I am so glad Alcoa steped up to call a bluff. There is not near as many people in Stanly County that support County Commisiners on this Quest. Alcoa has always supported Stanly County in many ways. Such as donating land to Parks. Can the commisioners say that. I know that I am others feel it time to get the old dead wood out of office and get new free thinkers in that can truly benefit our region instead of trying to pad one's on pocket. Not all of our commisioners are behind this I hope. I have more faith in State enviromental groups than our government. I have personally seen what a old good old boy in state government can do to destroy a small residential farm community. I and other repulicans and democrats alike are putting a lot of faith behind our new blood just put in to office. Heres hope to you Justin Burr. We are behind you.