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custodialdadowes 20000

Fenton, MO

#3 Nov 24, 2009
"So, tell us, how is all this working out for you?"

I'm more interested in hearing from other people that believe that they were taken by Gina.

Thanks for bumping this btw, Gina.
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#4 Nov 24, 2009
custodialdadowes20000 wrote:
Do your self a favor and never hire this firm to represent you in a divorce. I did and I found out that my attorney Gina Tocco was in the judges (magistrate Victoria Mullen McKee) pocket. I figured it out when Gina bad mouthed me to the judge in open court in front of me and many attorneys present.
Victoria McKee is a corrupt family court (division 64 Clayton) judge who is Catholic. Gina is Catholic as well. I did tell Mrs. McKee what a hypocrite she is.
If you have proof of misrepresentation or worse, you have a liable case. If you have no proof, you have no proof.

Could be, you are just unsatisfied with the outcome.

You make strong accusations, can you back them up?

What does religion have to do with any of it?
custodialdadowes 20000

Fenton, MO

#6 Feb 14, 2010
"What does religion have to do with any of it?"

Being shady while claiming to be a Christian makes you a hypocrite. It also means that you are not Christ like.

I hope that both you and your friend magistrate McKee get caught some day. Either that or one of the people that you both bilk out of money comes and takes care of business with both of you.

Your both taking food out of childrens mouths so that you can live a rich life style.

Shamrock, OK

#7 Feb 6, 2012
Your lucky, when i went through mckee,s court she went in to chambers with every body but me, stayed there for 3 hrs, when they emerged they took my house, and moved in a pedophile on probation who raped my daughter for the next 5 months.
I have gone to every court in the land asking for help from the judges to no aviel, in the appeal I filed the transcript show-up mising pages and presiding judge ricter threw me out with court rules. The word that protects this kind of coruption is called finality. when the courts are raping children it spells civil unrest. Watch what I do!

Saint Louis, MO

#8 Oct 12, 2012
Sorry to hear that Scott. I was lucky, I only lost my retirement and kids college money to her lawyer. My kids are also in danger.

Saint Louis, MO

#9 Oct 29, 2012
Sorry to see that McKee is still adversely affecting peoples lives like she did mine (my X received 84% of our combined holdings, while I got 16% and was told to get a second job to supplement my income!) I wrote the Governor about her behavior during court with opposing council (meeting with him alone several times)--to no avail--my suggestion is to move on with your life. What goes around comes around, and if you're lucky enough, you'll get to see it.

Saint Louis, MO

#10 Mar 22, 2013
I went through that immoral catholic' court and without any prior abuse, current abuse proof was slapped with a two year restraining order, destroying my marriage irrepairably, when they claim to honor it, tore up my stepsons life, her now 26 year old move in boyfriend openly exhibits homosexual tendencies in front of him, at only 14 and she keeps getting voted in. Can't wait til this judge faces the ultimate Judge.
Monster McKee

Arnold, MO

#11 Aug 21, 2013
Commissioner McKee has much to learn when it comes to serving the best interests of the children in her judicial decisions. In a palpable effort to impose her personal prejudice against homeschooling in her rulings, McKee willfully chooses to disregard the most vital factors in determining child custody/support, which are---retaining the standard of living the child would have enjoyed had the marriage not been dissolved, careful consideration of the physical and emotional condition of the child, and the child's educational needs. Exhibiting a clear bias against any parents who prefer to home-school their children, McKee's actions have made it painfully obvious that she has no genuine understanding of homeschooling as a way of life, as opposed to it being a mere alternative means of education, and that sudden deprivation of it can culminate in the destruction of a cohesive family unit .
In family court proceedings Ms. McKee has openly demeaned homeschooling parents by implying that such educators do not practice a legitimate profession. She has publicly declared that homeschooled children have no chance of obtaining a college degree,pointedly indicating that because home-schooling teachers are un-paid for their work, their labor cannot be looked upon as a full-time or even a part-time occupation that significantly contributes to society.
Commissioner McKee has shown particular malice towards those who opt to represent themselves in court due to a lack of funds directly related to their decision to home-school. She consciously places all emphasis of her verdicts on monetary value, and displays no compassion for the children who stand to lose their very identities and security in favor of a more pecuniary existence. As a result, children who were flourishing within a homeschooled environment despite having been thrown into the turmoil of divorce, are abandoned by the system that is supposed to make them the top priority. They are left to sink into a chasm of despair created senselessly by a judge who seeks to penalize home-schoolers. The "Honorable" Ms. McKee apparently lacks awareness that she holds the power to systematically dismantle the hopes and dreams of a thriving family with a simple stroke of her pen. Or perhaps she does realize this and either enjoys abusing her power, or simply doesn't give a damn as long as her way of life remains luxurious.

Ballwin, MO

#13 Nov 8, 2013

Saint Peters, MO

#14 Nov 17, 2014
Ms. McKee does not care about the welfare of children. My grandson was molested in his father's house by his half brother. He is in therapy for it. Judge did not want to hear from the therapist and the father gets him every weekend. She even said "she didn't care about his mental well-being, every kid needs a dad"

Saint Louis, MO

#15 Apr 27, 2015
I also have had dealing with Gina Tocco and beware she acts like she has your best interest, but it is all an act. The only thing she cares about is money and she will nickel and dime you. I would look at other options than hiring her.
Bad attorney

Saint Louis, MO

#16 Apr 27, 2015
Joe wrote:
I also have had dealing with Gina Tocco and beware she acts like she has your best interest, but it is all an act. The only thing she cares about is money and she will nickel and dime you. I would look at other options than hiring her.
I agree with Joe. Besides my ex, hiring Gina was my worst mistake. Anyone reading careful if you hire her. She is not worth the money
Bad attorney

Saint Louis, MO

#17 Apr 27, 2015
custodialdadowes20000 wrote:
"So, tell us, how is all this working out for you?"
I'm more interested in hearing from other people that believe that they were taken by Gina.
Thanks for bumping this btw, Gina.
Gina completely screwed me. Terrible lawyer only out for the money, why would I think anything different. I wish I never hired her and had the money to take her and that law firm to court. She may act like she cares but she just cares about the money.

Saint Louis, MO

#19 Jul 22, 2015

Check it out! McKee screwed me with this half wit GAL Dunlop! Inquire please! Strength in numbers!!!!!!!!
Sad And Penniless

Saint Louis, MO

#22 Aug 10, 2015
McKee is a completely ineffective & useless lump of coal sitting on the bench. She has a clear bias towards men and you have another strike against you if you are being driven to the poor house by an ex because she abuses the system when you have to represent yourself. Be very afraid when she goes into "chambers". You more than likely are going to come out on the losing side. I wish I knew how she keeps getting voted back in. I've even met other attorneys who felt hopeful about my case until they found out who the commissioner was. It's such a sad situation. All you can do is prepare to have your ass handed to you and all your money taken from you. Ride it out until the kids are 18 or 21. This judge doesn't give a care about you or your kids. She won't see things your way when you have an ex who is harassing you and you have documented evidence the ex is trying to ruin your life and turn the kids against you. Shes constantly late which shows she doesn't respect you or your time or the process. She needs to be kicked from the "bench"

Saint Peters, MO

#24 Sep 10, 2016
McKee will get what's coming to her some day!

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