Huntington Station Latin Kings Rounde...

Huntington Station Latin Kings Rounded Up

There are 57 comments on the Long Island Press story from Mar 30, 2010, titled Huntington Station Latin Kings Rounded Up. In it, Long Island Press reports that:

From top left: Angel Cordero, Luis Lemus, Edwin Morejon, Jose, Sosa, Scal Mazara, Jeremiah Bowens and Antonio Diaz Jr.

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Miller Place, NY

#29 Nov 23, 2010
What the fcuk is a Zulu, is it some stupid gang ahole member? I would love to beat the shit out of these scumbag latinos!
King real tazz

New Port Richey, FL

#30 Nov 28, 2010
Yo king Sosa is my cousin and is the truest king I kno yea he may hav done a couple mistakes in his life time but he stands for all things true and good for the nation may his teaching live forever king SOsa aka Tio Richie and for who Eva talking shit bout my uncle SOSa is jus pulling shizz oout there arse bcuz he's a good man and a great king
primo a real H- ton goon

Bayonne, NJ

#31 Jan 15, 2011
Real HUntington GOON wrote:
I heard angel is going to give up freeport kings I guess tolteck tribe is finished these burgers did bogus shootings in the hood a bunch of salvy goof balls with a puerto rican leader with no stripes in his hood burger king bunny put work then snitched pretty lou aka king justice (lol) well yea he was brought to justice alright look at these fools names king drama, king sosa king epic, king puppet these dudes are soft they sound like scarface movies charachters they drive down the hood that's 3 blocks big shottin at legs....the fbi saved these fools from poverty and a video game life they led if they were organized as news 12 said they would still be free the funny thing is they have an informant still in there circle...these dudes were easy to bag there moves were wreckless and hot so called kings no employment no education str8 slumming it there 25 deep in the hood a gang of chumps..sad thing is all there mothers lost there children for what the hood is small to small to war between its residents this whole gang shit is dead and senseless let's move as one and stop the vilence salute to people organizing the hood for positive things and educating our black and latino brothers peace to the
Zulu Nation
if u a real goon state your name be gansta about your word be real about who u are you wrote alotta false statements now if u really wanna get shit right come talk to bog bro u know who i am toe/tic got shit on lock and key forever
Yall worst nightmare

Bridgeport, CT

#32 Jan 16, 2011
Whats false ??? That bunny snitched on lou thats the truth even pucho cant argue s aid "holla at the bog bro" wtf is that aint none of yall burgers thoro and beyond that stand for nothing thats why yall fall for everything. Learn y all lessons and get out that "primitive" stage go make a landscapimg company or move to mastic or port jefferson with all them white boy kings that wish they were taino or mayan or aztek and cant b reak down no history about tolteck tribe not "toe tick" you ignorant fuck no puerto rican youth wanna be burgers no more look at all the puerto rican homies,locs and zulus across nyc a nd l.i it's massive and yall minor. 360 knowledge wisdom and respect lol yall will never have any of those 3 when yall lock crowns with them agents in yall tribe think about the "bros" lmao may yaweh help yall ..that crown meant something when tone was home now he back on home and on parole but even cant save yall give it up
Latin Kings

Glen Rock, NJ

#33 Jan 16, 2011
I like the name Latin Kings and MS13 - I think they belong in ghettos like Huntington and Mastic
ADR 423 360

Yaphank, NY

#35 Feb 5, 2011
5o wut if King bunny snitchckhed he still the big bro my manito5 tree ghost estrella drama all did 2 somtymes you got do what you got 2 do they all still the realest lion5 eva ADR 2 dem bros krowns up till the world blows up whoeva dont like it kan bloww mee yu alreddy shnoe we out hea
King Problemz

Bound Brook, NJ

#36 Mar 6, 2011
i was locked up with estrella ...official ...bunny, a straight rat he even ratted dudes out in jail. we tried to blaze him up but he got transfered. epic...official.
Charlie S

Bronx, NY

#37 Apr 21, 2011
With all of them in jail who will cook my BigMac?

Incheon, Korea

#38 Apr 21, 2011
They are just foot soldiers and peons that are getting martyred. Any real deal gangster would not be posting on forums on their dubios activites. It's not earnig stripes; it's being stupid. And know one with half a brain would respect a gangster. People will only feign it. Want to gain respect? Build the next Microsoft. It's more legal than joining a game and it beats being come Capos bitch. The real powerful gangs are going to let other people know their activites because secrecy is the key to power.

Highland, NY

#39 Apr 21, 2011
LI Watch wrote:
Simple. These people shouldn't get recognition for being thugs...they should just go away.
Deport any illegals and lock up the rest. SIMPLE

Tenafly, NJ

#40 Apr 21, 2011
my brothers you are the most articulate smart and handsome zulu bongos pinkos jerkos stinkos on this heavon help us planet

Incheon, Korea

#41 Apr 21, 2011
Shinigami wrote:
They are just foot soldiers and peons that are getting martyred. Any real deal gangster would not be posting on forums on their dubios activites. It's not earnig stripes; it's being stupid. And know one with half a brain would respect a gangster. People will only feign it. Want to gain respect? Build the next Microsoft. It's more legal than joining a game and it beats being come Capos bitch. The real powerful gangs are not going to let other people know their activites because secrecy is the key to power.
Typo fixed: should have been "are not"

New Hyde Park, NY

#42 May 25, 2011
I feel like I just lost brain cells reading through all of these comments. One Love.

