, Giving a Update, I was cut off of my food stamps. I went into office signed permission slip to welfare so they can ask publishamerica about how much i made. I recieved no notice. I called up to check my card. i have 0.. Welfare cut my food stamps off. I have to pay morgage or my kids don't have a place to stay.If it was just me i would live in the car. I don't know what to do. First i tell people at my job i am writing a book. Next i am fired two weeks later, with some calling me a witch. Then i win at labor dept.I had no money for phonecall. I lose. I fight for my job with a judge on the phone that is nasty towards me. Then I lose. I lost food stamps. because i didnt recieve a pink slip or red slip( labor dept told me big business do not have to give out any notice. I get my food stamps back.I been fighting for my book and ideals(fiction book) My name is Mud in my communtiy, I know i am being run out. Where do i go with no money? Everyone (VENDERS) selling my books on line. I recieved 0 AMOUNT. and now i am cut off food stamps. This is bull. I am MAD. i am trying so hard to keep my emotions in check. I need help. I need food donations, I can't ask my communty, I have no family to ask . I am sick. And ready to give up.. But not going to give up.. I dont know what to do.. what makes me mad also is the same JUDGE that did not give me a fair chance(3rd apeals lawyer) same attorney i accedintly called on line a long time ago.. he kept asking me how i got his number.(4 times)maybe i am stupid. didnt know a on line attorney (for book scams) is same judges that decieds peoples fates in labor dept. I need a small donation please. don't know who else to turn to. I do give permission to all newspapers big or small to check into my welfare file. labordept file, why ga is making it rough on me for a fiction book? Does not my community realize taking food away from kids,(that didnt do anything wrong is bull?bullying.. PLease Help me. only thing i do know if i have no food stamps. my kids medicare and my and my husbands medicare has been closed. means publishamerica told them i made money. only way i can figure. I need help. i am sick. i dont know what to do.. going to go lay down, and only thing i can do is cry.. then bounce back up.. and look at my cabinets.Try to think how to feed my kids. only way to feed them is not pay the morgage.(we live with my mom.

Athens, GA

#39 Aug 17, 2011
Hello friends,like to give you an update.I recieved 5 of these letters from publishamerica."Remind you they dropped me Returning my book rights back to me." Here is what they sent me:
Flag this messageYou just created new American jobs!Tuesday, August 16, 2011 2:52 PMFrom: "PublishAmerica Support" <[email protected] >Add sender to ContactsTo: [email protected]
Dear author:
Thank you.
In an economy that appears to keep every decision maker frozen in mid summer,
PublishAmerica is creating new
That's right: we are hiring. PublishAmerica creates American jobs. Why? Because we are growing so fast this summer. Because of authors like you.
This summer we have seen a 25 pct increase of new authors who are joining you. This month so far the increase is reaching even 65 pct. That's what is creating all these new jobs. You, a writers legion of more than 50,000, have made PublishAmerica the single largest no-cost, low-barrier traditional publisher in the world. You are creating the new jobs.
Everybody else says they’re cutting down. PublishAmerica is building up.
We. Are. Hiring.
That's good news. In fact, it's very good news.
So we are going to tell the White House.
We're going to tell Congress.
And we're going to tell your local NBC, ABC, Fox or CBS News station.
We're going to tell president Obama and the leaders in the House and the Senate, and your local U.S. Representative, that because of you, and authors like you, new American jobs are created. And we'll send the exact same message, naming you, to your local TV station.
What the country needs, is good news. This is good news.
Help us spread the word to Washington and to your own Congressman and to your local TV news station. Go to , activate for only $29, and we'll get your name out there in the most positive possible context. Because of you, we can create new American jobs.
More than one book published with PublishAmerica? Then you’re helping create even more jobs. We'll let the president, John Boehner, Harry Reid and your local Congressman, AND your local TV, know. Go to .
Must choose a shipping option to activate. No use of coupons allowed. Mention your book title(s). Mention the name of your local TV station; we’ll find the address. We’ll also find name and address of your local Congressman for you. If you know his/her name, please mention. If you don’t, we’ll figure it out.
This economy will not go completely down the tubes, thanks to you!
--PublishAmerica Author Support Team
They admit they are my employers. Where is my paycheck? They also sent me this...

