It's like the old saying "Kick a person while they're down". New Jersey is sick and tired of this garbage weather and then some. If I hear that lousy Al Gore scream "GLOBAL WARMING" once more, I'm gonna remind him to stop banging his hairy,hippie girlfriend of his, to turn off those Moby Grape records and put down his bong to remind that jackass that it's gonna snow on Saturday with a possible 1 to 3 inches!!!! I was told that the so called GLOBAL WARMING was gonna get rid of winter weather!!! The roller derby, the WWE, Bigfoot and the Easter Bunny is more real than GLOBAL WARMING. In 2013, New Jersey will have the GRAPES OF WRATH weather, NO SNOWSTORMS, NO RAINSTORMS AND CERTAINLY NO SUPERSTORM SANDY PART 2. Then again according to my sources, 35% of the men that work at the National Weather Service are sexual predators and in 2013, the NWS will have a scandal and arrests that will make the Penn State & Catholic Church scandals look like a cat show. Hey Al, why don't you talk about that instead of screaming GLOBAL WARMING when snow is still around.