Incheon, Korea

#43 May 25, 2011
Wow wrote:
I feel like I just lost brain cells reading through all of these comments. One Love.
I feel your pain.

Brooklyn, NY

#45 Oct 29, 2011
Hood Warrior 25 wrote:
brentwooood this dude said Zulu Killa but never laid hands on a Zulu......talking about if Huntinton GOon was in front of wouldnt say shit but tuck them wack and old beads in your shirt and say peace like the rest of you clown as burgers do Z's til they bury me.......the difference between the Zulu Nation and the Latin Kings is our contribution to society is the Hip Hop Culture through multiple programs in america we educate our black and latino people rather then send the youth to put so called work in people of there own color....yall burgers are backwards and always have been...yall so called lit (literature) is racist and it promotes a fall sense of hope to all these so called "latin" kids in the area...i challenge each of you not to a fight but to educate yourself and help your neighbor rise......perhaps earning a high school diploma would help make some legit money rather then rob dusty drug dealers that nickel and dime it in the hood......where are yall leading your people yall have no true direction and no goals set other then to live one more bum ass day in the hood yall walk around with sweat pants looking dirty with sneakers that stink and are worn down get an education get a job and be a productive member of society much like 95 percent of the Zulu Nation has done in Huntington Station we have multiple programs going on in the community with a true out reach program for the youth indeed we are tough guys but senseless violence that promotes genocide is not what the Zulu Nation stands for.....for the record Zulu Nation has been in Huntington Station for over 13 years...the media has slandered our name in the Newsday and have no clue what we stand for and strive for as a people....but the proof is the that most elders in the community respect us and our willing to help us reach our goals which is to overcome the negative to the positive and elevate from the jungle world in which we live in, I am no longer concerned about what the Latin Kings do or say about the Zulu Nation because those ills are a trap to send all of us to prison...i pray for each of you all that one day you can rise about the foolishness and give the real hard working class Latinos a good name......Huntinton Station is a small community and one where all its residents need to stick together to make a change there are too many gaps between the elders and the youth....i need the real elders of the community to take charge and help the kids elevate the Zulu Nation can longer do this by ourselves, i would like to take this time to speak briefly on the so called guardian angels and how they would like to start a chapter in huntington station the Universal Zulu Nation is the alternative to Gangs we do not need a group of vigalantes patrolling an area that they know nothing off...these grown men patrol the hood for hours....where do they work what is there background are they former criminals with a hidden agenda do the research on there founder curtis slywa and his beef with John Gotti Jr. is this the man you want to stand behind....on the other hand look at all the accolades of the Afrika Bambaataa lifetime magazine considers him on of the 100 most important americans of the 20 th the rock and roll hall of fame and is known as an ambassader across many countries a man who redirected the energy of puerto rican and black youth in the bronx to leave the gangs and organize the hodo thats all i have to say Peace be unto to everyone who took time to read this message
im cool with the kings but im not cool with taking a life.Now that that was said,you zulu brothers need to stop acting like you guys are not a gang guys sell an use guns and drugs just like the other gangs.You guys dont practice what you preach.Stop trying to bullshit everybody and anybody whose in the streets know's it.Basically,WE DONT BELIEVE YOU LOL.

Brooklyn, NY

#46 Oct 29, 2011
Im cool with everybody but someone please tell these zulu brothers to stop acting like the promote a righteous movement. you guys use and sell drugs and guns just like the rest of them.Anybody who is in the streets knows you guys dont practice what you preachbasically,WE DONT BELIEVE YOU.All the racist people give it a rest our president is black..hahahahahahahhahahahaha ..that sucks to be prejudice and theres a big black guy in in the office.I hope he leashes the big black dick on all your wives you prejudice basterds lol..
Abdul AZiZ

Amityville, NY

#48 Nov 4, 2011
"big boy" from "the bronx" please dont try to defame the movement of the Universal Zulu Nation, you know nothing on what you speak of. Your attempt to trash the Nation was weak and pathetic. Next time I advise you to come with actual fact to show and prove your statements to be right and exact. the U.Z.N is the greatest thing to happen to the community of Huntington Station ! it has redirected troubled youth to move in a positive manner and use Hip Hop as tool to express themselves and elevate

Peace or Pieces

Truth is Truth
shaka zulu king

East Setauket, NY

#49 Feb 3, 2012
this is not the south bronx. it is the suburbs of long island.all you wanna be urban hood rats living in the mean streets of the station haha should relocate to the south pathetic how hip hop brain washed these fools are.i think they are repressed homos cause that all u see a hip hop events is dudes.

Bryan, OH

#50 Feb 19, 2012
i have had a chance to meet many people of many affiliations...i have certain ones in my family.but honestly i believe (and have heard multiple times)that many male and females of many ages engage in gang activity for a few main being,to have a family like structure,and protection...i have seen the ALKQN for myself i've been closer to some of them than other affiliations.what i see is that there are members that do try to keep it as a family unit and there were also some who betrayed their own.i belive this is true for some others.i pray that god will touch these people and their families,we need to look at the bigger picture..

Bryan, OH

#51 Feb 19, 2012
don't get it twisted,it might say bryan ohio but i was born in the bx,lived in pcp in pa and grew up on i know a few things

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