Athens, GA

#40 Aug 17, 2011
PA pledges over $1 million to fund film productionWednesday, August 10, 2011 6:58 PMFrom: "PublishAmerica Support" <[email protected] >Add sender to ContactsTo: [email protected] Is this email not displaying correctly?
View it in your browser.

Dear author:


PublishAmerica announces a ground-breaking joint venture that will turn PublishAmerica authors into Hollywood red carpet stars.

The joint venture includes Los Angeles-based indy screenwriter Geoff Prather, and the establishment of a film adaption company that PublishAmerica funds for the purpose of producing screenplays and co-producing films.

PublishAmerica intends to become a player in Hollywood. We are one of the world’s largest story content holders, and the film and entertainment industry hungers for good and adaptable stories.

Geoff Prather is a successful screenwriter who stood at the basis of two films. He has worked under director Tony Scott, the genius behind Top Gun and Crimson Tide. Geoff has agreed to oversee, in Los Angeles, the process of selecting PublishAmerica’s film projects by tagging qualifying PublishAmerica books. He then will write a treatment and subsequently produce a screenplay that will be submitted to Hollywood area production companies for production optioning and the resulting production.

PublishAmerica will seek to co-produce the film(s) through the funding of a sister film adaptation company. PublishAmerica also funds the treatment and screenplay production for its film projects.


Athens, GA

#41 Aug 17, 2011
PublishAmerica will seek to co-produce the film(s) through the funding of a sister film adaptation company. PublishAmerica also funds the treatment and screenplay production for its film projects.

The joint venture is the result of our recent efforts to establish a beachhead in Hollywood. It elevates us to a whole new level where we go well beyond mere movie proposals. The new Hollywood joint venture

selects PublishAmerica books in Los Angeles for film adaptation;

produces a long form treatment in Los Angeles and a so-called one-pager;

produces a first draft of the screenplay;

produces the final screenplay draft in Los Angeles;

submits one-pager, treatment and screenplay to Hollywood area studios, to secure a

production option that commits the studio to purchase and produce.

What’s a treatment, a one-pager, a screenplay, a production option? A long form treatment summarizes the script in prose, and is typically 8 – 10 pages long. The one-pager is generally used for pitch meetings. It’s commonly a paragraph per act and tries to convey a sense of theme and character arc as it unfolds through the story. Both precede the production of a screenplay. A screenplay is a scene-by-scene film story, dialog and all. It is what actors get to read their roles from.

Our joint venture will select its first projects from qualifying PublishAmerica books. Selected projects are guaranteed to make it to a screenplay that will make the rounds in Hollywood. What we’re after is not a basic option, but a production option agreement with a studio, one that commits the studio to actually producing the movie, and that pays out a significant lump sum. To facilitate a film production deal, PublishAmerica will offer to co-produce, by investing in covering the production costs. Typically, co-production funds exceed $1 million.

If you opt to activate the submission of your book for the film production selection process in Los Angeles, you agree that your activation consitutes your consent in writing that PublishAmerica shall have the exclusive right to negotiate for the sale, lease, license or other disposition of your book in the motion picture, dramatic, radio, television, and/or all other fields. The reason we mention this here is that most PublishAmerica authors have signed a contract that requires them to issue such consent before we can start any such negotiation. Consult your contract before you activate your submission so you have a firm grasp of the approval and pay-out processes that are involved with having your book adapted to a motion picture.

Go to to activate. Mention the title of your book. What this does is that PublishAmerica accepts the exclusive right to negotiate on your behalf, and that your story will be reviewed in Los Angeles for our film projects. Once selected, a treatment will be produced in Los Angeles, followed by a screenplay that will be submitted to film producers for a production option. A production option binds a studio to pay and to produce the movie.

