Thank.people like that need to be put away..sounds like stafford takes pride on putting real criminals behind bars for along time and maybe just enjoy putting petty and first time offenders a rope around there neck in the legal system..i guess thats what you gotta do to keep a private own jail full for the convience of who really shouldnt own it..99.9 conviction rate..way da go stafford for second chances and programs to make a differnce in the community...its doesnt take a rocket scientist to see some of the racisim and hostility ina a trial or courtroom these days says private investigator..well they should go to all the schools and talk about how terrible jail is especially the ones that dont care for human of the phsychiotrist said that most of the officers in RRJ have a power control issue and a pshycological deffect in character,abusive as well.Some nearly 100 percent of northern virginia atorneys will not represent any one charged in that jurisidiction or courthouse..