The court is, absolutely right! Can you imagine the chaos if the voters have the right to recall any elected official who decides to pursue his/her personal interests and those of lobbyists, special interests, other politicians, and those who offered bribes? Why, that would be a disaster! We, just, might stumble on government of, by, and for the people.

Can you imagine the disturbance in Washington if Senators and congresspersons, actually, had to do the business of the People? What would this country come to? We might have to put up with smaller government, lower taxes, fewer nonsensical laws and regulations, and real progress in solving the problems of the nation. Before you know it, illegals would no longer be able to cross our borders with impunity and vote in the elections of Democrat controlled states.

The Supreme Court of New Jersey knew what it was doing. Unfortunately, they were not looking out for the interests of the citizens of the Garden State. After We the People dispose of corruption in the Legislative and Executive branches of government, We must take a close look at the Judiciary. If you are so naïve to believe that the Judiciary is free of corruption consider that old maxim that states:“Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts, absolutely!”