There is no priority alternative. All submissions will be treated equally.

If PublishAmerica has published more than one of your books, go to , and indicate which of your books you want to go to this joint venture project. Your above mentioned consent applies to each book that you include.

Thank you,
--PublishAmerica Author Support Team

Athens, GA

#42 Aug 17, 2011
Was sent this a While ago..
Amazon, Warner Bros want your story for Hollywood!Thursday, November 18, 2010 6:49 PMFrom: "PublishAmerica Bookstore" <[email protected] >Add sender to ContactsTo: "[email protected] " <[email protected] >Dear author: has done it again. Now they have started Amazon Studios, and they want to see if your book's manuscript is their (and Warner Bros. Pictures'!) next movie.

Basically, Amazon is now also entering the movie business, and they are crowdsourcing it, shopping among original story tellers like yourself. They have given Warner Bros. the right of first refusal.

From Tuesday's Amazon Studios announcement:
"We are excited to introduce writers, filmmakers and movie lovers to Amazon Studios [...]
It is the goal of Amazon Studios to produce new, full-budget theatrical films based on the
best projects and it will give Warner Bros. Pictures first access to the projects Amazon
Studios wishes to produce in cooperation with an outside studio."
The Amazon Studio deals include rights payments of $200,000 for winning submissions, and a $400,000 bonus "if the movie makes over $60 million at the U.S. box office". It also awards prizes of $20,000 for the two best scripts in a month even if they don't become a movie. See for all details .

Here's how it works:
Together with you we'll rework your manuscript a little, then we submit it to Amazon Studios for their contest, following their guidelines. They award prizes monthly.
Activate your entry for Amazon Studios today: go to , click Add to cart, choose a shipping option to start the activation. In the Ordering Instructions box be sure to mention the title of your book. If your book has not yet been released, add "Pre-release!"
By activating your book's submission to Amazon Studios you authorize PublishAmerica to act on your behalf and you agree that this constitutes your consent in writing.

After we have received your activation you will be contacted about adding your book's list of characters and a film synopsis.

See you in Hollywood!

--PublishAmerica Bookstore

Athens, GA

#44 Aug 17, 2011
Subitha P:Please provide the billing address used on your account.11:02:51 AM
Me:how do i give you my address when i opend a profile11:03:30 AM
Me:if you asking for my address no problem11:03:47 AM
Me:you need to have someone call me11:04:16 AM
Me:this is going to be a magor lawsuit11:04:35 AM
Me:trying to resolve this matter11:04:56 AM
Subitha P:I'll transfer this to our Author Support Team and you'll be hear back in the next 1-2 business days. 11:05:00 AM
Me:how you dont have my number or ask for it11:05:20 AM
Me:you are selling my book plates with out my permission or no third party contract11:05:51 AM
Subitha P:They will contact via e-mail. 11:06:01 AM
Me:i am willing to let amazon sell my books with contract , i will rewrite it and i have book covers at stormsbook. net to choose from, let your repesentor know that please11:07:14 AM
Me:if i am not contact in 24 hour i will post this letter to towns, newspaers..11:08:02 AM
Me:I am fighting for my book!11:08:24 AM
Subitha P:I can understand Pam.11:08:41 AM
Me:thank you11:08:47 AM
Me:publish america said i sold nothing, i have venders stating they paid for my plates11:09:17 AM
Subitha P:I can confirm that you'll be hear back within 1-2 business days. 11:09:20 AM
Me:one day11:09:28 AM
Me:or i poist this letter to all the newspapers11:09:42 AM
Subitha P:I'll ask them to contact you as soon as possible. 11:09:49 AM
Me:you and other venders made alot of money on my book11:09:57 AM
Me:atleast they can do11:10:06 AM
Me:i dont want to see amazon go down because of publish america!11:10:54 AM
Subitha P:I've already sent an e-mail to our Author Support Team.11:11:01 AM
Me:thank you very much11:11:15 AM
Subitha P:you'll be hear back as soon as possible. 11:11:17 AM
Me:ok i do thank you11:11:25 AM
Me:thank you again,11:12:00 AM
Me:pam hannigan AUTHOR of Christine Storms Beginnings of a Universal Witch and the Green moon [email protected]:12:45 AM
Subitha P:you're welcome Pam.11:12:55 AM
Me:have great day11:13:02 AM
Subitha P:You too.11:13:08 AM
Subitha P:Is there anything else I can do for you today? 11:13:15 AM
Me:no you helped me11:13:30 AM
Me:thanks again11:13:39 AM
Subitha P:We hope to see you again soon! Please click the "End Chat" link to close this window.

Athens, GA

#45 Aug 17, 2011
Your InquirySaturday, July 16, 2011 8:07 PMFrom: This sender is DomainKeys verified" Customer Service" <[email protected] >Add sender to ContactsTo: "[email protected] " <[email protected]>Hel lo,

I'm writing to follow up on our recent chat conversation.

I've escalated your issue to our Author Customer Service Team. You should hear back from them as soon as possible.

If you have any further questions, please visit our online Help pages:

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Thank you for your recent inquiry. Did I solve your problem?

If yes, please click here:

If no, please click here:

Best regards,

Subitha R.

Athens, GA

#46 Aug 17, 2011
New (100 Copies): New This item is printed on demand.



New (10 Copies):*** Brand New *** Ships from UK, No Expedited Shipping *** Print on Demand ***

The Book Depository


New (100 Copies): New. Trade paperback (US). Glued binding. 222 p.



New (100 Copies): New This item is printed on demand.



New (1 Copy): Format: Paperback. This item is printed on demand. This is a POD item (reproduction/reprint). Brand New, Perfect Condition. May Ship From Overseas, Allow Additional Delivery Time.

Papa Media


Athens, GA

#47 Aug 17, 2011
I sold no books? Bottom line is I am going to FIGHT for my characters and ideals and my space and time formular! My Movie audition is ONLY for Mr.Steven Speilburg, Mr.George Lucas, Mr. Steven King! They are the ONLY three that i trust to make my movie, They the only ones that can bring my movie(fiction book) and autobigraph to life! I do understand that they are busy. If they can't do the movie . NO ONE WILL EVER MAKE MY MOVIE!
Please watch out for my book ideals and scripts in hollywood.. As in them creating jobs(publishamerica and etc... I seen one person on tv( you can almost say i read his mind? That would be Mr.Trump.

Sir or Mam at the whitehouse, If publishamerica donated any money, will you please give my book donation money to Mr.Trump He is the man i would 100% and beyond vote for!

My next book will be out shortly, its called Christine Storms Beginnings of a Universal Witch and 100 years into the future.
My next book you may all enjoy.
One part i tell you about is christine fighting a war. men in green uniforms bombs elkwoods and house are split in half. people have to ask permission to go out of their homes, other folks are put into work camps.. I said to much about my second book. Thanks again.. Please protect my book from hollywood, my book only for the three greatest producers and directors in the whole wide world.. your friend always Pam
Pam Hannigan

Athens, GA

#48 Aug 17, 2011
Please give my newest updates to cherokee newspaper. they have only two hundred words and no twitter button. thanks pam
Pam Hannigan

Watkinsville, GA

#49 Oct 1, 2011
I made this video, i believe you will all enjoy it, All newspapers, big or small, news, has my permission to talk on my behalf to all venders and publishameria about my contract. your friend always pam
&fe ature=colike
Pam Hannigan

Athens, GA

#50 Oct 26, 2011
Found this link, this bookstore/ people is posting my daughters pic with her boyfriend all over the web, these people are telling me to back off. These people believe my book/ characters/ ideals is their own. i am mad! my daughter has nothing to do with my book or videos, i am fighting for my books. I AM NOT BACKING OFF! If something happens to me or my family .go after these people. Please contact the fbi and right authorties, I need help. thanks pam - Cached

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